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Waikato Taniwharau he piko he Taniwha Waikato Taniwharau. Matariki is the name in which Māori use to identify ‘Te Tau Hou’ The New Year. Identifying the small cluster of stars also known as the Pleiade, or (7) seven sisters in which Greek, Japanese, Native indegionouse and our pacific cultures all make reference to. The best time to spot Matariki is around half and hour before dawn in the northeast around the same spot as the rising sun. Matariki a time to connect, share, praise, recognize and recognize those who have moved on.

Kia ora everyone! Welcome to yet another exciting edition of SHopp, a publication made exclusively to inform all providers within the Sexual Health sector of Aotearoa. WE GIVE PROPS! for the hard work occurring… And in line with the stars, we pay tribute to you all with a Matariki perspective that is keeping everyone in the sector working hard to ensure the healthy kaupapa. . . So have a good read of the 3 edition for the year! keep the feed back coming and send through your SH stories, pictures and happenings so we can keep the sector up dated! Nau te Raurau Naku te Raurau ka ora ai te iwi ...With your knowledge and my knowledge combined together we can make more of a difference...



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Justeena is Back! With the fast arrival of the beautiful miss ‘Ahakoa he iti noa he Pounamu’ she is now back from maternity leave already pulling together the next edition of SHopp..!Due September 2012, so drop her a line with your stories, updates and event pics before mid August! Level 1-corner of Bryce and Barton streets | Hamilton Central | AOTEAROA PO BOX 628 HAMILTON

PUBLIC HEALTH GROUP (PHG) of Sexual & Reproductive Health Ministerial update from Ngaire Sandel Warm greetings to you all as you toil away on these cold and chilly days. I’m often reminded of those staff who provide outreach services to people living and working ‘on the streets’ often the unseen and unknown part of sexual health services. So very warm wishes to Christchurch’s Street Youth and NZPC and many others who are not tucked up warmly at night but are out there making a difference and are too often not acknowledged. Work to date: It’s been a busy time getting contracts through in time and trying to squeeze quality service schedule development into time-pressured deadlines. The NZSHS Conference this year is about quality standards and excellence so it is timely that we are also trying to improve the quality of the contract descriptions so they better reflect what you are doing against the evidence we know about effective sexual health services. It is critical we can start to demonstrate with more certainty that through delivery of these services we achieved tangible outcomes. We have some research and evaluation in progress to contribute to this end. The Issues Plan for our part of the sexual health budget is also being updated to start to define what quality services look like. I look forward to sharing these with everyone when completed. I was fortunate to observe one of THETA’s Sexwise programmes and the workshop afterwards at a local school. This was very interesting and raised lots of potential for ongoing work by providers who work within those settings. Take the time to check their calendar and support their delivery in your area. The small groups of actors appreciate all the tautoko and awhi you can give. Currently there has been quite a lot in the media related to sexual health. The media is a powerful vehicle to advance health literacy and to reduce stigma and discrimination as seen with the Like Minds mental health campaign. However this must be used with caution – it can be a double-edged sword. I look forward to catching up with everyone at the Conference in Palmerston North. PS Did anyone take the opportunity to celebrate Samoan Language Week 27 May- 2 June? Kia kaha, kia manawanui, ka nui nga mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa Fa'afetai ma ia manuia

Phone | 07838-3013 Fax | 07838-3015 Projects Cell phone | 021 0766 878

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Ngaire Sandel Portfolio Manager Sexual Health Issues Lead NHB

A collective of Sexual and Reproductive health providers\promoters within the Waikato region strengthening knowledge-base to foster greater interagency collaboration… For more information contact: Saffron on 07 8381278

SOUTH WAIKATO PACIFIC COMMUNITY SERVICES Inc (SWPICS) “caring for pacific peoples Today for tomorrow” Youth Advisory Group

Our goal has been to build on Our Youth Voice through the Advisory group, by ensuring we are actively working with them around youth initiatives. The advisory group is pushing the key message “Nek Limit, Know Your Limits” which was one of the key messages around knowing your limits around alcohol. To them it is a strong key message for youth to know their limits in everything they do, whether it is around alcohol intake, relationships, sex and behavior, to only go to your limit and no one else’s. In June during the South Waikato Alcohol Awareness week which involves a number of key stakeholders and we are led to believe is the first of its kind in New Zealand, the Advisory group is running a youth dance competition called “MAH TURF” (Talented Uth Resolution Freedom) meaning Youth having the forum to express themselves freely through music and dance. The key message “Nek Limit, Know Your Limits” will be promoted throughout the event as well as other key messages.

Kia ora from the team at CAFE in Taupo! CAFE for Youth Health stands for Contraception And Family Education. We have been running for 22 years and the CAFÉ name grew on us, how ever we still do get the odd ‘flat white’ requests. Contact us on (07) 3783895 - Waiora House, 129 Spa Rd, TAUPO Here’s what we do: Drop in free contraception and sexual health clinics for under 25’s. Health Promotion and Education programmes Cervical Screening / HPV vaccines Counsellor available Young mums positive pregnancy and parenting education and support Under 18’s free dentist referrals We use the Holistic approach and will help you get in touch with other help and support. Like drug and alcohol counseling to helping with your C.V. Our friendly staff are always here to help. We are always happy to see people travelling through or who are new to town. Page 2

TE KOROWAI HAUORA O HAURAKI Te Korowai collaboration Te Korowai has been supporting the Population Health Team with the stocktake of sexual health services in the Waikato region. In particular Te Korowai carried out the stocktake in the Hauraki region. It is anticipated that once the collation of the document had been completed a copy of the Hauraki region services will be sent to all those that participated and all youth health service providers. Hauraki Youth Health Survey As part of Youth Week this year Te Korowai done a Hauraki Youth Health survey to gain a better understanding of what information youth are searching for, where are they seeking this information and was it useful. The findings from this will be shared amongst all youth health service providers in the region. We expect that this will also contribute to the service deliver to young people. Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health Programmes: Review of Current Literature by Stephanie Shaw Ross, MPH Te Korowai Hauora O Hauraki has recently completed a review of current literature relating to a select few Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes throughout the world. The review compares various programmes that have strong evidence of positive impact on sexual behavior or pregnancy or STI/HIV rates. It looks at programme type, target audience, and research findings. Key points to think about when developing any sexual health programme are doing a stocktake first of what young people needs are and also what is currently available and base programmes on good evidence. After nine amazing years with Te Korowai Hauora O Hauraki, I have decided to finally fulfil my teenage dream of moving from the CC (Coromandel Coast) to the GC (Gold Coast). I would like to take the opportunity to thank absolutely everyone that I have ever met during my time with Te Korowai. The life experience and friends that I have made along the way has been amazing and I would not change anything. There are fantastic people in this country and I have definitely been lucky enough to have been able to work with them. I wish everyone all the best and will hopefully see you all again soon. I am sure that you will all support my successor the same way you have supported me.

This review of current literature is an easy read, and is available for anyone. If you would like copy, please email Debbie Petersen at Thames High School Peer Support Programme Since 1997 Thames High School has had a peer support programme. The students involved in the EARS programme represent a diverse range of students from different sectors of the school – much time and deliberation is spent by those selecting the students to ensure that as wider cross section of students are available for their peers to seek out attend. This is a group of 30-32 students selected by their peers each year to participate in a four day, three night training Hui at a local Marae as part of their preparation for their role. EARS students are trained to be good listeners and to be able to provide support and information for their peers – all involved in the programme are very clear that they are not there or trained to solve any issues, they are there to “walk alongside” and help their fellow school colleagues as much as possible up to the point of helping them to access a service. The EARS students have access to a wide range of educational health material, and are kept informed of services in the community that their peers can access. If you would like more information about the programme please contact Ken Wood – Guidance Counsellor at Thames High School 07-8688688.

Rangatahi Services at Pirirakau Hauora are divided into three key services; 1. Te Puawaitanga o te Hinengaro, 2. Tu Pou Tahi and 3. Pirirakau Youth Group

Te Puawaitanga o te Hinengaro Te Puawaitanga o te Hinengaro is our Tamariki & Rangatahi Mental Health Service. This service is for children and young people up to the age of 18yrs with or without, mental health issues.

Tu Pou Tahi Tu Pou Tahi is a health and wellbeing service set up for Rangatahi between the ages of 12 – 25 yrs throughout the Western Bay of Plenty and Tauranga regions. We deliver projects and programmes in the following; Gender specific health camps | In school gender specific workshops | Advocacy | Marae based Wananga | Rangatahi health promotion

Pirirakau Youth Group Pirirakau Youth Group is an O.S.C.A.R funded school holiday programme which is set up to provide activities that entertain, educate and empower our local youth. Anyone who is affiliated to the Pirirakau hapu or Te Puna region is welcomed onto our programmes. These programmes generally run at the end of terms one, two and three.

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Kia Manuia ! Te Rapakau Health is about promotion of good Sexual and reproductive health and education of Sexual health services within the Waikato. Sharing Pacific Voices DVD / Love Life Fono DVD / 2012 Fono promotion PACIFIC EVENTS IN 2012: Hot Hula Fitness Classes; Wednesday Footwork Studio and Thursday Uni Rec Centre, 5.30pm in Hamilton. SKIP Parenting workshops every month Strategies with Kids / Information for Parents INA (Māori, Indigenous & South Pacific) HIV/AIDS Foundation Charitable Trust INA is a registered charitable trust with a mission and objective to; Improve the quality of information about HIV/AIDS to our community. Improve the quality of life for people living with HIV in our community. We adhere to the GIPA principle of Greater Involvement of People living with HIV. The Toronto Charter, an indigenous driven initiative that places Māori at the centre of the response to Māori and HIV/AIDS and the operational values of Kaupapa Māori (inclusive of race, age, gender, sexuality). INA is a member of the International Indigenous Working Group on HIV/AIDS (IIWGHA), supported by the Health Canada's International Affairs Directorate (Public Health Agency of Canada) and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). Marama Pala: Kaiwhakahaere; Co-Founder/Executive Director Ngāti Awa ki Kapiti takutai

Free for under 22s (NZ residents) A visit to a Family Planning clinic is free for New Zealand residents under 22. For people over 22 and with a community services card, a clinic visit costs $5 and for all other New Zealand residents, a visit costs $23. For non-New Zealand residents a visit costs $45. People of any age can visit a Family Planning Clinic.

Drop-in Service

A drop-in service is available for people of any age at some Family Planning clinics. The drop-in service means people can see a doctor or nurse at a clinic without making an appointment. Waiting times for the drop in clinics will depend on how busy they are.

Clinic Locations

Family Planning has clinics located throughout New Zealand, in the Central North Island, there are clinic in: Tauranga, Hamilton, Gisborne, New Plymouth, Hawera, Whanganui, Lower hutt, Wellington City and Porirua.

Contraception and Welfare Reform All women should get free contraception

Family Planning is absolutely committed to women being able to choose the contraceptive that is best for them and their stage of life. The announcement by the government that long-acting reversible contraception will be available at no cost to young women on a benefit, could and should, be extended to include all women. Cost can be a barrier to women accessing contraception. This is best illustrated by the uptake that occurred from 1 August 2010 when the Jadelle implant became subsidised. In the year prior to it becoming subsidised, Family Planning nurses and doctors inserted just 275 implants. In the year following the subsidy announcement, more than 2,500 implants were inserted and this year we are on target to insert around 4,000 of the devices. We know that women are quick to adopt new and highly-effective contraceptives – if cost is not a barrier for them. Family Planning is on Facebook, check us out at for the latest information and photos. Do we have your contact details in our database? If you know of a SRH provider that would like to get updates of the SHopp newsletter, then WAEA MAI! LET US KNOW! The more information we can send out and receive the better! To keep everyone engaged in the sector!

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Policy change for 18-year-old DPB recipients Endometriosis affects tens of thousands of women and girls in New Zealand. These links hold a national support system. Most people know of someone that has been affected by Endo and we know early detection and support is important. These are the websites and there is also resources to download off the websites.

Family Planning has raised concerns about the singling out of Domestic Purposes Beneficiaries (DPB), particularly 18-year-old women, who under proposed reforms will have their benefits managed. Almost 90 per cent of sole carers receiving the DPB are female. It is logical to assume that of the approximately 2,000 18-year-olds targeted for tighter controls on spending, the majority are female. In the proposed scenario, 18-year-old male beneficiaries receiving for example the Unemployment Benefit, will experience no spending controls or constraints. Some of these young men will have parented the children being looked after by a single mother. Family Planning is concerned that this policy has not gone through a gender impact process and will have a disproportionately negative impact on young women. It sends discriminatory and gendered signals and messages to young people about who is responsible for childcare and parenting and what lifestyles and choices young women are expected to pursue. Our preference is for a system of wraparound support which empowers young people to make informed decisions rather than removing their decision-making ability. We are committed to improving outcomes for teenage parents and their children. For more information go to Why focus on ‘homophobic’ bullying?,41-

You have young people in your classes and community who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, Takataapui (LGBTT) or questioning. You have young people who come from families and homes with LGBTT people. In a 2004 study, Le Brun et al found that 7.8% of New Zealand students identified as being LGBT – approximately 2 in a class of 30 students. Our LGBT students have been shown to experience bullying and negative health/wellbeing outcomes – more so than our opposite-sex attracted students. The Youth ‘07 The Health and Wellbeing of Secondary School Students in New Zealand survey found that same-sex or both-sex attracted students: # Were three times as likely to be bullied every week at school # Have much higher rates of depression and self-harm # And a 5 times higher rate of attempted suicide than students attracted to the opposite sex. The report recommended the initiation of specific measures aimed at developing school environments and an education system that support and celebrate the sexuality and gender diversity of every student. GONORRHOEA RIFE IN AUCKLAND Gonorrhoea is back with a vengeance among Auckland's gay and bisexual men, with a significant spike in diagnoses over recent months. What makes this outbreak especially worrying is that the current strain is showing early signs of drug resistance, meaning it is becoming increasingly difficult to treat effectively. STIs such as gonorrohea also increase the chance of HIV transmission. The NZAF and Auckland Sexual Health have joined forces to provide free and confidential testing at various locations. Tests take 10 mins. To book your test, visit

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Education and Training

Family Planning is a registered private training establishment and a recognised provider of health promotion programmes. Our Health Promoters provide programmes for young people, their parents or caregivers, teachers and community workers. Our health promoters are based in a number of locations in the Central North Island: Tauranga, Hamilton, Rotorua, Gisborne, New Plymouth, Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North, Whanganui, Wellington. Our Clinical Training and Development unit offers specialised education in sexual and reproductive health for primary health care professionals. Courses are offered throughout New Zealand.

Rape Prevention Education Whakatu Mauri (formerly Rape Crisis Auckland) is a non-profit agency founded in 1975. Rape Prevention Education (RPE) works to eliminate sexual violence through education and community work. Since 2003, we’ve offered education and information on the prevention of sexual violence to more than 20,000 people in New Zealand. Our youth programmes BodySafe & Sex ‘n’ Respect (interactive workshops on preventing sexual violence & promoting respectful sexual relating) are delivered to more than 4,500 young people each year in the Auckland region through secondary schools and alternative education centers. Te Puāwai Tapu is recruiting two new contractors to join our team.

After five years of working with Rape Prevention Education I am leaving to take up a new position in health promotion at Family Planning. As of Monday the 11th of June I will be leaving the role of Youth team Manager. Should you have any inquiries regarding RPE’s youth programmes (BodySafe or Sex’N’Respect) or other RPE services please feel free to contact our Youth Programmes Coordinator Ratika Rai at or (09) 361-2727. I am thankful for all the opportunities I have had in this role to work with so many amazing young people, schools, alt eds, NGO’s and community services. I hope to continue many of these positive working relationships in my new health promotion role at Family Planning. Hei konā mai. Nāku noa, nā Kate Butterfield

Communications Project Officer (Wellington-based) Research & Policy Writer

Since 2006, BP Vouchers for Volunteers has recognised these efforts by donating thousands of BP fuel vouchers to organisations that have volunteers working in our local communities. BP New Zealand recognises that the cost of running vehicles has a big impact on these community organisations, so we want to do our bit to help out. To find out if your organisation is eligible to apply, simply visit us online at Applications will be accepted between 17th June – 15th July 2012

Applications close midday Friday 29 June 2012. Go to our website Upcoming initiative What: Transgender Fono 2012 "Focus Sexual Health" When: Wednesday September 5th Where: Te Rapakau Pacific Trust, 19 Ruakiwi Road, Hamilton

The NZSHS conference is coming up in August 2012 and a call for abstracts due in July. For more information |

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SHopp Edition 3 2012  

The June 2012 Edition looks at the great work going on in the Midland area, and throughout Aotearoa NZ.