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I’m a designer who blend graphic and fashion. As a graphic designer I describe my work as simple, modern and functional based on a “Less is More� philosophy. In 2010 I started Just Chriss, a design studio which offers professional design services such as branding, illustration and web design. Just Chriss applies a design methodology learned in 2011 from a design professor; which translates truth, experience and culture of any project to design. I define my fashion design aesthetic as simple, strong and genderless. I explore how a single silhouette affects the male and female body and how forms can become functional and wearable for both. I believe in the power of design as a tool for change, so I usually catch inspiration from actual social problems and translate them sublty to clothing or visual elements.

M.21.12 is nothing more than Mayans December 21st. This collection is based on the theory of the end of the world that was scheduled on December 21’ 2012 combined with the fear of death that I perceive from society as a citizen. I took as a starting point the mayan culture wich has a very powerful graphic quality and then the mayan calendar who practically established not only the theory, but the date. M.21.12 presents ethnic and tribal elements, but brought to the ready to wear field for the contemporary women. Some earth tones combined with red and ethnic patterns are applied to the pieces presented on the collection.

Planned obsolescence was created in 1932 to counteract the great economic depression by restricting the lifetime of products and services and force the consumers to buy the product regularly. Trash on Sale is a result of my concern as a citizen and designer for the excessive accumulation of electronic wastes planned to became obsolete by the company who manufactured them. Big part of this waste is sent to many poor countries. The collection presents geometric, minimal and genderless pieces. Neutral tones such as bone white and black dominate the color palette combined with some other texture elements to present a different aproach to mens wear.

Based on the pollution that affects our planet and the wind power energy as a solution to reduce the problem; I design “Young Energy”. A children collection wich aims to reflect my concern for the environment and for the welfare of future generations. “Young Energy” is composed of simple, wearable and commercial separate pieces that can be combined to fulfill the users needs. To add some fun and graphic details I designed prints such as clouds and wind spirals. The color palette is composed by neutral tones like black, white and grays combined with a deep turquoise.

Just Chriss Fashion Design Portfolio  

Just Chriss is a design studio which blends fashion and graphic design.