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30 Years of Purposeful Giving Made Possible by


2012 Annual Report

Mission Statement: to improve area communities by promoting and serving private giving for the public good.

Contents Highlights From 30 Years Year in Review Board of Directors Advisory Boards Youth Advisory Council Heartland Legacy Society Coalition for a Community for All Ages Community Grants Scholarships Financial Summary Annual Foundation Fan Club Gala Celebration Charitable Funds Listing Our Staff

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Highlights From 30 Years. Independence Community Foundation is incorporated by 10 citizens. First meeting of the Board is held on October 29. Warren Higgins serves as Chairman. Major gift of $100,000 endowment is established by local donor to benefit Hope House and Sunshine Center. Community Grants Process is developed as funds grow to $167,158. First Community Grants Luncheon held to distribute funds to local organizations. Independence Community Foundation and Independence Regional Health Center Foundation, then owned by Community of Christ, merged boards and assets that resulted in a permanent grantmaking program with assets of nearly $2 million. Community of Christ also committed $1 million over five years to grow the Foundation. President & CEO Bob Glaser and Donor Relations Officer Liz McClure join the Foundation. Public awareness campaign increases total assets to $3 million. Office Manager Nancy Wilhelm is invited to join the Community Foundation team. Board resolves to change Foundation name to Truman Heartland Community Foundation to better reflect regional impact. First Toast to Our Towns Gala is held to honor area citizens. THCF grew to $6 million in assets, a fifty percent growth from the previous year. THCF forms a Youth Advisory Council to involve high school students in philanthropy at the direction of Chairman Barbara Potts. THCF hires new CEO Dr. Paul Thomson. Assets grow to $15.5 million. Jackson County Free Health Clinic is formed under THCF’s leadership. Total assets reach $20 million and total grants awarded are $1.3 million. Planned gifts skyrocket and THCF re-emerges as an independent community foundation thanks to Chairman Carson Ross. First Regional Scholarship Reception is held to present scholarships to EJC students. Advisor of the Year award is established in honor of retiring CEO Paul Thomson. Fourth CEO Phil Hanson is invited to join the Community Foundation. Heartland Legacy Society is formed and Community for All Ages Coalition is created. Moved offices to Blue Ridge Bank & Trust and received National Accreditation. THCF assets increase to more than $28 million with more than 600 donor funds.


2012 Year in Review

Ron Bruch, Independence School District (ret)

Thirty years of purposeful giving, made possible by YOU. In this statement, we celebrate our donors, volunteers and leadership of our Board and Advisory Boards. You have made the last 30 years a success in improving the lives of Eastern Jackson County citizens. Your planning, volunteerism and charitable giving will continue to connect resources and leaders in philanthropy to build and sustain strong communities. Year after year, THCF and our highly qualified investment committee have shown we are strong stewards of donor contributions. In 2012, our pooled assets had a 12.7% return on investment, enabling us to fund thousands of dollars in grants and scholarships. In all, total grants from all funds equaled $2.8 million, including Donor Advised Funds, scholarships and our annual community grants process. In scholarships, $172,225 was awarded from 69 scholarship funds to 157 students ranging from high school seniors to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing higher education degrees, including technical schools. Our donors’ dedication to education is witnessed through these funds. The annual grants process awards funds that donors have entrusted to the Board to administer. Through our Grants committee, with representatives from our four Advisory Boards and input from the Youth Advisory Council, THCF awarded $180,000 to 47 nonprofit organizations. We are honored to play a role in funding the good work of these projects. We believe connections to our youth will enable this foundation to stay strong for years to come. True to this belief, we have an active Youth Advisory Council (YAC) which aids our grants committee and provides valuable insight into youth-serving applicants. These 122 youth from 11 different high schools also raised $4,500 through their 3rd annual Skate for Change. Lastly, our Community for All Ages Coalition, now boasting more than 55 members, was formed to address the issues and needs facing our aging community. Real progress is underway with the development of the new Care Connection website in partnership with Mid-Continent Public Library. Set to launch in second quarter of 2013, this website will provide easy access to information on services available to Eastern Jackson County seniors, their families and those who wish to volunteer. It has been a pleasure serving as Chairman of the Board this past year. On behalf of THCF, thank you for your generous gift of funds, time and talents as we continue our mission for the next 30 years and beyond.

Ron Bruch 2012 Chairman of the Board


2013 Board of Directors

CHUCK FOUDREE Chairman CFO (ret)


MARTHA COCKERELL Vice-Chairman Raytown Quality Schools (ret)

DOUG HAMMER Secretary Edward Jones Investments

MIKE MCGRAW Treasurer Data Systems International

RON BRUCH Immediate Past Chairman Independence School District (ret)


CINDY CAVANAH Community Volunteer

BRAD CONSTANCE Stewart, Cook, Constance & Minton, LLC

BILL ESRY Blue Ridge Bank & Trust, Co.


GREG FINKE Stewardship Capital

RON FINKE Stewardship Capital

JUDY FORRESTER Dana Forrester Watercolors

ELEANOR FRASIER Community Volunteer

HELEN HATRIDGE Community Volunteer




DAVID JETER Jeter, Rains & Byrn, L.C. (ret)


RICK KREHER Richard N. Kreher & Associates

STEVE KRUEGER Steven C. Krueger Legal Services LLC


DR. ALLAN MARKLEY Raytown Quality Schools

TRACEY MERSHON Mershon & McDonald

JIM PRYDE Bryan Cave

DR. BARBARA THOMPSON Psychologist (ret.)

BRENDA WEST State Farm (ret)

DAVID WILLIAMS Centerpoint Medical Center

2013 Advisory Boards Blue Springs

Lee’s Summit

Steve Krueger, Chairman

Sherri Lozano, Chairman

Youth Advisory Council Leadership Team

Dave Wright, Vice-Chairman

Helen Hatridge, Vice-Chairman

Henri Goettel, Youth Coordinator

Annette Seago, Secretary

Jim Koeneman, Secretary

Tiffany Boulware, Raytown South High School

Chris Culbertson

Patrick Avila

Katelyn Cogan, William Chrisman High School

Eric Johnson

Matt Baird

Emily Crozier, Fort Osage High School

Mark Newcomer

Debra Bronston

Allison Freed, Raytown South High School

Terry Norwood

Everidge Cade

Benjamin Gans, Raytown High School

Jeff Quibell

Brad Cox

Emma Givens, Raytown High School

Selinda Ramsey

Kathryn Harvel

Varonica Hamilton, Blue Springs South High School

Eric Sporing

John Ivey

Amanda Knight, Truman High School

Brien Starner

Machelle Riffe

Katie LaCombe, Lee’s Summit North High School

Steve Westermann

Gloria Solis

Sydney Moxley, Blue Springs High School

Sharon Williams

Maddie Niemann, Blue Springs High School Alysa Orchard, Raytown South High School

Independence/Sugar Creek

Jessica Rhoades, Lee’s Summit High School

Greg Finke, Chairman


Melanie Moentmann, Vice-Chairman

Dr. Barbara Thompson, Chairman Leda Rivera, Lee’s Summit West High School Danacy Say, Grain Valley High School Diane Krizek, Vice-Chairman

Eileen Weir, Secretary

Linda Gerding, Secretary

Kelsey Schwensen, Blue Springs High School

Victor Callahan

Mayor David Bower

Sydney Sexton, Truman High School

Jill Esry

Sue Frank

Stephanie Soendker, William Chrisman High School

Steve Kidwell

George Koepp

Zachary Wenig, Truman High School

Scott King

Joel Lawson

Kara Wilson, Blue Springs South High School

Eric Knipp

Chief Jim Lynch

Lois McDonald

Judy Ness

Fred Mills

Jim Stilley

Steve Potter

Alyse Stoll

Mark Simcosky

Rev. Dawn Weaks

Brian Snyder

David Wurth Shirley Wurth


Volunteers of Today. Leaders of Tomorrow.

Powered by YOUth Advisory Council. 2012 Youth Advisory Council

For the last 14 years, our Community Foundation has engaged Eastern Jackson County student leaders in philanthropy through service on our Youth Advisory Council. Whether reviewing grants, raising funds, or giving of their time, talent and treasure to improve the lives of children and young people throughout Eastern Jackson County, these young leaders are changing the future through the power of philanthropy. In 2012, 122 students were involved in service and represented 11 area high schools: Blue Springs, Blue Springs South, Fort Osage, Grain Valley, Lee’s Summit, Lee’s Summit North, Lee’s Summit West, Raytown, Raytown South, Truman and William Chrisman.

YAC Members:



Raised $4,500 From the Skate for Change – Late Night Neon Party to add to the YAC Endowment Fund

Reviewed $161,366 From 28 grant applications from youth-serving organizations that were submitted to THCF through the Annual Community Grants Program

Granted $1,500 From the YAC Endowment Fund to support Mother’s Refuge, REAP, Tabitha’s Closet and TMC Lakewood

Awarded 2012 Youth in Philanthropy Scholarship To Rae Blankman, a graduate of Blue Springs South


$ 4,500

Logged 1,900 Hours of Community Service And celebrated Global Youth Service Day by helping set up the new Hillcrest Ministries Thrift Store in Lee’s Summit



A Lasting Legacy all Thanks to You. Heartland Legacy Society The Heartland Legacy Society is made up of more than 90 members who are leaving a permanent legacy of giving to area communities through gifts from their estate plans. Many of our friends have made plans for future gifts that will be added to their family funds or another Community Foundation Fund. Others are planning for their future gift to establish their family fund and endow a legacy of giving in the community. We salute these members for their thoughtful planning and vision for a better Eastern Jackson County. Anonymous – 28 Members

Marvin and Dixie Droege

Jerry and Sharon Kasten

Russell and Mabel Pepper

Eldon and Bonnie Anderson

Ron and Karen Finke **

Rick and Pam Kreher **

Marjorie Pollard

Dorothy D. Bay

Chuck and Colleen Foudree

Janet D. Lacey-Hodges

Donald A. and Barbara J. Potts

Jerry and Doreen Benton **

Helen French **

Don and Ruth Landis

Gary and Glenda Riekhof

Joe and Janice Blackburn

David and Henri Goettel

Forest and Marjorie Martin

Katherine J. Schrader

Larry and Susan Blick

Dr. Fred and Marge Hahn

Gale Martin **

Barbara Schuster

James D. Browning

Harold and Mary Ellen Hall

Harry and Donna McDaniel

Ron and Caryl Bruch

Doug and Beth Hammer

Carol McGraw

Elizabeth A. Scott Charitable Remainder Trust

Donna G. Bullock

Ed Hammond Family

Homer McWilliams

Carol Carpenter **

Bill and Wilma Henks

Beverly A. Cathcard

William Richard (Rick) and Linda Henks

The Schneider/Mehrhoff Memorial Fund

Terry and Betty Snapp **

Marie Mickelson

Paul Stone, Jr.

Helen Hilliard

Lorene Mitchell

Jane Taylor

Roberta Coker

Margaret Hurt

Marcella Morgan

Paul and Marilyn Thomson

Byron Constance

V. Carl Jelley, MD

John and Judy Ness

Garland and Pauline Tripp

Larry and Wanda Cook

Dr. Edward and Connie John

Edith M. Nikel

Montie and Marjorie Tripp

Norman, Mary Anne and Chris Davidson Foundation

Clifford and Diane Jones

Wendell and Myrna Olson

David and Shirley Wurth

Wayne and Stephanie Chipman


Clifford M. and Mary Beth Seger

**Denotes new members to our Legacy Society in 2012

Connecting to Support our Aging Population.

Coalition for a Community for All Ages The Community for All Ages Coalition works to ensure our Eastern Jackson County community is collaboratively and proactively working together to ensure we are prepared for the challenges and opportunities created by a doubling of the age 65+ population in our community in the next 20 years. Goal #1: To work together as a coalition to ensure every senior (and/or their family members) who needs services or wishes to volunteer in the Eastern Jackson County community knows about and has easy access to quality information and clearly understands how to access the resources available. Additionally, we strive to identify gaps in needed services and resources and work together to address those gaps.

Progress • Created a Caregiver Connection website • Committee lead is Cindy Cavanah • Include Services for Seniors – whether for profit or nonprofit • Take an Angie’s List approach using feedback from service users • May 2012 – Mid-Continent Public Library offered to partner with us to create the website, thanks to Steve Potter, Executive Director, and Susan Wray, Assistant Director of Libraries, and their IT team • By year-end, the website was built and we are now populating it with data • Goal is to unveil the website 2nd quarter of 2013 Goal #2: To work as a coalition to ensure seniors have access to affordable transportation services so their mobility and independence is not unduly limited when they no longer have access or the desire to drive.

Progress • New committee is chaired by Barbara Koirtyohann • Held first meeting in November and will make important progress in 2013 We now have 55 members of the Coalition, which is led by Jim Pryde, past Chair of THCF Board. Today, 1 in 8 Americans is 65 or older. By 2020, 1 in 6 Americans will be 65 or older, and by 2030, the numbers are expected to grow to 1 in 5. According to AARP, every day 8,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65. Assuming the rate of aging is the same in Kansas City as it is nationally, approximately 50 people a day or 1,500 per month are reaching age 65 in our metropolitan community. By mid-century, for the first time in human history, the number of people over 60 will outnumber children under the age of 14.


Connecting Resources

Through YOU.

Community Grants Program Every November, in honor of National Community Foundation Week, the Community Foundation recognizes recipients of Community Grants funding at its annual grants luncheon. This year, a total of $180,000 was awarded to the 47 charities listed on the following pages. • $172,280 came from THCF Unrestricted and Legacy Society Endowments • Additional funding came from:  Youth Advisory Council (YAC)  Richard Digby Memorial  Samuel W. Edmunds Charitable Fund  Daniel and Alice Waite Family Foundation  THCF CEO Discretionary Program Areas Impacted:  $13,700 – Arts and Humanities programs  $24,000 – Community Betterment programs  $41,557 – Educational programs  $94,743 – Health & Human Services programs  $6,000 – New initiative “Community for All Ages” Geographic Area Impacted:  All of Eastern Jackson County – Blue Springs, Independence, Grain Valley, Lee’s Summit, Raytown and Sugar Creek


2012 Grants were awarded on behalf of the following Charitable Funds at the Community Foundation: John Adams Educational Fund Dorothy D. Bay Endowment Fund** Big Piney Church Fund J.D. Browning Endowment Fund** Beverly A. Cathcard Charitable Endowment** Family Literacy Center Fund Heartland Arts Alliance Endowment Fund Homer McWilliams Oncology Fund** Independence Regional Health Center Community Services Endowment Fund Margaret Hurt Endowment Fund** Marcella Morgan Oncology Fund** Marjorie Pollard Hospice Endowment Fund** THCF Health Endowment Fund THCF Unrestricted Endowment Fund Youth Advisory Council Endowment Fund

2012 Grants Committee Members Doug Hammer, Chair Ron Bruch Martha Cockerell Eleanor Frasier Fred Hahn Helen Hatridge Dave Jeter Barbara Koirtyohann Paul Broome, Lee’s Summit Advisory Board Greg Finke, Independence/Sugar Creek Advisory Board Henri Goettel, Youth Advisory Council Terry Norwood, Blue Springs Advisory Board Barbara Thompson, Raytown Advisory Board

** Legacy Society Endowments

2012 Grant Recipients Baptist Trinity Lutheran Legacy Foundation Awarded $4,000 for “KC Medicine Cabinet”

The Family Conservancy Awarded $2,000 for “Student Assistance Program”

Blue River Community College Awarded $25,000 for “Police & Fire Academy Vehicles”

Friends of Rice-Tremonti Home Association Awarded $3,000 for “Repairs to Structure”

Cancer Action - EJC Office Awarded $4,200 for “Nutritional Supplements”**

Gillis Center, Inc. Awarded $1,000 for “ART-Risk Kids Program”

Child Abuse Prevention Association Awarded $2,500 for “Safe Hearts – Safety Net Program”

Harvesters Awarded $2,000 for “BackSnack Program” Additional $2,000 from the Samuel W. Edmunds Charitable Fund

Children’s Mercy East Hospital Awarded $5,000 for “Hearing and Speech Clinic Equipment” Additional $3,000 from the Samuel W. Edmunds Charitable Fund

Hillcrest Transitional Housing - EJC Awarded $10,000 for “Transitional Housing Program”**

City of Independence Health Department Awarded $1,000 for “Community Garden Program”

Hope House, Inc. Awarded $10,000 for “Guardian Program”**

Coldwater of Lee’s Summit Awarded $1,000 for “No Hungry Kids Program”**

Hope Network Awarded $2,000 for “Giving Hope Through Sight”

Community Services League Awarded $5,000 for “HUD Continuum of Care Grant Execution” Awarded $1,000 from the THCF CEO Discretionary Fund for “Symphony of Voices” Awarded $1,500 from the THCF CEO Discretionary Fund for “Mayor’s Christmas Concert”

Jackson County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Awarded $2,000 for “Operational Support”

Cultural Arts Coalition of Eastern Jackson County Awarded $500 from the THCF CEO Discretionary Fund for program support Downtown Lee’s Summit Main Street, Inc. Awarded $2,500 for “START Downtown: Cultural Arts Programming”**

JobOne Awarded $6,000 for “Business Expansion Program” Kansas City Hospice Awarded $5,000 for “Operating Support for Independence Office”** Kansas City Symphony Awarded $1,200 for “KinderKonzerts”


Lee’s Summit CARES Awarded $2,300 for “Office Equipment for Youth Advisory Board”**

Salvation Army Awarded $1,500 for “GED Program”**

Lee’s Summit Historical Society Awarded $500 for “Technology Improvements”**

Shepherd’s Center of Raytown Awarded $2,000 for “Treasury Operations Support”**

Lee’s Summit Social Service Awarded $2,400 for “Budget Counseling Program”**

Southeast Enterprises Awarded $500 from the CEO Discretionary Fund for “Thinkin’ Green Recycling Program"

Legacy for Parks Foundation, Inc. Awarded $5,000 for “Summer Movies in the Park Screen”** Marian Hope Center for Children’s Therapy Awarded $1,500 for “Infant Care & Development Program” Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association Awarded $3,000 for “Connections Intake and Assessment Shelter”** MBCH Children and Family Ministries Awarded $1,000 for “Foster Home Program in EJC”** Mother’s Refuge Awarded $2,000 for “5 Step Empowerment Learning Program” Additional $357 from the Youth Advisory Council NorthWest Communities Development Corporation Awarded $1,000 for “Senior Nutrition Site Equipment” Progress Independence Awarded $5,000 for “Truman Gateway Redevelopment Project” Additional $2,000 from the THCF CEO Discretionary Fund Rainbow Center for Communicative Disorders Awarded $3,000 for “New iPads for Special Needs Individuals”** Additional $1,000 from the Richard Digby Memorial Fund Raytown Emergency Assistance Program Awarded $2,000 for “Back to School Shoes for Kids”** Additional $218 from the Youth Advisory Council Raytown Main Street Association Awarded $5,000 for “Downtown Streetscape Historical Experience” ReDiscover Awarded $4,000 for “Physical Disease Management Project”**


Special Neighbors, Inc. Awarded $1,000 for “Special Neighbors Goes Digital”** Additional $1,000 from the THCF CEO Discretionary Fund St. Luke’s Hospital East Awarded $3,700 for “Medication Assistance Program”** St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church Awarded $2,000 for “Community Adult ESL Program” St. Peter United Methodist Church Awarded $1,000 for “Roots & Wings Program” Tabitha’s Closet Awarded $3,000 for “Program Support”** Additional $548 from the Youth Advisory Council Truman Heritage Habitat for Humanity Awarded $5,000 for “Capacity Building Grant”** Truman Medical Center Lakewood Awarded $3,000 for “Portable Dental Clinic” Additional $375 from the Youth Advisory Council Additional $200 from the Daniel and Alice Waite Family Foundation Veterans Way Memorial Awarded $5,000 for “Granite Base for Memorial” Westport Cooperative Services Awarded $1,000 for “Senior Companion Program”** ** Funded by Legacy Society Endowment

Supporting Education for a

Brighter Tomorrow, Made Possible by You.

Scholarships Many of our friends care deeply about education. A scholarship is an easy and effective way to give back to the community, honor the memory of a loved one or engage your corporation in giving. In 2012, $172,225 was awarded from 69 scholarship programs to 157 student recipients. The average scholarship was $1,100 with $4,000 being the largest scholarship awarded.

Student recipients are from Eastern Jackson County and beyond:

Eastern Jackson County



2012 Financial Summary


CASH Checking/Sweep Account Petty Cash Total Cash INVESTMENTS, at fair market value Cash-Money Market Portfolio American Funds Portfolio Fixed Income Investment Portfolio Equity Investment Portfolio Charitable Remainder Trust Portfolio Investments - Segregated Total Investments OTHER ASSETS Prepaid Expense Accounts Receivable Charitable Lead Trust - Beneficial Interest Real Estate Insurance Policies Improvements, Furniture & Equipment Total Other Assets TOTAL ASSETS

AS OF Dec. 31, 2012


$375,219 1,000 376,219

Money Market Portfolio Checking/Sweep Account Interest Income Money Market Pool Interest Income Total Money Market Portfolio Fixed Income Securities Portfolio Interest Income Capital Gain/(Losses) - Realized Capital Gain/(Losses) - Unrealized Total Fixed Income Securities Portfolio

4,430,180 1,232,074 5,135,634 9,242,176 4,047,762 1,363,682 25,451,508 6,754 4,478 240,803 185,000 1,524,756 94,012 2,055,803 $27,883,530


Accounts Payable Extended Illness Liability Grants Payable Total Liabilities FUND BALANCES Unrestricted Donor Advised Charitable Gift Annuity Designated Field of Interest Charitable Remainder Trusts Life Estate Reserved Administration Total Fund Balance


$ 11,428 10,526 1,000 22,954

3,111,297 3,930,380 439,527 11,377,236 4,656,310 4,035,563 143,123 167,140 27,860,576

Equity Securities Portfolio Dividend Income Capital Gain/(Losses) - Realized Capital Gain/(Losses) - Unrealized Total Equity Securities Portfolio American Funds Portfolio Dividend Income Capital Gain/(Losses) - Realized Capital Gain/(Losses) - Unrealized Total American Funds Portfolio Charitable Remainder Trust Portfolio Interest and Dividend Income Capital Gain/(Losses) - Realized Capital Gain/(Losses) - Unrealized Total CRT Portfolio Segregated Funds Portfolios Interest and Dividend Income Capital Gain/(Losses) - Unrealized Total Segregated Portfolio Other Investment Earnings Capital Gain/(Loss) - Stock Gifts Change in Life Insurance Values Total Other Investment TOTAL OTHER REVENUE TOTAL REVENUE AND SUPPORT

44 84,187 84,231 283,339 21,153 157,878 462,370 342,205 186,287 735,223 1,263,715 21,480 1,649 140,763 163,892 167,272 (26,094) 412,985 554,163 68,306 32,973 101,279 3,296 324,824 328,120 2,957,770 5,662,926



REVENUE AND SUPPORT CONTRIBUTIONS Unrestricted Funds Donor Advisory Funds Designated Funds Field of Interest Funds Administration Total Contributions

AS OF Dec. 31, 2012

$ 8,130 445,309 1,267,225 742,092 242,400 2,705,156

GRANTS Unrestricted Funds Donor Advisory Funds Designated Funds Field of Interest Funds Total Grants ADMINISTRATION EXPENSES Directly Assignable Fund Expenses Administrative Expenses Total Administration Expenses

122,592 596,965 1,584,627 2,024,317 4,328,501 338,686 640,964 979,650

TOTAL GRANTS AND EXPENSES 5,308,151 354,775 REVENUE LESS GRANTS AND EXPENSES 27,505,801 FUND BALANCE, beginning of period $27,860,576 FUND BALANCE, end of period 14

We’re Your #1 Fan. Annual Foundation Fan Club Our Annual Foundation Fan Club is vital to the organization. The annual funding from the following donors and corporate sponsors allows the Community Foundation to operate our Youth Advisory Council and lead the community on important issues such as the Community for All Ages Coalition. We salute our Fans!

Raving Fan/$500 Judson and Kelly Alford Automobile Dealers of Greater Kansas City Charitable Foundation Ron and Caryl Bruch*** Marty and Cindy Cavanah Vicki Digby*** Chuck and Colleen Foudree*** Kenneth and Eleanor Frasier** Avid Fan/$100 John Bluford Paul and Judy Broome*** Al Brown Nancy Dunagan Greg and Mindi Finke** Mike and Linda Gerding Doug and Helen Hatridge** Suzanne Henley Bill and Geraldine Hill** Jim and Kathy Koeneman** Rick and Pam Kreher*** Eugene and Diane Krizek Jim Lynch** Jim and Michele McIntosh Mark and Cheryl Mozer***

John and Sherri Lozano** Steve and Leigh Anne Potter*** Jim and Deborah Pryde*** Stewardship Capital, Ltd.** James and Mary Stilley, Jr. US Bankcorp Foundation

Super Fan/$250 Richard and Martha Cockerell*** Randall and Helen Ferguson Jr.*** Francis Family Foundation Jim and Kitty Ham** Doug and Beth Hammer** Phil and Nancy Hanson*** Rick and Kathy Hughey*** Mike and Joy Hobick*** J. Scott King Law Office

John and Judy Ness*** Joyce Noble*** Steve and Marianne Noll*** Larry and Sharon Norris Terry and Robin Norwood** Beverly Powell, CPA*** John G. Pritchard, CPA PC*** Mark Simcosky** Luther Smith Jr. and Helen Pearson Smith Alyse J. Stoll** Norman and Darleen Swails** Tom and Eileen Weir** Steven and Lisa York

Fan/$50 James Bailey Gene and Joanne Cable** Doug and Katie Cowan Dynamic Displays L.L.C*** Shelly Hall Darrel and Mary Hensley*** Mildred F. Horn** KCPT Aldo L. Mariotti Mark and Haley Newcomer Jeffrey and Wanda Quibell Stephen and Phyllis Salanski Dave Wright** David and Shirley Wurth**

** Two years continuous support *** Three years continuous support 15


Celebrating Three Decades

Toast to Our Towns Gala.

DAVE AND SHIRLEY WURTH Heartland Humanitarians of the Year

FOUNDERS RECOGNITION Standing L – R: Lloyd Uptegrove, Carol Sue Bass, Carol Roper Park Vaughan, Luva Vaughan. Not pictured Kyle Conway. R. Edwin Browne, Donald E. DeTray, Lauzon Maxwell, William A. Piedmonte and Phil Weeks were posthumously recognized.

ALDO MARIOTTI Outstanding Citizen of the Year Lake Winnebago


R. JAMES STILLEY, JR. Dr. Paul M. Thomson Advisor of the Year

ELEANOR FRASIER Outstanding Citizen of the Year Blue Springs

SUSAN COFFMAN Outstanding Citizen of the Year Lee’s Summit

COMMUNITY OF CHRIST Community Partner Award

Accepted by Steve Veazey, President

JEFF COLEMAN Outstanding Citizen of the Year Grain Valley

BILL ROGERS Outstanding Citizen of the Year Independence

BOB AND JODIE SMITH Outstanding Citizens of the Year Raytown

DENNIS ONKA Outstanding Citizen of the Year Sugar Creek


PRESENTING SPONSOR – $10,000 Data Systems International


Community of Christ • Humphrey Farrington McClain • Stewardship Capital

PATRONS – $3,000 Bank of Grain Valley Blue Ridge Bank & Trust Co. Cargo for Kids Sponsors: $1800 Adams Toyota-Scion Alliant Tech Systems Bank of America BP America, Inc. Ron and Caryl Bruch Bryan Cave LLP Cable-Dahmer Automotive Group City of Blue Springs City of Grain Valley City of Independence City of Lee’s Summit

Friends: $500 A2MG, Inc. Dr. Jeremy Bowen C Pros, Inc. Gene and Joanne Cable Colliers International/Winbury Country Club Bank Drumm Farm Center for Children Dr. Jim Elias Enpro Technologies

Gala Committee Judy Forrester, Chair Irene Baltrusaitis Carol Sue Bass Ron Bruch Debra Bronston

Centerpoint Medical Center – HCA Midwest Health System Children’s Mercy Hospitals & Clinics – Kansas City

The Examiner Silverstein Eye Centers

City of Raytown Cockerell and McIntosh Community of Christ- F.E. “Pat” Hansen Courtney Ridge Landfill/Republic Services Deffenbaugh Industries Dunn & Davison Edward Jones Randall and Helen Ferguson Judy and Dana Forrester Chuck and Colleen Foudree GEHA Hallmark Cards

Hartsook J.E. Dunn Construction Co. Jackson County KC Auto CARSTAR KCP&L Lead Bank Lee’s Summit Journal MCC – Blue River MeraVic Metcalf Bank Mid-Continent Public Library Prairie Capital Management, LLC Raytown Advisory Board

Raytown Rotary Club Raytown School District Jan Reding Rotary Club of Independence St. Mary’s Medical Center Speaks Family Legacy Chapels Stewart, Cook, Constance & Minton Jim and Mary Stilley Thomas McGee, L.C. Truman Medical Center Lakewood Wells Fargo Advisors Dave and Shirley Wurth

Sue Frank Insurance Agency Dr. Fred and Marge Hahn H & H Color Henks Financial Group William A. and Irma Lou Hirsch Dave and Lydia Jeter King Hershey Law Firm Steven C. Krueger Legal Services, LLC Kurlbaum & Rinne, LLC Lafarge North America Dave and Connie Mayta

McCamm Management Co. Meyer Music Co. Craig and Patty Miller Melanie Moentmann Roger and Kay Novak Dr. Kirk Opdahl Paradise Park Party Patch Howard and Karen Penrod Polsinelli Shughart Friends of Second Presbyterian Church

Kite Singleton Strikerz Entertainment Center Summit Bank of Kansas City Dennis Taylor and Dr. Bridget McCandless Dr. Paul and Marilyn Thomson Carole and Luva Vaughan Vibe Communications The Weeks Family Brenda West

Cindy Cavanah Roberta Coker Sharon Dankenbring Vicki Digby Ron Finke Colleen Foudree

Chuck Foudree Helen French Phil Hanson Joy Hobick Judith James Lydia Jeter

Liz McClure Melanie Moentmann Karen Penrod Annette Seago Tom Thomas Shirley Wurth


We Owe it All to YOU. 2012 Charitable Funds

Truman Heartland Community Foundation’s mission is to improve area communities by promoting and serving private giving for the public good. We do this by growing charitable giving in Eastern Jackson County, connecting donors to causes important to them and leading our region in addressing important community needs. The funds listed on the pages that follow were created to help many in our community accomplish their goals. Over the last 30 years, our family of donors (an estimated 1,000 individuals) has granted more than $35.5 million to our Eastern Jackson County community and beyond. Donors have also given more than $66 million in charitable donations to the Community Foundation. Today, you can also begin using the Community Foundation to realize your philanthropic goals and leave a lasting legacy for years to come.

Donor-Advised Funds

Having a donor-advised fund is like having your own personal foundation … only better. It’s easy to establish, you can involve your family, support all your favorite charities and learn about new ways to support your community. Many corporations also use the donor-advised fund to streamline their corporate giving programs. Anderson Family Foundation Fund Jerry and Doreen Benton Family Foundation C. Glenn & Ada M. Betts Family Fund Larry and Susan Blick Family Fund Galen and Jeanne Boyer Fund Brenda Rapp West Foundation Brighter Tomorrows Fund Broome Family Fund C. Robert Buckley Family Fund Butler Family Foundation Fund Gene and Joanne Cable Donor-Advised Fund Tom Cairns Donor-Advised Fund Cargo for Kids Cavanah Family Fund Centerpoint Medical Staff Community Grants Fund Clifford and Diane Jones Foundation Roberta Coker Charitable Fund Byron Constance Fund Brad and Sandy Cox Family Foundation Fund Cunningham Fund Catherine J. A. Curtis Family Fund D and S VP Charitable Fund Gayle Frances Davidson Memorial Fund Richard Digby Memorial Fund Tony DiPardo Foundation of Music Sam and Vera Doutt Charitable Fund Samuel W. Edmunds Charitable Fund Elias Family Charitable Fund Bill and Jill Esry Family Foundation Fund


Farrington Family Fund Finke Family Foundation Fund The Foudree Family Donor-Advised Fund Kenneth L. and Eleanor R. Frasier Charitable Fund Helen L. French Family Fund Steven W. and Debra R. Gildehaus Charitable Foundation Fund Fred and Marge Hahn Family Fund Harold and Mary Ellen Hall Donor Advised Fund Hammer Family Fund The Robert E. & Debra A. Harmon Fund Douglas G. and Helen Ann Hatridge Family Foundation Fund Gene and Mary Haug Family Foundation Dr. Herman Hausheer Family Fund Heggestad Family Fund Henks Financial Group Charitable Fund Rick & Linda Henks Donor Advised Fund Robert and Mary Hepting Foundation Higgins Family Fund Mike & Joy Hobick/CARSTAR Foundation Myrtle Hoffman & CS Monnier Memorial Fund Tom and Carol Holzbaur Family Foundation Fund Horn Law Firm Foundation Fund Hurt Family Endowment Fund I Love My Independence Fund Independence Young Matrons Endowment Fund Jelley Family Foundation Fund J'Nan Kimak Donor Advised Fund John W. and Nancy C. Kimak Donor Advised Fund

Margaret Kimak Donor Advised Fund King Family Fund L.D. Koirtyohann Family Fund Krump Family Donor Advised Fund Janet D. Lacey-Hodges Charitable Fund Laffoon Family Donor Advised Fund Lamb Family Fund Lefko Family Foundation Fund Magady Family Education Fund Michael Martin Family Fund McCandless/Taylor Fund McClure Family Fund Bruce and Tracey Mershon Family Foundation Fund Frank and Marie Mickelson Fund Mitchell Foundation Mitzvah Fund Mr. Goodcents Charitable Fund John & Judith Ness Fund John Olivarez Family Fund John William Parmerlee Fund Peterson Salvation Army Fund Pogson Family Foundation Fund Dr. Donald and Barbara Potts Fund Potts-Martin Fund Pryde Family Foundation Fund Quibell Family Foundation Acorn Fund Joan and Max Raveill Charitable Fund William H. & Marcile K. Reich Family Fund Rotary Club of Independence Community Grants Fund William D. Palmer Endowment Fund Ed & Sue Russell Family Foundation Fund Richard E. Sanderson Scouts in Need Fund Schondelmeyer-Williams Fund Stevens Family Ministry Fund Jim and Mary Stilley Family Charitable Trust Norman and Darleen Swails Fund Dennis and Jane Taylor Fund Mitchell & Betsy Taylor Family Fund Tim and Yvette Taylor Fund Thompson Family Charitable Foundation Paul and Marilyn Thomson Family Fund Montie and Marjorie Tripp Family Foundation Fund Unilever Charitable Fund Daniel E. and Alice D. Waite Family Foundation Fund Wendy Fitzgerel-Blue Foundation Fund Frank P. and Bernelle White Memorial Donor-Advised Fund Widick and Appleberry Family Fund John and Sharon Williams Family Fund Dave & Shirley Wurth Family Foundation


Designated Funds

Many of our friends have one or two favorite charities. Many local nonprofits also partner with us to build their endowments. With a Designated Fund, you can support one or more specific charities with your charitable dollars. It’s a great and easy way to do charitable giving. 350 Highway Corridor Plan Aaron's House Acorn Fund Amerine Memorial Endowment Fund Arabia Museum Foundation Fund Association of Fundraising Professionals Mid-America Chapter Board Restricted Fund Operating Fund Bates County Historical Society Acorn Endowment Fund Bingham-Waggoner Historical Society Fund Blue Springs City Theatre Foundation Fund Blue Springs Historical Society, Inc. Fund Blue Springs Blue Springs School of Economics Blue Springs School of Economics Fund Money Market Fund Blue Springs South Athletics Fund Boys and Girls Clubs Fund Bridge Builders Senior and Disability Services Fund The Dictionary Project of Kansas City Fund Donna G. Bullock Family Fund Cancer Action Fund Cass County Genealogical Society Endowment Fund Cass County Historical Society Non-Endowed Fund Cass County Parks Department Acorn Fund Beverly A. Cathcard Donor-Advised Endowment Center Place Educational Foundation General Fund Centerpoint Medical Staff Scholarship Fund Child Abuse Prevention Association General Endowment Fund Citizens for the Archives Fund City of Blue Springs Vesper Hall General Fund Vesper Hall Nutrition & Homebound Fund City of Independence Animal Shelter Replacement Fund Fire Safety Equipment Fund Friends of Truman Depot Endowment Japan Disaster Relief Fund Pioneer Woman Statue Endowment Police Equipment Enhancement & Improvement Fund Sermon Memorial Room Endowment Sermon/Old Spring Project Endowment Sister City Fund Stormwater Fund Truman Memorial Building Restoration Fund Truman Memorial Walking Trail Fund Waggoner Memorial Endowment Fund


Community Association for the Arts Community Association for the Arts Fund Money Market Fund Community Mediation Center Community Mediation Center, Inc. Fund Short Term Investment Fund Community of the Good Shepherd Community of the Good Shepherd Fund Operating Reserve Fund Community Services League - Independence Community Christmas Concert Fund Community Services League Capital Campaign Fund Emergency Assistance Fund Endowment Fund I-Share Fund Michelle A. Schumacher Memorial Fund Non-Endowment Fund Comprehensive Mental Health Services Client Services Fund Foundation, Inc. Fund Developing Potential Endowment Fund Orena D. Dorsch Religious Ministries Endowment Fund Dragon Booster Club Fund Drumm Center for Children Drumm Center for Children, Inc. Educational Enrichment Endowed Fund Swinney Capital Campaign Fund Eastern Jackson County Youth Court Fund Ennovation Center Fund Family Conservancy Fund First Baptist Church of Independence Endowment Fund Myrtle Mingle Music Fund Non-Endowed Fund First Presbyterian Church Lee's Summit Ebenezer Fund Endowment Fund Information Technology Fund Reserve Fund Friends of Parks & Recreation George Owens Nature Park Palmer Center Senior Services Enhancement Fund Palmer Senior Center Endowment Parks & Recreation Non-Specific Friends of Sugar Creek Endowment Fund

Sugar Creek - Friends of the Parks Fund Genealogy Library Capital Campaign Fund Gift of Life Non-Endowed Fund Quasi Endowed Fund Graceland University Fund Grain Valley School District Athletics Fund Classroom Technology Fund Foundation A Plus Fund Foundation General Fund Instrumental Music Fund Library Resources Fund Outdoor Classroom Fund Robotics Program Fund Harry S. Truman Library Institute Fund HealthEd Connect Fund Heart of America Council, BSA/Blue Elk Endowment Fund Heart of America Chorus Endowment Fund-Acorn The KC Chapter of SPEBSQSA, Inc. Fund Adolf Heine Memorial Fund Helping Hands Therapeutic Riding Center Board Reserve Fund Heritage Philharmonic Endowment Fund Hillcrest Ministries Endowment Fund Hillcrest Ministries Fund Segregated Account for Building Loan Hope House, Inc. Anonymous Endowment Fund Endowment Fund M. E. Hurt Endowment Fund Mary Elizabeth Hope Fund Hurt Memorial Endowment Fund Independence Youth Court Fund Interactive African Missions Fund Jackson County Free Health Clinic Endowment Fund Jackson County Free Health Clinic Fund Jackson County 4-H Equities Fund Fixed Income Fund

Foundation Fund Money Market # 2 Fund Jackson County Historical Society Archives Fund Bess Hatten Raymond Fund Operating Non-Endowment Society Endowment Fund Roger T. Sermon - Jackson County Historical Society Fund JobOne Investment Fund Operating Fund Junior Service League Administrative Savings Fund Community Trust Savings Fund Frances Hink Endowment Fund Marjorie N. Martin Endowment Fund Memorial Fund Truman-Wallace Project Fund Kansas City Chorale Fund Kansas City Fire Museum Fund Kansas City Hospice Endowment Sub-Fund Kansas City Hospice Fund Kansas City Metro Parks & Recreation Directors Association Fund Virginia Koso Memorial Fund Lee's Summit Parks & Recreation All Veterans Memorial Fund Angel Fund Gamber Center Fund Lee's Summit Parks & Recreation Fund Lee's Summit CARES Endowment Fund Lee's Summit Optimist Foundation Fund Lee's Summit Social Services Lee’s Summit Social Services Fund Special Project Fund Lee's Summit Symphony Orchestra Fund Lee's Summit Underwater Rescue & Recovery Fund Tom Logan Memorial Soccer Field Fund Dr. Curtis and Mrs. Ann Long Fund For the Angus Foundation For the Bates County Fair For the Missouri State Fair


Lubben Memorial Endowment Fund Mid-America Arts Alliance Integrated Campaign Fund Mader Memorial Endowment Fund McCoy Park All Inclusive Play Project Fund Meals on Wheels Dorothy Evans Memorial Fund Meals on Wheels Fund Robert R. & Karissa L. Alumbaugh Caring Account Mental Health Association of the Heartland Fund Messiah Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Ruth Riggs Memorial Scholarship Fund Sabol Fund School Operating Reserve Fund Trust Fund Metropolitan Community Colleges Independence Development Fund Mid-Continent Public Library General Fund Mid-Continent Children's Summer Reading Program Endowment Fund Mid-Continent Woodneath Branch Fund Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association, Inc. Fund Midwest Hemophilia Association Fund Missouri Baptist Children's Home Children and Family Ministries Endowment Fund Missouri Humanities Council Fund MO Park & Recreation Beaver Estate Fund Building Maintenance Fund Operating Reserve Fund Mother's Refuge Endowment Fund Operating Reserve Fund MPRA Lyle B. Beaver Leadership Development Institute Endowment Fund Midwest Genealogy Center Programming Fund National Kidney Foundation of Kansas and Missouri Fund Nutra-Net Endowment Fund NWCDC - Friends of Fairmount Community Center Fund Cathy Paulson Hope House Memorial Fund PAWS, Inc. John F. Tweedie Memorial Fund Operating Reserve Fund


Irene Pippit Trust Fund Pulte Farm Fund - Lee's Summit Parks Puppetry Arts Institute Endowment Fund Museum Fund Rainbow Center Rainbow Center Endowment Fund Rainbow Center Fund Raymore Baseball Softball Improvement Fund Raymore Parks and Recreation Fund Raymore-Peculiar Public School Foundation Fund Raytown Community Foundation Fund Raytown Educational Foundation Raytown Educations Foundation Fund Short Term Repository Fund Raytown Emergency Assistance Program (R.E.A.P.) Fund Raytown Historical Society Foundation General Endowment Fund Raytown Tree Fund ReDiscover Segregated Portfolio Fund Richardson Memorial Endowment Fund Santa Fe Trail Neighborhood CDC Fund Short-term Investment Fund Edna M. Scahill Endowment Fund Special Neighbors Non-Endowed Operating Fund Velma Hatten Fund The Spirit of Independence Community Band Fund St. Mary's High School Foundation Fund St. Paul United Methodist Church E. Jones Memorial Endowment Fund Summit Christian Academy Sustainable Hope International Tabitha's Closet Fund William M. and Martha L. Thomas Fund Jeffrey Tognascioli Memorial Fund Truman Medical Center-Lakewood NICU Fund Urich Community Historical Society Endowment Fund Vaile Victorian Society Endowment Fund Youth Art Show Fund

Field of Interest Funds

Some of our friends have broad interest areas – education, faith, health and the arts – and rely on the Community Foundation to help identify charities that provide services they’re interested in supporting. When you share your passion with our staff, we find the charities within your field of interest. Then, the decision is yours to enjoy making grants throughout the region. BB's Club Fit of Grain Valley Fund Big Piney Fund for Social Ministry Blue Springs Community Grant Fund Jaycees Breaking New Ground Fund Parents Club Special Education Fund Books for Peace Fund Bryant School and Neighborhood Playground Fund Charitable Reinvestment Foundation Fund Clean Air Don A. Potts Award Fund Coalition for Child Safety Fund COMBAT Blue Springs School District Fund Eastern Jackson County Schools Collaborative Fund Community Cadet Club Fund Community Development Scholarship Fund Discover ED Foundation Fund Family Literacy Endowment Fund Friends of Raytown Parks Fund Friends of the Square Fund Friends of the Animal Shelter Fund Grandma's Alzheimer Fund Ian's Fund for Testicular Cancer Awareness Friends of the Independence Courthouse Fund Melvin Jones Eye Fund

Kansas City Theater Foundation Lee's Summit Beautification Commission Fund Lee's Summit Kiwanis Club Fund Legacy Foundation Fund Lions Eye Fund George W. Mansfield Junior Golf Foundation Fund Gary Martinette Award Fund Mayor's Prayer Breakfast Fund Homer McWilliams Oncology Fund Marcella Morgan Oncology Fund One Small Gift Fund Open Arms Foundation Fund Palestine Missionary Baptist Capital Campaign Fund Parks Now Fund Performing Arts Center of Lee's Summit Development Fund Power House Theatre Foundation Fund Professional Development Network Fund Progress Independence Fund Raytown Rotary Fund Revolving Rehabilitation Loan Fund Third World Sewing Partnership Fund United Nations Peace Memorial Fund Uplift Independence Veterans Way Memorial Fund Women's Resource Center Acorn Fund


Scholarships Many of our friends care deeply about education. A scholarship is an easy and effective way to give back to the community, honor the memory of a loved one or engage your corporation in giving. The Community Foundation is an expert in managing scholarships. We love connecting donors to students. John Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund Cpl. Benjamin Ashley Memorial Scholarship Fund Association for Industrial Development Endowment Fund Association of Chrisman Excellence (A.C.E.) Fund Aull Fund Eric Austin Scholarship Fund Pat Barnhard Memorial Scholarship Fund John S. Barrett Memorial Scholarship Fund Bartow Scholarship Investment Fund George & Frances Berkemeier Fund Rosemary Boetjer Scholarship Fund Gwen & Ray Bolger-"The Scarecrow of OZ" Scholarship Fund Mary Booker Tunnell Nursing Scholarship Josh Borgmeyer Memorial Scholarship Fund Brian Borgstadt Memorial Scholarship Fund John Bowser Radiology Scholarship Fund Lois Bridges Scholarship Fund Le Roy Brown Scholarship Fund Matilda Brown Scholarship Fund Michael Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund - Independence School Steven D. Brown Scholarship Fund Ron Bruch Teacher of the Year Scholarship Fund Arthur Butler Scholarship Fund Gene and Joanne Cable Scholarship Fund Charlene Cain Memorial Scholarship Fund Amelia Cairns Scholarship Fund - Independence School Dist. Ron Clemons Scholarship Fund Janet R. Coldwell Fund Mel Colley LEAD Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Collings Weekley Scholarship Fund Opal Barker Day and Phyllis Day Combest Memorial Education Fund Vilas "Lee" Compton Memorial Scholarship Fund Charley Cornell Memorial Scholarship Fund The Council of Clubs of Greater Kansas City Scholarship Fund Culinary Arts Program Fund (formerly Heart of America Food Service Scholarship Fund) DAR Scholarship Fund Millicent Daugherty MAI Fund (formerly George Caleb Bingham Academy of the Arts) Daughters of the American Revolution Edmond Davidson Scholarship Fund Chari Denney Memorial Scholarship Fund Senator Ronnie DePasco Scholarship Foundation Fund


Louann Dickmeyer Educational Scholarship Fund Kay Dunning Nursing Scholarship Fund Marlene Rose Dyck Memorial Scholarship Fund Eastern Jackson County Bar Association Charitable Fund Ron and Becky Eiman WCHS Class of '52 Scholarship Fund Equal Chances College Scholarship Fund F.O.R.C.E. (Ft. Osage Resources Champion Education Fund) Mistyka L. Fiedler Memorial Fund Jerry Fisher Scholarship Fund FORCE Dr. Gale T. Bartow Scholarship Dr. Larry Ewing Scholarship Dr. Paul James Scholarship Fort Osage R-1 Scholarship Foundation General Fund FOSD Employee Scholarship Fund Leadership Fund Merideth Francis Scholarship Fund J. Richard Franklin Scholarship Fund Friends of the Blue Springs Ballet Dance Scholarship Fund Friends of William Southern Sara Garrett Memorial Sue Gentry Scholarship Fund Brandon Gieselman Memorial 4-H/FFA Scholarship Fund Glendale School Scholarship Fund Jimmy Golden Memorial Softball Scholarship Fund William D. Gordon Memorial Endowment Fund Non Endowed Scholarship Fund Gragg Memorial Scholarship Fund Dr. Victor D. Gragg Scholarship Fund Greater Kansas City Friends of Family & Consumer Science Scholarship Fund Stanley Gregg Scholarship Fund F.O.R.C.E. - Gus Spencer Scholarship Fund Brian D. Ostrander Memorial Scholarship Jerry Mueller Scholarship Fund Grain Valley School District Classroom Grants Fund Fine Arts Program Fund Scholarship Fund Robert Henley Scholarship Fund Travis Hopkins Memorial Scholarship Fund

Rachel House Hudson Memorial Scholarship Fund I.A.E.O.P. (Independence Association of Educational Office Professionals) Fund Independence Council of PTAs Mary Elizabeth Learnard Scholarship Fund Independence Head Start Scholarship Fund Independence National Education Association Scholarship Fund Independence Retired School Personnel Association Fun Independence Rotary Club West Fund Independence School District Foundation Al Van Iten Scholarship Fund General Foundation Fund Major Saver Card Scholarship Fund Southern Stars Fund Independence Young Matrons Scholarship Fund ISDF General Fund Money Market Account Novilla Jeffries Scholarship Fund Chuck & Jeneen Jones Scholarship Fund Junior Service League Bess Wallace Truman Scholarship Fund Jane Russell Kalhorn Memorial Fund Robert Keeton Scholarship Fund Peggy Kern Memorial Fund Lucy Whitney Kerr Fund Kobe Scholarship Fund L.I.N.K. Scholarship Fund Coach Landess Memorial Fund Marvin Lindmark Scholarship Fund A. Joan Lovelace Future Educator Scholarship Fund John W. Luff Elementary Scholarship Fund John H. Lund Business Scholarship Fund Carol Marcks Elementary Education Scholarship Fund Julie Elizabeth Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund Forrest and Marjorie Martin Scholarship Fund Tom Martin Memorial Fund Martin-Simcosky Fund F.O.R.C.E. - Mary Beggs Science Education Scholarship Judy Lee McDaniel-Yazel Scholarship Fund Dona McLean Science Scholarship Fund Betty McMillin Scholarship Fund Medical Alliance-Metropolitan Medical Society of GKC Scholarship Fund Laura Mercer Award Fund Margaret Meredith Memorial Fund Melanie Meyer Memorial Scholarship Fund Stella and William Moran Memorial Scholarship Fund Edward L. and Helen L. Newlin Scholarship Fund Georgia B. Northway Hemophilia Scholarship Fund Oak Park Family and Consumer Science Scholarship Fund Olson Student Assistance Scholarship Fund Phillip A. Parrino Scholarship Fund


Dustin Payne Scholarship Fund James H. Phillips Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund PISCES Scholarship Fund Plugger Award-Drumm Institute/Independence Academy Fund Sam and Lindsey Porter Scholarship Fund Gordon S. & Betty F. Pritchett Memorial Fund Procter School Scholarship Fund Project Graduation Scholarship Fund Harley & Doris M. Eby Reed Scholarship Fun Mona Richardson Scholarship Fund Jake Robel Scholarship Fund Eugene J. Rolfe Memorial Education Fund Fred & Dorothy Ross Scholarship Fund Samoan Community Organization of Independence Fund Jack R. Scharig Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund Patty Schumacher Educational Fund Seger Family Nursing Scholarship Fund Brianna Leigh Shelton Performing Arts Scholarship Fund Sister Mary dePaul Fund Sixth Bomb Group Memorial Education Fund Jason Stone Creativity Scholarship Award Fund Audrey Stubbart Community Education Fund Sugar Creek Business and Civic Club Fund Bill Summa Scholarship Fund Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund THCF - Henri E. Goettel Youth in Philanthropy Award The Toni Thornton AAUW Reentry Scholarship Fund Tile Contractors' Association of America, Inc. Scholarship Fund Truman Chapter National Honor Society Fund Truman Scholarship Fund Phil Turner Instrumental/Music Award Scholarship Fund Visiting Teacher Fund Watt Drug Science Scholarship Fund WCHS Electronics Scholarship Fund WCHS PTSA Scholarship Fund Dr. Ben Whited Scholarship Fund William Chrisman Class of 1953 Scholarship Fund Class of '55 Scholarship Fund Class of 1957 Fund Class of 1962 Fund H.S. Class of 1961 Fund Plugger Award Fund Dr. H. Roger Yarrington Rotary Scholarship Fund Young Matrons Scholarship Fund - Independence School District Youth Friends Scholarship Fund Special Events Fund Zismer Fund 26

Deferred Endowment Funds Deferred gifts are a great way to leave a legacy of giving in the community. Usually created with an estate gift, you can support any and all of your charitable interests for years beyond your lifetime. Joe and Janice Blackburn Family Charitable Fund Rutheloise Borchardt Charitable Gift Annuity Carol J. Carpenter Bequest Earl Kenneth Cavanah Charitable Gift Annuity James W. and Stephanie D. Chipman Charitable Fund Larry and Wanda Cook Family Charitable Fund Robert H. and Joy J. Cottrell Gift Annuity Mahlon Dale and Rose Anne Crown Charitable Gift Annuity Marvin and Dixie Droege Charitable Fund Raymond C. and Judy Ebert Donor Advised Fund Robert R. Franke Donor Advised Fund Helen French Charitable Gift Annuity Fund Ed and Sharon Hammond Family Charitable Fund Betty L. Harryman Charitable Gift Annuity William R. Hartong & E. Elaine Hartong Charitable Remainder Trust Peggy Hawley Charitable Remainder Unitrust Rosalie M. Headley Charitable Remainder Trust William & Wilma Henks Family Foundation Fund Helen Hilliard Charitable Remainder Unitrust Jack B. Hoke Charitable Remainder Unitrust Robert A. Hoke Charitable Remainder Unitrust Ruby N. Hoke Charitable Remainder Unitrust Wanda Ruth Hoke Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Dr. Edward and Connie John Donor Advised Fund K & M Karcher - Lumsden Charitable Remainder Trust Donald E. Landis Charitable Remainder Unitrust Jerry and Sharon Kasten Family Foundation Fund Richard R. and Esther G. McCall Charitable Remainder Trust Zita McGraw Charitable Endowment Fund Mary Pack Charitable Gift Annuity Fund Russell and Mabel Pepper Family Foundation Fund Gary and Glenda Riekhof Family Foundation Donald S. Ross Charitable Gift Annuity Fund Russell A. Sackman Charitable Remainder Unitrust Schneider/Mehrhoff Memorial Fund Phil and Maxine Schoggen Charitable Gift Annuity Katharine Jones Schrader Charitable Gift Annuity Barbara A. Schuster Fund Elizabeth Scott Charitable Remainder Trust Joseph T. Sefcik Charitable Gift Annuity Clifford M. and Mary Beth Seger Charitable Gift Annuity Clarence and Betty Stowell Gift Annuity Fund Dennis and Jane Taylor Gift Annuity Garland and Pauline Tripp Foundation Gary and Nita Tripp Foundation Elizabeth E. "Pat" Wasmuth Charitable Gift Annuity

Unrestricted Endowment Funds If you’re like some of our friends, you might be interested in supporting the future needs of our region. Leave an unrestricted gift to the Community Foundation and we’ll make sure your dollars support the most important needs in our community (in your name) for years to come. Dorothy D. Bay Donor Advised Fund James D. Browning Endowment Fund Beverly A. Cathcard Charitable Endowment Heartland Arts Alliance Fund Margaret E. Hurt Endowment Fund IRHC Community Service Fund Marjorie Pollard Hospice Fund

Truman Heartland Community Foundation CEO Discretionary Grantmaking Fund Endowment Fund Health-related Project Fund Youth Advisory Council Fund Endowment Fund



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Truman Heartland Community Foundation

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Truman Heartland Community Foundation Annual Report 2012  

Annual Report 2012 THCF

Truman Heartland Community Foundation Annual Report 2012  

Annual Report 2012 THCF