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Why Active Learning and Engagement? Top Ten Questions I Ask Myself As I Design Lessons Framing the Learning If You Want...

An Array of Strategies and Exemplars




ABC-XYZ (six strategies) All Hands on Deck Anticipation/Reaction Guide Personal Opinion Guide Bingo Biopoems Collaborative Strategic Reading Collaborative Controversy Concept Attainment Model Connection Collections Consensograms Consensus Conclusions (two strategies) Cubing and Think Dots Discussions Discussion Partners Exclusion Brainstorming Fact and Folklore Five Card Draw Frame of Reference Graffiti Ready - Rotate Graphic Organizers I Have the Question, Who Has the Answer? Inductive Thinking Model Interactive Notebooks, Journals, and Logs Learning Buddies Learning Links Literature Circles Manipulatives

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Active Learning and Engagement Strategies Sneak Peek  

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