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Asian and Chinese cultures have used sky lanterns since centuries to light up their special occasions. Weddings, festivals and other important events have always been an excuse for lighting up and loosing off hundreds of lanterns floating up in the sky. Today, these flying lanterns, also known as Kongming lights, have become very popular with people living in US, UK and Europe. If you have watched Disney’s animation movie Tangled, you’ve surely wondered if it is actually possible to launch thousands of gently floating lights in the sky. Well, in case you don’t know already, it is very easy to create that romantic ambience – and it doesn’t cost much! You can purchase flying sky lanterns that are made from fire-retardant material to avoid any accidents.

Various types of flying Sky Lanterns Regular | Wire Free | Wholesale | Eclipse | Diamond | Cylinder | Heart | Pattern | Fuel Cells Nowadays, several couples are opting for these gentler lights instead of loud and polluting firecrackers to enliven their wedding celebrations. Instead of using rice or bubbles, you can use these sky lanterns when the bride and groom walk out of the chapel. The sight of thousands of lanterns billowing in the wind will create a magnificent sight; also, it will bring good luck to the newlyweds! But the use of these floating lanterns is not restricted to wedding. Children love the sight of lights floating in the sky, and you can make your child’s birthday memorable by lighting up and releasing several sky lanterns in the sky. Or you can release a few lanterns – the number corresponding to your child’s age. Any other event that is held in open during the nighttime can benefit from the use of flying lanterns. Needless to say, this will also help you save a lot of money because you can buy Kongming lights online for a handful of dollars. Have you seen the sight of dim lights floating towards the sky? Can you imagine the joy such lights would bestow upon the occasion? If you have, you know what we are talking about; if you don’t, it is time you found out! If you are looking for buying star sky paper lanterns for Christmas decoration, visit and get huge collection for all type of sky lanterns.

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