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Top 10 Home Remedies for Hangover Having a hangover can make one feel not so good. This is why it is good to have some treatments for them on hand. There are a lot of awesome home remedies that can help to make a hangover better. The following is a list of some of them that are available for use.

1. Bananas Bananas can be one of your very best friends when you have a hangover. This is because when you are drunk, your body is subject to losing potassium, and this is because you are constantly urinating. Bananas can help to replace the missing potassium in the body from too much drinking and then urination that does follow.

2. Ginger Root Ginger Root is very good for treating a hangover from drinking far too much alcohol. This is because ginger root is excellent for treating, and has been awesome at treating, both nausea and seasickness for a very long time. If you don’t feel like preparing ginger root, you can drink some ginger ale down. You can also brew some ginger tea for yourself.

3. Non-Alcoholic Hot Toddy A non-alcoholic hot toddy can be the very thing to help treat a hangover. This is because it does contain lemon, honey, and hot water. What is good about this drink for hangovers is that it is easy to drink and swallow. It also is a drink that helps to replenish fluids and sugars that are lost due to a hangover.

4. Some Rice, Soup, or Toast Sometimes, when you have a terrible hangover, food is truly the last thing you do want to look at. However, because of the fact that you do need to regain your energy, as well as, have some form of real sustenance in your stomach. It is wise to stick with just clear fluids at first. However, when you are able to handle something more solid,

you can eat some easily digestible foods. These foods do include clear soup such as tomato soup, rice, or plain toast.

5. Sports Drink Sports drinks are an awesome way for someone with a hangover to feel a bit better. This is because these sports drinks are loaded up with electrolytes and glucose to help replace fluids that one has lost from getting drunk.

6. Ice Ice is always one of the best things to use for a hangover. This is because ice is not only cold and soothing. It is also the one thing that can help one to hurt less in the head or wherever else during a hangover. Ice helps one to feel less pain and also to rest. So, fill up an ice pack, or just apply a very cold compress to your forehead and lay back a while. Resting with some nice ice will help to get rid of a hangover.

7. Fresh Juice Fresh juice, especially orange juice that is freshly squeezed, is something that is totally awesome for helping to relieve hangovers. This is because it helps to raise your blood sugar levels naturally and it relieves the symptoms of a hangover. Nonetheless, if your stomach is upset, it is best to drink apple juice instead of anything acidic as is orange juice.

8. Water Water is one of the very best things you can drink for a hangover. This is because it not only hydrates your body. It doesn’t matter if it is from the tap, carbonated, or bottled water. Drinking can cause dehydration and the reason you feel so in pain and very sluggish. So, with this said, do drink some water to help relieve your hangover in a very natural way that your body does require.

9. Take a Multivitamin Do take a multivitamin that does contain Vitamin B in it. This is because a night of drinking and carousing can take away some of your most essential and nutritional of all vitamins.

10. Milk Thistle Milk Thistle is a natural herb that is said to be able to protect the cells of a liver from alcohol toxins. If you have a hangover, you should take two 20 milligram capsules of

this herb with a meal before you start drinking or while you are drinking. This is something that does help to get rid of a hangover.

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Top 10 home remedies for hangover  

There are a lot of awesome home remedies that can help to make a hangover better.

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