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TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary I. Introduction II. The Product III. Target Market IV. Competitive Position V. Goals and Objectives i. Expansion ii. Advertising Company Information I. Mission and Vision Statement II. Company History III. Management Team Marketing Plan I. 4 Ps – Product, Price, Place Promotion i. Product ii. Place iii. Price iv. Promotion II. SWOT Analysis i. Strengths ii. Weaknesses iii. Opportunities iv. Threats Appendix






Executive Summary I. Intro The eco-friendliness of our newly developed company, EcoWash™, is setting the tone for turning one of the most inefficient household appliances into something quite accomplished. With our new line of washing machines, we hope to make the world a ‘greener’ place, one wash at a time. Washing machines are rated on an A-F rating system, F being the lowest grade. EcoWash™ thrives to produce A+ washing machines, every time, and every wash. Instead of washing machines being thought of as “energy thieves”, they will be the new fad when thinking about going green in the household. EcoWash™ has developed a washing machine with a built in wastewater recycling system, which will save up to 80% of wasteful water. This will not only decrease the use of fresh water, but also reclaim wasted nutrients and recharge groundwater. This system is not only better for our environment, but also better for our wallets.


II. The Product EcoWash™ patent-pending technology has been successful in turning the every-day, wasteful household washing machine into an eco-loving, green machine. Wastewater recycling systems are typically found as irrigation units in the back yards of few households. Yes, these systems will help you to save money and make your household more eco-friendly; however the timeconsuming steps required to do so, including getting permission from your local building department and installation of the product, can lessen the value of the product itself. This is where EcoWash™ comes to play. EcoWash™ has developed a washing machine with an already built in wastewater recycling system, therefore you save money without the hassle. Our system sends wastewater through our filter, which filters 99.99999% of all pathogens. Once the water goes through the filter, it is stored to be used on further washes. Our system also reduces the amount of water in septic tanks and reduces surges of water into the tank, which may also save money, and relieve stress. Our filter is self-cleaning, so you will not have to worry about replacing it, or giving it a detailed cleaning.


III. Target Market The target audience for EcoWash™ is high-class, white collared Americans. We will be an exclusive product for Lowe’s to offer, giving Lowe’s a competitive advantage. By being exclusive to Lowe’s, we will also be helping them to become a destination store for higher-income families. Lowe’s currently sells over 100 different models of top and front-loading washing machines, but most of their washers don’t widen many eyes. With the integration of our washing machine into Lowe’s, we will open the eyes of many individuals, with focus on our target market, white collared Americans who care about their environment. IV. Competitive Position Society today has showed that many individuals feel they must play a part in helping their environment. The population is expanding, and the idea of ‘going green’ is being set in the minds of many Americans. With the endless ways of going green, EcoWash™ has contributed to the idea by transforming a product that was once seen as inefficient; into a product that will play a meaningful part in today’s society. Because of our brand new, cutting-edge technology, the competitive advantage that we have as a company is one that cannot be compared to others. Although our prices may be high, our product will prove itself to be a money saving machine. V. Goals and Objectives Expansion Lowe’s is the second largest home improvement retailer in the United States. With more than 400 stores in 24 states and growing, Lowe’s is a place with high trafficking. Our exclusivity to Lowe’s will help us as a start-up company to gain attraction from many individuals. Once we generate attention and start making a profit, we plan to retire from our exclusivity to Lowe’s, and offer our product in other specialty retailer shops. As a company, we would also like to help individuals learn more about the environment, and make choices that will help their environment instead of hurt it. To do so, we will hold educational seminars on how to be more ‘green’. Another long-term goal is to multiply our eco-friendly products, providing an in depth variety of household appliances that are environmentally aware. Eventually, we hope to provide washing machines for higher end apartment complexes that strive to be more environmentally friendly.


Advertising EcoWash™ will work with GSD&M Advertising Agency to help get our new product known, and build our business. With clients such as BMW, AT&T and MasterCard, GSD&M will help us to portray the exact image we are looking for. We will have ads on Lowe’s website, in Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine, countless newspapers, and magazines including Better Homes and Gardens and Home magazine. We will also advertise our eco-friendly product on national radio and television, getting the word out there that there is an answer to making your home greener.


COMPANY INFORMATION I. Mission and Vision Statement Mission Statement “Our goal is to produce high-quality and high-value products for our ecoconscious consumers, while doing our social responsibility of preserving the earth, one appliance at a time.” Vision Statement “EcoWash™ aims to be more eco-conscious and hopes to be an example for others to follow in order to achieve a better, more beautiful world for generations to follow.” II. Company History EcoWash™ was established in 2003 in the metropolitan city of Houston, Texas. It began with the attention focused on how Americans were very wasteful in everything from food, gas, and especially water. After noticing that Americans, especially Texans, like “bigger” products, it was time to make products “bigger AND better.” EcoWash™ is a small company that began with just four individuals. After developing a working product, countless tests, and hours with no sleep, EcoWash was ready to be put on the market. EcoWash was sold in small specialty stores locally, and then grew exponentially from that point on. With the concept of the EcoWash™ machine, the company has grown to currently 500 employees in the Houston area. III. Management Team Marjorie Tran, President of Operations Marjorie has been in the Appliance industry for over a decade, specializing in innovative technologies in household appliances. Marjorie overlooks the manufacturing and production of EcoWash™ to ensure quality control. Cristina Sanchez, VP of Operations Cristina has been in the same industry for eight years and works along with Marjorie to ensure quality control and that the manufacturing and production process are operated according to plan. Jeremy Blake, VP of Marketing Jeremy is in charge of all marketing operations for the company. He has been successful at promoting and advertising for the company for the past decade to partnering companies that offer EcoWash™ in their stores.


Ibrahim Camara, Public Relations Coordinator and Finances Ibrahim is responsible for networking opportunities and coordinating media events with potential clientele. Ibrahim has a niche for connecting EcoWash™ with the most compatible clients for our product for the last decade while at the same time, handling all of the finances.


4 Ps: Product, Place, Price, Promotion Product

EcoWash™ patent-pending technology is designed to re-use the water from the previous wash by a filtering system, therefore consumers are cutting wasting water by up to 30%. Our filtering system kills 99.99% of pathogens to ensure the water that is being re-used is environment and family-friendly.

Place EcoWash™ will be sold exclusively at all Lowe’s Hardware locations. There are over 1,000 Lowe’s locations nationwide, providing home improvement products to millions of Americans. Lowe’s and EcoWash™ are pleased to share the same vision and goals in our products and are proud to be exclusive partners.



Brand Roper Hotpoint Maytag Samsung LG General Electronics EcoWash

Capacity 1.5kg 3kg 5.8kg 7kg 8kg 18kg 20kg

Power 135W 180W 350W 390W 400W 600W 350W

Cost for Lowes $ 80 $ 110 $180 $218 $220 $320 $280

Retail price for Lowes $ 180 $ 220 $ 360 $436 $480 $700 $450

Promotion Monthly neighborhood readers will be sent out within a 20-mile radius of Lowe’s for direct marketing. See Appendix. is a website that provides all information in regarding anything green, which tells you about all upcoming events that are green related. EcoWash™ will have 12ft. digital imprinted booths at these at these conventions to market our product to potential consumers. Our logo will be placed at the top of the canopy and EcoWash representatives will take turns working shifts at the booth.

EcoWash™ will have a demonstration display at all Lowe’s retail locations to show consumers how our product works through a see-through display. Pamphlets on our product will be available in our designated section and will educate Lowe’s employees on any questions that they may have. Besides our booth and demonstration displays with pamphlets, and with the help of GSD&M Advertising Agency, EcoWash will place advertisements on Lowe’s website, in Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine, in countless newspapers, and magazines including Better Homes and Gardens and Home magazine. We will also advertise on national radio and television, including most stations that already attract our target market. Getting the word out there that there is an answer to making your home greener will promote our product to the growing eco-conscious society. II. SWOT Analysis 7

  

Strengths Eco-friendly product Patent-pending technology – no other product like EcoWash™ Exclusive rights to Lowe’s locations – Specific market

  

Weaknesses Exclusive rights – limited marketing opportunities Slow turnover on washing machines High Price

Opportunities Expansion into other products that are eco-friendly Over time, expansion into other nationwide stores (i.e. Home Depot, Sears, etc.) Enter into international markets

    

Threats Other competitors converting their products into “green” Exclusive rights can be voided or expired Costs Environmental Factors (i.e. recession, taxes, etc.) High maintenance

 



EcoWas h Magazines that will include our Advertisements: