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Conversations Art Behind the Barrier | Climate Change: On the Edge of the Earth | Is a Nomadic Lifestyle Incompatible with the 21st Century? | Isolation in Modern Society: a Blessing or a Curse? | Land ? an Asset Benefitting the Many or the Few? | Language and Identity Mapping the Margins Prisons: Fit for Purpose? | The Displacement Dilemma | Views from the Edge



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2016 Just Festival Programme

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Talks Every Picture Tells a Story | Mystical experiences at the end of life | Rainbow world: Let?s talk about racism Razor's Edge: FGM | St John's Festival Pulpit | What happens to dead people's bodies? | What should schools teach pupils about sex? | Women's Stories, Women's Survival: Poems from The Edge

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Freedom from the Edge by Peter Tatchell

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Loneliness from the Edge by Sara Maitland

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Performances Acting Alone | Al-Rowwad: Beautiful Resistance | Being a Dad | Death Pantomime | Discovery! Do you mind? | Equilibrium | Hotel Europa | Fair-Ground Identity | My Neighbourhood Peace | Roma Holocaust Taiko Drumfest I The Furnace | Time for Change | 'Til Death Do Us Part Exhibitions Images from Limbo | Mercy Corps - The Displacement Dilemma | Photography in Dark Times

2016 Just Festival: From the Edge Welcome to the 2016 Just Festival programme. This year, all Just Festival?s events and exhibitions have been curated around the theme ?From the Edge?.We want to challenge our audiences to engage with the experiences and ideas of those people who are commonly perceived to sit at the edge of our communities and societies. Whether it?s those who find themselves socially or politically marginalised, or perhaps the boundary-pushers who sit at the very edge of their disciplines, challenging the way we think about science, society, faith and the arts. We want to unsettle, challenge and inspire our audiences in 2016 by offering a platform to people and ideas which sit outside the mainstream, encouraging alternative approaches to contemporary local, national and global questions. Just Festival offers safe spaces for dialogue and creative exchange between invited experts, practitioners, community-based organisations, socially conscious performing arts groups and the general public. These spaces are there for everyone, and all are welcome. Thomas Lea, Just Festival Board Convenor, on behalf of Just Festival Board and Team members 04

Just Festival Board members ensure Just's mission and values are reflected in the festival programme and year-round activities. The Board support and manage the Festival Director, Coordinator and Operations Manager.

Foreword We believe that people in Scotland have the ideas, the energy and the talent to make this a better country for everybody. However, we recognise that for some people, and for some communities, experiences of marginalisation and barriers to opportunities make it much harder to be part of this change. Every day, frontline services in Scotland are supporting victims of prejudice and supporting those at the edge of our society into employment, education and training, but sometimes an issue like equality needs to take centre stage. Angela Constance has been an MSP since May 2007. She has served as Minister for Youth Employment, Cabinet Secretary for Training Youth and Women's Employment as well as Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning . She was

appointed as Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities in May 2016.

That is why the Scottish Government continues to support Just Festival. We recognise the importance of supporting activities that promote equality, encourage dialogue and challenge perceptions. I hope that, through these efforts, more people are able to appreciate and celebrate the diversity of Scotland and our communities. Angela Constance Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities

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St John's Church, Princes Street, EH2 4BJ

To buy your tickets and for further information visit www.just-festival.org

St John's Church, situated in Edinburgh's West End, has been home to Just Festival events since 2001. Most performances, talks and exhibitions will be hosted at St John's Church (Venue 127) during the Festival. Most drama performances will be hosted in the beautiful surroundings of St John's Chapel. Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, EH1 2JL Located in the heart of the historic city centre of Edinburgh, the Quaker Meeting House (Venue 40) will host all Just Festival Conversations. 2016 Just Festival Nominated Charities Just Festival is a social enterprise, dedicated to supporting those with a practical vision for social cohesion and accommodating the needs of diverse communities. Each year we raise money for selected causes through a 50p ticket surcharge. This year the money raised will be shared between Mercy Corps (p. 20) and St John's Church (p.10). 06

It is possible to buy tickets for all Just Festival events on the door, subject to availability. Just Festival Box Office at St John's Church will be open between 5 and 27 August (excl. Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays) between 5 and 9.30PM. Tickets for Just Festival events at Quaker Meting House will be available on the door half an hour before the event starts.

2016 Just Fest ival Programme 5-28 August | Edinburgh St John's Church | Quaker Meet ing House


Art Behind the Barrier 8 Aug | 7.30-9PM | Quaker Meeting House | ÂŁ5

Chair: Phil Chetwynd (Network of Photographers for Palestine) Panelists: Ava Hunt (Actor/Playwright), Liz Lochhead (Poet/Playwright), Zoe Lafferty (Jenin Freedom Theatre) What is life like for artists working in the West Bank? Do the constraints of daily living, mixed with the environment of fear and uncertainty, constrain artistic creativity, or is conflict at the core of all great artistic pieces? Join us to discuss this fascinating topic, with panellists who have all experienced creating art under the shadow of the West Bank?s barrier. Views from the Edge 9 Aug | 7.30-9PM | Quaker Meeting House | ÂŁ5 Chair: Professor Jo Shaw (University of Edinburgh) | Panelists: Peter Tatchell (Campaigner/Journalist), Rev Dr Harriet Harris (University of Edinburgh), Carol Young (Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights), Gavin Douglas (University of Edinburgh) Should all ideas that sit at the edge of society be allowed a public platform, no matter how controversial or unacceptable they are? Is that better than compromising freedom of speech - considered a cornerstone of our society? These questions have been recently raised in public consciousness by the Westminster Government?s Prevent Strategy, which aims to prevent religious radicalisation through confronting extremist ideology. Our panel will discuss whether human rights are currently being compromised through the enacting of censorship.


Tickets for conversations can be booked in advance online at just-festival.org or purchased at Just Festival Box Office at St John's and Quaker Meeting House (prior to the event only).

Mapping the Margins


10 Aug | 7.30-9PM | Quaker Meeting House | ÂŁ5 Chair: Katherine Gilmour (Church of Scotland) | Panelists: Mariem Omari (Muslim Women's Resource Centre), Mukami McCrum (World Mission Council), Revd. Kathy Galloway (Poet) The way in which women experience gender-based violence is shaped by the intersections of their unique identities ? their gender identity, religion, class, race, ability, or sexual orientation. Mapping the Margins will explore the multi-faceted identities of women of faith in Scotland and around the world, and look at the impact this has on how we respond to and work towards eradicating violence against women and girls. Land ? an Asset Benefitting the Many or the Few? 11 Aug | 7.30-9PM | Quaker Meeting House | ÂŁ5 Chair: Andrew Bevan (International Justice Mission) | Panelists: Zoe Hopkins (Mercy Corps), Dr Jill Robbie (University of Glasgow), Tom Kirby (Granton Community Gardens) On the 26th November 2014, the First Minister, as part of the Programme for Government, set out the Scottish Government's vision that Scotland's land must be an asset that benefits the many, not the few. Land in Scotland has always been a source of contention. Globally, the historical and current situations are no different. By 2020, 1.5 billion of the world?s urban poor will live in informal settlements and slums without any secure right to their property and land. Land is vitally important in our world ? in many places, it is a matter of life or death. Join us as we consider how those at the edge of societies and communities around the world can get access to land. For tickets visit: just-festival.org


CHURCH OF ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST 2016 Just Festival Nominated Charity St John's is a thriving Episcopal church at the heart of Scotland?s beautiful capital city. With our Presbyterian partners at St Cuthbert?s and St Andrew?s & St George?s West we form Edinburgh City Centre Churches TOGETHER and reach out to the city ecumenically. We are an eco-congregation, a fair trade church and the incubator for the Just Festival and Cornerstone Bookshop. We are also a member of ?Changing Attitude Scotland? and work and pray for the full inclusion of LGBTQI people in the life of the church and in society. We aim to express love for God and neighbour in all that we do. " St John's is currently undergoing a redevelopment process that aims at providing St John?s and the groups that use our building with modern accommodation that is fit-for-purpose. www.stjohns-edinburgh.org.uk

GAZA - PHOTOGRAPHY IN DARK TIMES St John's Church | 5-28 August 2016 What does it do to the creative spirit to live under a blockade? For nine years now Gaza has had to endure the most severe deprivations - of food, medical supplies, electricity, and clean water. It has also been ravaged by three attacks from Israel costing thousands of lives. As a result, a whole generation of young Gazan artists have grown up under conditions unknown in other parts of the world. The five young photographers featured in this exhibition reveal how the blockade impacts on the style and content of the photographer?s art. A range of themes emerge. Darkness is never far away, and yet the humour and resilience of the human spirit shines through clearly.



The Displacement Dilemma 12 Aug | 7.30-9PM | Quaker Meeting House | £5

Chair: David Pratt (Sunday Herald) | Panelists: Lewis Hetherington (Playwright), Michael McKean (Mercy Corps) The global migration crisis is arguably one of the biggest concerns of our time. War, poverty and disaster are causing millions of people around the world to flee their homes. 17 years is now the average length of time that someone is displaced. It is little wonder that lives are interrupted, education stops and a generation is on the brink of being lost. But, not all people who flee are welcome. Learn more through Mercy Corps?exhibition. Isolation in Modern Society: a Blessing or a Curse? 15 Aug | 7.30-9PM | Quaker Meeting House | £5 Chair: Jonny Kinross (Grassmarket Community Project) | Panelists: Brian Sloan (Age Scotland), Sara Maitland (Author), John Mason MSP The recently completed Scottish Government report, ?Age and Isolation? reveals findings of research into the effects of loneliness on health within different age groups. Reports of social isolation appear to be steadily rising. However, why do some people actively seek isolation in the pursuit of happiness, while others feel that being alone is the cause of many problems? How has modern society impacted humans as social animals, and how does loneliness manifest itself within different age groups? Just Conversations Pass | £25


A special offer for Just Festival goers interested in our Conversation programme. The Pass entitles you to attend all 10 Conversations for the price of 5. Visit just-festival.org or Just Festival Box Office at St John's Church to get the pass.

Is a Nomadic Lifestyle Incompatible with the 21st Century? CONVERSATIONS 16 Aug | 7.30-9PM | Quaker Meeting House | £5 Chair: Professor Colin Clark (University of the West of Scotland) Panelists: Fiona Watson (Survival International), members of the travelling community For centuries, nomadic peoples have existed across the world - communities who move from one place to another, exploiting scarce resources and offering services to the settled population. But today, is this really necessary? Is there space for the ?wandering nomad? in today?s world or is this a romantic image from the past? Should communities be allowed to continue a mobile lifestyle, or should they all just settle down, be educated, pay taxes and contribute to society like everyone else? Language and Identity 17 Aug | 7.30-9PM | Quaker Meeting House | £5 Chair: Dr Pavel Iosad (University of Edinburgh) Panelists: Avril Hepner (British Deaf Association), Professor Bettelou Los (University of Edinburgh), Bruce Robertson (Bòrd na Gàidhlig) Is Gaelic dying? With less than 50,000 people now speaking the language in Scotland, some question the case for increased government spending. Has the Deaf community created a model, through the passing of the British Sign Language Bill (Scotland), for other groups to ensure rights to communication? The panel will explore the relationship between language and identity, and investigate whether it is possible to ensure everyone?s communication needs are met. BSL/English interpreters will be present at the event. For tickets visit: just-festival.org


Prisons: Fit for Purpose?


18 Aug | 7.30-9PM | Quaker Meeting House | £5 Chair: Judith Robertson (Scottish Human Rights Commission) Panelists: Pete White (Positive Prison? Positive Futures..), Andrew Mclellan CBE (Church of Scotland), Professor Lesley McAra (University of Edinburgh) Penal policies vary greatly between countries in the western world. Are prisons punishing individuals and reforming behaviour, or do they simply provide a place for convicted criminals to be separated from society? How has Scotland?s approach to prisons changed over time, and why do we have such high rates of young people imprisoned? Our panel will discuss where the future lies for penal reform, and whether everyone is entitled to a second chance.This conversation will take place in a mock-up prison cell. Climate Change: On the Edge of the Earth 19 Aug | 7.30-9PM | Quaker Meeting House | £5 Chair: Andrew Binnie (COAST) | Panelists: Dr Jaime Toney (University of Glasgow), Graeme Dey MSP, Helen Anderson (Wateraid), Professor David Stevenson (University of Edinburgh), Sandy Biggar (Mercy Corps) The impact of climate change is becoming more and more visible. Some of the most vulnerable people in the most fragile contexts are finding their homes and livelihoods at risk. Will the Paris Agreement alter our behaviour and hence our levels of carbon emissions? Is real change in the hands of governments or individuals? This Just Festival Conversation will look at what is being done to help communities around the world respond to these threats and whether disaster can be avoided. Just Conversations Pass | £25


The pass entitles you to attend all 10 Conversations for the price of 5. Visit just-festival.org or Just Festival Box Office at St John's Church to get the pass.

Freedom from the Edge From the Edge doesn't shy away from controversy. It's engaging and challenging - a forum for provocative ideas, inquiring minds and robust debate. Freedom of speech is one of the most precious and important human rights. It can only be legitimately restricted when someone makes false, damaging allegations - such as that a person is a rapist or tax fraudster - or when they engage in threats, harassment or the endorsement of violence. ?Brave and courageous? Peter has unflinchingly exposed the depth of homophobia that still haunts this planet. His new campaign to promote the enforcement of international human rights law is long overdue and much needed? Kate Allen, Director, Amnesty International UK

A free society depends on the free exchange of ideas. Nearly all ideas are capable of giving offence to someone. Many of the most important, profound ideas in human history, such as those of Galileo Galilei and Charles Darwin, caused great religious offence in their time. Free speech does not mean giving bigots a free pass. It includes the right and moral imperative to challenge, oppose and protest bigoted views. Bad ideas are most effectively defeated by good ideas - backed up by ethics, reason and evidence - rather than by bans and censorship. Peter Tatchell Human Rights Campaigner

We are delighted to be welcoming Peter Tatchell to this year's Just Festival. See pages 8 & 18 to find out more about his involvement.

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Loneliness from the Edge The number of people living alone in the UK is increasing remarkably fast; there are now 7.7 million ?single person households.? They cannot all be miserable ?loners?? sad, mad and bad ? as popular culture presents them. And they aren?t: I am one of them and I love it. It seems to me very strange that we have created a culture which claims to admire individualism, independence, high self-esteem and personal freedom while simultaneously pitying or despising anyone who actually engages in a life-style that requires all these qualities; a culture that presents constant social ?connection?as in itself not merely desirable but even necessary to well-being and happiness. There seems to be a deep psychic terror of solitude and silence ? and singularly little serious thought about what this might mean. This point is sort of proven by the fact that solitude is seen as being ?on the edge?and deserving of a place in these important, welcoming conversations ? nearly 30% of all households have only one member. This is a very wide edge. We need to talk about it. Sara Maitland Novelist and Feminist We are delighted to be welcoming Sara Maitland to this year's Just Festival. See page 12 to find out more about her involvement.


Sara Maitland is the British author of numerous works of fiction, including the Somerset Maugham Award-winning Daughter of Jersualem, and several non-fiction books, including A Book of Silence. Born in 1950, she studied at Oxford University and lives in Galloway, Scotland.

Women's Stories, Women's Survival: Poems from The Edge


5 Aug | 7.45-8.45PM | St John's Church | ÂŁ6 Nadine Aisha will read from her debut poetry pamphlet 'Still' (Appletree Writers Press, 2016), exploring the power of women's voices and women's stories, linking them to women's survival. Here we hear from the voices of women on the edge: the edge of a society which marginalises women of colour, the edge of a history which disregards women's stories and traditions, the edge of women's minds as they fight to survive gender-based violence. In the face of racism, sexism, misogyny and Islamophobia, these poems break silences and share truths, demanding to be heard. Aisha will be joined by guest speaker Mridul Wadhwa of Shakti Women's Aid; they will explore the connection between storytelling and survival for women on the edge. St John's Festival Pulpit 7,14,21,28 Aug | 6.-8.30PM | St John's Church | Free/ unticketed For almost 200 years St John?s Church has stood at a crossroads: a community of faith in the heart of the city. The Festival Pulpit draws on this experience and aims to give a platform to voices that form, challenge, and engage both the secular and the religious. This year we will explore the intersection of public life and religion in the UK. Our speakers will be: 7 August | The Baroness Julia Neuberger DBE | Senior Rabbi to the West London Synagogue 14 August | The Rt Hon. the Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss GBE, PC | Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life 21 August | The Rt Hon. the Lord David Hope of Craighead KT, PC | Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland'15 and '16 28 August | The Very Revd Dr John Hall | Dean of Westminster Abbey Join us for Evensong at 6pm, followed by Festival Pulpit and a Q& A session. 17 For tickets visit: just-festival.org


What should schools teach pupils about sex? | Peter Tatchell 9 Aug | 5.30-6.30PM | Quaker Meeting House | ÂŁ5

According to young people, sex education is vague, starts late and ignores essential issues like emotions and abuse. It?s mostly about biology and reproduction, not sex. Teens therefore often leave school sexually and emotionally illiterate. In this talk Peter Tatchell will argue that schools should advise pupils on how to have good sex, in order to please themselves and their partners. It?s vital for happy, fulfilled adult relationships. Every Picture Tells a Story | Dr Dina Sidhva 9 Aug | 7.45-8.45PM - 13 Aug | 6-7PM | St John's Church | Free/ ticketed Dr Dina Sidhva explains the research which underpins the exhibition 'Images from Limbo' (p.25), which tells the story of HIV-positive asylum seekers from Africa, living on the edge of despair and uncertainty. It offers powerful insights into their lives, captured by the very people that live them. It explores the powerful connections between forced migration and society by illumining the complex stories behind the phenomenon of asylum seeking and HIV. Dr Sidhva is an Associate of the Global Health Academy and Honorary Fellow of the Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh. This event is sponsored by the Church of Scotland World Mission Council. Razor's Edge: Female Genital Mutilation | Neneh Bojang 10 Aug | 7.45-8.45PM | St John's Church | ÂŁ5 Join BE United?s Talk on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) with Neneh Bojang and other guest speakers. We will hear openly and honestly from Neneh about her experiences, thoughts and feelings of FGM. Her touching and harrowing story is one that may feel shocking to many, but one that is too real and true for many woman all over the world. 18 For tickets visit: just-festival.org

Mystical Experiences at the End of life? | Prof Allan Kellehear


23 Aug | 7.30-9PM | Quaker Meeting House | £5 Dying people commonly report unusual experiences. Some of these are called near-death experiences or deathbed visions. All of these experiences have been described, at one time or another, as hallucinations. Other people have described these as altered states of consciousness that enhance well-being and spiritual understanding. For New Age readers, these experiences are direct proof that human beings survive death. What are we to believe? This talk will provide an outline of the main features of these experiences, discuss their worldwide prevalence, and offer a critical evaluation of the explanations we receive about them from medicine and religion. Allan Kellehear is Professor of End of Life Care, University of Bradford. What happens to dead people's bodies? | Dr Sally Paul 24 Aug | 7.30-9PM | Quaker Meeting House | £5 ?What happens to dead people?s bodies?? Children have questions about everything but how appropriate is it to talk to children about death? What do they want to know? Where should they learn it? What will you say? Dr Sally Paul (Glasgow School of Social Work, University of Strathclyde) explores what children want to know about death and when they want to know it. She asks what helps you talk to children about death, what puts you off and if there any major consequences. Please note children?s views will be included! Rainbow world: Let?s talk about racism I Laity Senghore 24 Aug | 7.45-8.45PM | St John's Church | £5 What is racism? How do we define it? How do we feel it? What does it mean to us? Join Laity Senghore and BE United as we delve deeper into racism and how it affects different people. We aim to co-create more awareness around our words and actions and the effects they have on social relations. 19

MERCY CORPS 2016 Just Festival Nominated Charity

Mercy Corps is a global organisation of 5,000 people who are powered by the belief that a better world is possible. From our European headquarters in Edinburgh, we work in more than 40 countries around the world to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression in order to build secure, productive and just communities. We know that the toughest challenges demand the boldest ideas and we partner with others to bring those ideas to the fore. That?s why we?re proud to be the international charity partner of the Just Festival for the third consecutive year. www.mercycorps.org.uk

THE DISPLACEMENT DILEMMA 5-28 August 2016 | St John's Church

The global refugee crisis is arguably the biggest concern of our time. War, poverty and disaster are causing millions of people around the world to flee their homes. 17 years is now the average length of time that someone is displaced. It is little wonder that lives are interrupted, education stops and a generation is on the brink of being lost. Learn more about the crisis and what you can do to help with Mercy Corps?new Just Festival exhibition. ww.mercycorps.org.uk


Acting Alone | Ava Hunt | Drama


5,6,9,10,12 Aug | 5.50-7PM | St John's Church | £10 (£8) 'Compelling, imbued with a rare empathy and compassion' Broadway Baby *****

Acting Alone is inspired by the people actress Ava Hunt met in refugee camps in Palestine. In her unique performance style, Ava weaves together stories of immense complexity and fragile humanity with tales of her often funny and occasionally bizarre experiences of working as an actor and performing alone. Heartbreaking, witty and confronting, Acting Alone asks questions of us all ? can one person make a difference? And what are we willing to risk? Also part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Death Pantomime | Eddie Small | Drama 6 Aug | 7.45-8.45PM | St John's Church | £5 Jean?s body was mislaid in a funeral director?s premises in 1936, and, unknown to her family, her coffin was subsequently buried stuffed with turnips to make up the weight. Eighty years on and the funeral director finds her under a tarpaulin and has placed her dusty body (thankfully pre-embalmed) next to Sharon, who died the previous day. The coffined corpses get to talking, and singing, accompanied by the elderly funeral director. Their exchange of tales of their deaths and times (sometimes hilarious, sometimes serious) will be regularly interrupted by the funeral director who will explain and invite responses from the audience. The event is part of 'Death on the Fringe', a series of shows and events exploring death and dying which takes place during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe each year. 'Death on the Fringe' is curated by the ongoing charity-led campaign, Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief, which works to promote more openness about death, dying and bereavement.


For tickets visit: just-festival.org

'Til Death Do Us Part | Solas Productions | Drama


6 Aug | 9.30-10.30PM | St John's Church | £10 (£8) 'Til Death Do Us Part is a work in progress piece of theatre inspired by research into arranged marriages in Scotland. Following extensive conversations with people about their experiences of arranged and forced marriages, the piece will explore these stories and bigger questions of what things like love, marriage and family mean in Scotland today. Roma Holocaust Talk and Recital | Michael Cretu | Music/ Talk 9, 10,12 Aug | 9.30-10.30PM | St John's Church | £8 (£6) Renowned musician Michael Cretu explores the Roma?s culture and heritage, from slavery and holocaust to today, and traces its influence on European music. Cretu will follow his talk with a solo double bass recital inspired by Roma traditions. Michael Cretu comes from a 300 year-old Roma musician family. His ancestor Petrea Cretu was the celebrated violinist of Braila (Romania) and his uncle Johnny Raducanu is considered the father of Romanian jazz. Also part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Being a Dad | Fathers Network Scotland | Drama 12,13,16,17,19 Aug | 7.45-8.45PM - 20 Aug | 6-7PM | St John's | £10 (£8) 'Being a Dad' is a drama reflecting the lived experiences, hopes, fears and challenges faced by many fathers, especially disadvantaged young fathers, in Scotland today. Challenges that can be (and are) overcome with courage, knowledge and support. A homegrown production developed by Fathers Network Scotland and Strange Town productions as part of the Year of the Dad campaign (see page 24). Also part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For tickets visit: just-festival.org


YEAR OF THE DAD Fathers Network Scotland Research overwhelmingly shows how children and women benefit from the positive involvement of fathers. Already, employers and service providers who support dads are discovering a win-win outcome as new shared parenting legislation opens up unprecedented opportunities for equality in both home and workplace. So what will you do to push forward this historic culture-shift? Do you want to learn more about the benefits of supporting dads? Join us as we dispel outdated myths about dads and celebrate the unsung multitudes already embracing their potential as caregivers and role models at the centre of their children?s lives. www.yearofthedad.org

IMAGES FROM LIMBO: A PhotoVoice Exhibition of HIV-Positive Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Scotland 5-28 August 2016 | St John's Church Over the period of a month, 15 HIV+ asylum seekers and refugees in Glasgow took photos to illustrate their experiences and feelings; the result is a series of 80 captioned photographs, divided into 6 thematic areas ? Journey; Hope and Despair; Waiting; Fear and Desperation; Home and Homeless; Dignity and Freedom. The project was coordinated by Dr Dina Sidhva, Research Fellow of Edinburgh University Global Academy, and funded by the Church of Scotland HIV Programme; practical support was also given by Waverley Care. The exhibition was launched at the Scottish Parliament on March 23rd, 2016. Sponsored by the Church of Scotland World Mission Council. www.churchofscotland.org.uk


Time for Change | MIRO | Music


13 Aug | 9.30-10.30PM | St John's Church | £10 The Manchester International Roots Orchestra (MIRO) is a unique ensemble of musicians with roots from across the world. Its repertoire skilfully combines diverse musical influences from haunting Eastern European melodies, to the delicate textures of Middle Eastern percussion and vocals; through to soulful Sufi chants of South Asia, joyful African gospel ? embracing rap, hip-hop, classical music and jazz along the way. MIRO are powerful advocates for peace and mutual understanding as its music crosses boundaries of race, religion, identity and perspective. MIRO is led by its Music Director, Michael Cretu, who is a double bass player, composer and renowned musician. This unique orchestra has performed at a number of high profile concerts and venues including the national Platforma Festival, Manchester Cathedral and the Royal Northern College of Music. Al-Rowwad: Beautiful Resistance | Al-Rowwad | Music/ Dance 16 Aug | 6-7PM | St John's Church | £12 (£10) Beautiful Resistance promotes human rights through creative and non-violent responses to the contemporary situation in Palestine. Meet Dr Abdelfattah Abusrour, founder of the Beautiful Resistance and architect of Alrowwad Cultural Association in Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem. Using art, dance, music and film to break the cycle of violence experienced by young people on a daily basis, Al-Rowwad promotes recovery from trauma, builds resilience and hope, and preserves the dignity of those living with the violence and uncertainty of life in P.alestine. Hear Dr Abusrour's story and savour traditional dabka dance and song performed by Alrowwad's artists. Also part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For tickets visit: just-festival.org


...though it be darkness there | M.Brown/ N.Rowle | Music PERFORMANCES 16 Aug | 9.30-10.30PM | St John's Church | £8 (£6) Following on from acclaimed musician Matilda Brown?s recent performances inspired by the Scottish Highlands and her solo Cape Wrath walk, Matilda has once again joined forces with photographer Nick Rawle to collaborate on a series of musical and photographic pieces focusing on the mysteries of landscape. Within this new series of work, Matilda and Nick capture the mystical and unknowable wonder of nature; silence and darkness, solitude, encountering the sublime, sensual and occasionally violent forces of nature. The Fair-Ground | Active Inquiry | Drama 17,19 Aug | 6-7PM | St John's Church | £8 (£6) Do we live in a Just and Fair society? This new piece of Forum Theatre from Active Inquiry tells the story of a woman who has always believed that she lives in a fair society until events in her own life force her to see behind this façade. An interactive piece of theatre that engages and inspires. Peace | Truth Be Told Events | Music 19 Aug | 9.30-10.30PM | St John's Church | £10 Peace is something that we all strive for. Governments create policies that will hopefully bring peace in their country and the world, parents raise their children with the hope that they will grow up as peacekeepers in a peaceful society, and most individuals try to live their lives in the most peaceful way possible. Through music and dance we want to present different perspectives of peace. We will be showcasing a variety of artistic styles that have their roots in hip hop, classical dance, punk and poetry to show the different interpretations of this universal concept. For tickets visit: just-festival.org


Discovery! | BE United | Music


20 Aug | 7.30-9PM | St John's Church | £10 (£8) BE United?s Discovery! is a musical celebration of culture, diversity, creativity and harmony. Created and performed by local young people and artists from different countries around the world, specifically West and South Africa and the UK. The unique showcase will be the culmination of summer workshops delivered to young people in Scotland with selected artists. The aim of the show is discovery: celebrating our collective similarities and differences through the use of music and performance arts. Our show will highlight different styles of music and dance from different places while showing the strength and beauty in fusion and unity. Also part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Equilibrium | Drake Music Scotland | Music 23 Aug | 6-7PM | St John's Church | £8 (£6) Equilibrium was formed by Drake Music Scotland in 2014 in response to demand from disabled musicians looking for more opportunities to write and perform music that identifies with traditional Scots music using acoustic instruments such as the harp and fiddle alongside new digital instruments that can be played by musicians with limited mobility. The core members of the ensemble are Rhona Smith (Digital Harp), Clare Johnston (recorders, viola), Karen Marshalsay (harp) and Eilidh Steel (fiddle). After premiering Motion, a new piece by Fiona Rutherford at the 2014 Edinburgh International Harp Festival, Equilibrium have gone from strength to strength with performances at the Scottish Parliament, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scots Fiddle Festival and Celtic Connections. Also part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


For tickets visit: just-festival.org

Identity | Twisted Tails | Dance 23 Aug | 7.45-8.45PM | St John's Church | £9 (£6)


A series of personal dance stories depicting what attracts Scottish women to the many styles of belly dance and how it affects their sense of self and belonging. Here you will discover tales of friendship, pride, spirituality and identity brought to you through several varying styles of bellydance. Hotel Europa | TOgether International Theatre Company | Drama 23& 24 Aug | 9.30-11PM - 24& 27 Aug | 5.30-7PM - 25 Aug | 4.30-6PM St John's Church | £12 (£10) Quo vadis Europa? Inspired by the events of the European crisis of the last few years, Hotel Europa brings together a European cast to tell the story of government-imposed austerity and an unreformed banking sector across Europe. Exploring the historical foundations of the current crisis, the piece invites the audience to ask themselves how we can challenge a neo-liberal ideology whilst living inside a society based on these principles. Through forum theatre the cast stages the question: 'What would a different future for Europe look like?' The TOgether Project is a partnership between experienced practitioners of Theatre of the Oppressed from Germany (KURINGA), Croatia (INK & Pula-Forum Festival), Portugal (GTO LX), Scotland (Active Inquiry), Spain (Pallapupas), Italy (Krila TDO) and France (Pas a Passo). The Theatre of the Oppressed is a method developed by Brazilian theatre director Augusto Boal over 40 years. This theatre method has been practiced in many countries all over the world in different contexts for exposing and fighting oppression and injustice. Forum Theatre is the most well known technique of Theatre of the Oppressed, which aims to blur the lines between actors and audience for promoting dialogue, sharing and building knowledge and for the transformation of society. Also part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For tickets visit: just-festival.org


One for the Road | Harold Pinter | Drama 23-27 Aug | 1.15-2PM | Quaker Meeting House ÂŁ8 (ÂŁ6) Tickets available via Fringe and QMH Box Offices

?I can do absolutely anything I like.?Nicolas claims the power in this room and he wields it absolutely. ?God speaks through me.?One by one he interrogates Victor, Gila and their child. As the truth comes in and out of focus, we witness a vital human struggle for power in the face of the unknown. This production from New York's Rising Phoenix Repertory grapples with Pinter?s dark and mercurial text to question how art can reckon with atrocity.


My Neighbourhood | Christian Stejskal | Music 26 Aug | 5.30-7.15PM | St John's Church | ÂŁ10 (ÂŁ8)

This show is a colourful personal journey from Christian Stejskal's birth city of Vienna to Ethiopia by foot, then into the lives of Cairo?s rubbish collectors, whom he met during this pilgrimage. After finishing his walk in Axum, he returned to Cairo and lived with the Zabbaleen ('garbage people'). Supporting himself as a violinist at the Cairo Opera House, Christian spent five years taking photos and listening to stories of their joys, struggles, tragedies, and small triumphs. Through seven spoken-word vignettes, photos, and music performed live on the violin, this show recounts lives of the Zabbaleen and his encounter with them. Also part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Do you mind? | HarmonyChoir | Music 26 Aug | 8-10.20PM | St John's Church | Free/ ticketed HarmonyChoir (and special guests) will bring you an evening of inspirational and empowering music! HarmonyChoir is a group of singers, some of whom have experience with mental health symptoms. The performers were brought together to enjoy singing, enjoy each other's company, and reduce the stigma that is so often associated with mental illness in our society. There will be songs, there will be stories, there might even be audience participation and singalongs as we strive to break down barriers and build bridges. Singing has been shown to be good for everyone ? come and find out why! Also part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For tickets visit: just-festival.org


The Furnace | Carpe Diem | Music


27 Aug | 7.45-8.45PM | St John's Church | £10 (£8) The story of the three holy children from the Book of Daniel set for choir, soloists and string orchestra, this new piece from Peter D Robinson [MTM Musical Theatre Awards nominee for Best Composer (2007)] has its premiere. Sung in English, Latin, Greek and Hebrew, the piece examines how political spin and propaganda are often at odds with the truth of a situation, resonating with the many troubles in societies across the world today. Carpe Diem continues its tradition of bringing high quality singing and new works to the Fringe. Also part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Taiko Drumfest | Taiko Drummers | Music 27 Aug | 9.30-10.30PM | St John's Church | £10 (£8) Spellbinding display of exhilarating energy, disciplined rhythm and choreographed movement, brought to you by the UK?s Centre for Taiko Drumming. Feel the vibrations of the Taiko drum resonate throughout the beautiful surroundings of St. John?s Church, in a feast for the eyes, ears & soul! Mugen Taiko..... exploring the limitless possibilities of the taiko drum. "Mugen" means limitless and "Mugenkyo" means limitless reverberation, expressing the belief that Taiko has no limitations, no musical or geographical boundaries; the reverberations of Taiko spread throughout the world. Visit just-festival.org or contact us with any questions regarding programme events and ticketing at info@just-festival.org or 01312256470 33

2016 Just Festival Day-by-day Calendar Friday, 5 Aug

7:45-8:45PM | Razor's Edge: FGM | Talk (p. 18)

5:50-7PM | Acting Alone | Drama (p. 22)

9:30-10:30PM | Roma Holocaust Talk and Recital (p. 23)

7:45-8:45PM | Women's Stories, Women's Survival | Talk (p. 17)

Thursday, 11 Aug

Saturday, 6 Aug

7:30-9PM | Land ? an Asset Benefitting the Many or the Few? | Conversation (p. 9)

5:50-7PM | Acting Alone | Drama (p. 22) 7:45-8:45PM | Death Pantomime | Drama (p. 22) 9:30-10:30PM | 'Til Death Do Us Part | Drama (p. 23) Sunday, 7 Aug 7-8PM | St John's Festival Pulpit | Talk (p. 17) 8-9PM | Just Starting | Opening Event Monday, 8 Aug 7:30-9PM | Art Behind the Barrier | Conversation (p. 8) Tuesday, 9 Aug

Friday, 12 Aug 5:50-7PM | Acting Alone | Drama (p. 22) 7:30-9PM | Displacement Dilemma | Conversation (p. 12) 7:45-8:45PM | Being a Dad I Drama (p. 23) 9:30-10:30PM | Roma Holocaust Talk and Recital (p. 23) Saturday, 13 Aug 6-7PM | Every Picture Tells a Story | Talk (p. 18) 7:45-8:45PM | Being a Dad | Drama (p. 23) 9:30-10:30PM | Time for Change | Music (p. 26)

5:30-6:30PM | What should schools teach pupils about sex? | Talk (p. 18)

Sunday, 14 Aug

5:50-7PM | Acting Alone | Drama (p. 22)

7-PM | St John's Festival Pulpit | Talk (p. 17)

7:30-9PM | Views from the Edge | Conversation (p. 8)

Monday, 15 Aug

7:45-8:45PM | Every Picture Tells a Story | Talk (p. 18)

7:30-9PM | Isolation in Modern Society | Conversation (p. 12)

9:30-10:30PM | Roma Holocaust Talk and Recital (p. 23)

Tuesday, 16 Aug

Wednesday, 10 Aug

6-7PM | Al-Rowwad: Beautiful Resistance | Music (p. 26)

5:50-7PM | Acting Alone | Drama (p. 22)

7:30-9PM | Nomadic Lifestyle | Conversation (p. 13)

7:30-9PM | Mapping the Margins | Conversation (p. 9)

7:45-8:45PM | Being a Dad I Drama (p. 23) 9:30-10:30PM | ...though it be darkness there | Music (p. 27)


2016 Just Festival Day-by-day Calendar Friday, Wednesday, 17 Aug

Wednesday, 24 Aug

6-7PM | The Fair-Ground | Drama (p. 27)

5:30-7PM | Hotel Europa | Drama (p. 29)

7:30-9PM | Language and Identity | Conversation (p. 13)

7:30-9PM | What happens to dead people's bodies? | Talk (p. 19)

7:45-8:45PM | Being a Dad I Drama (p. 23)

7:45-8:45PM | Rainbow world | Talk (p. 19)

Thursday, 18 Aug

9:30-11PM | Hotel Europa | Drama (p. 29)

7:30-9PM | Prisons: Fit for Purpose? | Conversation (p. 14)

Thursday, 25 Aug

Friday, 19 Aug

4:30-6PM | Hotel Europa | Drama (p. 29)

6-7PM | The Fair-Ground | Drama (p. 27)

Friday, 26 Aug

7:30-9PM | Climate Change | Conversation (p.14)

5:30-7:15PM | My Neighbourhood | Music (p. 32)

7:45-8:45PM | Being a Dad I Drama (p. 23)

8-10:20PM | Do you mind? | Music (p. 32)

9:30-10:30PM | Peace | Music (p. 27)

Saturday, 27 Aug

Saturday, 20 Aug

5:30-7PM | Hotel Europa | Drama (p. 29)

6-7PM | Being a Dad I Drama (p. 23)

7:45-8:45PM | The Furnace | Music (p. 33)

7:30-9PM | Discovery! | Music (p. 28)

9:30-10:30PM | Taiko Drumfest | Music (p. 33)

Sunday, 21 Aug

Sunday, 28 Aug

7-8PM | St John's Festival Pulpit | Talk (p. 17)

7-8PM | St John's Festival Pulpit | Talk (p. 17)

Tuesday, 23 Aug

8-9PM | Just Together | Closing Event

6-7PM | Equilibrium | Music (p. 28) 7:30-9PM | Mystical Experiences at the End of life | Talk (p. 19) 7:45-8:45PM | Identity | Dance (p. 29) 9:30-11PM | Hotel Europa | Drama (p. 29)


@St John's 5-28 Aug 2016 f f ul l o d o Fo gy ener n a Af r i c

Soup of the day with cornbread Breakfast box - bacon & plantain, Boerewors sausage & Knights Kitchen tomato sauce, kale, plantain & tomato sauce, aubergine, egg Lunch Boxes /Salad Box - African pie of the day plus 2 salad options (choose from today's salad) Masai Mara box sandwich Borewoers sausage, bacon plantain, harissa, w/ African seed bread Kilimanjaro box sandwich - kale avocado, plantain, tomato w/ African seed bread Amboseli vegan salad box - lentils, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, sweet potato Kenyan style graze box - Kenyan bhajias, samosas, mini soup, cornbread & salad

Curry bowl chickpea or chicken curry BBQ evenings from 5 till 8 Boerewors, sausage, venison burgers Hot Veggie options veggie burgers, sweet potato & goats cheese rosti Bakery & Sweets Kenyan style doughnuts (Mandazi), Cape Malay Koeksisters, Jamaican ginger chilli chocolate brownies Tea | Coffee Wine | Beer Soft drinks

Choral Matins at 9.30am Sunday 7th - A Gloucester Festival Music from composers associated with Gloucester?s Three Choirs Festival, including John Sander's exciting Festival Te Deum Sunday 14th - A ?power-packed personality? T.T. Noble?s popular Morning Canticles are paired with music by John Scott, another organist of St. Thomas?s Church, New York in commemoration of his untimely death Sunday 21st - A ?neo-Brucknerian? The music of Stanford and that of one of his German ?idols?,Bruckner?s lovely Os justi Sunday 28th - Composers not of our time Both Howells and Vaughan Williams yearned for the Tudor age, and their music is here placed beside that of Byrd and Tallis Choral Eucharist at 10.30am Sunday 7th - Tudor Church Music William Byrd?s lovely Mass for Four Voices and works by Tallis and Gibbons Sunday 14th - Eucharist for Ladies Voices A chance to hear the Ladies of St John?s Choir in Faure?s Messe Basse and other French motets

Sunday 21st - Eucharist for Men?s Voices It?s the turn of the rich Male voices to shine in Loots?Missa Festiva Sunday 28th - An Orchestral Eucharist The Festival masses with orchestra are always a highlight; this year we perform Schubert?s Mass in G Choral Evensong at 6.00pm Sunday 7th - Music for Transfiguration Charles Wood?s anniversary is celebrated with his Evening Canticles in E flat and Stanford?s monumental anthem, ?For lo, I raise up?. Sunday 14th - The world?s first great broadcaster Celebrate Walford Davies?centenary with a service dedicated to his music Sunday 21st - The ?Apostle of Apostles? An opportunity to hear music dedicated to St. Peter, including works by Palestrina and Mulet Sunday 28th - ?I am not a religious man? We complete our Festival where we started with Howells?Evening Canticles for Gloucester Cathedral


Just Festival Projects Just for All

Staged for Life

Working closely with Third Sector organisations, charities and performing arts companies, Just Festival curates a programme of performance and dialogue events that engage with social justice issues pertinent to groups affected by age, poverty, disability and prejudice.Through this project, we aim to offer a range of inspiring and challenging events free of charge to marginalised individuals and groups.

With support from Just Festival, Staged for Life was established in 2015 to provide free training for unemployed 16 ? 24 year olds to learn skills in operating sound and lighting equipment for live events. The initiative has been awarded funding from a number of sources.

Would you like a free ticket to one of our events? Contact us at info@just-festival.org Volunteering Programme Central to the success of Just Festival is our fantastic team of volunteers. Each year we recruit volunteers to assist with all areas of festival operations. From selling tickets to welcoming audience members and assisting performers ? Just Festival volunteers do it all! We deliver training in box office management, customer service, marketing, front of house duties and stage management. Our aim is to provide volunteers with valuable skills and experiences that they can take forward into the next stage of their lives. If you would like to become a festival volunteer, or to find out more, visit: just-festival.org/volunteer/ or email: volunteers@just-festival.org 38

Participants who complete training courses are offered supported work placements in various festival venues, to gain valuable industry experience. After being successfully piloted in 2015, the initiative has been awarded funding to create more opportunities for young people, including those marginalised in society, throughout 2016 and 2017. For more information, to support the project or to apply to participate, visit: just-festival.org/staged-for-life www.facebook.com/stagedforlife or email: john@just-festival.org

Credits Programme written and compiled by Beata Skobodzinska (Festival Director), John Grieve (Festival Coordinator) and the Just Festival Board. Š2016 Just Festivals I Programme design by Beata Skobodzinska, Cover design by Emilie Borisaite. Printed by Tenfold All information in this programme is subject to change. Just Festival has made every effort to trace copyright holders. Any person claiming rights to the material herein is requested to contact Just Festival at info@just-festival.org Acknowledgements

We would like to thank all events staff and volunteers who shape each year?s festival and make it an unforgettable experience for all audiences, performers and stakeholders. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the Scottish Government, Edinburgh City Centre Churches Together, the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Church of Scotland for their support and help this year and in previous years. This programme would not be possible without the collaboration, enthusiasm and devotion shown by all of the organisations, groups, and individuals involved ? Thank You! It was a delight to create this programme, now let?s enjoy it together.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff for the support which made this and previous festivals possible. Special thanks go to the Members of the Just Festival Board who have guided the Festival staff through times of change, challenge and triumph. We would like to express our gratitude to St John?s Church and the Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House and their amazing staff for providing us with two homes this year. 39

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