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Chief Digital Officer, Alma Media, Alma Regions

Jolla, Smart Phones, Sailor Wolker, Wellbeing, Co-owner Blinkamovie, Social-TV, Co-owner


Writer’s Block, Film production, Co-owner


Inviago, Gaming, Co-owner

2009 2008

User Experience Program Manager, Meego

2006 2005



Lead Designer, Symbian 60 CDMA, Canada

2004 2003

Product Manager, S90

2002 2001

Senior Designer, S90

2000 1999

Designer, 9210 Communicator

Intelligent design and common understanding of a product concept are key factors when products are planned and build. Design plays a major role in defining success. I have distinctive proficiency in leading highly complex software programs for various platforms, from small screens to large displays. In today’s world design leads SW development, from concept to productisation. I’ve lead several concepts to products, in time and with a perfect track record. I have a solid understanding of SW development and Agile environment, coupled with a strong knowledge of operational & business management. I’ve proven this in Alma Media and Nokia, and as well on my entrepreneurial career. I’m an expert in keeping schedules, ramping-up, motivating and leading small to large teams. I have the ability to guide an organisation from planning to execution for short-term and long-term goals. In Alma Media I was the CDO for Alma Media Kustannus Oy and Alma Manu Oy, the companies formed the Alma Regional media business unit. My responsibility was the research & development department. I also had the responsibility to lead customer sales business during one year. I had the opportunity to build the R&D team from ground up and renew the whole digital business format for Alma Regions. We were able to reach yearly 50% growth for digital business in subscriptions and in b2b sales, with advertising and content marketing. A major win we reached in app downloads, there we were able to reach 800% increase within two years (to 100k DLs), with that we also were able to reach 300% growth in monthly page views (to 71milj views per month). During the time in Alma Media I was able to reach funding for R&D through Tekes and Google for several projects together for over 1milj eur.

In Jolla our product management consist of two persons within the team of about 100 employees. My responsibility was leading the spearhead of Jolla innovation. Jolla is unique in highly competitive smart phone segment. Co-branding, customisation and commercial partnerships separates Jolla from the other players in the market. My task was to innovate and bring the concepts into life to support this business case. As an entrepreneur I have been a co-owner in several companies, with concepts varying from well-being, gaming to movie production and social-tv platform. We’ve successfully patented a wellbeing workstation, created a short movie production with a major marketing campaign for finnish retailer. We negotiated with major broadcasters in europe to create pilot projects with our social-tv platform. Our social internet theater was used in two largest film festivals in Finland and the top community forum in Finland with over 2.000.000 weekly visitors. We’ve received private and public funding for our projects around 300.000eur. I was leading the original design program that created the Nokia open source platform (Osso, Maemo, Meego). My responsibility was the design for high-end smart phones N9, N900, N810, N800 & N710. We delivered the whole user experience with interaction, graphics, localisation and sounds. I have also been part of leading the design in first Nokia touch device Nokia 7710 and first Symbian product Nokia 9210 Communicator. We had to develop these concepts from an empty table. As a result I’ve also reached granted patents in new Interaction methods.

“Jussi was committed, made new Meego solution happen. Good program management practice. Making this happen literally saved Meego and Thanks to Jussi for participating and leading this.” Yannick Pellet, Director, Nokia

“Jussi has played a key role in managing Maemo/Meego products from visions to reality. A great example of his skills is the successful management of the Nokia N900 UI creation, despite all the challenges that the project phased during its various stages. He is the best example that I can think of of a manager that combines a friendly and positive approach to dealing with people with someone that still gets schedules met and results done. I enjoyed my time working with him immensely.” Roope Rainisto, Principal Designer, Nokia

Quality of Work Life feedback from Alma Regions R&D (Query held in finnish) • 99% Esimieheni toiminta kaikenlaisen yhteistyön edistämiseksi • 99% Esimieheni tuki ryhmämme toimitatapojen kehittämiseen • 99% Edellytykset hoitaa työtehtävät hyvin • 99% Osaamisen ylläpitäminen ja kehittäminen • 97% Esimieheni huolehtiminen henkisestä hyvinvoinnista ja fyysisestä työturvallisuudesta • 97% Organisaatiomme kyky hyödyntää osaamista laaja-alaisesti











Let the numbers speak. I joined Alma Regions in late 2014. I had the opportunity to build the R&D team from ground up and renew the whole digital business for Alma Regions. In 2015 we already ramped up a new platform for our News services. This introduced a paywall solution to majority of our pages, as well as focused on cost efficiency of architecture. Goes without saying, that we also focused on getting our service to a level that consumers would more willingly pay for it.

In 2016 we released our new application for iOS and Android, focusing to serve online news with increased quality of experience.

During the time in Alma Media I was able to reach funding for R&D through Tekes and Google for several projects together for over 1milj eur.

While the keyfigures underneath contain rough changes in Regions offering in news services, the growth is very well visible. These changes include selling Kainuun Sanomat and introducing the paywall for online news, the growth we established with our R&D team was quite significant. At the same time we streamlined our architechture and lowered the cost of the operating and service environment drastically.

With the help of Tekes funding we were able to introduce a Digital Publishing Platform that created a new business model for Alma Regions. This could be used in B2B content marketing and it also extended our Alma Manu printhouse offering to provide online services for B2B customers. During the first year of this business model (2017-2018) we created almost 1 meur income. This result will be visible in 2018 figures.

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Nokia IPR Royalty award, highest category

Designer - First Symbian product/N9210



The Swedish Mobile Awards, N9 wins Best Design, Best Camera and Best Mobile of the Year 2011. MicroPC awards 5 stars of 5. IXDA, Top10 in 2012 Interaction Awards, connecting category. N9 was selected mobile phone of year by Tietoviikko and MikroPC.

Senior Designer - First touch phone/N7700, N7710


Best product announcement from 2009, 59% of votes, Nokia Conversations. PC Magazine Belgium, Best product of 2009, Smartphones category. has chosen N900 as The Smartphone 2009. N900 wins Nokia World 2009 popularity contest. Nokia N900 has won the Travel & Leisure Design Award in the Technology category. National Geographic: Best of Adventure: Must-Have Gear 2010. Register Hardware, 2009’s Top High-End Touchscreen Phones, 2nd place.


2007 Engadget awards, Handheld of the Year & Readers’ Choice: N810. Laptop magazine, N810: Mobile Innovation Award Winner 2007. CTIA Award for Best Overall Product 2007.

UX Project manager - Open source/N770, N800, N810, N900

Product manager - Innovation Management/Intelligent interfaces


Linux Journal, Readers’ Choice Awards 2008, Favorite Linux Handheld Device

UX Program manager - Swipe/N9

STARTUP / Entrepreneur ME EI VIETETÄ joulua!





Tykkää ja voita

H Uskoit Joulupukkiin tai et, tänä jouluna et voi uskoa silmiäsi...








Blinkamovie was a finnish startup which offers a synchronized media stream along with chatdiscussion and virtual applause. The company provided high quality short movies in social environment. Theater was in use for Aller Media, Tampere Film Festival and Rakkautta & Anarkiaa Film Festival in Helsinki. During 2012 the company collaborated with major finnish retailer SOK, and Tampere public transportation. Blinkamovie also provided short movies for Coffee House iPads.

STARTUP / Entrepreneur

From concept to reality. Wolker is a patented solution which combines a walking treadmill, a desk and a chair. The solution was evaluated and sold by major office retailers in Finland and in US. Aim for the concept was to provide a preventive measure for health problems that will arise due to static office environment.

Making a change is not an effort of one but a co-operation of many.


RESTAURATION AND RENOVATION Renovation of the old Simola house in Tampere. Large renovation project following traditional building methods is conducted with co-operation of Pirkanmaa museum agency and with finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. Simola house is one of the seven farms mentioned in 1540 finnish taxation records in original Hyhky-village. The other farms were Uotila, Valerianus (Vallen), Mattila, Henneri, Karvola and Ikuri.




2007 - 2011 M.Sc. Interactive Technology, University of Tampere

2014-2018 Member of the Board, Alma Regions

2018-2019 TBC Talent Programme, Tampere business campus

1996 - 2000 B.Sc. Computer science, Tampere University of applied sciences 1998 - 1999 Telecommunications, Multimedia and Computer Technology, Berlin Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft 1995 - 1996 Military rank: second lieutenant, Compulsory military service 1994 - 1995 Automation technology, Tampere University of applied sciences 1991 - 1994 High School

2015-2018 Member of the Board, Aamulehti 2016-2018 Chairman of the Board, Deeva project, TAMK, TUT, UTA, several companies 2017-2018 Member of the Board, Immersive project, TUT, several companies 2016-2017 Chairman of the Board, Hybrid Social Play project, TUT, UTA, TTU, several companies

2015-2016 Nordic Media Programme, Scandinavia 2008 Code of Confidentiality, Nokia Learning Center, Finland 2007 Perception and interaction in world of new technology, VTT Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland Introduction to Graphics Technologies I, Nokia Learning Center, Finland Mechanics training for Non-Mechanical Designers, Nokia Learning Center, Finland 2006 CHI 2006 conference, Montreál, Quebec, Canada 2005 Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and Action Script Course, Aniway Co., Vancouver BC, Canada Organizational Agility Workshop, Right management consultans Inc., Vancouver BC, Canada Personal Agility Workshop, Right management consultans Inc., Vancouver BC, Canada Critical Chain Project Management, Pinnacle Strategies, Vancouver BC, Canada 2004 NordiCHI conference, University of Tampere, Finland Mobile Music Technology Conference, Viktoria Institute, Göteborg, Sweden,

INTERESTS 2003 Interact 2003 conference, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zürich, Switzerland NMP Team leader basics: From Target Setting to Feedback, Nokia Learning, Finland NMP Team Leader Basics: Project Management, Nokia Learning center, Finland 2001 Fieldtesting Theory and Practise, Nokia Learning center, Finland 2000 Usability Basics, Tampere University of technology, Finland Cellular Networks - System and Architecture, Basics, Nokia Learning center, Finland Bluetooth, module I, Nokia Learning center, Finland 1999 GPRS Advanced, Nokia Learning center, Finland GPRS Principles, Nokia Learning center, Finland Object-Oriented Design with OMT++ and UML, Nokia Learning center, Finland Object-Oriented Analysis with OMT++ and UML, Nokia Learning center, Finland C++, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Ice Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Gadgets 2012 Perinnerakennusluennot, Tampereen rakennuskulttuurin neuvontaja koulutuskeskus, 2007 - 2016 B’s and Honey band, guitar Foster parent (PRIDE training) 2004 - 2016 The Excuse ry, Founding member, Administration 1999 – 2011 Rink Ball Club Nokia, Administration 2002 - 2005 RC Flyers Club, Founding member, Administration 1997 - 2000 Sauna Club, Founding member, Treasurer Tutor, Tampere Polytechnic University 1998 - 1999 Student union of Tampere University of applied Sc., Lead of University Sports 1995 Student body, Military Academy 1993 First Aid course for rescue teams, Viiala Fire-fighting course, Valkeakoski

Jussi Maaniitty Simolankatu 6 as 1, FI-33270, Tampere +358 (50) 3729079


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Curriculum vitae