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Team Leader application booklet

Introduction      

MCVP Message Y2B Structure Team Leader JD Timeline Selection process Questionnaire

MC VP message The Youth 2 Business is an International AIESEC brand which was created to engage more students with AIESEC, and providing an unique opportunity to meet with Top managers from different companies. Last year was a learning year for Y2B in Slovenia; this year it’s about taking it to a whole new level! This year it’s about creating a closer contact between students and companies; debating more, more relevant topics; generating concrete output; and boosting AIESEC in Slovenia reputation and results.

Being part of this project is a very unique experience as it is in no way similar to any other AIESEC opportunity. Slovenia Youth 2 Business Forum 2013 needs a team capable of thinking out of the box, collaboration and hard work, a team driven by the will of creating a valuable day in the life of hundred of young people, and led by the passion of creating a better AIESEC in Slovenia.

Looking forward to having you in the team, Iuliia Artemenko, MC VP ICX 2012-2013 Slovenia Youth to Business 2013 Project Manager

Y2B structure

Team leader

OC Agenda

OC Finance and logistics

OC Partnerships

OC Comm and Virtual engagement

Note: This structure can suffer changes during planning with the OCP.

Team Leader JD and requirements  Key responsibilities: overall responsible for the event and team management.  Required competences/skills: previous experience in event management (as OC or even outside AIESEC), systematic vision, customer management or sales, good communication, result orientation.

 Preferred competences/skills: previous leadership experience (can be not in AIESEC).

General timeline and selection process  Selection of TEAM Leader: December  Selection of teamsters: End of January (can be changed)  Organizing: December January February

 Delivery of Y2B: March

Selection process Create your own creative application form, answering the questions. Send the application in PDF Format with the following details: Subject: Y2B_SI_TL_Name_Surname Example: Y2B_SI_TL_Iuliia_Artemenko


Deadline: December 16th, 22 pm GMT +1 You will be contacted for an interview. Results will be announced on 18-19th of December. If you have any doubts about the application or about the role itself, feel free to contact Iuliia Artemenko: +38640648128

Questionnaire General Questions: 

Why are you applying for Team Leader of the Slovenia Youth 2 Business Forum 2013?

Justify why you are competent enough for the role you are applying for. For this use at least one of your past experiences and one concrete example that shows your personality.

Which topics you can propose as a Topic of Y2B 2013?

Propose a venue for the event, defining: why, how many people can fit in, logistical problem and relative solutions, how to get it for free etc.

In cover page please include:     

your picture, name, surname, contacts (e-mail, phone number), your current role in AIESEC, conferences you have attended in AIESEC.


Good luck with the application process!

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Become a Team leader of Slovenia Youth to Business forum 2013!!