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Pretoria Station • Park Station • Kempton Park • Germiston • Mabopane • Cape Town Station

Hello Metro newspaper will be distributed throughout the main PRASA commuter hubs in South Africa. The newspaper will package magazine-style content in a monthly newspaper format which will therefore not date over the month, but will remain informative and relevant. We will aim to inform, entertain, educate and advise commuters, making a positive impact on their travel and their lives at home. Hello Metro will have a strong editorial mix of news, health, entertainment, education and sport, so that on the go readers will be able to take something beneficial with them, wherever they’re headed. The content will speak to their interests and communicate simply but effectively, and will be relevant to as many of the commuting community as possible. We would like commuters to feel they can depend on the editorial content in Hello Metro newspaper to improve their journey through life.

News on the go for the commuting community

Pretoria Station • Park Station • Kempton Park • Germiston • Mabopane • Cape Town Station



Print run 100 000 Minimum of 16 pages per issue

We are currently distributing on the following stations

There are currently 4 000 000 people passing through PRASA train stations daily.

• Pretoria Station +/- 200 000 commuters per day • Park Station +/- 220 000 commuters per day • Kempton Park, Germiston, Mabopane +/- 500 000 commuters per day • Cape Town Station +/- 250 000 commuters per day

In addition, intermodal stations experience additional consumers through access to taxi ranks, bus stops (local and long haul), as well as selected Gautrain stations, boosting commuter numbers further.

Distribution by On The Dot in the last week of every month

RATES 2014


• 1 x full colour full page ads • 1 x strip ad • 1 x strip advertorial • Editorial content TOTAL COST OF SPONSORSHIP R160 000


Price excludes VAT and agency commision


T 021 424 8459 C 072 567 1654 E


T 021 424 8459 C 0825513436 E

ADVERTISING RATES Full page Half page Strip ad Box ad Classified

Who are these consumers? • LSM 4 – 7, the fastest growing consumer group in SA with massive spending power • Commuters have a combined household income of R137 billion per month • 7 5% of all LSM 4 – 7 South Africans are commuters • On average, commuters spend 3 hours per day commuting

R70 000 R38 500 R25 000 R17 000 R9 500

Train commuter profiles • 16 to 24 of age – 30% • 25 to 34 – 26% • 35 to 49 – 32% Over • 50+ – 12%


Advertorial prices are the same as above excluding VAT and agency commision

T 021 424 0005 C 0716869332 E

• 75% Black • 17% Coloured • 7% White



TYPE BLEED TRIM h 390 x w 260mm h 185 x w 260mm h 60 x w 220mm h 60 x w 100mm h 70 x w 63mm

one million commuters a day

Female / Male split 45% / 55%

h 420 x w 290mm h 215 x w 290mm h 80 x w 250mm h 80 x w 130mm h 84 x w 77mm

h 410 x w 280mm h 205 x w 280mm h 70 x w 240mm h 70 x w 120mm h 84 x w 77mm

• Average monthly household income R9 262 • 75% of commuters are household purchase decision makers • The top 20 stations currently reach over 2 million people per day

All digital material to be supplied in PDF format at 300dpi in CMYK with fonts embedded. Colour proofs or epsons must be supplied with all advertisements. February 2014

Distribution by station Cape Town 30 000 copies Park Station 25 000 copies Pretoria Station 15 000 copies Mabopane 10 000 copies Kempton Park 10 000 copies Germiston 10 000 copies


Hooray for Jollywood

March 2014


Africa at the World Cup

April 2014

Daine Klate

Africa’s WC moments

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Holiday travel tips

Win a watch worth R6000 Page 2

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Win a watch Page 2

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fEstIval PREvIEw

Mixing with our local DJs Page 7

IdRIs Elba

Long walk to stardom Page 9

sa bEst xI

Our best ever SA soccer team Page 16

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lesego TRIBUTe

Lesego’s legacy

news go to


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Lupita Nyong’o Page 10


South Africa’s comic heroes Page 12

How did you find the experience of posing naked? I was very nervous because I am only human and baring all for a nation to see brings about an enormous sense of vulnerability. At the same time, I appreciate the fact that Marie Claire has given us the opportunity to be brave and wholeheartedly Boity Thulo: gorgeous and grounded

comfortable in our skins. It was a very enlightening and empowering moment.

2014/02/13 1:28 PM

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News on the go for the commuting community

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on tHe up


Tasty pilchard rice

He’s been nominated for awards, had his album top the iTunes hip hop chart alongside Eminen and Drake, and collaborated with an array of local and international artists – Kwesta chats to Hello Metro about making waves in the music industry.

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What were the reactions from your fans, family and others? I told my mom about it and explained it to her but she was already familiar with the Marie Claire Naked Campaign so that wasn’t too difficult. She then explained it to my grandparents and they were 100 percent supportive. My fans were also just as supportive. The response has been more positive than negative... including the #BoityReaction. Lol!

Changing perceptions of beauty Page 6

Enjoy our wordsearch Page 17


Q&A with Chester Missing

Was it awkward getting ready for the shoot with Catherine Grenfell and Zama Dube? Did you know them beforehand? It was not awkward. I think we were all equally nervous to bare all in front of other people. We were all equally vulnerable and brave at the same time. I knew Zama Dube and Nomuzi but had never met Catherine.

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The #BoityReaction hashtag trended on Twitter almost immediately – did you have any personal favourites/worsts? I tried to be indifferent and not really n

How did it feel to be the man behind the first digital album ever to win a Metro FM award, earlier this year? It felt great to do something groundbreaking and historic. That’s what I try to do in everything. Breaking boundaries isn’t easy but once done it’s extremely satisfying. Your album Da King of African Rap (DaKar) was also nominated for a SAMA this year, after gaining exposure solely through iTunes. Can you tell us about your thoughts on using digital platforms to promote music? Do you think online platforms have the potential to change the SA music scene? I definitely believe they have potential to change the game when managed right. The whole world has gone digital and so should the platforms to sell music. The industry needs presence in that space.


What musicians have inspired you/ influenced your career? Quite a few. Eminem, Kanye West, Skwatta Kamp, both Pros, HHP, the list is endless. n Kwesta: breaking boundaries.

City of Jhb material

City of Jhb material

City of Jhb material

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There’s been quite a reaction to your involvement in the Marie Claire Naked Issue – what were your main motivations for getting involved, and what are your thoughts on the overwhelming response to it? I am extremely honoured to be a part of the Marie Claire Naked Campaign. I have been following the campaign for a few years now and I know the publication likes to feature prominent and influential personalities. When I received the call, I was more than willing to be involved, as I knew that they found me worthy of being part of such a brilliant campaign. Far beyond that, it is a beautiful concept that was created to help and better people’s lives, by creating awareness about the Lunch Box Fund. It’s truly amazing. I still find the reaction funny, awkward and bizarre. I never, ever expected this reaction. At all.

With Kagiso KG Mokgadi

Tributes flooded in for actress, poet, singer and HIV activist Lesego Motsepe, after she passed away in her Randburg apartment in January this year.

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Boity thulo talks charity work, following your dreams and the Marie Claire Naked Campaign. By Martina Polley

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a retrospective: Isidingo star and HIv activist lesego Motsepe. By Martina Polley esego Motsepe, best known for her role as Letti Matabane in the popular SABC 3 soap, Isidingo, passed away in her home in Randburg on 20 January 2014. She was 39. Motsepe stole the hearts of many South Africans with her role as Letti Matabane in Isidingo from 1998 to 2008. When her character was killed in a car accident, there was a wave of grief across the soapie nation as viewers had to say goodbye. But the radiant star was also known as a courageous HIV/Aids ambassador who spoke openly about her status in order to give hope to those living with the virus. She made news in 2012 when she announced that she had stopped taking antiretrovirals (ARVs). On World Aids Day in 2011, Motsepe disclosed her HIV-positive status on the Kaya FM breakfast radio show. She admitted that she had been living with the virus for almost 13 years. “It has been life changing... I’ve gone through many different phases of denial, rejection, dejection, anger, resentment and now I am at the stage of acceptance… there’s been a lot of emotional situations that I have been through. The most important thing is that I am alive today – that’s all that matters.” Motsepe said. She also explained how learning of her status was not a shock as she knew what HIV was and n

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In the limelight

Healthy chicken curry


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INSIDE DJ Fresh’s Hawaiian fridge omlette

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On average, the commuter spends 40 minutes waiting on the platform for their train.

2014/03/24 3:27 PM

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2014/04/22 12:42 PM

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