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Jus Being Real Gospel Show was founded by Gary Robinson in 1996. His show the Jus Being Real Gospel Show was nominated for a GMA award in 1990. Since then, Mr. Robinson has produced his #1 CD Pray! Pray! Available at CD

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FRIDAY NIGHT PRAISE EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT 7:00PM TO 11:00PM LIFTING UP PRAISE UNTO THE LORD The Night Belongs to Jesus!! Don't Forget to Rate Your Favorite Artist if your artist is chosen as the Friday Night Praise Artist of the Week Your comment may be featured in Spirit Alive Magazine

MR. SMITH; Can you tell us a little about yourself? I was born in December 1963 to Jamaican parents who came to Britain in 1960 and 1961. I am one of 8 children and am a Senior Biomedical Scientist by profession. I am married with children and love the acquisition of knowledge. I could spend hours in libraries reading a whole range of books and am a keen fan of TV music and film documentaries. What was it like growing up in London? I was actually born in a town called Huddersfield which is approximately 200 miles north of London. I left when I was 18 years old to pursue a career in the capital. I have very happy and fond memories of my life as a boy and a young man.

You have a book out about the History of Gospel Music what prompted you to write this guide to Gospel Music? It may be difficult to believe, but to date, no book as ever been written that traces the history of the development of Black Gospel music in Britain. After initial research and investigations in the mid 1990’s, it soon became clear to me that there was a gaping niche in the market. That was my motivation, as well as a little prompting from my wife. What challenges did you face putting together this guide? The main challenge was finding time and a work life balance. My day job as a Scientist is mentally demanding and through sheer determination I found the strength and singlemindedness to complete the task. It did however take 10 years. What was your favorite moment writing the History of Gospel Music? My favorite moment was discovering that Thomas Rutling, a member of the world famous 19th Century Fisk Jubilee Singers from Tennessee, USA, is buried in England. He left behind a great legacy and story which makes up a part of the early contents for my book. To the uninitiated, the choir introduced the Negro-Spirituals to the British Isles and were seen by hundreds of thousands of people including royalty. Tell us about the Gospel Music Industry that is exploding in the U.K. I would use the word ‘simmering’ rather than ‘exploding’. Gospel music in the UK is still considered a niche market, but the current trend shows a genre that is fast gaining recognition and exposure partly as a result of the rapid development of black churches and interest from business and marketing professionals within the field of professional music.

How does the music in U.K differ from that in the U.S.? I personally noticed there is a style difference can you explain that in detail? I believe that music is a product of its environment. Although the Brits will always look to the USA for inspiration, its own black music is influenced by the afro-Caribbean sounds of this large ethnic group, but the generation that are born in the UK have the benefit of innovating a unique sound by mixing and matching. I think a distinctive ‘British’ sounds will prevail if the singer, songwriting and production elements are home grown. Sound is always a difficult thing to describe in words but it is fascinating that unique styles of music originate from specific areas of the world such as reggae from Jamaica in the Caribbean. Gospel music for example was born out of the pain and suffering of the plantations in the deep south of the USA and Caribbean. There were no black slave plantations in the UK, so it stands to reason that its Gospel music will be forged and shaped in a different way.

The Gospel Music Industry is quickly taking notice of the Gospel Artist in the U.K can you explain this new interest ? Satellite TV and the internet have made the world a smaller place, and I think we are moving more closer to the concept of a global village. Also, strategic marketing alliances between US gospel record companies and UK counterparts have helped to build awareness of the ‘gospel brand’ outside the shores of the USA. Not to mention, an increase in quality and professionalism leading to the emergence of UK artists such as Noel Robinson. Can you define your role in the Gospel Music Industry in the U.K.? My role is multi-functional but my book for example is multi-layered in that it caters for the nostalgic, academic, journalist, curious and also anyone who requires an access point into European black gospel. What do you think was the most important turning point in Gospel Music? In Britain, it was the formation of the London Community Gospel Choir in 1982. What contributed to this factor? The combined visions of 4 men!! Bazil Meade, Lawrence Johnson, Delroy Powell and John Francis.

Speaking to a New Generation of people who know little about the Gospel Music Industry how would you define the History of Gospel Music? Gospel music was born out of the pain and suffering of the slave plantations and as survived to become the soundtrack of God-inspired Good and inspiring news for the soul.

How did Gospel Music get started in the U.K. Just after the 2nd world war in the late 1940’s when Caribbean churches began to develop as a result of blacks from the Caribbean settling down and establishing themselves along spiritual lines.

What challenges did the Gospel Industry in the U.K endure upon launching into this field of music? Gospel music in Britain is still at an embryonic stage. The fragmented niche industry needs a loud and firm professional voice, such as a Gospel music association.

How can we find out more about Gospel Music in the U.K By reading the book ‘British Black Gospel’ which comes with a free music CD. Visit Amazon and if in the UK, signed copies can be obtained from

Steve Alexander Smith will be featured on Spirit Alive via Blog Talk Radio

What Makes You A Real Man? What makes a real man; has been debated for centuries. We look to male role models in our society to set the path straight for those of us who desire to be a REAL MAN. I set out for twenty years leaving behind my home, family and hometown in which I had known all of my life. It is a familiar story; no man in the house except those who were skillful at causing harm. Coming from an impoverished background didn’t stop me from having big dreams for my life. I truly believe God gives us a vision so large that we may grow into them. That was my burden. I saw the vision and went across the land to find it. I had no one to teach me how to be a man, no one to LEAD the way. There is something to be said about aging when it comes to wisdom. In order to be a real man you must first be able to submit to the CHRIST! The one who will lead the way. Becoming a Real Man means standing up to the challenge of becoming, transforming and living a life in Christ. When we are no longer ashamed to kneel at the cross, to lay our burdens on His Shoulders and willing to pray in the presence of our young men. That’s what a REAL MAN is made of! JESUS

Judith Gayle is an international gospel artist that has a unique mixture of culture, praise, intellect and freedom. Judith Gayle new album transcends the typical lyrics and R&B flickers. Her voice pierces the heaven with praise. In all her work Judith seeks to honor God first in her life. She has overcome obstacles in her life that are the back bone of her music. Ms. Gayle’s musical Caribbean blend will change the way you worship. Keeping up with the times and moving across generational lines her music reaches all ages young and old alike. An encounter with Judith in concert reveals a glimpse of heaven that we desperately seek. For just that moment you are there with God. There is no one else but you and Your Savior. This is my focus, my purpose to bring others closer to God. In one of her lyrics she states; she will not let the rocks out praise her. Believe Me when I say there is no Rock that is going to challenge her praise. The honesty, beauty and majestic presence of Judith Gayle’s music brings many to tears, transforming their lives as they come seeking salvation. The Worship she brings ignites the heart of those who are lost and renews those of us who have strayed away. You can purchase Judith Gayle’s music CD or obtain booking information by linking on to Judith Gayle’s official website.


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