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By 5th Class

Sergio Agüero His name is Sergio Agüero, he is a football player. He is from Buenos Aires, but he lives in Madrid. He´s got seven brothers. He´s 21 years old. By Alicia, Alex P., Mario and Alex G.

IKER CASILLAS FERNÁNDEZ. His name is Iker Casillas Fernández. He is a football player. He's from Madrid. He lives in Madrid. He´s twenty eight years old. He was the best goalkeeper in 2008 and 2009. By Carmen, Noelia, Rosa and Julia.

Rafa Nadal Parera His name is Rafa. He's a tennis player. He is from Mallorca. He loves tennis. He´s got one sister. He´s twenty three years old. He likes fishing, playing golf, playing football and the play station. His favorite food is Japanese. By Sandra, Susana, Javier and Irene L.

FERNANDO ALONSO His name is Fernando Alonso. He is Formula One racing driver He is from Asturias. He won the Formula One

World Driver’s Championship in 2005. He is in Ferrary. He's 28 years old. By Cristian, Jesús, Mª del Alba And Laura.

Pau Gasol Pau Gasol: He's from Barcelona(Spain). He is a basketball player. His brother’s name is Marc. Pau Gasol is 2'15 meters tall. His weight is 103 kilos.He was born on 6th July, in 1980.He's twenty nine years old. By Vladimir, Andrea, Silvia and Lucía.

CRISTIANO RONALDO *He's Cristiano Ronaldo. *He is a football player in Real Madrid team.He is from Fuchal ,Madeira, Portugal. *He is 1,87 metres tall. *He is 22 years old. By Irene S, Celia, Belén and Agustín.

Sportmen and sportwomen we like  

work about sport

Sportmen and sportwomen we like  

work about sport