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DELICIUS COOKIES CAKE You need: Cookies, milk, chocolate and grated coconut. - Heat the milk, add the chocolate - Mix the ingredients. - Wet the cookies into warm milk. - Put the cookies into a tray. Pour the chocolate. Put the cookies. Pour the chocolate. - Decorate the cake with the coconut,lacasitos or sweets. By Sandra,Lucia ,Alicia and Irene S


DELICIUS SALAD INGREDIENTS: 2 apples, pinneapple,5 carrots, grated coconut, nuts, potatoes, chocolates and cream.

RECIPE: Cut up the apples and the pineapple. Put them into a bowl. Add the carrots, the nuts and the coconut. Pour the cream and the chocolates. This salad is perfect for meats. By Celia, BelĂŠn, AgustĂ­n and Silvia

HAPPY SALAD INGREDIENTS: LETTUCE,TOMATOES, CARROTS,ONIONS. 1-Cut up the lettuce 2-Cut up the tomatoes 3-Cut up the carrots 4-Cut up the onions 5-Mix all vegetables 6-Add cheese and oil 7-Eat the salad By Mario, Carmen, Alba, Laura

CHRISTMAS SALAD YOU NEED: -Ham -Cheese -Palm hearts -Celery -Olives -Salt -Pepper -Oil -Cut up the ham and cheese -Cut up the palm hearts and the celery -Put the palm hearts and the celery into the blender -Add the olives, salt, oil and pepper. By:Noelia,Irene Lopez,Alex I. and Cristian

CHRISTMAS COOKIES INGREDIENTS: • Sugar, butter, flour, milk, ginger, 2 eggs and water. •

RECIPE: mix the sugar and butter. Add flour, milk and ginger. Add 2 eggs and mix all the ingredients. Add some water. Cut the cookies using a cookie cutter. Put it in the oven. Put sugar on the cookies and eat it. By Alex, Rosa, Vladi and Susana.

Snowflake salad -You need: -Oil,an endive,a pomegrate,an apple,pepper,salt and vinegar. Recipe: -Wash and cut up the endive. -put it into a bowl. -Peel the apple and the pomegrate. -Put the pomegrate and the apple in the bowl. -Pour oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. By Andrea, JesĂşs, Javier y Julia.


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