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Multifunctional Armchair


Furniture made in Germany

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The mobile multifunctional armchair For domestic use Homes for the aged Nursing care



Furniture made in Germany 4

I belong where I feel at home‌ by remi 5


The idea

goya-mobile is an armchair facilitating as much comfortable resting and relaxing days as it does the partaking of meals or working at the PC. It has been developed to simplify mobility between various occupational environments (eating, resting, conversing, sleeping). In its design, emphasis has been put on its pleasant and simple artistic quality, allowing a greater, though not a prominent perception of its ergonomic and technical qualities. Your next sitting position is always an improvement. Doctors agree on the importance for good health and for a feeling of well-being of changing the sitting position frequently in order to improve blood circulation and the nourishment of the vertebral column. Knowledge of this was an central theme for us in the development.

Remi GmbH Stefen Seidel

Vottelerdesign + Partner GmbH Matthias Votteler J端rgen Thorwald

Stefen Seidel

Matthias Votteler

J端rgen Thorwald

goya, for domestic use, in homes for the aged and for nursing care. 7

The comfort functions

While resting and sleeping, the head is gently supported on both sides.

The armrests are height adjustable and adaptable to conform to the size of the user.

The mechanics provides infinitely-variable adjustment of the sitting or lying position


The shape and material of the cushion pads is designed to permit long periods of rest.

Changing the sitting position is user-friendly and carried out simply by pressing a button.



The benefits

goya-mobile The headrest provides support during transport and imparts a feeling of security. An easy-to-use slide shaped out of moulded wood simplifies mobility. An add-on tray allows easy movement in various positions. It serves as a bookrest, can carry a PC, or can simply be used as a writing surface. When no longer required, it can be rotated to the side. For activities necessitating greater area for movement, a bigger tray is attached to the top of both armrests. Thus, sufficient space is gained even for a larger meal. The armrests can be lowered on both sides to seat height, permitting unhindered sideways transfer to and from the chair. Should hygiene demand special attention, interchangeable cushion pads and/or loose covers can be used. The two side pockets are easily reachable both for left and for right-handers. Hence, personal effects are always within easy reach. The four steerable castors allow a maximum of steerability within the smallest spaces. Each castor is lockable. The front castors are additionally load-braked, preventing unintentional rolling away when leaving the chair.


The Applications



Watching TV


The Technology Your next sitting position is always an improvement goya‘s backrest is adjustable in any position possible between sitting upright and lying down. The balance of the backrest during adjustment is accomplished by an additional pneumatic spring device. This makes it a simple matter to move from a lying position into a sitting position with the constant feeling the back is being supported. The synchronous mechanics in the seat ensures that the seat follows every adjustment made to the backrest. In this way, the opening angle conforms automatically to the new position. It is operated simply by an easily reachable button located at the side of the chair



The Armrests When positioned at the correct height, the armrests support the arms and relieve the shoulder muscles. The height of the armrests can be adjusted. The locking mechanism can be released with the easy-to-grip knob. The armrest may now be raised or lowered to the desired position. Sleeping

So the armrests do not obstruct the sideways transfer of the user in or out of the chair, they can be lowered to seat height. The armrests then lie on the side sections and can withstand loads during transfer.

Right armrest in lowered position

Lowered on both sides

Lowered on the left


The tray

Rigid Tray 630 x 430mm

Swivelling Tray 400 x 280mm

Two versions of the tray are available. The smaller variant is pivoted and rotates to the side, the larger variant is affixed to both armrests. The positive qualities of linoleum is used for the surface. Antibacterial , warm and non-slip – the ideal material to use. The edges are rounded and varnished.

The Side Pockets The pocket is simply hung over the transverse brace of the side section. The plywood fascia is bonded invisibly with shaped stainless steel, providing an ample,– 50cm-deep storage space with 300mm x 300mm outside dimensions.

Pocket 300mm x 300mm x 52mm

Aid to getting up The rounded knob provides a secure and safe grip and the correct help when leaving the chair.


The Slide Handle The moulded beechwood handle is shaped in 3 dimensions and easy to grip. The surface has been twice coated with environmentally-sound, waterbased varnish. Various colours are available.

The Spring Device

The Castors The four steerable castors allow a maximum of steerability within the smallest spaces. Each castor is lockable. The front castors are additionally load-braked, preventing unintentional rolling away when leaving the chair.

In order for the backrest to retain its optimum balance in every position, a spring device was developed, consisting of a gas spring and a compression spring. The gas spring regulates the locking function, whereas the compression spring ensures that the tension of the backrest increases with a widening of the reclining angle. For the user, this effect guarantees a feeling of security in any position of the backrest.

Each castor is constructed to withstand a load of 75 to 100kg*. The shape of the castors protects flooring. The material is abrasion-proof. When the armchair is halted at the desired position, the castors can be locked for stability. The armchair can then not be moved until the brakes are released.

* Armchair designed to bear a user-weight of max. 150kg



Furniture made in Germany 16

…….home is where I feel at ease. by remi 17

Finishes and coverings

Finishes: Clear varnish 2 coatings, water-based, environmentally-sound Stain, water-based, as per colour card Linoleum, grey Textile, leather or imitation leather coverings: Various manufacturers Special care coverings: Various manufacturers

Furniture made in Germany 18













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