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A Big Bang doubt of dreams a long shot


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Feed your mind Mountains of books Vs a grain of time The Artistry of Procrastination

Art Guide

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Honour the craftsmanship to the dream it represents

Craftsmanship comes in all sorts of creativity. This is the honour of the (name magazine) to the artist who created this boundless piece of Art, which is only a single side of the complete work. Its combination of colours to the array of magic that can be felt like fire in the skies. Discover the complete works of the dream it represents at: ‑6‑

Colophon Fanum is an issue of KM Media Chief Editor Anthony G Subscription via Fanum KM Media Advertisement acquisition

A fresh view The more I travelled, how far it may have been, they somehow become significant‑ ly shorter. So my view to the local areas and surroundings began to lure and whisper beautiful songs to views of serenity. This was not only out of convenience but because I started to realize that the places near you also could be quite beautiful. When it’s right near you, we usually don’t pay so much attention to them because we figure “We can always go visit them at any time.” But there is enough to discover, just like others discover them these same places. Just like the nicely display of Art (p. 58). Or Paris (p. 18), a city you never get bored off. Though I must confess after reading the travel journal of G.Nuboer, who made a spectacular trip to the Mid-South of the exotic country of India (p. 16) really want to add this far-off destination to my bucket list. Dreaming keeps us going. To see you dreams come true is clearly seen in the creation of the book, and the story told behind this undertaking (p. 10) Speaking about the undertaking, this first publication of the magazine Fanum is to an undertaking. With a fresh start, like an entrepreneur decided to create what we like to consider A fresh view. And we hope that you will enjoy the articles that will stand highly praised as reader’s enjoyment. In this edition, you can find all kinds of stories that represent “awareness” to the sneak peek of “culinary” (p. 36), and never to forget fine short stories to enjoy and relax (p. 22). So, a fresh view… a new view. We hope you will enjoy this first release of the magazine Aedis and find it inspiring as to how we made it possible to its creation. Wishing much joy in the viewing and reading, Jurgen Graanoogst Editor in Chief Aedes

Coverfoto: tpsdave/ Pixabay



The meat-lovers pizza that can never be beaten


winter meals

some of us have been looking forward to the exciting winter months, which we are now in the middle of. Having to listen to the music of the season and having to make your very own pizza. When I was a kid I had once had to share a single pizza with my parents; uncle and my little sister. Now I know what you’re thinking, but believe me, this pizza was as large as a roundabout, sort of. My parents and uncle loved the Hawaiian pizza, and I gladly went along since I knew no other. Nevertheless, as they had their best intention at heart, I never looked back as to having regret. But live went on, day by day… year by year. And it wasn’t until I was in my late teens after I traveled and finally moved abroad, that I dis‑ covered a much other types of pizza. This dawn of new creation was like a sign from the gods, and I only looked back as yet a time well spent, for now, the new types have arrived.

Now, you’re probably wondering what makes it so special, here below is the recipe: • • •

1pizza Time: 15 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes

▶▶ 1 ball of no-knead pizza dough ▶▶ 1 ½ cup pizza sauce, the amount is to your liking ▶▶ 2 cloves garlic, minced ▶▶ 1-11 ½ cups shredded Canadian mozzarella ▶▶ 8-10 slices pepperoni ▶▶ 1-2 slices of ham cut into small squares (if not ham, pieces of beef would do fine) ▶▶ 2 slices of crispy bacon cut into small pieces (again, beef would do fine) ▶▶ 1 link spicy sausage removed from casing and browned ▶▶ 1 ½ cup browned ground beef (If used beef instead of ham and bacon, this will be re‑ dundant) ▶▶ Canadian parmesan cheese, to finish ▶▶ Red pepper flakes, to serve

Of course, any pizza that is linked to any of the many meat lovers pizza is only complete with a good amount of cheese. As such, this brilliantly 500-550 degrees preheat the oven. combined pizza becomes a feast when loaded with Canadian cheese and enough meat to your Lightly oil a cast iron pan. Shape dough into a circle, pushing gently until fairly thin. Spread liking. out the sauce over the dough and sprinkle on the garlic. Top it off with the mozzarella, fol‑ lowed by all the meats. The grated parmesan can now be placed on, and the entire prepara‑ tion for 12-15 minutes in the preheated oven. Enjoy


Remington Designs Creative with taste


Notebook on the move

ways to a perspective. So naturally, Remington Design’s account has launched to a great start.

are the local and nearest smallest go-to stop for quick items, located most near your apartment. This appears to be most useful, especially in a busy city as New York. And all the way to Grandma Pie.


time out in New York is most pleasurable in every season. Perhaps this year’s winter where the end of 2015 isn’t exactly paint‑ ing the Christmas card idyllic, but one thing is certain this city never sleeps. Whenever you would to travel to this big city, embrace the culture and learn the local slang as fast as possible as New York City is home to a collection of words and phras‑ es one only hears while living in or visiting. From Bodegas, who

Delicious; inspirational and creativeness is soaked deep in the heart of every New Yorker, and for every visitor, these little typical styles and phrases are tak‑ en for granted, and never forgotten. Remington Design has become one of the most notable fashion entre‑ preneurs in the region of Manhattan and thriving on the World Wide Web to. And when it comes to fashion, there are many

Why it got started the way it did: “A funny thing happened one day as I sat on the subway as I was discussing creativeness with a friend of mine. And of all the people, her simple words, which I heard so many times of starting my own business, somehow made me start to think about their questions; maybe, they were onto something. And it was then I started Remington Design in 2003. “All the inspiration is really nice of course and the never awaiting fashion industry keeps me creative and going. But I also want to make sure that my style is picked up and noticed by the eyes of one of the central cities of fashion as well as those who long to walk with New York’s fashion items. My style of jewellery is to the meeting points of Free Spirit and Elegant. All needs to flow well to accent the dress she wears.” To see more of Reming‑ ton Design’s exclusive col‑ lection, have a stroll to ‑11‑


Notebook on the move


“In religion, India is the only millionaire... The one land that all men desire to see and having seen once, by even a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for all the shows of all the rest of the globe combined.” ~ Mark Twain ~



traffic is what we all know from the media, a chaos as we drive into Bangalor, even with the ban on two wheelers its city limits, are typical happenings of Bangalore. And during the holiday season the traffic is at its worst, but, I would be stuck in traffic in good weather at least. Their vehicles with right hand steering ply on the same side of the road. This isn’t strange to know if you would to endulge the history of the nation of which an eccentric general decided in 1970 to change the direction of traffic from left to right. ‑15‑


Left on page: Statue of Vishnu near a memoreal. Upper left: Nyingmapa monastry, the Golden Tempel Upper right: Inner court of our stay Left Under: The outside of our stay

Some would say that Bangalore is undoubtedly the best city to live in India today. Nevertheless, it was pleasing to note that my stay in Bangalore beats Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and some of the other ma‑ jor cities I’ve ever visited. Bangalore ranks at a paltry 141 out of a survey conducted on 221 cities, and this low ranking was naturally expected as well. But what makes Bangalore so livable and what does make it not so livable? Well, to say the least, and foremost, the weather, which is most benefi‑ cial and healthful for the most part of the year. Bangalore is quite charming. It is

still a lot greener than other cities and bears a very cosmopolitan outlook. The real estate sector will stay a problem, but the people are by far most friendly about it figuring A problem is a problem whenever you make it your problem, life is short enough. And true they are to think so. There are however enough malls to spend your time away in, or at least until 11 pm. Its old world charm strokes your stay as the sound of reverberating church bells fills the foggy skies. The smell of rich plum cakes and coffee tantalizes my senses to care less and making Bangalore a livable city to live in.

I enjoyed having the much cher‑ ished south indian filter coffee in the Udupi hotels, the aroma you order a cup of cofffee whilst sitting in the car. Such coffee is manna ot a much to idle brain. All in all, we have seen much and experienced so far... quirky contra‑ dictions and all. I felt most confort‑ able in the city that “comfort” can be redefined for this cosmopolitan.



rance, especially Paris, has got the best of the world at heart, after having to suffer some setbacks. But whatever happens, the magical park of Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris remains such a beautiful place to be waking up to. The spark that shines so bright through the morning sun is sure to give much pleas‑ ure during your stay. From the moment you step out of the door, Disneyland Paris is transformed, especially during the holidays, where guests are celebrating all that there is to meet the top end of the magical land of Disney. Every year Disney land Paris attracts more than fourteen and a half million visitors. It is the most visited tourist destination in Europe and the top tour operator in France in terms of the number of clients.


Get close to the iconic castle, of which many of Disney’s movies are marked with, and you shall never miss a celebration. Where in the coming holiday, Disneyland Paris is transformed, where the guests jubilate is kingdoms icons, Mickey Mouse, Princes and Princesses. And of course, Father Christmas as the manager of his season cheers all that will warm the hearts and spirit with the merry melodies. Those of you who already attended the 60 years of Disney Theme of Disney were in quite a surprise, as new artwork sets appear on Twenty-Eight & Main, Disney Boutique and many more. continued on page 20


Jumping ahead to the feast and the joy displayed about, stroke the curiosity on what is happening out there. Epicure‑ ans will have the time of their lives. The address of this second Disney Resort flourishes well in its magical location. Walt Disney United States and Walt Dis‑ ney Resort Paris is alleviation and the art of living that stands central to its striv‑ ing. Travel along with us along while we discover the magic that unfolds from the olden days all the way through time. A good start of the day is half the job of our five days trip is suffice to say flew by quicker than expected. Those of you, who attended the sixty years of Disney Theme Park Merchan‑ dise forum, were in for quite a surprise as there were conclusions of the evolution of ear hats, new artwork set to appear on Twenty-Eight & Main, Disney Couture, Princess, Haunted Mansion – Revisited and Pirates of the Caribbean. Of course, it ‑20‑

was the fact that What Lies Ahead portion that caught the attention of many people. These were the people with merchandise art reveals for the Disneyland Resort, all the way the East, where Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort Disney Cruise line, Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, and of course, Shanghai Disney Resort.

The Picture of the magical castle from the side

The hundred sixty-seven foot castle in truly magical, as it complete wonder and structures were inspired by the castle in the movie Sleeping Beauty, as well as various French monuments. It is said that this particular castle even has a sleeping dragon in its basement, which occasion‑ ally awakens whenever guests come near. Now, think what you want, but that to me is magical.

In Time

Once again jumping back in time, in this approach to the years of the 1990’s in our retrospective of innovations at the Disney‑ land Resort.

many successful night-time spectaculars at the Disney Parks across the world and continues to this day.

Remember the time when the nighttime spectacular Fantasmic was the new in‑ troduction. This was really the first of its kind, of which the projections on reflective mists and huge figures that seemed to rise magically out of Mickey Mouse’s imagi‑ nation. This show combined mist screens, rafts, mechanical figures, fire effects and more than fifty Disneyland cast members to bring the story to live. But He, we must admit, it was quite a show.

When Mickey celebrates the season, the Kingdom Park light up with excitement and joyful music sweetens the air. All fa‑ vourite attraction takes on a holiday theme. Be prepared to find surprises and enchant‑ ments everywhere you turn.

The show itself was innovative in its blend‑ ing of fire and waterworks. Its animation and live action were brilliantly, and the fact that it’s still running. Fantasmic was to say that this was the forerunner for the


The story Goblin


D “

o sparks of tales come to their right, or must they remain dormant?

Stories makes us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.” -Madeleine L’Engle

As our stories makes us who we are, creative creatures who enjoy one others imaginations, Well… then then i dare say that some of the thrilling ideas were born from little sparks of pinches within the walls of my mind. And because of that, I have made this page of Short Story Goblin to give you an idea to what the lightest breeze, that caresses the mountaintops of my mind, holds in its hermitage.


Image: Aedes KM Media

A sceptical lady with butterfly glasses gave everyone an dramatic and unexpected ‘Big Bang’ of their lives when the bank-robbers see a clear chance.



countryside was light in a rustic hue of a mantle cloak, the air warm and fresh. It is autumn and the fallen leaves eddy through the dusk.

All seemed so without sorrow with life in ease. The people of the small town got up this morn‑ ing acting on their hearted will and picking up their activity. So quietly ran the day of the early morning. Missus Phellor, a sceptical lady with butterfly glasses had taken her umbrella with her because she of all her colleagues did not trust the weather. Just before she took her step out of the bus, she greeted the loyal bus driver Fred who secretly had an eye for her but never dared to approach her. He always lingered an extra moment with an over polite greeting which was never returned, but nevertheless his hope never gave up. The backdoor of the building she worked in opened just before she came near. Officer Terry, functioning as the guard greeted instructively as his job required. He too never received a rejoin‑ der in any days since his first. A few of her fellow colleagues had still in the back with the early morning stories or as missus Phellor calls it gossips. Today they were extra quiet as missus Phellor stepped in to take a cup of tea before she went to her office that stood adjacent to the large counter where the Bank hall still remained empty for the next ten minutes. A few covering smiles were hard to masquerade “Having a good morning especially today mis‑ sus Phellor?” Molly, one of them asked the first, her two fingers over her smiling lips and quickly gearing her look at the other three at the table. “Not anymore special as any other day. Hope all of you do well I hope?” missus Phellor said hop‑ ing not having to say much more. “Well, today seems pretty, the weather smiles, all the people around you smile—“ Molly contin‑ ued. “I get what you are doing, but it is not going to work people. It is just another day and I wish not to engage what you think of doing. I’d rather see some good figures on the end” She said and walked off. The morning soon began and the first customers strolled in awaiting their turn, the bank was open. Jason had pulled back his left sleeve already seven times to look at his watch, his right foot tapped almost what seems of a nervous tic, his hand back in his jeans pocket and shortly studied ‑25‑

the rest of the customers. He gave a quick peek outside and leaned back against the back of the pillar. Officer Terry had already picked up on it and had prepared his approached soon. A soft echo‑ ing tone announced another number on the board. A few people had already left with satisfying features of looks. Eleven on the hour gave notice above the rim of the design wall beams. Terry had by now slow‑ ly taken the first steps towards Jason who had again peered at his watch. Another customer had seen the guard geared toward Jason in a studying look and followed his move. The steps coming from the corner were quickly recorded and Jason turned in his direction. A beat of sweat ran down his face, it was clear to the guard there was something totally not right to the situation and decided to lift his right hand and placed it on his gun holster, his left arm slow‑ ly pulling up ready to tap the young man on the shoulder. “Is there something wrong sir?” Terry uttered his words stern but still polite without concerning other customers, just as he was trained to do. Jason quickly shucks his head of nothing to be of concern. Right then at that very moment, a loud ear-numbing sound erupted in the hall. A shock that ran through everybody guarded their view in auto-reflex as the peering of the source came from near the counter “Everybody down!” was the hard words exclaimed. Small debris spread out near him over the floor. Terry only gave only a wink with his eyes in the moment and already pulled his gun ready to pull the trigger, but his gear was still in that second of a moment on Jason. He quickly turned towards the counter where a man stood with a calibre of great power punched in the air. “Mac, don’t you dare!” came from next to officer Terry as Jason too had a gun in his hands pointed to the culprit in front. The quickest response of Terry was questioned as he suddenly hit Jason’s arms into the air throwing himself over him, and his gun went off and both fell to the ground. The chaos has erupted and screams of terror from the customers filled the air, everybody hit the ground. A third shot was born echoing in the closed hall and Officer Terry quickly looked toward the counter and found what he hoped to see, the man with his powerful calibre on the ground, his weapon gliding away. Officer José from the back had loosened his first shot ever and gunned down, the act is over and all was quiet. A few moments had passed and Officer Terry and Officer José had declared the room to be safe. Molly had un-clutched her eyes and slowly came from the copy room. Her first few steps were ‑26‑

cramped as she came in view and to a sudd full stop, dropped the stack of paper and contracted into another petrified pose. Everybody came running to where she stared in shock and found missus Phellor in the door opening of her office. A small cake in ruin half over her body as she lay in her fallen pose. Blood coming from behind her head, a bullet from Jason’s gun. The cake held on the nearly washed out words that said: My Big Bang 50 years.


Image: Aedes KM Media

A story that reeks of fickle. A mountain peak of thoughts in dreams and awake. A dark corner near you where the whispers linger. Delighted to remember before saying goodnight to your loved ones. Good luck...



stared almost infatuated into the night sky as the dome of illuminating dots seemed to move in a slow vortex and the night breeze felt to suggest in leaning against my back. A crescent moon winked on my right. My face morphed into a wince as a rustle was suddenly born between the tall grasses of the gramma. My eyes dilated and my breath stopped immediately and searched between the overwhelming appearances. This was wrong, for a moment ago I could swear that I stood safely in my backyard, and now I had found myself in an unknown stretched out meadow in the middle of nowhere. A few trees in the all too far distance stood frozen.

The rustle continued, now from three other locations around me. The tall blades of grass parted as the moaning sound revealed their preying moves. I quickly looked about me for an escape, but the vast gramma disappointed all my ideas. My now uncontrolled breathing took on a differ‑ ent pace and vapour protruded out of my mouth. The temperature dropped and the haze rose up from the ground. The rustling quickened and turned towards me. My breath stopped again, my skin felt more than cold, and then a deep growl next to my ears. I jumped up in an abrupt violent move as I awoke. My shirt felt wet and my hair was clammy and pressed against my face. It was quiet but my muscles were still in the resonating state. ‘It was just a dream, it was just a dream’ my mind tried to convince me. My wife who lay next to me had also taken herself into a sitting position. The silhouette of her was the only thing I could see as the moonlight formed her outlines. She sat still and didn’t say anything. Just for a moment, I thought that there was something wrong, but then her face turned towards the window where the curtains were pushed aside. “It’s waiting in the corner,” she said with a whispering voice, still facing away from me. It dawned on me that there was more to my dreaming then I hoped. My skin felt vulnerable and painfully as it felt like something was staring at me near the door, where it was completely dark, away from the night-light. My wife still sitting quietly next to me with her face turned away. I slowly cranked my head toward the dark side of the room where the darkness in the corner had engulfed more than the door and kept growing. I felt frozen. The sound of a slow-moving wind was born in its depths. My eyes continued to the side of the bed where the lamp on the night‑ stand awaited me. I dared to take a move, a beat of sweat rolled down my forehead, the colour of the dark corner felt to flow in with a cold breath I took. The sound increased as if it felt my reaching escape. “It’s waiting,” my wife said again with more volume and I quickly turned towards her. ‑29‑

“Now!” another whisper in a growling voice came from the luring black depth of space beside me. And then a quick rapid sound of a click. The room was lit and still, quiet as usual. My heavy breathing was the only thing interfering the rooms covert. My wife lay peaceful asleep next to me. The curtains were closed and no moonlight that night. The corner of the room seemed more than safe. A delirium of dreams had caught my attention, so I stayed awake the rest of the night, staring into the corner.



Image: Aedes KM Media

Mr. Fletcher, who has everything he longs for, a house; car and career, but still his life is tormented by a single neighbour. Frustration broods and the only solution that enthralls under his kin, appears in the form of an assassin in... A Long Shot


The last leaves of windy fall for this year had nearly resigned its preponderance and handed the task over to the virgin winter. The first few cold winds announced themselves and lured the peo‑ ple into their homes. The gallery service had just delivered the latest purchased canvas portraying a reconnected par‑ ent to their child, a young painter in the bloom. “Please sign here Mr Fletcher” says the man and takes his leave soon after. Mr Fletcher’s anxiety made him linger longer than he wanted to his new painting. He pushes the volume up to twenty and enjoys his moment. But time reminded him to keep his pace and had a swift breakfast, left his plate for the cleaning lady and took off to work. A strict and high maintenance character that drove him regarding his work definitely did not fail the rewards on the end of the month. But Karin Maple had her usual complaints of underappre‑ ciated in her work, every week at nearly a few minutes past nine, which he, of course, could have used well to read through all his paper and email messages. And every time he was the one who felt the need to calm her down since he knew that her situation at home wasn’t that dandy either. And as he could check his list off, he knew that she was not the only one her weekly problem to express in whatever passionate manner. The guys at the finance department three doors down the hall had already warned him to keep his distance while they, on the other hand, laughed at his silly deeds. “You know James, one day Karin might definitely leave her husband and end up with you on her doorstep,” Thomas said once to him, but even though James was the toughest in his field, they felt him the be the weakest as it came to this. As usual, the mail lay next to his phone and as a routine, he always picked out the once with the well-known icons of their biggest clients. But this time, he picked one where only his name was written. He opened it, a single letter and on it was written to him directly, enjoining he should not be making such ghastly sounds, what he would call music at any time of the day. If there was anything he could never use, besides the ladies who came to express, it was to be his neigh‑ bour, two houses down the road. His blood shot up to a boiling point almost every time “You” he shouted alone in his office, crushing the envelope in which it lay “You think this is hilarious, do you mister Lane? Every time you try to make my life a living hell” he said this time “If I only could—“ and quickly stops himself as he darted his gaze to see if anyone had heard his inner rage boiling up. That evening after dinner alone, and quickly enjoying his new art piece, he decided to relieve himself to the local bar, where he was well-known by now. He drinks strong shots and feeds his humiliation and rage. With the still brisk wind of the last winter came in Mr Lewis, who in his turn has his devotion in life to justify the injustice of almost everything in the complete area. An older fellow, long enjoying his pension years, but still suiting up, unlike his neighbour of two houses down the road who shared nearly the same age as Mr Lewis, but seemed never to have worked in his life but to live off his father’s inventions. Something that had to do with office ‑33‑

supply, and now living to make his life more than a living hell. He remembered one year, the offi‑ cials of justice were called upon his friendly gathering of nearly ten people. His mind could blow up with words of obscenities and cursing him left. And with does memories in recounting thoughts, he said “If you only were dead, If you only were dead” he repeated in a low voice and took another strong shot. Mr Lewis brooding had been broad that evening as he had joined James at the bar. The topics from football to some of the inhabitants their privet lives, which somehow came to his ear. Through the heat of their alternating conversation, it suddenly took a strange sinister turn. “I’ve heard the wind speak strange words James, and words that you too want to hear” Mr Lewis suddenly said. “Go on,” James said, leaning forward to hear every word he had to say. The smoke of in bar hung as a mysterious phantom witnessing everything. “There is a new badger in town by the name of Mr Holmes, with an eye of glass they say. A patch that covers it, a real smoked rooster. There’s no doubt about that. His clothes always pressed, and a hat completes the image. They say he came to do some work. Another number to check off from his list. He lives a block up the road from you. The blue house.” In a flash James could see a light in his dark world of his home life, never saying something about his spot with the neighbour, but all gears were suddenly working smoothly. Later that night, he decided to walk himself home, since Friday night always gave him a great feeling. The sky is turning in a very nauseating fashion as he pauses for a moment and takes up his steps. He replayed Mr Lewis conversation and makes a few turns up the road perhaps to have a peek of this new badger. His nerve was speaking louder than he normally would slowly crouch amongst the bushes of the open yard. Inside he peeked through the corner of the window. Mr Holmes sat reading a book in his clothes just as Mr Lewis described, even his hat to complete the image. He sat next to a small lamp that lit only from his chest down, leaving the rest in silhou‑ ette. James his nerve where blunt at the moment and decided to push even further, with a still raging thoughts of his neighbour and a solution right at hand. This is where his working talent started to kick in as head of sales. He knocked at the door, and mister Holmes opened the door slowly and just enough to give away half his silhouette, and James poured out all his greatest solutions and raging feeling right there in a whisper while mister Holmes listened in silent. ‑34‑

Fifteen days past and his mind had taken up another pitch ranking nicely beside the other com‑ plaints of the usual complaining ladies, but this one took the lead. He gave miss Maple words that he even realize if to have used right, but she left with somehow a little smile on her face. Many emotions had rushed through him the last two weeks. He had hoped that the deed would have been done as he revelled in the idea, but then his counter sense willed it not to be true at all. Another week passed by silently and he starts to feel the likelihood of this mission to be a failure. He was wrong and Mr Holmes had probably ignored or declined his malcontent and mongering, which would work out for the best since he opened another envelope and didn’t find any letter to him, but a special deal for clients to a tropical place of their dreams. He could use one right now, but his work had piled up over the last weeks and decided to pick it up and rest in the warm sun. One day James took half a day and decided to work at night when everybody was gone, just to work in silent. His precious hours some had called it. He had eagerly left the wild thoughts of the last week behind him and began to plough through his work. The last spit of thoughts he uttered out loud just as he turned on his stereo with the volume nearly up “You can have it all Mr Lane, I’m soon out” and took a seat behind his desk. Only the light on his desk lit up his work, only the soft classic music filled the room. The curtain of his corner window suddenly shifted slightly as a breeze, but no windows were open at the twenty-first floor. In full concentration of his work he suddenly stopped as he felt a cold metal against the back of his neck. His eyes widened, his pen fell, his thoughts pitched beyond levels. “You thought the mission would not be fulfilled did you, Mr Fletcher? You were wrong” the voice said, and James’ eyes narrowed slightly. “You might guess that Mr Lane has it all, as he was the one who hired me in the first place.”


The ability to perceive, to be conscious of events, to feel everything. From objects to thought and emotions. The state and quality of being aware of something. We are who we are, we can and will evolve to percieve what we ‘re meant to perceive. ‑36‑



Stepping beyond our limits A famous remedy that, taken together, makes us leap that extra step.

“Our limits are defined by our own mind” - K. Wakefield -

“Possibilities are always endless” Photographed by Elektro-Plan



sat, on my day off, in the garden where the early golden rays of the sun warped me steadily, my thoughts had a way of leaping to a place where I recapped my urging’s to reach limits... this is what came to mind:

To soar back in time and gaze merely upon the act of a great man by the name of Marco Polo, we might understand the meaning of Stepping beyond your limits. Marco was a Venetian merchant traveler of which all his jour‑ nal activities were so far vividly recorded throughout different writings. The meaning of this appointed topic is to show clear and repeat the words we so often heard along our time, which is the facts that if we don’t push ourselves beyond our limits, or our com‑ fort zone, will it, be so that we will never grow? Resonating of the time souring back is that we spend just over ten years of our lives in public school and hopefully and perhaps another four years reaching to achieve our bachelor’s degree. In a society where this could be accomplished, we can easily say that our sources are well spent. We believe that there is a reason to step into the unknown by first brooding on education is of great value. So being said is that we are helping an individual grow. In the later the expanding of our minds with the world’s experiences is needed to outshine the previous conquistadors. We need to impale our hearing to what others reside. We need to make the endeavour, We need to act, But we also need to falter, and so once in a while triumph. From that moment the new achievement is reached, there for triumph is embraced, we as a people need to turn our gaze and concoct new goals, new achievements to reach for. If we don’t, our platform of success will diminish and start to rust. Procrastination will then cling to our consciousness like a magnet to a fridge and become board, even to our‑ selves. ‑39‑

So, to make sure meaning returns to you, it is in fact so that if you don’t try you can’t fail, but if you don’t try you can’t triumph either.Image converted using ifftoany Will it be so that we will never grow? If we don’t take that daring step into the unknown with the knowledge of the world, we will stop growing. Travel like Marco once did, to sail into the unknown hoping and wishing for a heightened ac‑ complishment, but do some research first. Take that step beyond your limits… you are ready. YES… you are ready.




The counter list Have you ever thought about making a bucket list?

Photographed by El Minion

The definition Well, I have, and I love it to glimpse into one other’s. But the fact of the matter stays that many of us seem to take a different turn when making this kind of list. By this point you start asking yourself what exactly it is he means by that? Don’t worry I will explain... ‑42‑

Well, to sum up a few points what really happens when one makes a bucket list:



hen willingly creating such a list that you vow to hold, it makes you put a hardship on yourself to get that what is on the list accomplished. This anxiety keeps you in the wake along you time waiting for it to happen as if our lives aren’t that complex enough. But then again without the list, the urge for accomplishing wouldn’t be there.



o add fire and excitement to the previous point, given the fact that when you don’t do well at preparing and following your own given topic on the list, it somehow starts to feel wrong, almost remorseful. Guilt slowly creeps into your consciousness. Don’t say that it’s not true… you know well enough to look in the mirror and admit, I know I have.



t the point where you start to see the list shrinks rapidly within a short amount of time during your enjoyment of life, well then it seems to me that the pursuing of that list well spent. But then again, if that would be the case, it would probably state that the list contains less-than-meaningful activities. Don’t be offended, it is just that the topic might consist of points that just sounded fair and cool to you. In most cases the things we so desire to print on this socalled bucket list, are most of the times ideas that fly by into our minds. Activities that we in our subconscious mind wish to fulfill in a short time from that point of our life, and so are these activities not always connected to any meaning.

For example, we would like to, at least, to see what live is like in the far south of South America, or learning to ski, or surf or sing with love and dance in the rain for that matter. Not that these are not possible for they are doable and much fun, but we sitting back and re-cap the meaning behind some of them makes you wonder. Activities like making a change in single individual or helping a child in need or stim‑ ulating people who feel subdued (just like I spoke about it in a previous blog of Euphoria, an unexpected act...) These activities bloom more power in the receiving accomplishments. So why do we put up with the lesser, when we could reach for the greater in ourselves….You know you can. ‑43‑

It just seems that life is full of much more than to fulfill some simple activities that we threw on just for the fun. And if you decide to make such a list, make it worthy to receive fulfillment in the end so you can proudly display it on your lives banner. We are amazing (Just like I wrote about in the blog of Don’t we all have the skill to become entrepreneurs) and everything great is right under our very noses. The great fact of astonishment is actually just waiting to hold our hands. Reach out, you are nearly there. Now tell me…. What would your list look like after you have read these words? What would they contain?




Life is... Not disappointing you Have you ever thought about making a bucket list?

Image: Aedes KM Media

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ ‑46‑


here is everlasting dormant energy that keeps a part of our brain in an active whispering mode that we could have done things better. You could have done it better or you’re not doing this right, many will notice it or better yet, don’t bother you wouldn’t be noticed. With this being active all the time, we constantly seek all sort of reasons to keep us in thought by trying to improve our acts or stall in order to reorganize your thoughts, seeking comfort in your safety zone. There is nothing wrong with these activities or reasons we use to cover our silly thoughts or acts. Be assured that everything you do is part of a bigger plan that is guided by the ones who look af‑ ter us. So be at ease, and if you need to ground your energy through your body, here is a healthy and useful tip: Stop what you are doing, whatever it is you are doing for just 10 single seconds. Stand up and close your eyes Inhale slowly and soak in all the positive energy throughout of the room or open area you stand. Exhale slowly, pushing out all the used-up and useless sorrow thoughts of energy out. By doing this so now and then every few times, at least, a week, you will find that there is noth‑ ing wrong with what it is you are doing, not even the dragging thoughts. They just need to be there to remind you for a brief moment, and then it’s time to leave. Get it out…. You are a great person with good deeds. Be positive to yourself and to others, and others will soon do the same to you and their others. The chain has begun….Thanks to you. You are wonderful. This brings you to the next step of the creativeness of your own entertainments.



Feed your mind Have you ever wanted to read a book a day? or, at least, much in a very short time?

Photographed by DS



eddy Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth president of the United States, has had the pleasure of reading so fast and therefore so fre‑ quent, so much so that the number of books read had reached up to a book a day. Well, I know what you are asking yourself… Why would I want to read a book a day? Where is the fun of enjoyment if there is a need for speed. And I believe you, trust me. But the need for speed in reading to the extreme is in many ways not about the pleasure, but somehow about the need for information. And for some, it is just a kick.

The need to stretch a certain part of the brain is based on the fact that you seek a certain feeling to satisfy, over and over again. Whether it is about love; History; General or Scientifically. For it is not the volume that matters, but the value of the information. But the volume is needed to be read in order to understand the value. Take an example in relationships… It is not the man who carries the brightest watch; the expensive car and has the most money, but the one who gives her that attention she needs. In the same way, reading, in general, could be measured. And if you decide to feed your mind with lots of information, well a few tips to make it happen or, at least, come near such achievements are here below:

ӯӯ Firstly is to exercise your body before you start you day. Yoga or Pilates, perhaps just stretch‑ ing and a few push-ups would do best. The muscles need to be flexible to stimulate the blood and oxygen flow to your brain. ӯӯ Walk an hour a day (or just a few times a week) for it is considered an optional amount for exercising for adults. By walking in that amount of time, your brain creates new brain cells; neu‑ rons, ready to be filled. ӯӯ A good breakfast reinforces the fundamentals of your body and mind. ‑49‑

As your body makes use of all the ingredients, and you start pushing yourself with an extra chapter to read, you will begin to notice that there will be more to inquire over time and, therefore, read more and learn more. By reading, the brain plants new information on the neu‑ rons and therefore more likely to form connections to different levels of understanding. Just like animals who use the means of walking to find their way to a certain need. Like elephants “who never forgets” can walk miles and miles, just to find their way to the water hole. So, the brain makes new neurons to fill-up. These simple steps shall make you leap into a habit (How and where to get started on a disciplined habit) of slow, but certainly to a direction of a healthier life. If you have any other suggestions or feel the need to say a few words regarding this post, feel free to leave a comment. For I am eager to read and discuss the thoughts of other who just like I, are on the same staircase to reach better understandings or just a friendly Hello.

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” ~ Wayne W. Dyer ~


Only you who saw in the mighty waters brings us back to refits the acts We are so close and yet a world apart In morning due to a brightly pale moon Follow the colours of the swirling lights And see your life be guided by sight ~ K.Wakefield ~



Mountains of books VS A grain of time What do you do while you read?

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here are so many books to read and so little time to read them in. Of course, we’ve all been there. And to be clear, it’s not just books that demand our attention. The cheerful kids of bright futures or simply just driving to work that need our attention, too…right?


So to be straight to the point, I have here a few tips I’ve rounded up to help you find ways to read while you’re doing still active with other things. Let it be so, that if you do just one single thing to‑ day, let it be reading while you do something else. The do’s and don’ts to multitasking while reading: Do have a chance to review your fully booked schedule for gaps. If possible, do carry a book with you everywhere you go. If for some reason the book you’re reading doesn’t catches your attention straight away when picking up to continue, well… find a better book. This one clearly enough isn’t interesting to be remembered. CritiqueDon’t give yourself to bend to criticism. It will be often so that others will question this ability to keep the focus on more than one task at a time (burned your day’s cookery while read‑ ing that book you like). And yes, there have been many studies about multitasking; some work and others don’t… gladly everybody isn’t the same.

Do give the word to your loved ones near you that reading together is a quality time. Even if it’s

just a mere page of the shortest story; riddle or poem for that matter, for a single word or sen‑ tence triggers the mind to curiosity, wanting more somehow. And off course, it’s a cozy center of treasuring others. Oh, and don’t forget it kills two birds with… you know the rest.

Don’t be afraid to shorten any character names to

freshen up the story; give it your own skimming twist, but don’t go changing the story of course… I mean “Gandalf ” can easily be shortened to “G”… or “Mary Poppins” or “Dumbledore” for that matter (to keep it more family friendly). It’s not like the creator of that book will ever know. But do use the full name if using in public of course.

Do give yourself the chance to listen to audio books. Yes, they are still there and counting…

and it’s Listen togethersafer in traffic or any other activity (parenting for example). Just pop does ear thingies in and you’re hands-free. What more do you want…??


Don’t go over your own hero in the mirror. Sometimes good… is good enough. Leave all read‑

ing spider tasking aside. Rest… take a breath, and do what is necessary first. That book written in 1812 is still here… and so will be that book you’re reading now. You might see it as a great story; juicy stories; that tear feeling or laughter or the thrill of enjoyable escape when you’ve already showed the world who’s boss. There are mountains of books created every year, and every year we try to top more books to read. And every year it seems that time tries to quench us even more, but it’s not the mountain that we need to show who’s boss, but the juicy words of joy that support us along the way. The mountain top needs to be on top to keep us contin‑ uing. Enjoy the ride, leave critiques aside, for great readers don’t care much for frivolous things like popularity. It is being said that if you’re going to get anything done worthwhile, you’re going to create some enemies along the way.

~ Happy reading ~




The Artistry of Procrastination Have you left it for another day?

Photographed by LoggaWanggler



ast week I spoke of mistakes that actually are merely considered a mistake. And that every first thought of choice is usually the best choice. Listen what your heart speaks of great lan‑ guage, don’t ignore. For procrastination is easily a burden to segregate. Well, this week I speak only of the procrastination in a theme of a poem. Shall it come to recognition, smile and like if you will Or share a line or two with a guiding word, never to haunt us still.

Rainbows in dreams deferred Despite, O despite the clear prevalence Of expectancy in timely combining elements When longing the wish, we have just pushed away Think long and far to near; seek what is dear O the misty days of vanity, procrastination is always there In slumber minds and the spaces are filled and shared Just close your eyes, that’s what you want and go to bed A toll claimed the thoughts running through my head Delay, O delay; a breeding remorse, like an everlasting dragging tail Dare, O dare to pleasure your open eyes; lament to a lesser aim Seek not time, when time is passed, procrastination has taken patience We forget, time explodes vastly to nothing when expiration mounts So speed yourself to poise, wash away what concrete hold Wish O wish the serving of your daily life, orphan the slumber cold Cast the burden, a full heart is rare and immortal A perfect imperfection has already chosen a hoping theme Slow but steady hold your pose Never lose patience, it keeps the moments treasured Hefty price is toll to pay; so good is best when sooner wrought A time to spent, spent it fully; there is no time bought


Art Guide The most exiting and interesting expo‑ sitions, book creations, concerts from in - our outside the country. This issue crafts that of an entrepreneur, a fan‑ tasy writer with a peculiar taste of awareness.




he body is the subconscious mind that moves through different worlds where time has a different meaning. Karl Wakefield, a market merchant with no extraordinary abil‑ ity, found himself in the other worlds after many moments of keeping inner secrets that urged him on. One particular question haunted him for most of his life: What if …? A longing for understanding he willed to have a grip on rea‑ son as the past haunted him. He never expecting his ques‑ tions to be answered by mythical creatures, and one day makes a deal with Margus Inferian, a powerful enchanter. Karl’s coming was predicted, and suddenly he was pulled into a different world. He found himself to witnessing abnormal events as he was hurled into a dimension where “the man who knows” has the answers to his unsolved mysteries and aids him to see what he could not before. He made a discov‑ ery to be of an ancient time, tangled in delusions of the past and hunted down by the vile figures of the Gulusis and a dark thoughts of the one in masquerade, all seeking the pendant of the mountains and the dagger of Vytos. Powers he never knew he had. Unwittingly Karl’s wife Eve, becomes involved, and he strug‑ gle between his own understandings and she who held his heart. He was forced to continue, steered by his will to where the path ahead held his future. Would they survive - or crum‑ ble and pine away to the forgotten past?



This was an interesting read full of mermaids and other mythical creatures, elements of the Tarot, and plenty of strange magical events. The characters of Karl and Eve were quite likable and I enjoyed reading their story. Their experiences were as one might imagine from a normal couple thrown into extraordinary circumstances. The story is intricately woven and it was clear that the author put quite a bit of thought into it. The book is very nice look at just what is truly important in life. I look forward to reading future books in this promising series. Beth


Take an ordinary man with no extraordinary talents, transport him into another dimension, challenge his long-held concepts of life and its meaning, and send him on a quest, and you have the façade that is The Mystic Of Karl Mind: The Shadow of The Vytos: a read that can best be described as ‘spiritual fantasy’. In such a world, merchant Karl is called upon to be both witness and hero. In such a world, his wife becomes a pawn in a larger game. And in such a world, his attempts to understand are closely linked with a struggle for survival. The prerequisites for reader enjoyment of The Mystic Of Karl Mind are few, but specific: fantasy readers should be interested in a healthy blend of philosophical and spiritual reflection, and should choose this book for more than its fantasy adventure. Those in it for the deeper meaning will be the most satisfied with a sweeping setting that begins in a small village in Victorian times and moves swiftly between worlds, carrying readers along in an eddy of relentless force. This is the world of Karl, who lives a life ‘without sorrow’ but also without challenge; without love but also seemingly without angst – except for some unexpected lapses: “Time is kind but tricky to his mind. Young Karl has many blackout moments – the thoughts of the unanswered questions of his existence. The quest to reflection and awareness shall always have an unexpected turn of events that makes his thoughts spin in surprising directions. Will turning back be an option?” A poem follows; then another life and another world: the world of Karl as a child. While this is actually the starting point of the story, Graanoogst’s choice of opening with Karl’s present-day world at the be‑ ginning is a clever device that creates a satisfying juxtaposition and contrast of times and invites reader curiosity about what has happened in between. It’s what lies between that is the meat of The Mystic Of Karl Mind: The Shadow of The Vytos: and this seems the appropriate point to mention that readers who eschew an exploration of the mystical in their swords-and-sorcery fantasies; who resist the impulse to become involved in intrigue as well as elements of fantasy adventure; and who seek a singular path to a journey will find the level of complexity here to be a challenge. In other words: if it’s pure, entertaining adventure that is desired without the inclusion of deeper perspective, move along. For the strength of The Mystic Of Karl Mind: The Shadow of The Vytos lies not just in an epic jour‑ ney (that is part and parcel of the fantasy genre itself) but in the protagonists’ underlying motivation, self-discoveries, and spiritual and moral insights; and it’s here that the story shines. So, go ahead. Set foot on the road that explores inner and outer worlds. And take your time: after all, in a superior story, the journey should ideally be as important as the destination – and in The Mystic of Karl Mind, it is: “You think fear is up the mountains?” Ulnir said, gazing at a glowing piece of wood in the fire. “What you’ll find is no fear. Fear will come when you see no outcome, when you feel the dark‑ ness clearing your ending. But you will find no fear. The dragon of forge and fire is also of cold and ice. He is the one who forges the Vytos to the Plecten, empowered by the mighty red.” D. Donovan ‑63‑

The first of the two trailers the author made is dramatically and gives the perfect illusion of an epic movie. Something that an avid fantasy reader, as well as a movie fan, definitely could expect to be translated into a major epic movie. The story itself, which lures the reader to a certain curiosity, is beautifully embraced by the effects crafted. We could only await Hollywood.

Go all the way and set yourself on the order list Jürgen A.D. Graanoogst Publisher Authorhouse ISBN 978-1-4969-9817-0 (sc) ISBN 978-1-4969-9810-1 (hc) ISBN 978-1-4969-9818-7 (e) | € 7,49

The second trailer with a slightly more kick, but equally effective as the first trailer, is shorter and quickly mentioned in a Tweet, Facebook post or any other web page. Both clips are available on the authors Youtube page.


The next issue of Fanum W

hile this year has nearly begun, we already have to say goodbye to another legend added to the music industry. David Bowie. He had suffered from illness for some time, and only to have known by his closest friends. The world is still in shock to learn that he was battling can‑ cer. His final music Video “Lazarus” was released only three days before his death. In a way, you can call it a bit chilling, especially if you let his lyrics sink in. According to his loved ones, his last album, Blackstar, was a “parting gift” for the fans. Therefore we, the ones who are fans, will enjoy it even more. The only thing to say is “We will miss you, David”

David Bowie - Lazarus

Timelapse of Bowie in Belgian


Year in review The issue of (name Magazine) also focusses on the general thoughts we share with the world. All noteworthy people that shocked us, who might that be? Who might have knocked us off our socks and left our mouths hanging long? Here’s our peek at 2015’s most catching moments. All great patches on this planet and Britain have been waiting for the arrival of the new cuteness and bundle of joy of Royal baby number 2. And what would she be named? Finally on May 2, 2015, Princess Charlotte Eliza‑ beth Diana was born!

The end has finally dawned upon us, and to be more spe‑ cific, the Cold War between the US and Cuba. On July 20, 2015, these two countries greeted each others embas‑ sies, since 1961. After all these years, this is definitely a breakthrough and improvement to better relations. The Cuba Historic Meeting President Barack Obama & Raul Castro

To continue in the US, the women’s soccer team had the greatest cheer, as their team won the World Cup for the first time in 16 years. They are also the first team ever to win the tournament three times in a row. Their final game against Japan ended in a 5-2 victory.


Even the Anderson Cooper is on daily meditation, which Jon Kabat-Zinn, the pioneer of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) concludes to breath steady in the morning instead being like “oh my God” and driven already by the working day itself. This is a great progress to get more people to understand a better inner self to guide them more clear on this path we journey.

Pope Francis is one of the most noteworthy and coolest popes we’ve known. In a visit to Philadelphia, New York and D.C. the pope kissed many babies, blessed the less fortunate and disabled, and many who’s faith in human‑ ity were affected. One by one, we must all, at one point face the truth behind lives curtains. There are a few who try to ease the journey while we still live.

Last but not least, Hello Adel! Who could ignore such beautiful sounds of Gram‑ my-winning singer Adele, who released her fist single in three years on October 23, 2015. With doing so, she has made a definite comeback. The Hello song crushed internet records with 27.7 million YouTube views in only a single day. ‑67‑

Fanum Magazine  

Fanum Magazine waves the enlightenment of our lives. Issues, Fancy Short Stories, a wonderful recipe, and thoughtful Reviews.

Fanum Magazine  

Fanum Magazine waves the enlightenment of our lives. Issues, Fancy Short Stories, a wonderful recipe, and thoughtful Reviews.