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Orchard Lounge is the DJ collective of Spencer Lokken, Bethany Briscoe Lokken, and Ben Silver. Since they met in Chicago in 2000, this versatile trio has enlightened dance floors from Mexico to Maine with their highly unpredictable and eclectic sets. From headnodic downtempo & boogie to ominous and ultramodern house & tech, theirs is a democratic mission: to expose as many people as possible to the artists whom they admire and respect, create unique dance floor memories, and to cross traditional boundaries of turntablism/improv/electronic fusion. Project Notes This site was built with two great features that I had not employed before: ajax loading for internal content links and a fully responsive template created with css media queries and the jQuery Masonry plugin. The site uses a fullscreen background slideshow that we did not want to reload each time an internal link was clicked, both for continuity of the

slideshow and for loading speed. This was solved by using ajax to refresh just the content area whenever internal links are clicked, thereby speeding up the site and letting the background slideshow continue. It was also important that the site look great on all devices so we decided to use a responsive template design. Using css media queries to call different stylesheets based on the browser screen size we were able to make the site look and function perfectly on everything from a full widescreen monitor to tablets and mobile browsers. Without too much extra code, it makes separate layouts for wide screens (greater than 1236px), normal (986 - 1235px), tablet (720-985px), mobile landscape (an iphone held horizontal, 480 to 719px), and mobile portrait (an iphone held vertical, 480px or less). All media on the site also resizes with the screen size, and for smaller screens we added a mobile menu at the top to ease navigation.

The New York Stem Cell Foundation is dedicated to accelerating cures for the major diseases of our time through stem cell research. NYSCF opened the first privately funded stem cell laboratory in New York City, where NYSCF researchers and collaborating scientists conduct advanced stem cell research free of federal restrictions. The organization supports scientists engaged in stem cell research through the NYSCF Research Laboratory, NYSCF Fellowship and Investigator Programs, Conferences and Symposia, and the NYSCF-Robertson Stem Cell Prize. Project Notes This project was a major redesign of the organization’s existing site, including an upgrade of the Joomla CMS. I developed a new custom template for the site, and the significant amount of existing content had to be transferred to the new CMS framework and reorganized. Due to the varied audiences using this site, including scientific researchers, donors and laypeople interested in stem cell research, a major goal for this redesign was to find the most effective way to organize the content for all users. We achieved this through simplifying the layout and making the content more approachable, simplifying the content categories, adding landing pages with overviews of the major sections of the site and including section-specific menus to ease navigation. We also increased NYSCF’s internal efficiency by automating online donations and event registration. Protected pages hosting forms for collaborators and employees were also added, simplifying the distribution process.

Adam Zerhouni is an up and coming painter from Baltimore, currently living and working in San Francisco. This site was built to showcase his work and promote upcoming events. Project Notes To create a unique and highly personalized feel for the site, all graphics on the site were painted or inked on canvas by the artist and converted to vector elements for use on the site. I used the perfectly minimal Galleria javascript image gallery to showcase the art, with the pictures being hosted on flickr in specific sets - allowing the client to organize, add and update images on the site by using the simple flickr interface they are already familiar with. Additional Design: Adam Zerhouni

Pants Dance is a music and events collaborative based in Brooklyn, NY. Pants Dance aims to discover the songs that blend the best parts of pop, indiedance, house, and electronica, and leave you with a playlist that reminds you of all the color, sugar, and shiny lights in the world. Project Notes This site uses a custom content construction system on the backend and custom templating to allow the client to update and showcase their bimonthly music compilations with streaming audio, images and descriptions for each post, as well as a streaming player for the whole compilation. There is also a simple e-commerce section of the site built with Virtuemart and K2mart where the client can easily post and sell Pants Dance merchandise. Additional Design: Pants Dance // Sam Dakota Miller

Atlas Real Estate Partners is a New York-based real estate investment management firm with an entrepreneurial focus. Atlas focuses on acquiring assets at a discount to replacement cost and comparable sales, in markets that offer the opportunity to increase returns through the execution of a valueenhanced strategy. Project Notes In designing this site, I focused on the client’s goal of a simple, user friendly site that conveyed their corporate identity while retaining an appealing design aesthetic. This site uses the Joomla CMS with custom templating to allow the client to update property listings and other content easily.

Eclectic Method have long been at the forefront of visual-audio music production and performance. With live audiovisual dance parties, award-winning viral videos, and original dance music releases, EM is the quintessential artist of the digital generation. Project Notes In designing and developing this site, we had to ensure that all aspects of EM’s work, both audio and video production, were showcased while keeping the frontside design easy to navigate and the administrator area intuitive for the client. Using Joomla and the excellent K2 component, I built a custom content system for the backside that allows the client to easily add and update tracks and all their associated content: videos, soundcloud embeds, credits, downloads and social links in a very simple format that ensures consistency for the frontside layouts. Design: Learned Evolution

The Meta Agency develops and manages the world’s leading experiential interactive artists. Their artists range from live video remix DJs to architectural projection mappers, AV interactive Kinect wizards to 3D environmental sound-scapists, experiential event designers to live laser LDs. TMA represents the Talent Beyond. Project Notes This site was built using the jQuery Masonry plugin, allowing the artist posts to reorder responsively based on the users screen size, ensuring the layout always looks great and uses available space efficiently. Since each artist needed to include multiple videos, I built a custom video gallery using the Vimeo API that automatically populates the video thumbnails and organizes them into a carousel below the main player area, all based on a list of video ids the client can update in the backend. Design: Learned Evolution

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2012 Translational Research Conference Save the Date


october 12-13, 2010 CO-SPONSORS

The Tri-Institutional Stem Cell Initiative

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2008 - 2010 Translational Research Conference Conference Posters

NYSCF Fellowship Program 2011 Fellows Brochure

2012 Gala and Science Fair Save the Date & Gala Letterhead Suite

2012 TimesCenter Panel Invitation Postcard & Program

2011 - 2012 Medical Advisory Board Meeting Invitation & Programs

2010 NYSCF Newsupdate Print Newsletter




JURAWA HALLEN | 617.610.0089 | | 229 Craut Street | San Francisco, CA 94112

// PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Aug 08 – Mar 12 Jul 11 – Mar 12

THE NEW YORK STEM CELL FOUNDATION, NEW YORK, NY Coordinator, Web Communications and Graphic Arts • Manage web presence: technical development, hosting, content supervision, email marketing and eNewsletter campaigns, social media. • Produce and coordinate graphic design across departments: in-house design for web and print, manage relationships with freelancers and vendors. • Executed full-site redesign and CMS upgrade: savings exceeding 30k.

Jun 10 - Jul 11

Events and Communications Coordinator • Joined communications team: reflecting self-initiated increase in management of website, communications and print design. • Increased events responsibility: managed part-time staff for event production.

Aug 08 – Jun 10

Events Associate • Planned and produced a range of events: public outreach, fundraising, social, scientific. • Produced NYSCF Annual Translational Stem Cell Research Conference: internationally recognized scientific meeting drawing over 400 delegates. • Directed corporate support efforts: new corporate partnerships, 57% increase in sponsorship revenue (2008 - 2009).

Nov 10 - Present

JURAWA DESIGN, NEW YORK, NY Founder, Lead Developer • Design and develop customized CMS based websites: focus on efficacy, simplicity, style and user experience. • Collaborate with design firms and manage independent designers/developers. • Strengths: customized content construction, client usability and training. • Cultivated and retained 18 clients in first full year, 28 projects completed.

Nov 04 - Aug 08

JAMESTOWN ENTERTAINMENT, WASHINGTON, DC Production Assistant • Event production, strategy, design: conferences, fundraisers, parties, live music. • Increased brand recognition through sponsorship: Red Bull, Maybach, Moet & Chandon + • Created proposals for events and sponsorship initiatives: strategy, design, budgeting. • Supervised event production on-site, coordinated recruiting and payroll for employees.

// EDUCATION May 07 05, 06






Jurawa Hallen Design Portfolio | April 2012  

Samples of my recent web and print design, web development and photography

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