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DESCRIPTION We propose a radical reconsideration of the role of ЦДХ in the city and the role of art in our lives. Three-step transformation of the ЦДХ. We modify the Existing building, making it a single, unified space. We Engage the ЦДХ’s current customers and visitors by offering expanded access to the art collection with an online visualization service. We Evolve the idea of the museum, bringing new visitors, new programs, and new possibilities into ЦДХ.

TEAM Anel Moldakhmetova Olga Poletkina Sofia Novikova Nicholas Moore Jurijs Kostirko



Existing condition: ЦДХ is a cultural institution that has barely changed with our times. It’s ownership is fragmented between a museum and a union of artists. In both cases, the program reflects the same situation found around the world. High Art is enshrined in quiet, empty halls, while commercial art is packed into competing galleries. In both cases, paying is a prerequisite for seeing, experiencing the art.

We propose to the ЦДХ by turning it into a series of diverse“living rooms,” in which Muscovites and tourists alike can foster new relationships with, and among, art. Both museum and gallery are merged into one unit. This begins with the systematic digitization and distribution of the entire collection. Basic access to the collection costs nothing, while commercial use of images incurs a commensurate fee. The collection is now free and accessible to the general public, but now many more people than before come to the museum to enrich their lifestyle.

The halls of the ЦДХ take on different themes and programs; by navigating them, visitors have myriad experiences —programmed and unprogrammed— while surrounded by the collection. The former museum: co-working space with works by Natalya Gonchareva. Coffee with The Black Square. A nap on the couch beneath Bathing The Red Horse…

We are proposing to make the ЦДХ homepage more interactive. Our offer is to add the opportunity of sharing exponent’s photos in social networks and possibility to express an opinion on the exhibited pieces of art. This will attract more attention to ЦДХ museum and will help to involve more people in to art

Making people involved with experiencing art, by introducing different events, like workshops (painting , drawing), public lectures/talks (free of with some entrance fee), generating and sharing content (creating a personalized postcard with a piece of art and a personal message), games: art-quest (digital application)

ЦДХ strategic proposal_STRELKA institute 2013  
ЦДХ strategic proposal_STRELKA institute 2013  

ЦДХ strategic proposal of radical reconsideration of the role of ЦДХ building in the city and the role of art in our lives.