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The Jupiter Midas Effect (JME) is a never before seen astrological paradigm that impacts the way we make money and run our businesses. The JME will be in effect until June 2012, having affect for the following seven years, and represents a transformation in the way business is done. No longer business as usual, all purposepreneurs can benefit from recognizing and partnering with this new energy. In this interview excerpt,’s Elyse Hope Killoran and Jupiter Midas Effect 2’s host Lissa Boles discuss how mission-critical intention is to successful New Business building, a key to benefiting from the current astrological conditions. It’s about having intention and paying attention. Lissa Boles:

So the question most people want to kind of get clarity about is how they can participate fully in the changes that are happening in money, in business, in the economy, both as individuals and as purposeful business owners or people who are working in corporations who want to make a difference. So why don’t we begin there? How can they begin to participate more fully and what does that look like?

Elyse Hope Killoran:

Okay, so I’m going to say that I think the key of everything and a lot of the people that you’ve talked to so far have come back to this word intention, over and over and over. It’s attention and intention. I was re-reading Clockins last night. He keeps saying attention and intention. That’s what locks us on the right course. So my perspective is that if we don’t set an intention then we have a default intention and our default intention is the way it’s been because if the universe is responding to the energies that we’re sending out and we’re sending out this kind of a contradictory, mis-mash, not purposeful, not focused energy of being in reaction to whatever is going on around us then all we can expect is to get more of that tomorrow and the day after and the day after. So if we want to be part of something that moves in a new direction, not by default, but by a real new trajectory, we have to line ourselves up with where we’re going which doesn’t mean we have the specifics of where we’re going 1

because who the heck knows what’s that. So I like to talk about the essences. You know I think that we all have in our hearts, and if you go back to everyone that you’ve spoke to, there were essences in everyone’s conversation. And when I think of essences I think about energies that are very high vibrational. So it’s love, freedom, clarity, connection, contribution, expansion, play. All of those are essences. And if we get clear about the essences that we want our life to be about then we are lining ourselves up with really riding the wave of those essences. The first time you and I met, I was speaking at Wealthy Thought Leader about moving from the “have-do-be” paradigm to the “be-do-have” paradigm. So if we start with being, the first question we are asking ourselves, not waking up in the morning and just first looking at our to do list, but saying “Who do I want to be today?” and then doing from that place of being. That’s how you line yourself up with that evolutionary impulse. That’s how you’re purposefully moving toward the highest possibilities for yourself. And your energy then impacts everyone that you’re connected to; it’s just part of the game. Lissa Boles:

And just to clarify, because I want to be sure that we all understand you correctly, you’re not essentially saying “I’m going to be X, Y or Z” and making yourself be something. You’re really asking us to clarify who we are most truly and living from that place. Right?

Elyse Hope Killoran:

Well, we are all of it. You know it’s a holographic universe. We are all of it. Each one of us has inside of us the capacity to be gracious and the capacity to be greedy, the capacity to be loving and the capacity to be small-minded. We have all of that inside of us. Some of us don’t like to know that so we try to pretend we don’t. “Oh I’m never greedy. I have none of that in me.” I’ll admit it there are times, you know you put like a really good dessert in front of me at table full of people at a restaurant.

Lissa Boles:

Oh honey.

Elyse Hope Killoran:

And you know I‘m trying to see and make sure that I don’t take too much because of -- yeah, it’s good. But who do I want to be? If I wake up in the morning, it’s about which aspect of me do I want to bring to the party. So I do wake up every morning and I say today -- I have a piece of paper somewhere here that says it but typically it’s like today it’s about clarity, it’s about connection, it’s about being empowered, it’s about being full of delicious playfulness. You know it depends.


Now my kids aren’t with me today, so today it was really more about being productive and on purpose and setting the tone for this conversation. When my kids are here, it’s about making sure that that connection is really kind of part of what I want to set the tone for my day. Some people kind of set the tone in every moment of their day, like before you get on a coaching call you might want to set the tone for that call, which is different from the intention you will have when you’re eating lunch which is different from the intention you have when you’re snuggling with your partner. So I think being able to really bring into your conscious awareness. “I have the power to line up with those parts of me that I would want to watch expand,” wherever we focus on expanse. So for this call Lissa, I know that you set intentions. You said it already. You didn’t know what the Jupiter Midas Effect wanted to be. It wanted to experience itself, it wanted to come alive but you didn’t know what it was going to be like. But you did have some sense of what you wanted to bring out, what you wanted to create, so what were some of those intentions? Because I think if you specify them people can say “Wow!” Yeah, I have been experiencing that in each and every call. They’ll see how powerful it has been. Lissa Boles:

So some of my intentions were clarity of understanding, recognition of how to work with a natural force that had longevity, considerable longevity and that was incredibly powerful and would be affecting anyway, to have an experience of leaders that was eye-opening and heart-softening, to have conversations about money and wealth that are not completely out of the realm of our experience but fresh and new, and relative to what’s moving inside the effect, to create a sense of community, to offer the chance for real connection and growth in that way, and for a new kind of truth and heart to show up. That’s what I intended.

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Business Astrology: The Super Power in Evolutionary Business  

The question most people want to kind of get clarity about is how they can participate fully in the changes that are happening in money, in...