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Business Astrology: Do Work that is Deeply Meaningful Brought to you by The The Jupiter Midas Effect (JME) is a never before seen astrological paradigm that impacts the way we make money and run our businesses. The JME will be in effect until June 2012, having affect for the following seven years, and represents a radical transformation in the way business is done. No longer business as usual, all purposepreneurs can benefit from recognizing and partnering with this new energy. In this interview excerpt,’s Brooke Thomas (who built two full wellness practices from scratch in mere months) and Jupiter Midas Effect 2 host Lissa Boles discuss how doing work that is meaningful is a key to benefiting from the current astrological conditions. It’s about doing good work and making a difference. Brooke Thomas:

So with that motivation I decided I had better get it together and figure out how to grow this practice because I really wanted to do this work in the world, and obviously good intentions were not enough. So in the most clumsy, awkward, no-nothing way really, I just started doing anything I could think of. So I was going door-to-door handing out business cards, I mean literally, so embarrassing; and I started to get savvier as time went by for sure. This is a short period of time. What really shifted things for me, besides just lots of trial and error and determination was that I finally realized that I had been in this place where I felt like I had been asking people to do me a favor.

Lissa Boles:

Say that again.

Brooke Thomas:

I felt like I had been asking people to do me a favor. So it’s basically if you could please pay me so that I can do the work that I love, you would be doing me a huge favor. That would be great. I would really appreciate it if you could just hand me some money so I can do the work that I love. 1

And it felt so awful. It felt so sleazy. It wasn’t why I had gotten into the work obviously, and it just felt like everything, all of my intentions about becoming a Rolfing practitioner suddenly got deformed. Instead of offering people something (that radically changed the quality of my life for the better) I’m just asking people into doing me a big favor. And I just had this big -- I can’t say it was a moment so much as a shift that happened probably over a period of a week or two - but where I realized I’m still doing the same thing I was doing when I went to school for this work. I’m still trying to offer people who need the gift, the gift which is you can get well. I don’t have a magic wand. Maybe you can’t get well in my office but I can open you up to a whole road of other possibility. If it doesn’t work with me I can refer you out. My point is I get people well whether with my hands or somebody else’s who has a different skill set. So once I had that shift, I just felt so much less awkward about putting myself out there and about meeting people and forming connections; and with that shift things came together very quickly. Actually, my practice was full within three months. So it would have been three years of endlessly struggling to three months and with a full practice, and then that practice stayed full for the six or seven years that I was there at that practice. So that was a big one for me. People assume getting people to pay you to do what you want to do, that favor versus gift thing again, requires you being a crazy jerk on some level, like it requires that you put on a mask and say, “Hi! I’m Brooke! I’m the new Rolfer in town. Can I help you out? What can we do together?” And it really doesn’t require that. It’s actually the exact opposite. Like I feel like the more myself I could be, the more authentic I could be, the more I could seek out like-minded people. The Future of Business and Money Making Has Already Changed. Are You Ready? To learn more about the wave of unprecedented opportunities, ‘New Business’ requirements and largely unrecognized hazards within this new paradigm of business, join us at


Business Astrology: Do Work that is Deeply Meaningful  

The Jupiter Midas Effect (JME) is a never before seen astrological paradigm that impacts the way we make money and run our businesses.People...

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