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JUNXY-AC230V-10KW-R AC Load Bank

Operation Instructions On JUNXY-AC230V-10KW-R AC Load Bank It is really critical that your standby power system say UPS(uninterrupted power supply), battery bank,





working in good condition if switched to be loaded







maintenance procedure or stop abnormally. Downtime






maintenance and thorough inspections which are the key to power supply systems maintenance. Critical power backup equipment like UPS System and generator which especially located in harsh, dusty or corrosive environment will fail without proper preventative maintenance. So validating the condition and output of such power





comprehensively. JUNXY provides a whole range of custom preventative maintenance products solutions for UPS systems and generators and many more to ensure constant uptime for your power systems and make you prepared for anything. Purely resistive load bank is the most common type of load bank, and it proves equivalent loading of both generator and prime mover. That is, for each kilowatt of load applied to the generator by the load bank, an equal amount of electrical energy converts to heat by power resistors, in a general way, this heat must be dissipated from the load bank by air forced means or other convection. The Junxy's resistors are made by high quality finned tubular heating elements, they are of the type where the surface area is enlarged by a strip in order to heat gases. At high power the surface temperature is small and the heating element is short. Meanwhile, Load elements are cooled usually via Fan Forced Air, blower power is typically provided by an outside source. Selected load banks are available with blower power derived from the power source under test.

Technical Specifications Model Load Element Rated Voltage

JUNXY-AC230V-10KW-R Sheathed alloy resistors and external heatsink 230V 50HZ, single phase

JUNXY-AC230V-10KW-R AC Load Bank

Rated Power


Load Steps

4 Push Buttons: 1KW, 2KW, 2KW, 5KW Load

Load Power Adjustment

Buttons to be pushed on


Push on “1KW”


Push on ONE of two “2KW”


Push on “1KW” and ONE of two “2KW”


Push on TWO “2KW” Push on “5KW”

Through Manual Control By Push Buttons


Or push on “1KW” and “2KW”

(RED lights on indicate


Push on “1KW” and “5KW”

loading status )


Push on ONE of two “2KW” and “5KW”


Push on “1KW”, ONE of two “2KW” and “5KW”


Push on TWO “2KW” and “5KW”


Push on ALL load steps

Power Factor


Load Accuracy


Digital Meter

Voltage, current, power, frequency and etc.

Power Supply

AC230V(±10%) 50HZ, single phase

Load Cables Connection

Back panel: L & N

Insulation Class


Protection Level

IP20(indoor use)

Fan Noise


Cooling Mode

Force-air cooling

JUNXY-AC230V-10KW-R AC Load Bank

Work Mode

Continuous work


Overheating/Buzzer alarm, Overheating/Overcurrent protection,





Ambient Temperature



Three carrying handles and four wheels




≤2500 meters

Please follow the inspection instructions once the load bank is delivered to you before power on load bank to use. 1. General Inspection Normally JUNXY load bank is packed with wooden case for protection, please gently split the wooden case. Look to the load bank appearance, to see if any load bank case deformation, wet components, components & screws loose, and components disconnection, please take actions accordingly if any failed parts were found. Inspect all the accessories compared with our packing list, all parts include: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Main unit-1set Power cord-1pcs Quick connectors for load cables-1pair(one red and one black) Load cables-1pair(one red and one black) User manual-1pcs Circuit diagram-1pcs

2. Control Panel Description Fan Power controlling the power and fan on/off. Green light ON indicates power on and fan working status 1

Push Buttons Push on/off the 4 load steps to have load power from 1KW to 10KW. Red lights ON indicate working status. 2

JUNXY-AC230V-10KW-R AC Load Bank Please refer to above form for load adjustment. 3 Temp Alarm Buzzer Alarming and shining when over temperature.

Digital Meter Displaying voltage, current, power, frequency and etc. 4

3. Load Cables Connection: Plug in the power cord to load bank power socket while keep Fan Power Pushed Off. 1

Make sure all EUT (equipment under test) is POWER OFF before load cables connection. 2

3 Connect RED load cable to the load bank phase “L” with RED quick connector , and then the other end to EUT phase wire.

Connect the BLACK load cable to the load bank phase “N” with BLACK quick connector , and then the other end to EUT. 4

Check again to make sure all load cables connection reliable. 5

4. Load Bank Operation 1 Plug in the power cord and connect load cables between load bank and EUT(Refer to above for connections)

Push on button “Fan Power”,GREEN light will be on, fan working. 3 Push on/off to adjust the load power, please refer to above form. 4 When load test completed, please push off all load “Push Buttons”. 5 Keep fan working for 10 to 20 minutes before push off “Fan Power” 5. Important Notice  Do not block the air flow of load bank fans. Keep fans working for around 10 to 20 minutes after test completed, to make sure the blower wind temperature same as indoor temperature.  The load bank will stop testing once “Fan Power” button is pushed off. 2

JUNXY-AC230V-10KW-R AC Load Bank  The buzzer alarm when load bank over temperature, then please push off the load “Push Buttons” manually. If load bank temperature keeps increasing, the primary circuit contactor will be powered off, then load power will be switched off automatically. When load bank temperature becomes normal, the buzzer alarm will stop, could start test again.  Please inspect the screws every half year.  It is strictly prohibited if load bank is ungrounded. 6. JUNXY-AC230V-10KW-R AC Load Bank Circuit Diagram For better understand JUNXY AC load bank, please refer to the circuit diagram.

JUNXY-AC230V-10KW-R AC Load Bank

JUNXY-AC230V-10KW-R AC Load Bank

Ac load bank  

JUNXY ENERGY is manufacture of battery testing equipments, AC load banks. Get electrical backup power system as battery/UPS/generator/transf...

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