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Manila’s hottest Winter School is on from Nov. 4 to Nov. 16

MAY THE GAMES BEGIN... Charite - Ateneo Winter School attracted numerous public health specialists from all over the world - The highly anticipated event is now in town! The Charite’ Medical- Ateneo Manila winter school opening ceremony was held on 5th November of 2007 in the capital of the Philippines. Dr. Antonette from Ateneo de Manila University opened with a Welcome Message followed by Dr. Mantel who gave the overview and introduction of the course. Mrs. Lenz from DAAD and Mr. Tschan from the German embassy wished the programme to strengthen the health systems in a global perspective. All were heartily welcoming the roughly thirty participants representing eleven countries.

Welcome Dr. Antonette welcomed all participants to the ChariteAteneo Winter School on Monday morning.

Even though the participants were very dizzy due to jet lag of long trips, they were still focusing their mind to the important speeches, notes and messages from the different speakers. Thanks to the coffee!


Winter School Dr. Mantel helped understand why the Winter School is held in winter and is not called Summer School as everywhere else.


Opening Speech Round-Up with Cocktails Officially closing the Welcome ceremony, many delegates did not waste time and plunged into cocktail-enriched value-added small talk. WHO recommendations were followed to the point by not serving alcohol before 12 o’clock noon what caused some surprise and a few disappointed faces but did not interfere with the harmony of the event.

dishes until a filipino-style pizza came to the rescue. After Monday’s opening lecture pointing out the over-use of salt, Thailand born Chiraporn (aka ‘Nu’) stated: “There’s just been to much salt on it!”. Even with the toilet in close vicinity, nobody needed to rush for some immediate relive, Ateneo’s stand-by outbreak investigation team concluded at the end of the evening. Other participants were surprised about the ‘formality’ of the evening. Getting used to the surrounding neighborhood, they were shocked to find out: no nude girls! Not surprising, some of the participants could be found on Burgos later that night (see side box).

Burgos St. ‘really’ is a Red Light district It just took 3 beers and that infamous egg

Ateneo University hosted opening dinner at its ‘Blue Room’ Welcome to the blue room: actually it was hard to find - and not blue at all - except for some blue-shirted people. International public health experts invited to the Ateneo Winter School experienced a warm welcome in an icy room (cold tea included). Asian food was served and delicious. Just the two herbivores had to sustain on some green side

winter school hardcore: International postdinner session First Filipino impressions Robert, King of Mindenao Island, took out Rajesh and Greg on Monday to introduce them into some local customs and delights: A few very welcomed San Miguel beers were topped off with tasty duck embryos - day 14 duck eggs: beginner level of so called ‘Balot’. Experts go for the day 21 one, the “Crunchy”. Rajesh concluded: “I’d rather wait another day [22=hatching] have them BBQed together with some French fries.


(see side box) for Rajesh to get struck by wisdom: “Burgos St. REALLY is a red light district!”, he concluded having had an enlightening amount of San Miguel (pale).


New friendly African bacteria discovered in Winter School – “Rashid Rushing but late”

his view on environmental and health challenges of Philippines

A new Ghanaian bacteria named Rashid Abdulai discovered in Winter School Manila on Thursday afternoon. Our correspondent informed that he is not dangerous and noninfectious. We all welcome him.

Globalization and Safe Sex Dr. Tan gave an interesting and well appreciated presentation on sexual and reproductive health highlighted various factors

Globalization and Environmental Health

that is affecting the health Of the people. This was one of the most interesting lectures of winter school.

discussed in Winter School 4th day of Winter School was dedicated to Environment and Health. Dr. Hisashi Ogawa from WHO- WPRO emphasized about the importance of safe water supply and sanitation improvement and danger we are facing with climate change. Dr. Banzon shared

“Food is significantly different from Menu (P<0.001)”. That’s what Wang is trying to say From Top to Bottom: The Buffet Table Masarap... Delicisio... Delicious... Yum yum... Participants from different countries were all smiles after enjoying the gastronomic welcome dinner.


Charite-Ateneo de Manila Cooperation Launches International Winter School in Manila: An Excerpt from the Diary of Gosia Karwath Everything started on Monday, the 5th

Dr Carsten Mantel Introduces the Concept of Globalization and Its Impact on Public Health The aforementioned statement was the message of Dr. Yodi Mahaendradhata in his lecture on global threat of infectious diseases especially diseases like tuberculosis, which has now global presence, thanks to

November 2007 at 9 a.m.. It was raining a little

globalization. The situation is worsened by the

bit so we went to the Ateneo de Manila

presence of co-infection of Multi-drug resistant

University with a taxi. After registrating, receiving some welcome gifts and having found our sitting places, we have been

“Public health in private hands” : Makati Business Club initiative Dr Marife Yap has presented the Makati

welcomed by the organizers: Dr. Marife C. Yap

Business Club initiative in improving health of community. She emphasizes that private players have capacity, capability and responsibly towards the community in addressing their health problems. .

Ohhhhhh not again Prof Mantel

TB and HIV. Pretty ladies chatting around the table talking about how cold the winter is in a tropical country

Small News Big Impact: Send SMS and Reduce MDR TB

(director of the Ateneo School Health Unit), Dr.

GREG: Hmmm… I hope they won’t hear my burping from too much food! WANG: Robert, you should check that food item out.

Carsten Mantel (director of the International Health Programme at the Charite, Berlin), Dr. Antonette Palma- Angeles (Academic VicePresident of Ateneo University), Mr. Markus Tschan (Secretary of the German Embassy) and Mrs. Susanne Lenz (DAAD lector). After


that, a buffet was waiting for us: with tasty food and drinks and a very nice service. Before the lunch break we’ve played “human bingo” in order to get to know each

Reliable sources have reported that one Miguel demonstrates skill in admiring pretty ladies

other and to move a little bit. Afterwards everyone was supposed to write his/ her expectations down and put them on the blackboard. The last topic before midday was the organization of the next 2 weeks. In the evening, at 6:30 p.m. we met again, this time in the pretty decorated “blue room”, in a very nice atmosphere. There we could chat and try some traditional filipino food. Because some of us were tired after a loooong journey, we all went to our hotels at about 9 p.m.. And then we dreamed something nice…

of our Indian colleagues is having a hard time finding vegetarian food in Manila. He has managed thus far thanks to rice and raw

Innovative ideas and interesting interventions are necessary to deal with public health problems in developing countries. This was clearly shown and demonstrated by Dr. John Q Wong and his team

on the second

day of the tropical winter school . The team has presented the idea of using SMS in monitoring Multidrug Resistant TB patients. Though this study monitored a limited number of patients initially , the prospects of using information technology as a tool in public health seems very promising.



President of the Ateno de Manila University, Dr.

The School

Mantel of the Charite Universitatmedizin Berlin, Mrs. Susanne Lenz of DAAD Lektorin, Mr. Markus Tschan, Third Secretary of the Embassy of the federal Republic of Germany in the Philippines, and Dr. Yap of AGSB Health Unit.

The fact that we are planning to have a little sightseeing during the weekend; are we in effect contributing to the emergence and reemergence of infectious diseases??? Maybe... who knows, shall we ask Dr Thuy (from Hanoi)? One of the strategies mentioned was


community-based epidemiologic surveillance. Does it help if we involve some of the people

The first impressions At the first day the whole group seemed Charite-Ateneo International Health Winter School

from our community like Dr. Robert or maybe Dr Romulo? I am sure it could work. Here we go again… ‘International travel helped the

to be very excited. So many nationalities were

spread of ID’s said Dr Thuy... that means we

brought together in the conference room. For

are already working towards that

some foreigners this happened to be first time This Winter School will be held from 5th

to visit the Philippines and it took a while to

to 18th November in the Ateneo Graduate

acclimatize to all new impressions. The sudden

School of Business located at the Rockwell

changes from air conditioned rooms into tepid

Complex in Makati City, Philippines. This is

corridors, the unusual habit to eat five times a

part of the University Partnership Programme

day and the incredibly friendly inhabitants were

fro Advanced Education and Training of Health

the most impressive experiences to the

Professionals from Developing Countries

Europeans. Also the seemingly dominance of

sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of

US-American influences on the city and the

Economic Cooperation and Development

fondness for huge luxurious malls all over

through the German Academic Exchange


Service DAAD.

During the morning every participant was asked to give a short introduction of his

Opening Ceremonies

background and his present projects. The

Dr. Marife C. Yap, MD, MsC Director, Health Unit – AGSB Associate Dean, ASMPH and Dr. Carsten Mantel, Md, MPH Director, International Health Programme Institute of Tropical Medicine Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin crowd turned out to provide a remarkable mixture referring nationality, profession, age and experiences concerning international health. Later this day the first discussions started and the group had ability to prove its potential. It definitely was of advantage to see issues from so many points of view. It seems as if everybody will profit from the multicultural exchange.

The Opening Cermony began with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem followed by welcome messages from Dr. Antonette Palma-Angeles, Academic Vice

Emerging infectious diseases One of the factors contributing to the fast spread of the emerging diseases is increasing tourism.


Food for thought... The first thing we have heard is that in the Philippines decisions are made around a dining table... eating 5 times a day! For some of us who come from countries where people usually eat twice a day.. it is not easy to adapt to this.. and what if we miss some of the meals .. Does that mean we will miss making some of the decisions too? Let’s hope not!

Invisible Participant Discovered For the first time ever, an invisible man from Ghana attended a University course at Ateneo. This comes as a surprise even to the local organizing committee, as they thought they had lost contact with him already weeks

important event. The keen observer may have noticed: all flowers are real (so far) reflecting the importance the Winter School deserves (we think).

Jeep hit by Bus The editors encountered some strange


vehicles on Makati’s roads: something we would describe as Jeep-Bus Hybrids are constantly threatening Winter School attendants on their way to uni. Those eyes shine with confidence!

So far, the invisible man remains unseen!

undertaking but we will try best to make her life a bit more interesting in the coming days.

Ethopian walking to Manila?

Unconfirmed rumors have it that Mekedim B. (name not changed) needed more than four days to arrive in Manila. He said he started his trip in central Sudan on Friday already but only arrived on Monday evening.


Jeep or Bus?

Other Traffic Stories Miao thinks: this traffic stinks. But still she ‘s praising everyday for having survived the

Research in Action! MABUHAI is proud to announce its Credo: ‘Research in Action’ which incorporates hard research for hard facts for our highly intellectual readers.

many necessary street crossing on her way to school!

MABUHAI is working hard to satisfy its readers!

Happy to have arrived: Mekedim

Flowers mark the Importance of the Winter School

Announcement: Miao in Manila

Lunch and dining rooms were all nicely equipped with flowers, but not any flowers: In Filipino tradition, the editors were told, it would not be tolerable to use fake flowers in an

WARNING! ‘Girl or no Girl - that’s the question.’ Be aware of the girls in front of the hotel! We were informed by trustful sources, that what may look like a real female hottie, may turn out to be not so female after all. Watch out for next issue’s quizz!

Status Upgrade! After being a participant at the last winter

Fun @ Conway’s A secret message was recived by MABUHAI editors yesterday calling for a n inofficial second opening party. Place of the venue will be Conway’s located at the Shangri-La hotel close by. Meeting point and time will be today (Wed.) at the Oxford Suite’s Lobby at 6pm. The MABUHAI editor team is still a bit puzzeld on the cryptic “BYOD”. Bring Your Own Drink, Buy Your Own

school, we are happy to officially accept

Dope, Be Your Own Doctor, Be Young

Amanguli as our new Commander in Charge!

Or Die?

So far there’s no sign of failure in the current Flowers everywhere!




Next Issue out on Friday, November 9 2007

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We don’t care.

MABUHAI The Charité - Ateneo Winter School Magazine

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Chineese rock Cover Girl competition!

WINTER SCHOOL TAKES OFF After the Opening Warm-Up, International Delegates to the Ateneo International Winter School Endure Marathon Meetings reporting from the front line: “The class started late as usual. Maybe it is because some classmates were still suffering from hangover, after last night’s getaway. We discussed about Globalization and Environmental Health today. It was quite interesting! Like we learned that indoor smoke (mostly from cooking using solid fuel) causes a high incidence of respiratory diseases. Always thought that passive smoking or inhaling gas emissions from vehicles topped the list of environmental causes for diseases. It was also good to learn about other topics such as climate change, water supply, waste management….etc. Very interesting indeed! Thank you Dr. Ogashi and Dr. Banzon for sharing your expertise with us. And lastly, we would like to say WELCOME to our new classmate Rashid from Ghana. Better late than never!”


Winter School There’s no time to fade away in drowsiness as there’s plenty of participatory teaching approaches.

It was almost 12 when the whole team of



It had been very difficult to depart from our suites right at 6 in the evening as the class ran until 5:15. Anyway, few of us along with our native guide managed to gather in the lobby and headed towards a place where we could get good food. We waited for a taxi outside the hotel but got only ‘viagra’ instead. Luckily we got an airport taxi which was going back to the airport and he was ready to carry 6 of us to the Greenbelt. Thanks to the traffic of Makati City that it took almost an hour to reach there. We would have been already there had we been walked. Oody’s Thai Rice Noodles and Bar! ! ! We did a biased decision as we had one Thai girl with us. We were so happy that the foods were really delicious. We really needed a finance director to calculate the amount that we spent there for food. The caravan then headed to the Conway of Shangrila where some of the already frustrated international health experts were trying to explode in loud and irritating music. It was a time of drink and disco. It was worth seeing the dance of Miguel and Amanguli to some latin-american music.

From Noodle

to Conway’s Bar

Delicious Noodles were followed by poisonous cocktails.



international health experts arrived back in the hotel. Health conscious health experts also enjoyed night walking in the street of Makati Avenue which happened to be a runway of an old airport that was there before world war II.

Jaime Z Galvez Tan, MD, MPH The previous health minister for the Philippines, now a university professor, was passionately talking about the migrant

and deafness. The high cost of drinks and ambience has almost emptied their pockets as well. Student is looking the possibilities to sue Dr. Nap.

population of nurses, doctors from developing countries towards the northern countries. It was an interesting lecture, and not possible to


go to ‘sleep mode’. From time to time, the students were asked about the current situation of their home countries. Exchanges of ideas about health business solutions were the highlight of the session.

Most Wanted! Manila Makati Police has posted most Wanted deadly criminals on the Notice Board of Ateneo-Charite Winter School, If you happen to see any one of them

Being Hanged!! At Shangrila

Contact Makati Police at telephone 117

Conway! Gigolo Nap took the girls and boys of winter school Manila to have fun and drinks at Shangrila Conway on Wednesday evening. Band Music crossed 110 decibel barrier and now students are in danger of hearing loss

Red Light Area in Makati city: where our hotel locates…

Thanks to Dr. Wong’s lecture on Health Technology Assessment students found some time from their busy schedule to assess and study various health technology


Impressions of Manila Nov 3, I flew from Shanghai, China to Manila. As Philippine is neighboring to China, it only took me three and a half hour on the journey. The first impression in Manila is â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;HOTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;! In fact, at this time in my hometown, it is real winter and cold. The second impression in Manila is that it is a city harmoniously combining antiquity and modern, old and new, poor and rich...

The third impression in Manila is the multiform traffic tools: Carriage, Pedicab, Owner Jeep, Jeepney, and Taxi...However, few bicycles can be found. Can you distinguish them from the following photos?


Thanks to the staff of Ateneo

Warmly welcome party and delicious foods everyday


Marvelous volcano and attractive beach house will be kept in our forever Marvelous volcano and attractive beach house willmind be kept in our mind forever

Stupid Tourists... always

I taste so much sweeter on a high altitude


their hiking shoes

Enjoying the beautiful sea coast of Philippines at weekend after our first tough week of winter school 3


A Midnight Comedy Time: 23:45 8th November 2007 Location: Hotel Oxford Suites, Room 903 Actress 1 (A.Y.): Amanguli Yasheng Actress 2 (L.Q.): Liping Qiao Actress 3 : receptionist Scenario: A secret envelop, which was lying on the ground nearby the door was found by Liping: It was an Official Receipt. Additional information: Miao Yan shared this double room with Amanguli and Liping at the first night in an extra-arranged bed.

L.Q.: 17,949,99! Oh my gosh! AMAN------! A.Y.: Damn! „Chocolate Bar – 171.64 Pesos, Universal Adaptor – 147.12 Pesos“Have we ever used that? L.Q.: Definitely not! Oh look here „ Room Adjustment Debit“ – 1101,14“ What does that mean? Amanguli immediately made a call to the reception. Five minutes later: A.Y.: The receptionist told me it was the extra bed‘s adjustment debit. That means a triple room costs 24.31€ / person?! Even more expensive than a double room??!! L.Q.: Did she say that? Oh god! Then we only have less than 6€ / day for dinner and travel ! A.Y.: I even announced today and encouraged them to travel this weekend since we will get more than enough daily allowance!…. L.Q.: Gosh… I am afraid tomorrow most of us would withdraw if they get to know this… Then our travel plan would become a bubble… Oh no! Beach! Volcano! Manila… A.Y.: It‘s really ridiculous! How big is that extra bed? L.Q.: half or even less than half of our normal bed I guess. A.Y.: I will go to ask Krishna tomorrow… Anyway, I told the receptionist that I will come back to her! L.Q.: Aman, take it easy…Krishna will help you to deal with it. Let’s think of it in another way… Ach! I can add it on our group’s newspaper…. Title: A scaring unconfirmed news! Isn‘t it fun? OK, I‘m gonna work on it! Amanguli was still sitting on the bed, looked frustrated. L.Q.: Give me the receipt, what’s the number?? „Half day’s charge for early arrival“, „Ms. Miao Yan“…wait… L.Q.: AMAN----! We…are…wrong! The extra bed‘s fee was 326.26 Pesos, but not 1101.14! Amanguli jumped immediately from the bed. Again, a series calculation confirmed that we just missed the information which was stated at the end of the items and the receptionist misunderstood this receipt as well. It was already 2 O‘clock in the midnight. Over 2 hours’ of nerve wracking confusion, it ended up as a comedy The only cost was that Amanguli had to start writing her report and Liping had to work on her group newspaper at midnight.... They both fell asleep in bed, with laptops…


for not printing the picture as we tried to make it unlinked and

Wednesday Before the lecture in the Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Yap explained the two-day field trip on impact of globalization on health of local communities for one hour, because STI&HIV/AIDS expert Tan came late. A short but interesting lecture on Globalization and Reproductive Health was given. He presented how the globalization of culture, people and

anonymous). With technology, you can make different types of maps and predict the trends. Wow! Really great. But the data seems to be costly so the Philippines should have their own satellite. Our friends staying on 22nd floor of a hotel which lies exactly above a geological fault should be aware of ‘earthquake’ like disaster. (Sleep

economy influenced the transmission of STI and HIV/AIDS in SEA.

with you shoes on and passport on hand)

Furthermore, Dr. Tan talked about the sexual related health in an acceptable way.

Is internet LAN cable stolen? Experts were found running hither and thither with their laptops in their hand to find a LAN cable in other rooms as the internet LAN cable in the class room was missing since this morning. When enquired about it, different leaders gave different opinion which could not be incorporated in this newspaper. Until the time of reporting this newspaper, the cable was not still found.

Space- Thursday Thursday afternoon session was on ‘some space based tools for disease monitoring: A risk based approach’. It was very interesting to know about GIS and remote sensing; however the aftermath of the last night late party could be seen in the class as some of the experts were caught sleeping by the GIS and remote sensing technology (we apologize


MABUHAI The Charite - Ateneo Winter School Magazine

Hard Facts for Hard People Price: 100 PHP

Prepare for a volcanic new Issue of Mabuhai!

INTERNATIONAL HEALTH DELEGATES JUST LOVE TO TRAVEL AROUND In this issue you will get an insight view on what mobility and globalisation really mean in the context of health and everybody involved in the health sector The last four conference days were a good example that international health cannot be taught in class alone, it is experiences that stay in the brain. Starting with just the most basic health issues, like heat, sun burns and food poisoning, the topic intensified over the last days when passive exposure turned into active action as participants of this years Ateneo Winter School ventured out into the field, to explore the common life of the majority of Filipino people living in Pinatubo rattled provinces and under-privileged neighborhoods of the greater Manila area.

Hold your Breath! What looks like a fairly run down pink public transport vehicle is in fact an adrenaline erupting roller coaster


Don your Life Vests! recent travel activities of Winter School Attendants included a pant wetting boat trip to be followed by the climbt up one of Luzons most impressive volcanoes.


Major General Maria Eufemia Yap leads Winter School Army to invade Taal Volcano The weekend started at 7 a.m.. Quite early as for a weekend but we had many kilometers to go and Manila’s traffic jam before us… Some of us were still very sleepy:

And all the others of course too. We went first by boat to the island in the middle of the

middle of that lake another island- just like the Russian matroshka, one hidden in another… Our brave group wanted to climb even higher and we fortunately found a wooden tower, which helped us to ascend 2 more meters. It actually almost collapsed, but as you already know, our group is very brave. Wang was dreaming of aircon never being developed… Finally he had to wake up. Was it worth? “Sure!!! The view was just great!!!”

Amanguli wanted even to catch Miguel. Taal Lake. Some of us climbed the mountain

Both survived ;) After that Miguel wanted

by themselves; some needed help of the

to play coconut- ball, but everyone run away

Filipino horses. On the top we saw, that in the

including the indigenous people.

middle of the island is another lake and in the

The next attraction was Virgin Beach, a resort where we stayed until Sunday. A

Wang was happy…

beautiful place with nice flieswaving- away- guys. The girls were delighted!


To Climb a Volcano You Have to Ride a Boat The long awaited trip to Taal volcano finally started on Saturday

ready to more to see a newly formed small crater. A 15 minutes boat trip (scary to some of the participants)

morning from

to the group

the Oxford

across the lake.


Some â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;lazyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;


delegates luckily


got opportunities

delegates were

to ride ponies to


go up to the

happy to wake

crater mountain.

up early I the

The beautiful


scene of the

although these

crater from the

delegates were

top of the

found in their

mountain was

bed until 11 AM

relieving for the

during the

one who climber


up the mountain

Two vans

on their won feet

ferried all of the

(so proud).

delegates to the yacht club

It seemed that

which was

the only task that

close to the

the delegates

volcano. Only

had while they

after being there, people realized that they were already inside a huge crater and all of them were


were in the mountain was to show their teeth in each and every photograph taken.

A small Armada set sail to Explore Taal

two vs. four legs One hour on foot or half an hour by horse, that was the promise by local horse rental agents. Four legs proved to be just ten minutes faster than two and we feel it was no less strenuous. As with every means of transport in the Philippines, if there are two or more vehicles, it is a race! A butt-hurting gallop brought us up and down in thrilling pony overtaking maneuvers.



Virgin Beach Beautiful beach, white sand, clear sea water, nice hut, good food(?)!!! Wow such a wonderful weekend. All of us enjoy our time there. So sad that Dr. Carsten can not stay with us, so we need to say good bye for him on the beach.



THE PHILIPPINES HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN A CAPSULE The second week of the International Course brought the participants from the classroom to the realities in the

enabling them to see primary health care facilities in two areas, a government hospital facility and a

field. Aptly managed by the course organizers, the two-

private hospital. On the second day, the teams were

days field visit gave the participants an overview of the health care delivery sytem of the country. What seems to be impossible was made possible, seeing the system in three-cuts: geographic (rural-urban) types of

exposed to the healht service facilities in the urban setting --- visiting the German Dectorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clinic, a nongovernment organization catering to the urban poor of Bagong Silang, a government primary facility of

services (public health services and hospital/ curative services), and public and private services. The first day brought the participants in the province of Pampanga---- a two-hour ride up

Krus na Ligas. In the afternoon, the


north of Manila. The participants also learned that

participants visited the Medical City, a premier medical center that is in stark contrast of the facilities previously visited. On the third day (Nov.14), the participants then brought together their experiences to paint the

the province have two features as well --- being the site where the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption had the most

whole picture of the health care system. The teams shared their field findings and discussed

devastating effect burying a large population under lahar; and, more recently, having the first priest

recommendations to strengthen their areas of concern. By the afternoon, as each group shared their findings to

democratically elected as the governor.

the others, the picture of the health care system was

As each group was given different lenses â&#x20AC;&#x201C; human resources, organization, financing and governance. In


the area, the gropus were then further split into two,



Working in the countryside demands flexibility Doctors who manage a Rural Health Station have not only to cope with a wide area of out-of-jobdescription activities but also scarce funding and little governmental support. Doctors need to get creative in finding ways to do their job.

Pampanga Province The Field trip on Monday To identify the globalization impact on organization, human resources, financing and governance/ community involvement in Philippines, the participants of Ateneo

negative effects of globalization at

Winter School went to the local health

different field sites. Even the participants

system in Pampanga on 12th Nov. One

who went to Porac rural health units got

group went to Aeta community rural health

the opportunity to see one of the

unit and VL Makabali general hospital. And

Barangay health stations and pure eyes of

the other group went to municipal health

the children in the local village.

office of San Isidro and provincial hospital in Pampanga. Before the field trip, a brief presentation on general information and health system of Pampanga was given by the governor. Then the participants tried to discover the positive and

GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE RATTLES WINTER SCHOOL School close to get cancelled Torrential rain nearly led to the cancelation of Thursdays lectures as it was practically impossible to get to Ateneo. Not even Santa Clause could help.


THE PHILIPPINE HEALTH SYSTEM The first two days of the second week of winter school was dedicated to field visit to various health units in Manila and near by province to understand the health care delivery system in this country. Study visits included both private and public health care institutions.

low income societies, except during

Pampanga Province

emergencies. This 100 bedded private

On Monday study tour was started in the

specialty hospital is playing important role in

City of San Fernando, capital of Pampanga

delivery specialty health care services to

Province. The study group was welcomed by

people who can afford high cost medical

Pampanga Governor. Provincial health


department officials briefed the various interventions and problems they are facing in delivering health care to the local population. In San Fernando the study group was divided into two subgroups for visiting various health facilities.

discussed the challenges of their health unit in delivering health care services to local Aeta community. On Monday Afternoon the group visited VL Makabali General Hospital in San Fernando city. Though not accessible to patients of Group one visited government rural health unit in the city of Porac and Private VL Makabali General Hospital in San Fernando city. Community Rural Health Unit of Porac is responsible to deliver health care services to about 85,000 people that include general population and indigenous Aeta community as well. The Municipal Medical Officer briefed the work and responsibilities of this heath unit and



When the students of the International Health Winter School visited a Rural Health Center in Porac, Pampanga which provides health services towards the indigenous people known as Aeta, everyone was amazed. The international participants were not expecting to see people whose origins can be traced back to African ancestry. Dr Mekedim Bekele, the student from Ethiopia, was especially glad upon seeing the Aetas. He became an instant celebrity hit among the children and was referred to as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Uncleâ&#x20AC;?. That was one unforgettable and fruitful reunion indeed.

Governor-Priest, a First in the Philippines The International Health Winter School students had the opportunity to be hosted by one of the Philippines most


political personality when they visited the province of Pampanga. Governor Eddie T. Panlilio or Among Ed as he is popularly called is the first priest to be elected in the political arena. He is currently embroiled in a major national issue and is about to testify on that aspect in the senate. It is a wonder how will that turn out considering that he is the one so used to hearing the confessions of his constituents as a priest. The Philippine Senate as the venue for truth seeking is an oxymoronic statement if you ask some of the Filipino students. Now that is another first! One is tempted to ask the Governor how he got himself elected at the first placeâ&#x20AC;Ś and is it a reaction of the Kapampangans to their frustrations to the previous crop of leaders at the provincial and national level? Well everyone is crossing their fingers that he will lead them with equal seal when he was a practicing priest.


THE PHILIPPINE HEALTH SYSTEM Metro Manila On Tuesday our first stop was German Doctors Clinic in the city of Caloocan where this NGO is working with low income settlements of the city and providing basic public health and other curative services. Study group also visited the Krus Na Ligas Health office in Quezon City. The health unit is

City are mostly urban affluent and foreign patients.

Summary During this two days study tour of various health care delivery systems in Philippines. It was observed that both government and private institutions are trying their best to provide better health services responsible for managing public health

to their clients. However it was also

services of about 51000 individuals ranging

observed that government facilities

from maternal and child health, dispensing TB

are facing the problem of shortages

drugs to environmental sanitation. This facility

of human resources especially nurses

is managed by medical officer. As like in Rural

compared to their private counter

health unit in Porac this facility is also facing

parts. Like wise in other developing

the shortage of human resources because


of migration of its staff to developed

We like breaking rules

the concept of public- private partnership in health care services

countries. The last stop of our study tour was

is still on paper and lots need to

Medical City situated in Pasig City. This state

be done to bring both public and

of the art private super specialty hospital is one

private health providers on the

the prestigious hospitals of the

same boat to improve health.

country. The clients of Medical

Pushing vehicle of health reform is heavy work

On the TOP of Medical City




While rural doctors have to go back to the (herbal) roots when they run out of medicine an urban patient can have it all, from Starbucks to open heart surgery - cash to burn provided.

From the Poorest of the Poor to the Richest of the Rich For the fourth time in a row alarms rang before sunrise all over the Oxford Suites Hotel. At 7 am, sharp, two busses, or coaches as they

rudimentary health infrastructure behind. At least they cook good chicken, what helped a lot in soothing some of the uprising negative

are called here (for a good reason), waited to take the International

vibrations about their attitude. The afternoon visit’s target was

Health experts into the real life again, starting the morning with the visit to a NGO run health services development project in the lesser developed settlements on the outskirts of Manila. The German Doctors, or Deutsche Aerzte fuer die Dritte Welt, are running a Health Service development project there for over 15 years now, but while they put in great efforts

Manila’s most precious asset of the Philippines’ entry into

Urban Health Facilities in Manila

they somehow forgot to integrate into the public health services

the international health tourism market, a surgery palace designed to attract liquid patients from abroad while providing tertiary health care for the locals at the same time. Pimping foreign patient’s bodies at competitive prices and with a nice view over the whole of Manila may indeed become a killer financing solution for much needed

of the area. Although they successfully cater for a huge number of

cash flow towards filipino health care. Keep fingers crossed that

patients providing free medicines and health education they plan on

it stands up to its promises not to channel all of it into surgeon’s and

wrapping up and leave their people and a huge gap in the already

manager’s pockets.






Struggle for Health It seems that the recently elected Govenor has put health on the agenda again.

Rural Super Docs The doc is it all: MD Epidemiologist Pathologist Hygiene Off. Manager

Bored after 15 years they got bored with their location and want to go to Mindenao now for the real action.

The place to go but be aware, a little diarrhea will not get you to enjoy the amenities TMC has to offer.


Results and Discussion


Wednesday a long day for most of the participants since Monday and Tuesday were actually allotted for tours to different sites north of manila. Furthermore, early in the morning the

SANDRA. Way to go future international health leaders!!! Moreover, the time for integration. In the beginning it was unobjectionable until that EQUITY came into the picture. The class took a very

long debate of the rightful meaning of that word. After

participants were grouping themselves and started to gather their observation of the 2-day tour. Some were on the rush, some were relaxed and some were confident to finish the discussion in time for the afternoon presentation. In the afternoon, the hour of presentation, each group were asked for a whoosh. Group 4 presented very well with their GOVERNANCEâ&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;Ś. ACHTUNG!!!!!

quite sometime, some of the participants lost

The four groups presented well. The presenters were all excellent and very

their interests of the class. Whew! Anyway, when the class finally ended, it

confident especially our very own group mate

concluded with a blast by the announcement

RASHID. He presented with ease and

of charming Amanguli that allowances will be

contained the attention of the participants.

given soon!

Another admirable presenters were IFFAT, MEKEDIM, and the soft spoken german lady,

Hey guys, you deserve some unwinding and shopping after two weeks confinement in class!!!,

Dancing your ass off The presenting session on Wednesday marked the end of real work for the participants of this years winter school and that had to be celebrated! A strong ice fueled crowd changed from Coco Cabana to Cafe Havanna around 10 pm to enjoy an ear blasting band and shake their booties.

Rural Health System: looks good!



because of failure of communication. This is

Groups Consolidate Observations from Field Exposure

requires a careful consideration and planning

the primary message of Dr Juanillo to the class. He advocated that inasmuch as there are several strategies and tactics on how to communicate, each and every approach of its execution.

POLITICS: Not necessarily evil --- in a Globalization of Health Care Context Politics is a state where in individuals, groups communities, and countries identify its core values, needs and aspirations and mobilizes its powers and resources to transform their interests into a reality, says Dr

Four groups have sat down to consolidate observations from the previous exposure trips

Alfredo Bengzon, a fomer Philippine Health

to Pampanga and to Quezon City.

Minister. This has been the core of his sharing as

The discussions were carried out with much gusto and passion especially in those

he emphasizes that the health care system

instances where issues are very close to oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

cannot be successful in isolation. He further

belief system.

advises the class that effective leadership is all about showing and making people accept who they really are from which cooperation towards

State of Non-Communicable Disease Program A representative from the Philippine

anything nice and beautiful starts with a struggle --- for example, giving birth.

The reporting exercise of the morningâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s discussion has fueled so much spirited discussions especially on the concept of

concept that health is a basic right. Issues and concerns have been divided into four segments, i.e. governance, financing, organization and capacity building.

to open our horizons. He is even cited to say

communicable diseases and how she tries to

Various Groups Report on Citations of Selected Health Care Settings in the Philippines

perceived to underscore a much bigger

He further shares his views that we all need to expose ourselves to other paradigms

Department of Health talks about Nonrally people to pay more attention to it.

equity. This is because this concept is

a common goal can take place.

Dr Limpin Discusses Challenges in Pulmonary Medicine and the Tobacco Industry It is a known fact that smoking is a major cause of malignancies. To this, the tobacco industry is getting the heat for it. Dr Limpin drives this point with so much conviction in the hope to gather support against the tobacco industry from the class members.

Dr Juanillo Rallies Class on Communication Essentials It seems that the biggest and grandest of plans can turn into a nightmare of a lifetime

On the TOP of Medical City



was also offered Cialis and Viagra later in the night, by individuals who apparently held these medications in their hand, after a wonderful relaxation at hotel Shangri-La. I decided to probe into the use of these

Winter school on my second day by relying

medications which are intended for the

solely on my conscious mind and being

management of erectile dysfunction. The

disappointed by few guys in locating Ateneo

gentleman happily replied: “increased activity”

Professional building, I decided to take my

with great expectation of selling Viagra to a

map from my bag which enabled me locate

victim who may apparently end up with a

my destination but from the opposite

chicksilog. The gentleman continued: Cialis

direction after 45minutes of roaming after

for young guys and Viagra for the elderly!!!!!!

leaving Oxford Suites.


Concerns/questions to ponder about as international health experts include: No clinical assessment needed or done

After a good

Will tourists who had good experience

day’s lectures on

with these and other medications introduce

globalization, I

this trade in their countries if regulation of

headed to my

medicines is just on paper and not enforced?

hotel room, this

Cialis/Viagra offered to me so far, no

time not missing

condoms: risk for RTI and consequences on

my way. I was


greeted invitingly by 2 beautiful ladies or should I say Chicksilogs in front of my hotel. I immediately remembered what my professor told us in class that day about Chicksilogs and I increased my steps into the hotel. As if that was not enough for the day, I

or is it light pollution? Even as night fals over Makati Avenue, it is not getting dark. The Christmas spirit lead to the wonderful illumination of the former runway of the old Manila airport.







We fear this issue is going to be a final one. MABUHAI is already saying salamat po to all its readers, even if there is a small chance of another final.

This mag is very subjective in its coverage and names we never change possibly offending some individuals.

Please contact the editor ASAP: space is very limited. Payment is due upfront, but San Miguel Pale Pilsen is no longer accepted.


We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t care.

MABUHAI The Charite - Ateneo Winter School Magazine

Hard Facts for Hard People Price: 100 PHP


Special Photo Edition!

FINISHED! Game Over: Charite - Ateneo Winter School is done. On second last day of winter school participants get bored of lectures and discussion. Body language of most of the participants was showing that they don’t want to hear anything. They were just waiting for evening farewell party to rock. Thursday’s farewell party for the participants of winter school was organized in Zampanga Restaurant. Good food with music and dance made the evening memorable. Wandering through the streets of Malate afterwards finally lead to a transit to Makati’s Havanna Club (again) where the party continued.


The Final Hours


Many participants still dreamed of Miguel’s, Gosia’s and Rashid’s dancing at the Zampanga - or were nearly fading away in memories of the -a bit emptybars of Malate or finally Mekedim’s show down at the Havanna Club in Makati. If they could have been heard in the streets around Burgos,

one may have preceding two weeks and their full program. Three o’clock marked the beginning of the official closing ceremony, which was opened by Dr. Yap, introducing German envoy to the Philippines, HE Christian-Ludwig WeberLortsch, addressing the Winter School’s participants. He also honored the audience in handing out the much appreciated certificates and small gifts of the Embassy and Ateneo. Representing the participants

heard the early morning birds already, when the last dancers arrived back at the Oxford Hotel. Only a few hours were left to the final day at Ateneo, and for some only a few more of their stay in Manila. Surprisingly many arrived on time to the final lecture, still beginning at 09:00 a.m., sharp. After the final lunch, a general feedback session was held and concluded in finding everybody quite satisfied by the

Official Fare-Well This time the Cocktail reception included alcohol, but most participants were still suffering from the night earlier. Glorious speeches preceded the final minutes of the Charite - Ateneo University Winter School


Greg and John presented their views on the last weeks and were rounded up by a lovely presentation made by the supportive staff of Ateneo, who slideshow about

prepared a colorful the course.






We Flipinos eat five times a is a social event and we are a very sociable society! (Dr. Tienzo from the Philippines)

I have to warn you participants of „Tsiksi-logs“ with „tsiks as a collogquial term for female...while, -log, coming from the word itlog or egg. Thus the name tsiksilog means „females with eggs“. Be careful of this kind as you walk back to your hotels! (Dr. M. Tan)

„Philipp Morris is putting up a warehouse in the Philippines Subic Port in the view that the country will be the hub of the Tobacco Industry. However, we as advocates would like to convert our country from being a „Disneyland to a Lion’s Den“ for these companies.

West ’Acupuncture.. gaining credibility in Germany (Dr. C. Mantel). East „Now our medicine is modernized...t raditional chinese medicine is under debate. The government says that we should push for it but I for one don’t believe in it“ (Chinese delegate)









We Flipinos eat five times a is a social event and we are a very sociable society! (Dr. Tienzo from the Philippines)

I have to warn you participants of „Tsiksi-logs“ with „tsiks as a collogquial term for female...while, -log, coming from the word itlog or egg. Thus the name tsiksilog means „females with eggs“. Be careful of this kind as you walk back to your hotels! (Dr. M. Tan)

„Philipp Morris is putting up a warehouse in the Philippines Subic Port in the view that the country will be the hub of the Tobacco Industry. However, we as advocates would like to convert our country from being a „Disneyland to a Lion’s Den“ for these companies.

West ’Acupuncture.. gaining credibility in Germany (Dr. C. Mantel). East „Now our medicine is modernized...t raditional chinese medicine is under debate. The government says that we should push for it but I for one don’t believe in it“ (Chinese delegate)

FROM _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________








We fear this issue is going to be a final one. MABUHAI is already saying salamat po to all its readers, even if there is a small chance of another final.

This mag is very subjective in its coverage and names we never change possibly offending some individuals.

Please contact the editor ASAP: space is very limited. Payment is due upfront, but San Miguel Pale Pilsen is no longer accepted.


We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t care.

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