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Celebrating Healthy Families 2010 Event Summary & Key Findings Keep on Celebrating! Celebrating Healthy Families is more than a health fair, it is a state of community. This was evident as we proudly celebrated our 5th anniversary in 2010 by providing health screenings and resources to the underserved Latino community in the KC Metro Area. Over the years, this event has grown, not only in number of participants, but also in the number of supporters and partners. We would like to especially thank Heart to Heart International for their commitment and generosity in supplying a venue and medical supplies. Many thanks to all of our funders, through which we are able to provide case management and follow up care for patients searching for a medical home. In 2010, Celebrating Healthy Fami-

lies partnered with Regional Lab Alliance to offer clinical evaluations such as: lipid profiles, HbA1c and metabolic profile in order to provide a more thorough analysis of lab work and interpretation of blood collection from patients. As a result, we were able to identify those patients at risk for developing diabetes, and scheduled them to participate in a six-week class that aims to educate on diabetes prevention and management of chronic disease. We are proud to say that Celebrating Health Families is helping shape a healthy community!! Thank you for your continued support.

2010 EVENT OUTCOMES  854 registered attendees  731 participants received at least one screening

NUMBER OF SCREENINGS  Cholesterol: 330  Blood pressure: 731  Glucose: 714  Body Mass Index: 827  Dental: 138  Skin/sun damage: 120  Mental Health Screenings: 29  Vision: 144

The Celebrating Healthy Families Committee

The Health Focus Partnership This successful community partnership is dedicated to addressing the health outcomes among Latinos in our area. This working collaboration includes:  Coalition of Hispanic Women Against Cancer  The University of Kansas Cancer Center  El Centro, Inc.  Heart to Heart International  Truman Medical Centers  Children’s Mercy Hospitals & Clinics  Midwest Cancer Alliance  Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of Kansas Medical Center  Consulate of Mexico in Kansas City

We are preparing for the 2011 celebration! October 8, 2011 More information to follow



Community Involvement We are very grateful for all of those who were involved in making this event a HUGE success! The annual Celebrating Healthy Families event is made possible by the generous hearts and sincere passion of our many volunteers who desire to make a change in the community. The combined efforts of the Partnership organizations, funders, staff and volunteers is reflected in the success of the event. We are always looking for more talented and caring individuals who would like to volunteer. Please contact Randy Lopez at or 913-945-6508 if you are interested in helping with our 2011 fair. We would like to give a big thank you to all our volunteers! This year 240 volunteers made this event a huge success. ¡Muchas gracias! Our volunteers included: Local healthcare providers Medical and nursing students Community volunteers Heart to Heart volunteers Promotores de Salud

We appreciate each and every one of you!

Volunteer Testimonials I am a Cellular Biology major and a junior at the University of Kansas and became involved in the 2010 Celebrating Healthy Families event by means of my current position as an intern at the KUMC Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health. As a volunteer at the 2010 Celebrating Healthy Families event, I had the pleasure of volunteering next to the KUMC medical students at the blood glucose-screening booth. I also helped interpret at the registration booth, as well as served as a guide. My experience as a volunteer has aided me in my continuous pursuit to become involved in the medical field. For long it has been my pleasure to take part of events such as Celebrating Healthy Families that emphasize the need to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the Latino community. I am thankful for being part of the event and I am looking forward to next year’s fair. Montserrat Jimenez, bilingual volunteer University of Kansas

As an undergraduate student interested in pursuing a medical career in Pediatrics, volunteering at the 2010 Celebrating Healthy Families Children’s Corner was a gratifying experience. I had the opportunity to work with health care professionals and community members whose goal is to improve the well-being of Latino children. I assisted in numerous tasks, including the implementation of developmental screenings, and informing families about the services that were being offered at the Children’s Corner. It was gratifying to see how families were thankful for the information and services that we provided. Seeing the children’s faces light up as they chose their books and giveaways served as a reminder of why I am determined to become a Pediatrician and serve the Latino community. I look forward to participating in the 2011 Celebrating Healthy Families event and I highly encourage others to volunteer as well. Ángel Pérez, bilingual volunteer Kansas City Kansas Community College



Identifying People at High Risk... There are many health concerns in the Latino community including:  Cardiovascular disease  Diabetes  High cholesterol  High blood pressure The lack of awareness and information to educate communities about common risk factors greatly increases the likelihood of illness. Offering screenings and lab work at no cost, and identifying those individuals at high risk is an effective method of preventing a disease or taking action to treat an existing condition. Different from past years, in 2010, thanks to the help of Regional Lab Alliance, we were able to offer lab work such as: lipid profiles, HbA1c, and metabolic profile in order to provide a more thorough analysis and interpretation of blood of participants’ health status. This was particularly helpful in identifying those participants who were diabetic or at risk for diabetes. We were able to identify the most urgent cases and through our follow-up referral process were able secure access to healthcare. Our bilingual case manager works with participants who have higher risk to obtain resources and connect them to a medical home when the space is available “TOMANDO CONTROL DE SU SALUD” (“Taking Control of your Health”) Celebrating Healthy Families promotes healthy lifestyles including healthy eating and physical activity. This year, we piloted a culturally appropriate risk reduction program to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills that they need to prevent diabetes. This program was held in a community setting for 6 weeks, 2 1/2hours each week. Two workshops were given, one for Kansas residents and another for Missouri residents. Topics covered in the program include: appropriate use of the health care system, healthy eating, active living and improving exercise.

Connecting to a Medical Home The Celebrating Healthy Families committee would like to thank the local safety net clinics that have opened their doors to the participants screened through this event: Duchesne Clinic, Samuel Rodgers, Cabot Clinic, Swope Clinic, JayDoc Clinic, Silver City Clinic, The University of Kansas Medical Center, and Turner House Children's Clinic.



Children’s Corner For the second year, the Celebrating Healthy Families event offered a section specifically for the youngest of the health screening participants. The fun and interactive Children’s Corner was a joint venture with Turner House Children’s Clinic, Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, and the University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Pediatrics.

Highlights 

Vision screenings

50 bilingual developmental screenings

Pediatric “Ask a Doctor”

Bilingual vaccination information

Reading corner

Children’s recreation area

Over 350 give-a-ways

Children’s Mercy Clinic booth

Health Disparities Among Latino Children The American Academy of pediatrics informs that one in five children in the United States is an immigrant, living among the poorest, least insured and least able to access health care. Uninsured Latino children do not attend a regular physician’s office due to the expense of medical care, lack of health insurance, and cultural barriers. Children more at risk of all disparities are those first-generation Latino children, not to mention that it is Mexican-American first generation children who are evaluated as having the poorest health of all Latino groups.

300 participants received flu shots in 2010!

Fun Family-Friendly Activities Zumba Lessons


Making a Difference


The Celebrating Healthy Families health focus event has had a positive impact in the community and affected many individuals in a positive way. The following is an actual participant of the fair who was willing to share their story with us: Luz is a single mother of 5. She used to live and work in Mexico, selling items at the market in her hometown to be able to provide for her family. Five years ago, Luz decided to venture across the border to the United States, hoping to find better fortune and opportunity for her and her family. Her goal was to find a job, work hard and send money to her family back home. However, she had to leave her 5 children in Mexico. Unfortunately, the economy and her health have not helped her, she has been unemployed for much of her time in the U.S. and when she can Luz collects metals to sell in order to make a few dollars. Unemployment is not her only concern. Luz has been feeling very tired and lethargic lately. She finds it hard to get up and go. She learned about the health fair watching TV and decided that maybe somebody could help her to understand why she was feeling so tired. So Luz attended the fair, had lab work done and had a chance to speak to a physician for the first time. Because of this effort, Luz learned that she is diabetic. She is scared because she does not understand what that means but because of the fair and the follow up care, she is now getting the medical help she needs to control her diabetes. She has a medical home and is working to get control of her diabetes. She wants to thank all the organizers and volunteers for putting this together because, as she put it, the health fair was a “little light” in a very dark room that helped her to see that somebody cares. *Name/age/sex may have been altered to protect the identity of the patient.

¡Gracias! We would like to extend our most sincere appreciation to the funders that made this event possible. It is through this orchestrated joining of efforts that such events are carried out with fruitful outcomes. Thank you!!

SAVE THE DATE for 2011

Saturday October 8, 2011 Memorial Hall 600 N. 7th St. Trafficway Kansas City, Kansas

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This Report has been developed by the Celebrating Healthy Families Committee and in collaboration with テ]gel Pテゥrez and Montserrat Jimenez.

Celebrating Healthy Families 2010 Report  
Celebrating Healthy Families 2010 Report  

Report of CHF activities and events in 2010