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Week 2 Studio Journal Same as week 1, I didn't go to the week 2 studio because of late enrolment. However, thanks to Celine, I have some great photos of week 2 studio.

With aiming to build the highest tower, the group prepared lots of stuffs including balsa wood bar, paper cutter, scissors, glue and hobnails.

Week 2 Studio Journal

Believing triangle as the strongest and most stable structure from both mathematic and constructing angles, they chose to build the tower with a triangle bottom as shown red in the picture.

A side view of the tower. To prevent the tower from collapse, they enforced the tower with two balsa wood strip crossing like a X shape.

Week 2 Studio Journal

They built so high that they couldn't reach the top of the tower, so they had to put the tower down and glued the joints.

With one person held the joints, another was able to glue them.

Week 2 Studio Journal

Closer looks of joints. With the help of pins, the joints were joined up, and the whole structure was reinforced.

Week 2 Studio Journal

A panorama of the tower. From looking at the pictures Celine sent me, the basic construction structure was shown.

Week 2 studio journal  

Week 2 studio journal Constructing Environments University of Melbourne

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