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Week 1 Studio Journal Due to late enrolment, I didn't go to the first two week's studios. However, for the first week, I have heard that it focused on pager pilot. Thus I made my own paper plane at home.

Firstly folded an A4 paper in half.

Then opened it, folded the above two corners based on the fold line.

Then folded it in half again.

Week 1 Studio Journal


After that, I folded the paper again.

b Then I folded up the two sides of the paper, with a=2 cm and b= 3 cm. It aims to make the nose heavier and it looked like the picture above.

After that I folded up the nose.

Week 1 Studio Journal

Then I folded up the tail inside till it became the empennage.

The last step, I folded up the two sides of the wings for each 2cm.

For this practice, I meant to enable the paper airplane for longer distance. Thus, I paid attention to the weight of the head, the fuselage and the tail, that is, make the head heavier. However, if it's a little bit heavier than the airplane itself can hold, then we can adjust the end of the wings and fold them upwards. To reduce the drag, I folded up the two sides of the wings. At the end, I checked the two sides of the plane again to make sure they're symmetrical.

Week 1 studio journal  

Week 1 studio journal Constructing Environments University of Melbourne

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