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Specific Plans of Action 

REVAMP: REinforce Vigor and Assertiveness through Monetary Projects o Merchandise Sale - With the help of the Publicity and Communications Committee, the two teams shall come up with more creative merchandise, be it something ordinary or extraordinary that will make their target market buy for more! For a more managed approach to this project, the PCs shall make a database of orders for this merchandise. This shall be executed on the first half of each semester.

o P2P -This project caters to all OBEMers who are stressed with their acads, lovelife, and well, to those who just want to have fun! Again, the PCs shall continue to improve the said event by bringing in new games that the members haven’t tried before. Also if possible, we shall also retain the practice of having 2 P2Ps each sem, so as to let members have twice the fun! The schedule for this shall depend on the week when exams are concentrated (which is usually on the second week of August), possibly a week after that.

o Brand sale -Being one of the major fund sources for the org, we shall prospect to have two brands for each semester. For each brand sale to start as early as possible for the partnerships with two partner companies to avoid delay, and reinforce good relations with them! This project shall be executed on both the first and second half of each semester.

o Sparks Fly -This project was a success! To further continue with this, we shall make it more intense by thinking of new packages that will titillate those who shall give and receive gifts. Planning for this shall on the early part of the second semester, and the target execution date of this project may be one week before Valentine’s week, or Valentine’s week itself because 02/14/2014 is a FRIDAY.

o Planner -This project shall be coordinated with both the Publicity and Communications Committee and Sales and Marketing Committee. Creative juices, intense marketing, and early planning shall be the factors on how this merchandise shall sell. The whole team shall start planning as early as the early part of the first semester to talk about all preparations. The target release date for this is on the Last week of November or first week of December.

Evangelista|Vice President for Finance


Go Green -As usual, this project shall be handled by the finance committee applicants for them to experience what it is to be in FIN. With this, they shall learn how to manage events to give them a preview of how events are handled in OBEM. This project shall be executed on the latter part of each semester.

o Movie Screening -This project is feasible on what popular movies are available and marketable for the crowd. We shall also sell the tickets at our set price, and with the help of the Sales and Marketing committee, find sponsors to give our viewers awesome freebies for them to enjoy while watching.

FS 101 -The trademark of being a present/former Fin member is how an FS is presented. So, on the plansem, we shall have an FS 101 which shall cater to the new Fin members or to those FIN members who do not have knowledge on how to construct an FS. To make it more fun, I shall designate a veteran fin member to mentor a new fin member in making a concise, but comprehensive FS. -This shall be initiated on every Fin plansem.

Fundraising: Intensified -Fundraising is one of the main tasks of a finance committee member, and engaging for an avid one is a responsibility. Even when there are no events coming up, we shall assign and help Fin members to raise funds as early as possible to generate funds for immediate purposes.

Budget Transparency -Aside from fundraising, money allocation is a very important task. With this said, it is the task of the Fin to have a say on planning the budget for an event they are going to be assigned in. To make it more transparent for the OBEMers, I shall disclose the profit gained or loss incurred in an event, and the running balance of the organization every general meeting. The Fin PCs should post a printed FS of their project/event on the committee board for the members to see the breakdown of the cash flows.

BONDINGS!!! -I came from a very close batch of OBEMers, Batch Picnic. And, I am proud to say that being “cliquish” has a lot of perks because we can know other people better. For Fin, the director and I will schedule bondings to serve as an avenue for camaraderie for a more effective and closer Fin.

Evangelista|Vice President for Finance

Specific Plans of Action  
Specific Plans of Action