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How to Register Students Teachers and  Administrators  who  would  like  to  send   students  to  the  Symposium  on  San  Francisco   Government  and  Politics  should  contact  Lindsay   Brown,  Student  Outreach  Director  to  obtain  a   registration  form.  Educators  may  register  up  to  ten   (10)  students  using  this  form.  On  a  space  available   basis,  additional  students  may  be  registered.     Students  who  wish  to  attend  should  contact  their   school  administration  to  receive  permission  to   attend  with  the  proper  excuse  from  any  classes   missed.  Once  permission  is  obtained,  students  may   preregister  by  contacting  Lindsay  Brown  at  the   email  address  below.     Registration  is  free  for  students  and  teachers.  Lunch   will  be  provided.     Lindsay  Brown,  Student  Outreach  Coordinator   The  Junior  Statesmen  Foundation                  (650)  347-­‐1600  xt  7642     The  program  will  be  run  by  members  of  The  Junior  Statesmen  Foundation  staff.   While  teacher  participation  is  encouraged,  The  Junior  Statesmen  Foundation   assumes  the  responsibility  for  supervising  the  students  while  attending  the   program.  

The mission  of  the  Junior  State  of  America  and   the  Junior  Statesmen  Foundation  (JSA)  is  to   strengthen  American  democracy  by  educating   and  preparing  high  school  students  for  life-­‐ long  involvement  and  responsible  leadership  in   a  democratic  society.     In  the  student-­‐run  Junior  State  and  at  JSA   summer  schools  and  summer  institutes,   participants  learn  statesmanship  as  they   engage  in  political  discourse.  They  cultivate   democratic  leadership  skills,  challenge  one   another  to  think  critically,  advocate  their  own   opinions,  develop  respect  for  opposing  views   and  learn  to  rise  above  self-­‐interest  to   promote  the  public  good.  

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Symposium on  San  Francisco   Government  and  Politics     The  Junior  Statesmen  Foundation   800  S  Claremont  St,  Ste  202   San  Mateo,  CA  94402  

Symposium on San Francisco Government and Politics Friday, November  8,  2013               PUC  Auditorium  –  Civic  Center   8:30  a.m.-­‐  4:00  p.m.  

Question the Decision-Makers Influential officials  have  been  invited  to  address  the   students  about  key  issues  affecting  youth  in  San   Francisco.  Robust  question  and  answer  sessions  give   students  the  opportunity  to  delve  deeper  into   specific  policies  of  concern.  Confirmed  speakers   include  Hon.  David  Chiu,  President,  Board  of   Supervisors,  Hon.  Mark  Farrell,  Board  of  Supervisors   and  Richard  Carrenza,  Superintendent,  San   Francisco  Unified  School  District.      

“Politics must be experienced to be understood.” – Professor E. A. Rogers

Students Voice Their Opinions

Fulfilling the Civic Mission of Schools

Interactive sessions  will  allow  students  to  talk  about   their  opinions  on  the  issues  raised  during  the  day.   The  format  of  these  sessions  will  also  emphasize   listening  and  critical  thinking  skills  to  promote   informed  civil  dialogue  on  controversial  issues.   Small  groups  will  collaborate  on  solutions  to  local   government  problems  and  create  plans  to  help  the   city  move  forward.  

Understanding Local  Politics  

Empowering Students for Future Engagement

The Symposium   on   San   Francisco   Government   and   Politics  will  give  high  school  students  an  inside  view   of  how  local  government  works,  a  chance  to  weigh   in   on   issues   that   directly   affect   them   and   a   framework   for   becoming   engaged   in   local   government   even   after   the   program.   This   program   can   augment   any   Government   or   Social   Studies   curriculum   with   a   focus   on   San   Francisco   City   and   County  government  and  by  giving  students  avenues   to  become  engaged  in  and  take  action  on  the  local   issues  that  affect  them.  

Knowing how  City  Hall  works  is  the  first  step  to   becoming  engaged.  The  Symposium  will  give   students  the  tools  and  confidence  to  take  the  next   step  and  interact  with  their  government  in  order  to   add  their  voice  to  the  decision-­‐making  process.  An   “Action  Civics”  curriculum  and  professional   development  will  be  made  available  to  teachers   who  register  students  for  the  symposium  –  this  will   enable  educators  to  continue  to  provide  students   with  training  for  active  civic  participation.    

Conference Information

Symposium  on  San  Francisco   Government  and  Politics   Friday,  November  8,  2013   8:30  a.m.  –  4:00  p.m.   Public  Utilities  Commission  Auditorium   Edmund  G.  Brown  State  Office  Building   505  Van  Ness  Street  –  San  Francisco     Agenda     8:30  a.m.   Registration/Breakfast   Student  Networking  Activity     9:00  a.m.   Opening  Session   Board  President  David  Chiu     10:00  a.m.  Issues  in  Education   SFUSD  Superintendent  Richard  Carranza   Student  activity  on  education  issues     11:30  a.m.  Youth  Engagement     San  Francisco  Youth  Advisory  Council     12:00  noon      Lunch     1:00  p.m.   Crime  and  Justice   Panel  Session  on  Policy  Issues  Affecting  Youth   Student  Problem-­‐Solving  Forum     2:45  p.m.  Politics  in  San  Francisco   Exploring  the  Spectrum  of  Views  with  Supervisors     3:45  p.m.   Closing     4:00  p.m.      Symposium  Ends  

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