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Junior Pops Newsletter 5 February 2018 Special points of interest:  Cross Country Fixtures  Meet the Team  Membership & Weekly Fees  Allestree XC  Other Events  Junior Pops Kit

Cross Country Fixtures Suitable for all abilities and school aged children. We had great fun last year! 10 February 2018 Ivanhoe XC

Junior Pops have had a flying start to the year. Training hard and competing hard too. We celebrated our second birthday on the 14 January by gathering at running at the Junior Park Run at Rushcliffe. Our members ran well and celebrated afterward with a slice of cake at the Visitors Centre. Happy Birthday Junior Pops! The weather has certainly been on the wintery side, so we are grateful for the indoor training provision which has meant

stable training sessions. We are also eager to get back to the great outdoors as the weather improves - roll on spring and summer! The Junior Pops’ bank balance is in need of a boost and we are looking at fundraising events to help along with other funding avenues. We hope our members and their families will support our fundraising efforts, which in turn benefits the children of our club. Keep working hard—you are all amazing!

18 February 2018 Grace Dieu 25 February 2018 Pop's do Junior Park Run - Swadlincote 11 March 2018 Hinckley XC league race 25 March 2018 Pop's do Junior Park Run - Rushcliffe 21 April 2018 Mini Military Mud Run 6 May 2018 Wymeswold Waddle & Duckling Dash Reception - Yr5 = 1km | Year 6+ = 2km £1 per runner and the start is 10:30 please arrive in plenty of time it is sometimes quite a walk from car park to start line and you need to collect their race number too. Junior Pop's will provide a tent with separate changing areas for boys and girls and hot chocolate after the race.

Meet the team JAne Allen Safeguarding Officer

Time spent with Junior Pops

When will you see me?


4 months as the Safeguarding Officer. 18 months as a parent of two members of the club Most Mondays at training session, but can always be contacted at the above email address or via Facebook message. I was born in Bristol, moved to Cornwall to work for a chemical company for 15 years before relocating to Loughborough.

Favourite food

Chicken salad

Favourite TV programme

Silent Witness

Junior Pops are streamlining how weekly fees can be paid for your child’s sessions. The sessions are currently ran on a PAYG (Pay as You Go) format, ie you turn up on the night and pay for the session. This can often be time consuming at the beginning of a session. Whilst we will still offering the PAYG option, we will also be introducing half termly payments via bank transfer, this option is offered at a preferential rate. Your payment options will be as follows: To cover fees for the period Monday 18 February 2018 to Thursday 29 March 2018




Six Monday sessions

Six Thursday sessions

PAYG Session




(equivalent to £2.00 per session)

(equivalent to £2.00 per session)

To be paid by on the night.

To be paid by standing order

To be paid by standing order

Please send payment with the ref:

Please send payment with the ref:

“JPMo/Child’s Surname, 1st initial”

“JPTh/Child’s Surname, 1st initial”

Please arrive in plenty of time to allow for fees to be paid and for the training session to start promptly at 5pm

Bank Details Info Sort Code: 30-65-85 Acc No: 40701068 Acc Name: Popular Running Club

Have you paid your child’s membership fees? They are now OVERDUE, please arrange payment as a matter of urgency.

Allestree xc On Sunday 21 January, we made the trek to Derbyshire for the Allestree Cross Country event. Mid-journey, the threat of snow made an effort to put us off, however determined and eager to run, our juniors turned up in force. As the morning progressed, the snow continued. By the time the race was under way, our Juniors were running in snow showers. It was a tough morning, in harsh conditions, but each and every runner put their all in and were amazing! They did a grand job and we are incredible proud. Well done everyone. We have since heard that the results cannot be posted as the timmer sheets were illegible following the weather conditions. This is a real blow and we are as disappointed as you. are Our Junior Pops tent came off worse, the snowy conditions destroyed the tent and we are now tent-less. We are looking at other options.

Where can I buy Junior Pops Kit? All logo’d Junior Pops kit can be purchased easily online. You should visit:

Click on Clubs then scroll to and click on Popular Running Club Juniors, finally select Child Sizes Here you will find an array of kit to order that can either be delivered to your chosen address.

Please be mindful to select “Juniors”

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JrPops Newsletter Feb18  
JrPops Newsletter Feb18