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Winter Issue—December League Year 2013-2014

The Junior League of Sioux City is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

On October 24, a fundraiser was held for the Dress for Success Program, which helps provide women in need with clothing that is appropriate for job interviews. The fundraiser took place at Eldon’s in Sioux City, and we raised about $1,200 for the program. Way to go, ladies!!

Above: Krista Wassenaar (A), President, helps out behind the bar. Left: Co r al De Witt (Discovery Shop Manager), and Cindy Brewer (A), who dressed for the occasion by representing our Spamthemed silent auction items.

Above: Alison Uhl (A), Angie Schneiderman (A), Cyndi Craig (A), Lindsey Mithoefer (P), and Alex Searls (A) were among the JLSC members who attended in support of this event. Left: Angela Ericson (A) poses next to a table containing items for the silent auction. Right: Cyndi Craig (A) gets to ring the cowbell after purchasing a Halloween goodie bag.


Children’s Mueseum Update

Nature Center Playscape Grand Opening

Discovery Shop News

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President’s Message

This is the time of year where we reflect on the things that we are truly thankful for. Our families, our friends, our homes, our successes…I can go on and on. There are many things that we can be thankful for in League, too. The friends that we have made, the times that we have enjoyed with these friends, the many things that we have learned during our time in League, all the amazing projects we have done over the years, and all the knowledge we have gained from being a part of a great organization of likeminded women. Of course, we need to also reflect on the road that we traveled to get us where we are now. Was it always smooth sailing? Or was it a rough ride at Krista Wassenaar (A), President times? We also need to be thankful for all the things that we have learned during the tough times. If a mistake is not made, nothing is actually learned. Nothing can ever be perfect, but it sure can be fun! Many of the best times that I can remember were during those tough times. If everything went smoothly, none of us would have the great and hilarious stories that come of the unexpected. So enjoy your successes along with your failures, the big events with the little, and your time in League - where your experiences TEACH you to flourish! I hope that each and every one of you enjoys your Holiday season with your family and your friends! Enjoy! - Krista Wassenaar (A), President Board of Directors President Krista Wassenaar

V.P. of Community Kellee van Bruggen

Sustaining Director Margaret Holman

President-Elect Karrie Hruska

V.P. of Marketing Sarah LaBrune-Jongeling

Discovery Shop Manager Coral DeWitt

Secretary Kristin Beswick

V.P. of Membership Michelle Chicoine

Board Members At-Large • Michelle Bostinelos • Bonnie Scott

V.P. of Finance Alex Searls

Discovery Shop Chair Jeannette Ford

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Discovery Shop News

The second quarter was an exciting and productive time at the Discovery Shop. First off, the Committee welcomed two new Provisional members, Kathie Pfaffle and Lindsey Mithoefer. Kathie and Lindsey jumped right on board by chairing the grand opening celebration of the Dorothy Pecaut Children's Playscape that was held on October 12, and turned out to be a great success! Thanks so much for your hard work, Kathie and Lindsey! Kudos also go out to Angie and Angela for organizing a very successful Eldon's event, which raised $1,200 for the Dress for Success program. Thanks to everyone else who helped and also those who attended. Marilyn Eastman and her Briar Cliff Marketing Class met with a group of us to collect information to use in helping to develop marketing plans for the Discovery Shop and for JLSC. Following this meeting, the class presented their findings to us and then developed three separate surveys for the Shopper, the Donor and the Volunteer. Nine Morningside College students came out and painted the rear of our building and the trim, weeded, and swept the parking lot, during their annual "Into The Streets" volunteer effort. This event included over 800 students and over 60 locations throughout the Sioux City area. Go on down to Headquarters and run your hands across the smooth, brand new sink that was picked out by Krista and installed by Gary Pech! We are collecting donations for our Shop's staff Holiday gifts. Donate $15 and you can earn 1 financial hour. Please contact Jeannette at if you are interested. Cash register training is available through Coral. Feel free to call her to arrange this or stop by the Shop during regular Shop hours, Monday through Friday, if you need training or a refresher course. Join us at the next Discovery Shop Committee meeting (6:00 p.m.) and Attack the Back (7:00 p.m.) on Thursday, January 23, 2014. - Jeannette Ford (A), Discovery Shop Chair

Right: Junior League members pose with Santa on December 7. Special thanks to Kara Obbink and Jeanette Ford for making this year’s Santa Day event a success.

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Discovery Shop News Students from Morningside College participated in a volunteer event called “Into the Streets” on October 2. The event was organized by Morningside’s chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa, a national leadership honor society. A group of students came down to the Junior League Discovery Shop and painted all of the exposed wood on the outside of the building. They also pulled weeds and cleaned the parking lot.

Above: The group of Morningside College Students who came down to work at the Discovery Shop.

Above: The front of the Discovery Shop after the students finished painting. Right: The rear of the building. Below: A closer view of one of the front windows.

Right: One of the students wearing a shirt showing the various participants of the “Into the Streets” program.

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Discovery Shop News

Junior League members gathered at the Discovery Shop on Saturday, November 23, to deck the halls and spread holiday cheer. Cookies and hot apple cider were served to members, and to the public, while holiday decorations were placed throughout the Shop.

Above: Jeanette Ford (A), Rhonda Mohrhauser (A), and Lisa Wise (A) sort through holiday decorations.

Above: Jeanette Ford (A) and Cindy Petersen (Discovery Shop) set out a basket of holiday cards. Left: Myra DeRaad (Discovery Shop) and Sarah LaBrune-Jongeling (A) show off some Christmas-themed toilet seats. Right: Sarah Wiedenfeld (A) and Diana Glieck (A) set up a Christmas tree.

Monthly Goal: $12,916.67

August: $13,275.12

September: $9,365.92

October: $13,659.12

Briar Cliff Market Research




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with Briar Cliff University (and is also a Sustainer) has been gracious enough to allow the Junior League of Sioux City work






research and create a marketing plan for the Junior League and the Discovery Shop! The Marketing students have been working hard this year on a Marketing

Above and Below: Marketing students make a presentation to the JLSC Board.

Plan for the Junior League of Sioux City and The Discovery Shop. As part of this





some surveys for the public, for donors, and for volunteers. These surveys will help the students gather information to continue to develop their plan.

Sustainer Scoop One important thing that I have learned about our current president is that she loves to utilize technology in positive ways, to better communicate with her board and with the entire membership. In fact, this year she has created a new, weekly e-newsletter, called The Skinny. She is happy to save paper and the cost of mail by sending the Hot Sheet quarterly, but she doesn’t want to lose that regular connection provided by a league newspaper. The Skinny is her electronic newsflash, that gives updates on meetings, address changes, and any up-to-the moment needs of the league or The Discovery Shop. It also includes a Sustainer Spotlight section, where I include a fun update and photo of a a different Sustainer each week. My job is two-fold: I bring a Sustainer point of view to the “pages” of The Skinny, and I am actively doing PR to get more Sustainers to give us their email address so they can receive the weekly Skinny. It is totally optional. I completely understand that some people don’t want more emails. But you can opt in if you choose, and get the weekly updates and have a little window into current JLSC happenings. If you pay JLSC Sustainer dues, why not stay in touch? Why not stay current with our activities? Staying current allows you to be a better spokesperson for our league. You might see something that would intrigue your daughter to join, or a friend’s daughter, or a niece, or a neighbor. Then you can actively help us grow our numbers. Or you can read about a thrift drive at the shop, and help spread the word. The Skinny is just that: the skinny on JLSC current events. Want to opt in? All you have to do is email Krista. And you can always opt out at any time. Just try it. You might like it. - Margaret Holman (S), Sustaining Director

Children’s Museum Update

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Almost ten years ago a single question gave birth to the Children’s Museum of Siouxland. “Why doesn’t Sioux City have a Children’s Museum?” was the question that started a Junior League ad hoc committee. This committee began the initial stages of research to determine what it would take to bring a facility focused on hands-on education through play to our area. Many members of Junior League offered their suggestions, advice, and expertise during the early Above: A model showing the proposed design of planning stages. Ultimately, it was the time and the Sioux City Children’s Museum. dedication of a core group, Debbie Bernstein-LaCroix, Lily Higman, Brandy TenHulzen, and Jenny Uhl, which moved the project from its conception to where it stands now. Initially thought to become a project for the Junior League, it was wisely determined that the museum was much larger in scope than what could be managed. The initial funding, which made research and development of a business plan possible, came from a $5,000 Junior League grant. Without this seed money, the museum might have been just another great idea that never materialized. The number of JL and community members that have given their time and energy to the project over the years has been amazing and is truly a testimony to the passion shared for the Children’s Museum. In 2012, the board of directors hired Kari Kellen as the first Executive Director of the Children’s Museum of Siouxland. Under her guidance and expertise, we have been able to move the project to an entirely new level, watching our dream become reality. As we zone in on a fundraising goal of $6,000,000, we look back to our roots and ask for help from our Junior League members to support the project in its final fundraising push. We have an opportunity to receive one million dollars from the State of Iowa and the Community Attraction and Tourism (CAT) grant. To qualify for the grant we need to show all of the other funds pledge before the end of the year. With $4,200,000 pledged to date we need to raise $800,000 in two short months. Every dollar counts and the pledges can be paid over multiple years. So, we are asking for your help because we know that the network Junior League reaches truly has the ability to help us reach our goal. As always, we are incredibly thankful for the generosity of the Junior League of Sioux City and its members. Not only for your financial support, but also for those who publicly voiced their encouragement of the project. We cannot thank you enough. - Jenny Uhl (S) Left and Right: Sketches showing various features that would be included in the Children’s Museum.

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Nature Center Update

The Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center celebrated the grand opening ceremony for the Playscape on October 12. Dawn Synder (S) gave a short speech to the crowd, which included many children and their parents, as well as Junior League members. In addition, tours were given by League members. A special thank you to Lindsey Mithoefer (P) and Kathie Pfaffle (P) for co-chairing this event. Above: The entryway to the Discovery Forest Nature Playscape. Left and Below: Children play together at some of the Playscape features.

Left and Right: The crowd listens as Dawn Snyder (S) gives a short address thanking t he many don or s and volunteers whose efforts made the Playscape possible.

Right: Junior League members chat and look on as children play.

Left: Dawn Snyder (S) giving her address to the crowd.

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JLSC Orchids Orchids… …Thank you to Kathleen Emerson and Maureen McKenna for volunteering their time at the Thrift Drives. They have been doing a wonderful job!

Birthdays... December:

Lisa Wise (A) January: Beverly Ellis (E) 1 Jeannette Ford (A) Patricia Swanson (S) ...Thank you to Elizabeth Buster for donating a photo 2 Kara Obbink (A) Linda Krei (S) printer. 5 Julie Maas (S) Louise Persinger (E) 5 JoAnn Fowler (E) - From Jeanette Ford (A) Ann Slechta (A) 10 Diana Warner (E) …Thank you to Margaret Holman for helping with the PSAs Judy Harvey (S) 11 Rhonda Mohrhauser (A) for more marketing for the Shop and Junior League. I enjoy Susan Wollesen (S) 13 Donna Bradbury (S) listening to your voice on KWIT! Candi Roat (S) 15 Deb Burnight (S) - From Krista Wassenaar (A) Sandi Rodawig (S) Chriss Camenzend (S) 16 Karen Clark (S) …Thank you to Karen Clark and Julie Boston for all their 17 Connie Shellhammer (S) Nicki Oss (S) hard work on the Archives. Stop down and check out the 22 Karen Fry (S) Patricia Pitts (A) awesome displays in the Board Room! 22 Judy Johnson (S) Vicki Hepperlen (S) - From Krista Wassenaar (A) 23 Marian LeGrand (E) Linda Kalin (S) ...Thank you to Angie Schneiderman for organizing the Mary Ellen Hartman (S) 28 Kathy Erion (A) Eldon’s Fundraiser. 28 Julia Goth-Avery (S) Lynn Swanstrom (S) 28 Carla Macfarlane (S) Ann Mumford (E) - From Jeanette Ford (A) Cyndi Craig (A) 28 Cora Sibley (S) …Thank you to the Website team. They have been doing a Dorothy Wagner (E) 31 Sue Conner (S) great job on keeping up with getting things together for the Caroline Donaway (S) Website launch! Kathy Hart (S) - From Krista Wassenaar (A) February: Mary Bikakis (S) …Thank you to Sarah LaBrune-Jongeling for doing such a Barbara Holtze (S) 1 Mary Gardiner (S) 2 Lynne Walker (S) great job at Marketing this year. She has gotten us radio 2 Carolyn Jensen (E) and TV spots to make the community more aware of Junior League and our events. 3 Susan Fey (A) - From Krista Wassenaar (A) 3 Allyson Olson (S) ...Orchids to everyone who came out and helped during Changeover Week, and to 5 Pat VanBramer (S) Kara Obbink (A) for taking charge of the Changeover during my absence. 8 Nancy Pechacek (S) - From Jeanette Ford (A) 9 Alison Uhl (A) 11 Niki Heck (A) ...Orchids to Maureen McKenna (A) for working several times at the Shop over the 12 Sandy Keane (S) past couple months. 13 Kristin Beswick (A) - From Jeanette Ford (A) 13 Nancy Giles (S) 14 Queeta Hewitt (A) 14 Emily Jasman (S) Congratulations… 16 Mary Green-Warnstadt (A) ...To Norita Breyfogle (S) and her family for their new addition, Brett, 16 Jenny Wood (A) who was born on October 2! 16 Kathy Marshall-Lund (S) ...To Angie Schneiderman (A) for receiving the “10 under 40” Award! 16 Colleen Dennis (S) 17 Amy Lechtenberg (A) ...To Alex Searls (A), on her marriage to husband Jon on October 12! 17 Nancy Metz (S) 20 Sara LaBrune-Jongeling (A) Condolences… 20 Jodi Speidel (A) 21 Henrietta Jacobsen (E) ...To Kathy Hart (S) and Coral DeWitt (Shop Manager), whose Great Uncle 22 Melanie Liebsack (A) Charles “Chuck” Storm passed away on September 18, 2013 at age 84. 23 SaraBeth Fillingane (Non...To the family and friends of Diana Yancey Warner, a former Junior League Resident Active) member, who passed away on September 26, 2013 at age 86. 23 Sue Jerdee (A) ...To Pat Krage (S), whose husband Thomas M. Tucker passed away on 26 Brenda Dick (S) November 8, 2013 at age 67. 27 Liz Croston (S) - From Krista Wassenaar (A)

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Important Reminders

We are currently working on a revised application process for community organizations who are interested in applying for funding and/or volunteer time. In the future, we will be sending out applications for all of our major projects, Done in a Day projects, and Mildred Anderson grants in one packet. This will help clarify the purpose of each type of grant, and it will help organizations determine which type of application is most appropriate for their needs. Locations of upcoming GMMs: •

December 12: Jitters (please note their new location, which is 306 Virginia St., Suite D)

January 9: Thompson Electric Learning Center (721 14th St.)

February 13: EFS Group (5764 Sunnybrook Dr.)

For all meetings, social is at 6:30 p.m. and meetings start at 7 p.m. Light meal and beverages will be provided. Provisional meetings will be held at 6 p.m. prior to the GMMs. If you signed up for Plato’s Closet pick-up, Discovery Shop snack day, or to work in the Shop, please remember that if you cannot make it, let Coral or Jeannette know so they can find another volunteer to cover. You can also contact them if you If corrections are needed to any items within this issue, please notify do not remember which day(s) you signed up for.

JLSC Publications for updates to appear in the next issue. Thank you.

Hot Sheet Deadlines: •

For the Spring Issue: February 15, 2014

For the Summer Issue: May 15, 2014

Lisa Wise, Publications Chair

Alison Uhl, Assistant Publications Chair / Webmaster

Membership Development Do you know of a woman 21 or older who is dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community? Please tell her about JLSC and invite her to join in the upcoming Provisional sessions this winter! New Provisional Class will start in January at the GMM. Provisionals will meet from 5:45 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Please contact 2013-2014 Membership Development Chair Cyndi Craig with any questions and/or contact information of potential members. Thank you! A volunteer with The Junior League of Sioux City has an opportunity to develop herself and build friendships through the League’s structured and supportive environment while, most importantly, making a positive impact in our community!

JLSC Calendar of Events

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For more information, and the updated Calendar of Events, be sure to check out The Skinny (President’s weekly e-mail) and click on the “Calendar” link!!

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Permit No. 298 Sioux City, IA

Junior League of Sioux City Dated Material

316 West 7th Street

Please Deliver Promptly

Sioux City, IA 51103

Administrative Office ● (712)255-6619 Discovery Shop ● (712)255-0072

AJLI Upcoming Events 2014 Winter Leadership Conference This year’s 2014 Winter Leadership Conference continues our 2013-2014 theme, “Leadership Empowered.” At this conference, new League leadership teams (Presidents-Elect and PresidentsElect-Elect) will have the opportunity to work together and with counterparts from other Leagues. Dates: January 24-25, 2014

Organizational Development Institute (ODI) 2013-2014 Series ODIs are a series of educational training meetings held over the course of AJLI's trainings and meetings calendar year. Over the years, ODIs have demonstrated their effectiveness as informative, inspiring and innovative three-day weekend training programs. Location of Next ODI: Fort Lauderdale, FL Dates: February 28-March 2, 2014 Registration Fee: $275 per person For more information, be sure to visit the AJLI website: To set up your online profile, you will need to obtain an AJLI Member ID Number (contact Krista Wassenaar with questions). Once you have this number, you will be able to create a username and password so that you can access the member version of the website.

HotSheet - Winter 2013  

Hot Sheet Winter 2013 Edition