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Fall Issue - September League Year 2013-2014

The Junior League of Sioux City is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Thank You Kay for 32 Wonderful Years!

Above: Back row: Julie Boston (S), Mardy Gardiner (S), Barb Kimmell (S), Karen Clark (S), and Kay Coacher (S); Front Row: Pat Anderson (S), Robbie Rohlena (S), Kay Jenness, and Dee Nutt (S)

In true Kay Jenness fashion, she quietly announced her retirement AFTER the League Annual Meeting and the Sustainer Luncheon had passed when there would be no occasion for public recognition. Kay told Krista she didn’t want a party and really intended to slip into the background during the change over from one League year to the next. But the thought of Kay just quietly walking out the door and getting on the bus one last time, no hugs, no goodbyes, no celebration of her 32 years of service to the League, well that was just something sustainers were not going to let happen.

That is how Kay’s “Not a Party” started on her last day of work. True to her wishes, no “party” was thrown, but all afternoon on June 14 sustainers and those actives that had gotten wind of the plot turned up at the League office for Kay. Dozens and dozens of sustainers signed a rolling scroll card that ended up being 20 feet long when it was finished at the end of the day. Over 50 sustainers contributed to the cash and gift card fund for Kay that amounted to over $1000 when all was said and done. Thank you, Kay for 32 years in which you gave us far more than you realized...and thank you for letting us show you the appreciation on your last day with us! - Karen Clark (S)

Left: Julie Boston (S), Kay Jenness, Debbie Hubbard (S), and Linda Phillips (S).


Meet the summer provisionals

Nature Center Playscape updates

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President’s Message

I don’t even know where to begin, Ladies! It has already been a whirlwind, and it’s only been three months! We have so much going on this year, and if you heard me speak at the Annual Meeting in May, I can say that we definitely are our own project this year. Since I know many of you don’t have the time to read the Board Reports (I didn’t when I wasn’t on board), I wanted to update you on some of the things that your Board is working on internally to make League better for the future. Along with the new website and member management system by Digital Cheetah, we are working on updating all member’s records, updating the employee handbook, working Krista Wassenaar (A), President with Briar Cliff University on creating a Marketing Plan for League and for the Discovery Shop, working on updating documents and forms, and as always looking toward the future and trying to make the best League experience we can for current and future members of League. With all the changes that have been going on this year and for those yet to come, I’m hoping that everyone can be open and willing to try some new things along with giving constructive criticism to better League, so we can all enjoy the fruits of our labor. This is VOLUNTEER, Ladies! If we aren’t having fun, learning something, and seeing an impact in our community, then what’s the point?! There is a lot of work here: lots of fun and productive work. But like I said in May, WE CAN DO IT! Board of Directors President Krista Wassenaar

V.P. of Community Kellee van Bruggen

Sustaining Director Margaret Holman

President-Elect Karrie Hruska

V.P. of Marketing Sarah LaBrune-Jongeling

Discovery Shop Manager Coral DeWitt

Secretary Kristin Beswick

V.P. of Membership Michelle Chicoine

Board Members At-Large • Michelle Bostinelos • Leslie Hershkowitz • Bonnie Scott

V.P. of Finance Alex Carter

Discovery Shop Chair Jeannette Ford

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Meet the Provisionals

First and foremost I am excited to join the Sioux City Chapter of Junior League. I have always had a passion for volunteering and helping people in need. My husband and I got married on June 29, 2013 and relocated to Sioux City right after for his job. I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2009 with a degree in Communications. I have worked primarily in local government and the non-profit sector doing PR and community outreach. I am absolutely obsessed with my dog Tucker (aka Tuck Tuck, Sir Tukerton or Tucky Bear). I love being active and working out. I have always been an athlete, playing water polo and swimming, so I like keeping that up and continuing to be active. I'm excited to get to know everyone and explore Sioux City and the surrounding area.

Lindsey Mithoefer 1. Favorite way to spend a Saturday? Taking Tuck out to play at the park and exploring new places, however in the fall I will be watching a lot of college football...GO BUCKS! 2. Best gift you ever received? A trip to Europe from my parents for my college graduation. 3. Best gift you ever gave? Game worn Carson Palmer (Bengals) jersey to my husband, then boyfriend. 4. What fuels your fire of excitement? Getting to help people and make a difference. 5. What is the best meal you ever had? Paella in Spain and churros. 6. Your best ability or character trait? Talking. 7. Your dream job? Administrator of a non-profit agency or the City Manager of a small local government. 8. What ability or talent do you wish to pursue? Photography. 9. Favorite subject/class was? Literature. 10. Who would you most like to meet from past or present? Jackie O.

Meet the Provisionals (cont.)

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Hi everyone, my name is Kathie Pfaffle. I recently moved back to Sioux City after being away for seven years of college in Lincoln, Nebraska. I currently work as a GIS Specialist and Transportation Modeler at SIMPCO, Siouxland's metropolitan planning organization. I went to school for the former, and I am just becoming acquainted with the latter. I am really into being active outdoors, and love walking/running, hiking, biking, yoga, kickboxing, and downhill skiing; this winter I hope to start snowshoeing and crosscountry skiing. When I'm not working or being active, I am typically reading, or spending time with my family and lounging with my two dogs and two cats.

Kathie Pfaffle 1. Favorite way to spend a Saturday? Farmer’s market, trails, out to lunch, shopping, nap, light dinner, and out w/friends. 2. Best gift you ever received? A Clarisonic. 3. Best gift you ever gave? A pink and purple ombre fur scarf to my little sister. 4. What fuels your fire of excitement? My firm beliefs in kindness and karma. 5. What is the best meal you ever had? Salmon Panang curry at Blue Orchid (Lincoln) with mango sticky rice for dessert. Basically, any Thai. 6. Your best ability or character trait? Problem solving. 7. Your dream job? Remote Sensing and GIS Analyst. 8. What ability or talent do you wish to pursue? Remote Sensing (nerd alert!) 9. Favorite subject/class was? In high school, math, in college, Intro to Water Science. 10. Who would you most like to meet from past or present? Lady Gaga, Prince Harry and the Queen, or JK Rowling.

Discovery Shop News

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We are excited as we start a new year at the Discovery Shop! We have a great group of Committee members who have brought their talents, fresh ideas, and dedication to the table. Fall Changeover week was held on August 5-9. The bag sales were held on Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday. Our Building Maintenance Day was on Wednesday afternoon and included, but was not limited to: painting, vacuuming, cleaning windows, and replacing carpet squares. The Shop was closed on Thursday for Changeover. The bag sales and preview sales brought in nearly $2,100. Staff brought in their special touch when they rearranged the store racks and displays. One of the many positive comments I received included, “There’s a clean and openness about it.” Thanks so much for everyone’s hard work and dedication to make this Changeover a success. Are you ready to earn financial impact hours for 2013-14? There are several ways to earn FIH: 1. Contact Coral to work the Shop on Thursdays from 5-6 p.m. 2. Sign up to pick up donated thrift from Plato’s Closet 3. Pick up your neighbors’ quality yard sale leftovers (call Coral for more info) 4. Volunteer to man the Shop on Wednesday, Nov. 20 from noon-1 p.m. so staff can enjoy their Thanksgiving Staff Luncheon (we need two volunteers) 5. After you have met your thrift quota, zoom in on Targeted Thrift: Toys (not stuffed animals), Men’s clothing, Kids/Baby clothing/shoes, and seasonal thrift of coats and holiday decorations. You can earn 1 FIH for every $25 worth of targeted thrift that you donated. 6. You can also earn 1 FIH by bringing in a treat for JLSC staff to show our appreciation. Wednesday is our scheduled treat day. Contact Jeannette at (712)259-4824 to sign up. Monthly thrift drives are being held every third Saturday at Headquarters from 10 a.m.-noon. Come on down with your thrift and enjoy some coffee and donuts! The Committee’s regularly scheduled meetings are on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. in the JLSC Board Room. Attack the Back will follow each meeting and start at 7 p.m. Our next meeting will be held on September 26 and all are welcome to attend, so feel free to join us. The following meeting will be on October 17, due to the Eldon’s fundraiser, which will be held on October 24. - Jeannette Ford (A), Discovery Shop Chair

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Discovery Shop News

Attack the Back on July 25 focused on getting the sidewalk and parking lot looking great again after a long summer of weeds trying to take over.

Right: Coral DeWitt and Jeannette Ford (A) pull weeds in the parking lot.

Above: Rhonda Mohrhauser (A) tackles a giant monster weed!

Monthly Goal: $12,916.67

Above: Parking lot before (left) and after (right) an evening of hard work pulling weeds.

June: $10,446.93

July: $6,543.50

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Discovery Shop News

On August 7, a maintenance day was held for the Discovery Shop prior to Changeover the following day.

Right: Sarah Gacke (A) vacuums the carpet in the main Shop area. Below: Kara Obbink (A) and Coral DeWitt take on the challenge of changing out carpet squares.

Jeannette Ford (A) (above) and Karrie Hruska (A) (right) give the Shop a paint touch-up.

On August 8, we had our first GMM, followed by Changeover to get the Shop ready for our fall season and preview sales.

Left: Lisa Ryan (A) and Brenda Norvell (A) Above: Cyndi Craig (A) and Sandy Nation (A) Right: Jenny Wood (A)

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Nature Center Updates

The Discovery Forest Playscape at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center is now completed and is open to the public!! For the last two years, League members have helped to plan and design this project. Although there are many different areas for kids to enjoy, two very popular areas are the treehouse and the Loess Falls Water Feature. A grand opening celebration is planned for Saturday, October 12, from 1-4 p.m. League members can be proud of the work that was done on this amazing project that kids will enjoy for many years to come! - Karrie Hruska (A), President-Elect and Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center Chair

Above: Entryway to the Playscape

Left: Completed Playscape showing several features

Left: Teepee made from tree branches

Right: A xylophone that children can use to play music

Nature Center Updates (cont.)

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Photos showing various stations of the Playscape Left: Cedar cookie; one of many that were sanded by Junior League members

Done in a Day At the grand opening of the Nature Center Playscape, volunteers are needed to give tours of the new Playscape and inform the public about how the outdoor classroom will be used by area schools. If you would like to sign up, please contact co-chairs Kathie Pfaffle and Lindsey Mithoefer. When: Saturday, October 12, from 1-4 p.m Where: Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

Member Spotlight As we approach the grand opening of the Nature Center Playscape, we would like to take a moment to give special recognition to Sustainer Dawn Snyder for all of her dedication and hard work on this project. She has been an integral part of making the Playscape a reality for our community’s children. Thank you, Dawn!!

Above: Dawn watering the plants at the Loess Hills Water Feature.

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Sustainer Scoop

First, a thank you to Krista Wassenaar for inviting me to join her and her board as this year’s Sustaining Advisor. It is fun to be back among my JL peers! I consider myself a “Baby Sustainer” since I only switched my status in 2011. But I date back to circa 2000, so in league years I am a dinosaur... or maybe a great bottle of wine. Anyway, I hope to be able to share my experiences and my League knowledge with the board to assist them in their decision-making this year.

Above: Karen Roos (S), Julie Boston (S) and Jean Rhinehart (S) working on office files.

I also hope to assist the League by being a liaison to our Sustainers. I will be a voice for the Sustainers to be sure we always look back as well as looking forward when we make decisions that shape our League. And speaking of our Sustainers, they are currently assisting the organization in a HUGE way. During the summer they met regularly (with Krista and other Active members) to organize our archives and to sort through all of our league’s files and records. They are the best sources to know what to keep and what to toss, and what goes in the archives. Plus, they gave Krista her very own set of top-drawer "President's Files" in the League office. According to Karen Clark, it used to be a tradition that the previous President cleaned out her files and moved them down a drawer so the current President could have the "top drawer" for the year. So an old custom has been re-introduced. There is still much to be done on this massive undertaking, and the Sustainers plan to continue meeting during the league year. Announcements will be made in the Skinny when they resume meeting, and hopefully we can have Actives and Sustainers working together on this ambitious project. In the end we will have organized archives and we will have updated records to include on our new website, plus Actives and Sustainers will have time to talk and hang out together, which always turns out to be a great time for everyone. - Margaret Holman, Sustaining Director

Above: Deb Burnight (S) and Pat Krage (S) working on archiving JLSC newsletters.

AJLI Updates

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2013 Fall Leadership Conference In September, League members from all over will gather together in Detroit, Michigan for the 2013 Fall Leadership Conference, where we’ll continue to explore Leadership Empowered and to celebrate the Junior League of Detroit’s 100th anniversary! The Junior League of Detroit and all of the Leagues of the Michigan State Council have joined together to ensure that you’ll have a wonderful time in the Great Lakes State! Dates: September 19-21, 2013 Early Bird Fee: $575 per person Registration Fee: $625 per person, after September 6, 2013

Organizational Development Institute 2013-2014 Series ODIs are a series of educational training meetings held over the course of AJLI's trainings and meetings calendar year. Over the years, ODIs have demonstrated their effectiveness as informative, inspiring and innovative three-day weekend training programs. Dates: October 18-20, 2013 Registration Fee: $275 per person Location: Indianapolis, IN For more information, be sure to visit the AJLI website: To set up your online profile, you will need to obtain an AJLI Member ID Number (contact Krista Wassenaar with questions). Once you have this number, you will be able to create a username and password so that you can access the member version of the website.

ALT Update Many of you may remember that during the 2010-2011 League year (Mary GreenWarnstad’s Presidency Year), Angie Schneiderman headed up the application process and we were approved to be a part of the Action Learning Team (ALT) through AJLI to research membership. For two years the ALT committee has been working, and our very own Rachel Zeleny has been a liaison for this work. Our particular ALT team for Small Leagues is dealing with Membership issues. This team has decided to work on Behavioral Interviewing as a means to determine member fulfillment and success in League. They are working on a PowerPoint to better help us understand the components of a good “interview process” or “conversation” to get the information we need from our members to help them enhance their League experience.

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Social Events

Above: Al Craig (Cyndi’s husband), Angie Schneiderman (A), Coral DeWitt (Discovery Shop Manager), and Alex Carter (A).

On August 1, a social event was held at Buffalo Alice on Historic Fourth Street. The event was a good opportunity to get acquainted with the new summer provisionals, and to reconnect with other actives after a busy summer.

Above: Cyndi Craig (A) and Diana Glieck (A)

Below: Lindsey Mithoefer (P), her husband Marcus, and Cyndi Craig (A)

Above: Crystal Pribyl (A) and Kara Obbink (A)

Left: Alison Uhl (A) and Alex Carter (A)

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JLSC Orchids

Orchids… ...Thank you to everyone who came out and helped during Changeover Week, to Kara Obbink for taking charge of the Changeover during my absence, and to Maureen McKenna for working several times at the Shop over the past couple of months. - From Jeannette Ford (A) ...To Amy Lechtenberg for putting together DIAD application over the summer and getting them submitted. As well as, going on KCAU to promote the applications and league. She did a phenomenal job! - From Kellee Van Bruggen (A) ...To Diana Glieck for taking Cyndi’s place with July’s provisional meeting. - From Cyndi Craig (A)

Birthdays... September: 3 Gay Gunsch (S) 3 Rachel Zeleny (A) 4 Karmon Amsler (S) 4 Alex Carter (A) 9 Linda Gunn (S) 10 Dee Nutt (S) 11 Mindy Krause (S) 11 Joann Clark (E) 14 Jane Rice (S) 15 Karen Goodwin (S) 17 Joyce Barnes (S) 18 Pat Krage (S) 21 Linda Phillips (S) 21 Helena Potash (S) 23 Mary Daniels (S) 24 Mary Anderson (S) 25 Gayle Goodson (S) 26 Leslie Duling (S) 26 Robbie Rohlena (S) 29 Mary Pickens (A) 29 Eleanore Metz (E) 30 Polly Peterson (S)

… To Kellee Van Bruggen for talking with provisionals about projects. - From Cyndi Craig (A) ...To all the ladies who have worked so hard to get things up and running this year so far. You know who you are! It's going to be a great year! - From Krista Wassenaar (A)

Congratulations... ...To Lindsey Mithoefer (P) and her husband Marcus, who were married on June 29! ...To Kristin Beswick (A) and her husband Brent, on the birth of their daughter Chloe Rae on August 25! ...To Alex Carter (A) and her fiancée Jon Searls, who will be married on October 12!

Condolences… ...To Cyndi Craig (A) and family, whose husband’s grandmother, Annie Spencer (101), passed away on July 18 in Rockford, Illinois.

October: 4 Sharon Godwin (S) 5 Sarilye Atlas (S) 7 Michele Chicoine (A) 10 Sandy Ellis (S) 12 Brenda Noll-Norvell (A) 13 Beverly Holmes (A) 14 Lori Herigstad (NonResident Active) 14 Lisa Wagner (A) 16 Tammie Pech (S) 17 Joan Krage (E) 18 Linda Bowden (S) 18 Nancy Kent (S) 18 Jenny Uhl (S) 20 Leslie Hershkowitz (A) 20 Joanne Grueskin (S) 21 Diana Howard (S) 23 Helenanne Williams (E) 24 Kathy Petrie (S) 25 Barbara Aalfs (S) 25 Deborah Sears (S) 26 Martha Gleason (S) 27 Nancy Treft (S) 30 Debbie Boyle (S)

November: 5 Jenny Jorgensen (S) 6 Lisa Ryan (A) 7 Renee Beaulieu (S) 8 Patti Baczwaski (S) 8 Helen Glazer (E) 9 Marie Tompkins (E) 10 Connie Chapman (S) 10 Barb Kimmel (S) 12 Mary Ellen Olson (S) 13 Amber Reinking-Wisner (A) 13 Shelia Sawatzky (S) 14 Carole Heider (S) 17 Ramona Kelly (E) 19 Gwyneth Gray (A) 19 Susan Kaiman (S) 22 Lillyan Rodriguez (A) 22 Karla Uhlir (A) 23 Sue Kirchner-Person (S) 25 Sue Durward (S) 26 Sandra Peterson (S) 26 Rita Sargent (S) 27 Laurie Rorris (S) 28 Muggs Madsen (S) 28 Nancy Wenell (S) 30 Marilyn Seymour (S)

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Important Reminders

On Thursday, October 24 from 6-8 p.m we will be having another fundraiser at Eldon’s Restaurant in Sioux City. Proceeds from this event will go toward our Dress for Success Program. Locations of upcoming GMMs: •

September 12: Hillview Recreation Area (Hinton, IA)

October 10: Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

November 14: Mercy Medical Center (Leiter Room)

For all meetings, social is at 6:30 p.m. and meetings start at 7 p.m. Light meal and beverages will be provided. Provisional meetings will be held at 6 p.m. prior to the GMMs. If you signed up for Plato’s Closet pick-up, Discovery Shop snack day, or to work in the Shop, please remember that if you cannot make it, let Coral or Jeannette know so they can find another volunteer to cover. You can also contact them if you do not remember which day(s) you signed up for. If corrections are needed to any Hot Sheet Deadlines: •

For the Winter Issue: November 15, 2013

For the Spring Issue: February 15, 2014

For the Summer Issue: May 15, 2014

items within this issue, please notify JLSC Publications for updates to appear in the next issue. Thank you. •

Lisa Wise, Publications Chair

Alison Uhl, Assistant Publications Chair / Webmaster

Membership Development Do you know of a woman 21 or older who is dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community? Please tell her about JLSC and invite her to join in the upcoming Provisional sessions this winter! New Provisional Class will start in January at the GMM. Provisional will meet from 5:45 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Please contact 2013-2014 Membership Development Co-Chairs Cyndi Craig or Lisa Ryan with any questions and/or contact information of potential members. Thank you! A volunteer with The Junior League of Sioux City has an opportunity to develop herself and build friendships through the League’s structured and supportive environment while, most importantly, making a positive impact in our community!

JLSC Calendar of Events

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For more information, and the updated Calendar of Events, be sure to check out The Skinny (President’s weekly e-mail) and click on the “Calendar” link!!

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Permit No. 298 Sioux City, IA

Junior League of Sioux City Dated Material

316 West 7th Street

Please Deliver Promptly

Sioux City, IA 51103

Administrative Office â—? (712)255-6619 Discovery Shop â—? (712)255-0072

Blue Zones Project Update On September 12 from 5-7:30 p.m., the Blue Zones Project will officially kickoff in Sioux City. Join us that evening at the Sioux City Convention Center to celebrate our community, our well-being, and our future as we work together to become a Blue Zones Community. The kickoff rally will feature speaker Dan Buettner, best-selling author of The Blue Zones and Thrive. It will be the first opportunity for residents to see all the activities and opportunities the Blue Zones Project has to offer. If you are interested in being an Ambassador for Blue Zones, please contact Kim Gordon at

For more information on the Blue Zones project, or to pledge, visit:

Fall 2013 HotSheet  

Junior League of Sioux City Fall 2013 Hot Sheet

Fall 2013 HotSheet  

Junior League of Sioux City Fall 2013 Hot Sheet