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99th Edition

ANNUAL REPORT Junior League of Omaha



Going out with 99 ways of giving

Bottom row (left to right): Corresponding Secretary, Amy Benedict; President, Megan Riebe Reay; President-Elect, Lindsey Tonniges; Financial Vice President, Rebecca Bode. Top row (left to right): Sustainer Advisor, Brenda Christensen; Bylaws Chair, Sarah Macdissi; Member-at-Large, Kati Davis; Recording Secretary, Alyson Manning; Executive Vice President, Katie Triplett; Member-at-Large , Laura Essay; Sustainer Advisor, Dawn Buchanan (Not pictured: President-Elect-Elect, Kerri Palmesano; Nominating Chair Nicole Caputo Rennels)

What is the Board of Directors responsible for? “The Junior League of Omaha Board of Directors consists of 11 women who serve as the policy makers of the League. We are responsible for the affairs, funds and property of the League as well as planning strategically for the success of our organization. The Board of Directors has been an incredible group of ladies to work with and I am excited to see what the future holds!”

-Lindsey Tonniges, President-Elect Who We Are: The Junior League of Omaha is an organization of women committed

to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. 2

Each of our committees were also busy during the year. We worked with the Training Committee to execute our first ever Neighborhood Meetings, which were held in January at Sustainers’ homes. The training Greetings from your 99th Junior program continues to grow, with League of Omaha president! I know both informative and fun activities. that many of you are now well into I personally had the opportunity to the swing of the 100th year, so I attend several of the trainings this bring you this letter as a summary year, and hope to participate as a report of the President’s activities Sustainer! for the 2017-2018 League year! And what a year it was! To ensure continuity and consistency between years, I began the year with conducting Annual Preparation meetings. We streamlined the process for the Annual Plan and Committee Work Plans, which were based on the new Strategic Plan developed in preparation for the year. This was also the first year of the Board and Management split, which we successfully completed with very few bumps along the way!

This year we implemented the first piece of the Community Impact Transformation Rollout. Our Community Impact team did an amazing job of researching areas of need in the Omaha community, as well as surveying membership Along with our financial vice desires for community president, I reviewed our audit involvement. We have chosen to report and 990, and implemented some changes to our move forward with developing programs that focus on three main financial procedures. Even more exciting, we were able to increase issues: disenfranchised youth, hunger and access to healthy our financial reserves to nine months’ operating expenses, which foods, and abuse in women and children. Ideas for programs in is the recommended value for these areas will be sought out in the similar non-profit organizations. 2018-2019 League year. Our Fundraising Team put together a very thorough Fund Development report, which assessed where our funds come from, membership support and return on investment

for events, and benchmarked against other similar-sized Leagues. As a result, we decided to re-vamp our fundraising efforts to focus on fewer events, but with greater focus to generate significant funds for the League. I am so very proud of all that we accomplished this year. All of this is possible because we literally have hundreds of women working together. It is an amazing accomplishment, and we should all be very, very proud of the 20172018 League year. It truly has been one of my biggest honors to serve as the President of the Junior League of Omaha. Over the last 10 years that I have been a part of this organization, I have laughed and cried, learned and taught, failed and succeeded, but all the while truly loved the experience. I am honestly and eternally grateful for all the Junior League has brought me. It was hard to believe that throughout the 2017-2018 League year, we covered 99 ways that the Junior League of Omaha has given. And yet, I’m sure there are easily 99 more. Thank you for helping to make my League experience something I will always cherish.

Thank you all for the 99 ways that you give to the League!

Megan Riebe Reay 2017-2018 President





Bottom row (left to right): Community Impact Council Assistant Director, Cindy Guenzel; Fundraising Council Director Alysia Radicia; Executive Vice President, Katie Triplett; Sustainer Advisor, Kendra Swanson; Finance Manager, Liz Akert; Top row (left to right): Communications Council Assistant Director, Melissa Rush; Communications Council Director, Sara Huse; Recording Secretary, Alyson Manning; Membership Council Director, Britt Dudzinski; Community Impact Council Director, Jessica Sock; Membership Council Assistant Director, Grace Spomer: (Not Pictured; Fundraising Council Assistant Director, Lisa Buckentine)

1 2 3 4 5

What is the Management Team responsible for? “The Management Team was newly formed this year with the intent to have a devoted team of women to develop and implement programs, activities, and operations to accomplish the League’s long-term direction as set forth by the Board. This year has been significant for the Management Team as it has successfully accomplished all of its 2017-2018 Annual Plan goals, and through Board support and partnership, has empowered League councils and committees to execute their objectives effectively and efficiently.”

-Alyson Manning, Recording Secretary



6 7

Color Run

A Book Of My Own

Big Red Block Party

Project Hope Pack

Bargain Bash

Done In A Day

bRUNch 5k



Community Council

Kids Rule Fashion Show

Discrectionary Projects

Boots & Belles

Community Assistance Grants Project Development



Women building better communities The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. -Mahatma Gandhi

99 years of promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving Omaha

Junior League of Omaha Membership

675 Total Members 81

New Members


Active Members



19,760 Total Volunteer Hours 6


COMMUNITY IMPACT COUNCIL Research & Project Development The League’s Board and Management team decided to maximize our efforts and rather than select and introduce a new project this year our efforts would focus on identifying what the need is in our community. A task force would develop a strategic plan moving forward on how we can best assist meeting the needs of our community. Issues that will be focused on include: • Hunger & access to healthy foods • Disenfranchised Youth • Abuse in women and children

How did the Community Impact Council positively help the metro Omaha area? “Community Impact Council has had a positive impact by truly connecting the League to the metro area. In addition to providing volunteers, we have aligned our efforts to agencies in the city so our projects have a continual long-term impact. Further, we have adjusted how the League sees itself and looks to be at the table with the city to address needs in the future.” . -Jessica Sock, Community Impact Council Director


total # of backpacks distributed by Project Hope Pack


total # of books distributed by A Book of my Own


amount in mini grants distributed by Project Development


A Book of My Own’s goal is to ensure that all children in the Omaha area have a book of their own at home to promote literacy and help break the cycle of poverty. We collect and distribute new and gently-used books to under-served children ages 0-18, then partner with community organizations, schools and churches to distribute the books to children in need. Since the project’s inception in 2011, we have distributed over 80,000 books in the Omaha community and worked with more than 70 community partners.



books donated to A Book of My Own

distribution events and drop offs in the community

total Done-in-a-Day volunteer hours

With Restored Hope’s recent acquisition and our focus on the Community Impact Transformational Rollout, the R.I.S.E. Committee will not continue in its current state for the 2018-2019 year. The results of the committee’s comprehensive research efforts will be shared with the Community Impact Research & Development Committee. The contributions of the R.I.S.E. Committee will be invaluable in the League’s community impact evolution as we align our work with Omaha’s needs and strive toward optimizing our members’ volunteer experiences. Community Impact Sustainer Advisors A Book of my Own: Joey Gaines • Done-in-a-Day: Tina Nelson • Project Development: Jan McKenzie • Project Hope Pack, Alicia Battershell • R.I.S.E.: Jen Thielen • Community Impact Council: Sally Bisson-Best



A Book of My Own • Done-in-a-Day • Project Development • Project Hope Pack • R.I.S.E.

From our community partners “With our partners, we serve over 7,400 students each school year. Eighty-four percent of these families are reduced/free lunch. Parents don’t always have the extras to provide books at home.” “We work with high risk families, many of whom are living in extreme poverty. They do not have resources to purchase books for their children. We provide home visitation services and teach language development and much more with the books you have provided us.” “These books are a nice gift for our families that can’t afford to have a book of their own. We read stories to our families at our lap sit groups and they get to pick a book to take home. One single book helps to brighten our children’s day especially when parents read to them during the day and at bedtime.” “Most of our students and their siblings, nieces, and nephews do not have many books in their homes. It is wonderful to be able to provide books they can keep.”


League Members volunteering at League HQ sorting books for an upcoming distribution.

“Reading is very important. Providing books to the population served during our event will have a lasting impact.”

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a good book.” -Dr. Seuss




Done-in-a-Day is the Junior League of Omaha’s opportunity to live out our mission of “Women building better communities” by giving back to other community organizations in the Omaha area.

Project Hope Pack has impacted thousands of children by distributing backpacks full of necessities and comfort items to children ages 3-18 who are taken out of crisis situations. In most situations, these children are taken from their homes and are given a trash bag to gather any belongings they can carry.

Through a series of concentrated projects, Done-in-a-Day offers volunteers community-based placements on a short-term basis. Volunteers are generally scheduled in three-hour shifts over a time span of half-a-day, one-day or two-day periods. As the Junior League of Omaha approaches its 100th Anniversary in 2019, Done-in-a-Day will be working with partners from the League’s history to connect to the past and celebrate the League’s contributions to the Omaha community.

Community Partners

The League’s Project Hope Pack provides filled backpacks to numerous agencies around Omaha to be given out to children at the time of their intake interview. In addition to essential hygiene items, these backpacks are a sign of hope to boost children’s spirits in hard times.

American Red Cross

Maria Michaelis Project Hope Pack Volunteer

Assistance League Operation Micah House Rose Theater The Hope Center for Kids 1


Nebraska Children & Families Foundation

1. League Mmembers help MICAH House by designing cardboard cars for their childsize drive-in movie theater 2. Done-in-a-Day Committee members prepare dinner for children at Youth Emergency Services. 3. Partnering with Project Everlast and wrapping gifts to be given young adults who have aged out of foster care.



Omaha Children’s Museum Omaha Symphony “One of the greatest gifts you can give, is your time.” -Anonymous

4. Providing a safe Halloween and passing out treats at Omaha Children’s Museum. 5. Members assisting at the Rose Theater Member Day. 6. League Members volunteering and participating at a Blood Drive.




“I always enjoy the variety of volunteer shifts that are offered through the Junior League of Omaha. Not only does volunteering allow me to meet other League members, but it shows me the variety of projects with which the league is invested.”

“The future of Project Hope Pack is bright. We will work closely with the CASA Service League to launch this project into the community in May 2019. It is exciting to follow in the footsteps of other projects the Junior League of Omaha has successfully launched, such as The Rose Theater, Children’s Hospital Gift Shop, and Race for the Cure.”

“To have a Pack from the Junior League of Omaha makes a difference in a scary situation and is a bright light. Thanks to everyone who started Packs, put in hours of planning, ordering, and preparing through the years, and the Junior League for providing this over many years.”

- Sarah Kriss, 2017=2018 Project Hope Pack Chair

Joey Gaines League Sustainer

A word from our Community Partner “We are grateful for the Junior League’s Project Hope Packs. Serving 6,100 students this year, it is easy to see how impactful these much needed educational necessities have supplied our students and eased some burden off of our families. The most telling appreciation we can share is when a student receives one of these gifts of hope, their faces light up with pride because they have the supplies needed to be successful. They also are happy to sport a brand new book bag anytime during the year because it shows the world that they want to learn and that nothing can stop them. It is by collaboration and partnership that we can collectively be agents of change, whether it is one student or 40 students at a time. Thank you to the Junior League for helping us to be champions in the lives of so many students throughout this school year to feel good about education and to know that there is an entire community supporting them to success.”

- Yolanda R. Williams, P4k Elementary Program Manager 11


Bargain Bash • Big Red Block Party • bRUNCH 5k • Cookbook • Development & Donor Relations • Kids Rule Fashion Show • The Color Run

Big Red Block Party Volunteer Hours: 941 # of Guests: 150 Total Revenue: $20,318

Why is it important to support fundraisers? “Supporting our fundraisers is fundamental to the success of our organization. It propels our vision and makes action of our mission. Fundraising is not just a task of few, it’s everyone’s responsibility. Because of that our League is in the process of evolving our approach to make supporting the League more accessible, engaging and fun. We are all advocates for the Junior League and by way are all responsible its growth. The Fundraising Council is working in tandem with the Community Rollout Initiative to align our mission, vision and values to that of our membership to be inclusive of fundraising efforts. Fundraising continues to evolve, but it should be impactful and it will be fun.”

-Alysia Radicia, Fundraising Council Director

The Color Run Volunteer Hours: 95 # of League Volunteers: 140 Total Revenue: $9,400

The 8th annual tailgate themed event featured yard games and a team olympics for guests to participate in. The event also featured 90 silent auction packages to bid on.

Kids Rule Fashion Show Volunteer Hours: 345 # of Models: 140 Total Revenue: $17,177 Produced by Omaha Fashion Week, the Kids Rule Fashion Show is for kids ages 5-12 and gives them a fun, creative, confidence-building fashion show experience.

bRUNch 5k

Volunteers from the League assist with a variety of task to prepare for the race from packet pickup, to water stations and throwing color on race participants.

Volunteer Hours: 402 # of Registrations: 114 Total Revenue: $13,780

Boots & Belles

Back for its third year, bRUNch 5k attracted both runners who participated in the race and brunch enthusiats who enjoyed breakfast while cheering on the runners.

# of Tickets Sold: 70 Total Revenue: $3,311 This mini fundraiser held in fall 2017 was a rustic barbeque theme. Seventy guests enjoyed a dinner, BINGO, raffle prizes and s’mores by the fire.

Bargain Bash Volunteer Hours: 781 # of League Volunteers: 57 Total Revenue: $13,627 The first ever Bargain Bash welcomed more than 400 attendees to Omaha’s best blowout rummage sale. More than 5,000 items from clothing to home decor were available to shop.


Cookbook Volunteer Hours: 745 # of recipes: 250

a cent ennial celebr at ion cookbook by the Junior League of Omaha

Arriving in fall 2018, the Junior League of Omaha Cookbook will feature 350 recipes ranging from historical favorites from former cookbooks to new, contemporary fare. Fundraising Council Sustainer Advisors Bargain Bash: Beth Breunsbach & Marci Crone • Big Red Block Party: Karen Nelson • bRUNch 5k: Deb Schmadeke • Cookbook: Kate Grabill & Nancy Whitted • Donor & Development Relations: Kareen Hickman • Kids Rule Fashion Show: Anne Jetter • Fundraising Council: Wanda Gottschalk


Marketing • Project Management • Publications

BARGAIN BASH Omaha’s Biggest Blowout Rummage Sale

The Junior League of Omaha is hosted its first Bargain Bash, a community-wide garage sale event, in August. This blowout rummage sale benefitted the League’s community programs, meaning your awesome deal on household goods, clothing or home decor is not only a win for you, it’s a win for the community at large.

Bargain Bash Stats Attendees: 400 Items donated: 5,000 Items sold: 2,500

“The Bargain Bash Committee worked hard to ensure the first year was a success. With only a few months to plan, the committee was extremely proud how the event turned out and became even more excited for next years’ event based on positive feedback from attendees. With an estimated 400 attendees, our first Bargain Bash raised just under $10,000. I look forward to the continued success of this event for many years to come.”

-Kate Pitschka, Bargain Bash Chair

The Communications Council is comprised of 35 members across three different committees. This was the first year the three separate committees were introduced (Marketing, Project Management and Publications.) Each specializes in a different area to help support the League’s needs.


Social Media Stats 816 followers on Instagram 1,694 likes on Facebook 1,094 followers on Twitter

Marketing ​ he Marketing Committee is responsible for creating, managing and T distributing all marketing materials for the League. This is an exciting crossroads committee where technology and League history meet. Members learn valuable real-world marketing skills AND are “in the know” on all things Junior League communications. Highlight of the year: Updating the League’s website

Project Management ​ he Project Management Committee serves as the gateway from the projects, T fundraisers and membership initiatives to the communications efforts of the Communications Council. This committee offers the unique opportunity to be involved in two aspects of the League, serving as connector and partner.

Highlight of the year: Utilization of the Communications landing page

Publications ​ he Publications Committee is responsible for producing all publications for the T League. This committee allows member’s volunteer experience to emulate working in digital publications and learn valuable publishing and editing skills.

Highlight of the year: 8 publications were designed from The Column to the Directory and Annual Report




New Member • Mentorship • Placement • Social & Hospitality • Training


What makes the Junior League of Omaha so strong? “Our membership is strong because each Council and Committee is focused on the value of being a Member of the Junior League of Omaha. Membership Council specifically has been working to collect data from current, past and Sustaining Members in an effort to improve members’ experiences— anything from format of project shifts to themes of fundraisers or feedback on meeting location. This year, we have been extremely successful in utilizing this data to streamline and improve members’ individual placements and philanthropic and social opportunities in the League.” -Britt


Dudzinski, Membership Council Director



average number of attendees at General Membership Meetings



New Members inducted at the 99th Annual Meeting

participation in the Placement process


retention rate of those participating in the mentorship program

Welcome New Active Members


2 1. League Members participated in Neighborhood meetings in place of the January General Membership Meeting. 2. The March General Membership Meeting includes a Guild Fair where members can learn about how to get involved with local non-profit organizations. 3. The Mentorship Committee held a spring social where members learned how to decorate cookies.


“No act of kindness, No matter how small, is ever wasted.”

4. The Holiday Social always includes fun activities while members socialize and celebrate the season. 5. New Members meet in smaller core groups to form friendships.


Membership Council Sustainer Advisors New Member: Chaley Chandler • Mentorship: Carol Wang • Social & Hospitality: Kate Hansen •Training: Becki Kerns • Membership Council: Shelly Marsh

6. The New Member Committee plans celebrating the induction of 81 New Members into the League.


-Aesop 17


TRAINING Since its founding in 1901, The Junior League has empowered transformational female leaders to set bold goals, open their circles disrupt convention and change the conversation for the betterment of civil society. Each year, the presidents of the Junior League of Omaha attend a national conference that will conduct the business of the Association, provide training opportunities to our League leaders, celebrate significant individual and League milestones, and learn from keynote speakers.

Training Overview 12 Training classes offered 500+ Training class attendees

Training Sessions Nonprofit Board Member Training

Training is an integral part of the Junior League mission and is what sets us apart from other nonprofits. As an organization, we believe we can maximize our community impact by training our members to become committed, strong and effective volunteers and leaders. Our training curriculum focuses on life, League and leadership – topics include meeting management, communication styles, personal enrichment and professional development. Our training curriculum is offered to all members of the Junior League of Omaha.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Photography from your Phone Google Drive Training

“As a first-grade educator, teaching kids how to read is a large part of my job. When determining an appropriate text that is at an instructional level (in other words, not too easy and not too hard), students should be able to decode about 90% of the words on their own. That leaves 10% of the words available for teaching opportunities. My first placement in the Junior League of Omaha was on a now-retired fundraiser called The High Heel Dash. When I took that job, I certainly did not have a 90% knowledge base in the area of fundraising; in fact, I had close to a 0% knowledge base. The members of my committee took that year to do what our League does best: train. This league year, I am President-Elect-Elect. I entered this position with lots of formal education and experiences in Leadership. Despite my background knowledge, the League continues to train me to be a better member and a better leader in the Omaha community. Just like the members of my first-grade class, members come into the League with all kinds of knowledge and experiences. Rather than expecting a 90% knowledge base from these New Members, we encourage them to find placements that can help them grow as individuals. Some members expand on their current skill set while others learn things that are entirely new. And it works! All members can be and are because of our effective training.” - Kerri Palmesano, 2017-2018 President-Elect-Elect

Learn to play Bridge Gritty City Omaha Bus Tour & Mixology Class How to plan a menu How to prepare and landscape a table

“My time in the Junior League taught me how to think outside of the box, how to run meetings efficiently and how to develop skills that I wouldn’t have obtained as a teacher.” Dawn Buchanan, Board Sustainer Advisor


“I was a school psychologist for nine years and sat on the League board for ten years. Training was always important to me and while I was training chairman, I looked at the diversity of the membership which at that time included a day-time League and an evening league. We offered training in serious leadership skills, finance, public speaking, child advocacy and others focusing purely on fun activities. The League continues to offer these categories of training opportunities. This year I took part in the “pure fun” activity of beginning Bridge. I learned more in four hours than I have over several the years; plus a bonus of meeting many young members of the League which was reassuring that the League is in great hands. I suggest to each member that you continue offering your time and talents to the Junior League of Omaha and also take advantage of what it has to offer you.” – Nessie Swedlund, Sustainer

“The League continues to train me to be a better member and a better leader in the Omaha community.”

Kerri Palmesano 2017-2018 President Elect-Elect




Honoring League Community Volunteers The Junior League of Omaha is comprised of women doing incredible things throughout the community. Congratulations to this year’s award winners!

2017-2018 Junior League of Omaha Award Winners

Sustainer Awards Sustainer Hall of Fame Kim Falk Gail Graeve Amy Knuth

Women to Watch Liz Akert Becca Bode Sarah Kriss

Distinguished Sustainer: Kathy Martin Scholarship Winners Sarah Betts Grace Erixon Jenna Mu Midlands Business Journal 40 Under 40 Award: Shelly Marsh, Sustaining Member

“The heart of a volunteer is never measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” -DeAnn Hollis 21

Kathy Martin was born and raised in Grand Island. She graduated from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln with a double major in vocal performance and Elementary Education. She married her high school sweetheart, Dr. Tom Martin, and they moved to Omaha, where he started medical school and she taught 2nd grade. In 1982, she joined the Junior League. As an active, she served in a variety of areas: Placement Advisor, Training, Project Development, Advisory Planning, Transfer, Social, Finance, Training Task Force Chair, Membership Vice-President, Membership Council Chair. Her favorite placement was being Admissions/Provisional Chair to 104 new members! They had day AND evening meetings, so it kept her committee quite busy! As a Sustainer, she’s worked on the ‘Read To Me” project from 2000-2003, and has been a Sustainer Advisor to the Placement, Admissions/Provisional, American Girl, Membership and Nominating Committees. She was selected to the Sustainer Hall of Fame in 2003 and will be starting her sixth year on the Junior League of Omaha Foundation Board, where she will serve at president. Outside the League. Kathy has stayed active in the community, volunteering her time to numerous organizations in the community including the AKSARBEN Women’s Ball Committee, Child Saving Institute, Children’s Museum, Omaha Public School’s Superintendent’s Advisory Board and many others. She was selected as one of Omaha’s YWCA Tribute to Women Awards in 2005 and the Martin Family was honored as the 2006 Community Service Family of the Year by Heartland Family Service. Kathy has been married to Tom for 45 years and has two daughters and four grandsons. Kathy has valued her time in the League because of the many wonderful opportunities it gave her to learn about her city and the lifelong friendships she’s made.




What is the Junior League of Omaha Foundation? The Junior League of Omaha Foundation was established in 1996 to provide a permanent source of income for the Junior League of Omaha. Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible and are invested to provide long-term capital appreciation and income. Each year a portion of the net investment income is distributed to the League to support its mission, projects and other League business.

Learn about the Foundation 22 Members

15 Sustainers

Raised a total of

7 Active Members


Events throughout the year included 6 Board Meetings 1 Annual Meeting Sustainers and Past Presidents Luncheon Appreciation Coffee Members who completed their second term and retired from the Foundation Board Gail Graeve 23

Jennifer Pansing

Susie Wagner

2017-2018 Executive Officers President President-Elect Secretary Treasurer

Mary Lynn Reiser Kathy Martin Cathi Arnold Terri Eischeid

The Junior League of Omaha Foundation donated $10,000 to the League in 2017-2018.

Giving Above and Beyond The Junior League of Omaha thanks the following 2017-2018 donors for their support of our work in the community. With every dollar raised for community programs, the League doubles its impact when combined with the commitment of our trained volunteers. The following donors made contributions to our 100th Anniversary, A Book of My Own, Bargain Bash, Big Red Block Party, Boots & Belles, bRUNch 5k, Cookbook, Kids Rule Fashion Show and Project Hope Pack. (*denotes 100th Anniversary donor) Abraham Catering Absolutely Fresh Seafood Advanced Fire & Safety Advanced Innocations AJ Film Alamo Drafthouse Alvine Engineering Alysia Radicia Alyson Manning* Amber Gard* American Legacy Complex Amy Benedict Amy Blanchard Photography Amy Hruska Ande Johnson Anne Medlock* Annie (Kaup) Sundell Anytime Fitness Arbor Day Lodge Archetype Coffee Art by Andy Ashlee Young Design Ashley Rich Athleta (Village Pointe) Barb Spomer Be Sweet Bakery Beacon Hills Becki Kerns* BeeRich Designs Bellevue Berry Farm and Pumpkin Ranch Big Fred’s Restaurant and Lounge BKD, LLP Black Swan Boutique

Bobby’s Dancewear Bookworm Borsheims Bounce U BOUQET Boyd & Charlie’s BBQ Brenda Christensen Brenda Smith* Brickway Brewery Britt Dudzinski Cameo Impressions Cameron Kroll Carson Wealth Management Casey’s General Store Catherine Arnold* Catherine Enenbach Chaley Chandler* Chocolate Peacock Christine Nikunen* Cindy Heider* Cirian’s Farmers Drive-In Market Clark Creek Farms, LLC Cole & Dainer Courtney Hellman* Creighton Hillstoppers (Soccer) Creighton University - Athletic Department Cynthia Periolat Deanna Bosselman* Deb Schmadeke* Deb Weyers Defy Gravity Deyna Rouse* 24 Dickey’s BBQ


DONORS DJs Dugout - Aksarben Doug Halvorson Dundee Bank Durham Museum Dylan Robert E-Creamery Eagle Run Golf Course Ear Specialists of Omaha Edge Body Bootcamp Eileen’s Colossal Cookies Elevate Cycling Elizabeth Breunsbach* Embassy Suites LaVista Erica McDonald Esther’s Consignment Everbloom Floral Evereve Exceptional Portraits - LC Moore Exodus Athletic Club Family EyeCare Center Film Streams Firehouse Subs Fit Farm Omaha Fun-Plex Funny Bone Comedy Club Garden Gallery Gavilon Gerda’s German Restaurant & Bakery Gigi’s Cupcakes Grace Spomer Gramercy Boutique Hail Varsity Haley Duran Hank & Ax A Salon Happy Hollow Country Club Hilton Omaha Home Instead Senior Care HOPE Organizing House of Conundrum Hunter Taylor 25

HyVee iHeartRadio IMG Sports Indian Creek Golf Club Indian Creek Nursery Interior Design Firm Omaha James Arthur Vineyards James Hardie Building Products Jane Gilbert* JC Penny Jeanne Salerno* Jen Bartelt* Jen Buda Jen Teusink* Jennifer Bartelt* Jerry Ryan Jess Winter Jessica Blackman Jessica Sock Junior League of Omaha Board of Directors Jody Carstens* Johnson Brother’s Joshua Foo Photography Joslyn Art Museum Joy Watanabe* Judy Hanify Julie Hockney Interior Designs Just Pop’d Popcorn KANEKO Karen Nelsen Kate Grabill* Katie Smith Katie Triplett Kelly Peterson Kendra Swanson* Kerri Palmesano Knockout Print and Design Kona Grill Lauren Anderson Lawlor’s Custom Sportswear

Leigh Shea Leland J. and Dorothy Olson Foundation Leslie Mayo* Lexie Frahm* Lincoln Stars (Hockey) Lincoln’s Children Zoo Lindsey Buchanan Lisa Tronchetti Liz Smith LovelySkin Day Spa Luke Weatherly Magnolia Hotel Mahogany Mallory Lantzer (Sweet Baby H) Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery Marcus Majestic Cinema Maria Marksun Maria Minderman Martini Nail Salon Mary Ann Strasheim* Mary Lynn Hallett* Matt Edwards Fine Foods Matt Manning Matt Vasiliauskas Max I. Walker Cleaning Megan Addison* Megan Black Megan Riebe Reay* Melissa Rush* Midwest Eye Care Mine Custom Gifts Mojo’s Car Wash Morgan Thomsen Moylan Ice Plex Mr. Tuxedo Mulberry Jane My Paper Nails, Spa, Village - Countryside Village National American Miss

Nebraska Furniture Mart Nosh Wine Lounge Nothing Bundt Cakes Oak Hills Country Club Old Mattress Factory Olsson Associates Oma’s Deli Omaha Community Foundation Omaha Downtown Club Omaha Equestrian Foundation Omaha Lancers Hockey Omaha Performing Arts Omaha Storm Chasers Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium On the Spot Massage Omaha Opera Omaha Orange Theory Oscar’s Pizza Pacific Springs Golf Course Palm Beach Tan PE 101 Pedodontics P.C. Peggy Swanson* Pitch Pizzeria Pizza West Platteview Country Club Prairie Life Fitness Center - 132 & 84th Pucci’s Quality Brands Distributing Ragazzi’s Pizza Ralston Community Theater Renee Black* Reve Salon (Meredith Carlson) Rhylan Lang Bridal Rose Theater RSVP Runza Russell Speeder’s Car Wash (120th and Dodge) Salon Centric Sam Hohman* 26

ways we’re making Omaha a better place

DONORS Sara Huse Sarah Dempsey Scheels Scott Conference Center Seirra Seeley Sempeck’s Bowling & Entertainment Shannon Hoy* Shawn Muhle Shelly Marsh* Shine Spray Tanning & Waxing SKAR Advertising Sky Zone Trampoline Park Skyz Boutique Smoothie King Sorella Vintage Southern Roots Boutique Stacy Wilson* Stella & Dot Allison Bickford Stories Coffeehouse Sun Valley Landscaping Target Thai Pepper That Pottery Place The Afternoon The Berry and Rye The Corky Canvas The Dentists The Downtown Club The Frame Service The Makery The Mark The Nail Shop The Neighborhood Offshore The Style Bar Thirteen Moons Acupuncture Todd Smith Fitness Tri-County Abstract & Title Company, Inc. University of Nebraska - Omaha Athletics Upstream Brewing - Downtown Valentinos 27

Verdict Bar & Grill Village Needleworks Wellbound Health & Fitness Wendy Moore West Lanes Bowling West Maple Chiropractic & Wellness West Omaha Cryotherapy Wild Prairie Spa Woodmen Life YMCA

By: Executive Vice President, Katie Triplett






Ways You Can Give VOLUNTEER • Join and make positive changes in Omaha • Attend a Prospective Member Information Session • Visit jlomaha.org for more information ATTEND • One of our fundraisers • The Junior League of Omaha hosts a variety of signature fundraiser each year • All funds raised from these events benefit the League’s community programs and initiatives GIVE • Donate to a specific program or to the general fund • Honor a friend or family member with a gift • Secure a matching gift, sponsorship or in-kind gift from your company • Plan a gift for the future CONNECT • www.jlomaha.org • Follow us on social media @jlomaha

For 99 years, the Junior League of Omaha has responded to community needs in well-organized, meaningful ways. This year, we filled and donated 1,000 backpacks to children in crisis situations through our Project Hope Pack initiative; gave children 6,500 books via A Book of My Own; and granted $6,000 in high school scholarships to Omaha seniors.


An integral part of our mission statement is to train female leaders. Members have benefited from training designed to prepare them for life, League, and leadership - from Parliamentary Procedure to nonprofit board training to various technology programs, Junior League of Omaha leaders are better equipped to address community demands.

The League’s formal mentorship program allows for newer members to be matched with more experienced members. These pairings enable women to navigate membership questions, community involvement opportunities, and leadership possibilities in more personalized ways. We believe mentorship allows members to more fully achieve their personal and professional goals.

Over 675 members strong, the Junior League of Omaha is a powerful, all-female force. We believe As part of our women can do commitment to anything and the Omaha, the League League provides develops communiinfrastructure to ty impact initiatives empower our based on specific data members. Through and trends. From 2017networking, 2019, we are training, and researching and volunteering, League educating members members support on Omaha’s each other and their vulnerable community. populations. Members will develop and vote upon specific programming to respond to these needs, ensuring we can improve our community for years to come.



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Junior League of Omaha is a 501(c)(3) non-protift organization. All rights are reserved. Reproduction without permission, except by other Junior League of Omaha publications, is prohibited. The Junior League of Omaha office is located at 12135 Pacific Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 61854. 402-493-8818. The Annual Report is a community publication of the Junior League of Omaha.

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2017-2018 Junior League of Omaha Annual Report  

2017-2018 Junior League of Omaha Annual Report