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EDITORIAL TEAM Lyle Buyer Terry Okken Naomi Voss Robin Hellewell Junior Figueiredo Tricia Unsworth MINISTRY STAFF Senior Pastor (on Sabbatical) Lyle Buyer Interim Lead & Missions Outreach Pastor Sam Nikkel Executive Pastor Terry Okken Adult Ministries Pastor Dan Schroth Pastoral Care Pastor Sharon Harewood Youth Ministries Pastor Christine Okken Interim Youth Ministries Director Dave Schneider College & Career Pastor Daunavan Buyer Children’s Ministries Director Kelly Smit Our Church would also like to acknowledge the invaluable help of all the article writers for their contribution. Copyright © 2014 McKernan Baptist Church


HEARTBEAT McKernan Baptist Church

Editorial | Senior Pastor

A word we could use to describe this year in our life as a church family would be transition! We have courageously left the old building and are watching from a distance as the new build takes shape. We are wondering what life and ministry will be like after the rebuild is done. This transition brings financial, missional and relational risks. In addition, many of us could also be experiencing transitions in our lives personally on many other levels. We could be transitioning in life season, in our jobs, in our families, in our health. Rather than seeing transition as a time of danger, threat or something to be endured, we can reframe it to be a time of challenge and growth. Dr. Robert Clinton suggests that transitions provide unique opportunities for growth and he encourages us to take four “looks”.

Upward look: We can get in touch with God in new ways! We can use transitions as a time to deepen our relationship with God. With the many unknowns and removal of established routines, we have the opportunity to deepen our trust, cultivate patience and strengthen our upward look.

Inward look: We can get in touch with ourselves in new ways! We can have a variety of emotional responses to transitions, and as we take an inward look, we become more aware of our inner lives and expand our selfawareness and emotional health. Exploring this with your small group or a trusted friend can help keep this inward journey moving.

Forward Look: We can get in touch with God’s challenge on the other side of the transition. As we take a forward look, we can work to articulate our dreams, and set goals for the future. This is an opportunity to expand our perspectives, to allow for the adventure of creative thinking.

Backward Look: Properly Grieve! To navigate transitions in a healthy way we have to bring proper closure to recent experiences. It is painful to let go of familiar ways and circumstances, and embrace the vulnerability of new ways. Life brings necessary endings, and as we slow down and process these endings, we restore inner vitality. As we move into the Easter season, I trust God uses this unique time of transition to be a time of renewal and growth for all of us! I trust we all “mine the gold” that can be found in times of transitions. Consequently, rather than just enduring and surviving, we will arrive on the other side of transition as deeper and richer people, all for God’s glory.

Pastor Sam

McKernan Baptist Church


Pressing on During Renovations | Women’s Ministry


e all have heard the phrase ‘the show must go on’. Well, it is also true for Women’s Ministries. Let me share a couple of stories with you. First of all, the Beth Moore Bible studies have provided women with an opportunity to study the Word together and enjoy a time of fellowship in the Lighthouse during renovations. When icy road conditions and very limited parking around the Lighthouse threatened the safety of ladies who were attending the Wednesday morning study, a plan ‘b’ was needed. So, the facilitator invited the ladies to continue their study in her condo. The study did continue - what an example of commitment to ministry! White Cross is another significant part of our Women’s Ministries. This group of hard working ladies has been gathering monthly to prepare articles for our mission work in Cameroon for many, many years. During renovations White Cross moved to the Lighthouse and the ladies have enjoyed the natural sunlight and open space to carry on their work. Over the years I have often joined the ladies for lunch, being


HEARTBEAT McKernan Baptist Church

very careful not to arrive too early in case they would put me to work, and leaving right after lunch so I didn’t have to do dishes! Seriously, monthly contact with the ladies of our church has been a real highlight for me! In mid-January, with the icy roads and limited parking around the Lighthouse, a concern was raised about the safety of women coming to White Cross. A decision was made to postpone the January meeting until a safer location could be found. Dianna Higgins offered her home and a new date was set. As was my tradition, I tracked the ladies down and joined them for their meeting the last Monday in February. I have been to the Higgins’ residence many times, but I was not prepared to witness the full invasion by the White Cross ladies! There were ladies everywhere! Technically there were 3 large work areas (4 including the kitchen) with specific activities taking place in each area – cutting fabric, rolling bandages, counting swab bundles, sewing baby clothes, etc. Women had even brought in their own sewing machines to expand the work that was being done. This residence instantaneously had

been converted into a mini factory, complete with division of labour and effective supervision! Just think of the boxes of materials and supplies hauled out of May Shannon’s car and into the house on that frosty Monday in February! What was even more heartwarming for me was to see and experience the passion, laughter, in-depth conversations and sharing of life experiences that was going on amongst the ladies. More than one person told me that being involved in White Cross gives her a real sense of ministry, of being involved in what God is doing around the world. In the spring two of the White Cross ladies will be part of a team travelling to Cameroon where the White Cross articles eventually will be shipped to support the hospital work of our North American Baptist Conference and to bless mothers and their new babies. As I finished my lunch and prepared to leave, I thought of how pleased God must be to see His children happily engaged in Kingdom work! I also reflected on how blessed we are to have a group of volunteers that is so committed to making sure that ‘the show (ministry) does go on’, even during renovations!

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HEARTBEAT McKernan Baptist Church

Austin in grade 7

Austin Voss: I feel like over the course of the past 6 years, my relationships with the others in my small group have definitely improved. I am comfortable talking to them about personal things going on in my life so they can pray about it for me, because that is what they are there for. Of course, my walk with God has strengthened but I feel like right now my faith is still in a place of transition, becoming my own. One of the many memories I am going to never forget from my time in youth is of course the 2012 Mexico trip. It’s more fun than you might think, cramming 25 people into one van. The people who have had the biggest impact on my life while I’ve been a part of youth are obviously my small group leaders. David Unsworth and I have had a bit of a roller coaster ride when it comes to small group leaders as from grade 7-10 we had 3 different small group leaders, but we’ve loved them all (equally). However I feel like my current small group leader, Alex, has had the biggest impact on my life. He and I have gone out for coffee/ice cream/any sort of food countless times and he has been willing to talk to me about anything and really wants me to be in a closer relationship with God. Like I have mentioned previously, I feel like my faith is in a place of transition right now so I do not know

a huge blessing from God. Currently, my female youth leader, Lyndi has always been there for me, even when I doubt my worthiness of it. She is marvellously gifted with patience and love. My family has also played a huge part in constructing who I am today and are constantly encouraging me to use my gifts, to the best of my ability, for God’s kingdom. Right now I am still praying about future paths to take, but I know that whatever I choose, through mistakes and triumphs, God will not Bailey Garbutt: Honestly, looking be disappointed in me. Thinking about advice I would offer to youth kids would back on the past 6 years, not all of be, to never try and be anyone but you. it has been smooth sailing; however There are genuine people at youth, and the providence associated with the more you allow yourself to go deep, God’s timing, trials and blessings can the more they will go deep with you. never be more perfect. It has been And enjoy your life because Jesus came an absolute pleasure to have spent to give us life to the full! these years in this youth ministry. I know it has taught me so much and We have been so blessed to walk the foundation in Christ I’ve built during with these two students and the rest this period will help me further along of these grade twelves for the past six in life. No one can ever stop learning years. We’re really proud of them! It’s about God; His enchanting love is a mystery in itself. I have grown the most really powerful to see their growth and change over those years, and to see in my faith by trusting God with my glimpses of the Kingdom impact they’re circumstances and using his strength going to have. We appreciate your instead of mine. prayers for all our students. It is such a Youth has so many memorable foundational time in their life, and in their moments! My favorites, including decisions about following Jesus. You going to Mexico City for the first time can also see how important and special with the MOBY Missions team the our YMT Volunteers are who work with summer before grade 10. The trip was these kids, and anytime they come to beautifully eye opening and made me mind we’d love for you to pray for them, more aware of how enormous God’s love can be. Love that filled every little their lives, work and school and their impact spiritually. nook and cranny of the small church we stayed in. I also have to mention all of our spectacular Camp Caroline retreats (with or without the thrilling midnight games of Man-Tracker)! My youth group and my leaders have impacted much of what I have learned about God. I have been fortunate to have had more than one leader throughout these years, and view time I spent with each of them is what specifically I believe God is asking of me right now, but I definitely believe God has plans for me. I believe and I have been told that God is working in my life in ways I cannot see, but are important nonetheless. Some advice I would have for kids coming into Oasis is to have an open mind. Don’t be afraid to believe something new that you learn about God. Something that you have never considered before. He’s so much greater.

Bailey in grade 7

McKernan Baptist Church


Spiritual Formation| Small Groups

When I was around 10 years old my friend’s bike needed repair. I grabbed a large crescent wrench and proceeded to hammer the bent object straight. His brother came outside, and in his best caveman voice, mocked me by barking out the words…’tool…tool’. He was saying that though the crescent wrench could be used as a hammer, it’s not a hammer. Why Small Groups? How do you know if your small group is on track? God forgive us if the reason our Small Groups, our Bible Studies, our Sunday ministries, or any ministry ever becomes all about us and our own personal well-being; our own safe community that never looks beyond the noses of those in our comfortable living rooms. The shift to have Small Groups focus primarily upon themselves is subtle and deadly. We have many groups that are really well aware that the reason they meet is not for them alone. I love hearing from these leaders as to how the members of their Small Group are actively involved in the lives of those who need to be Kingdom impacted; groups that are touching people’s lives in their neighbourhood and in countries around the world. As we approach Easter, we increasingly have opportunity to witness the shocking result of the small group of the Trinity, motivated by love, reaching out for the freedom of others. With complete desire to demonstrate His love for us, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. God is more interested in why you do than He is in what you do. How motivated are you to be part of a movement of Jesus-loving people that touches the world around us and engages in conversations about the gospel and what it means today? I believe there is in every Small Group a burning desire to be all that they can be. It is inspiring to witness groups that do not settle for only caring for themselves, but trust God to give them the resources, opportunities and the love to truly impact the world. Join the movement…think small!

8 | HEARTBEAT McKernan Baptist Church

This month, we also wanted to give the Grade 5 and 6 kids who are part of our Route 56 program an opportunity to share with you their thoughts and perspectives on Church, Sunday School and THEIR once a month Friday night activity. What is your favorite part of Route 56? My favorite part is acting out the stories in Sunday School and talking about them. (Drew) I like that we play games that teach the Bible, and it helps us learn about Jesus while having fun. (Ella) The games are based on teaching us to trust, have wisdom, and to respect the Lord. It’s a really fun way to learn about God. (Katia) We do lots of fun activities on Fridays. (Jack) I like doing the activities and learning about God. And the tasty food. It’s soooooo much fun. (Jakob)

Do you think Route 56 is a good place to bring friends? Yes, because it’s a chance to learn and you can hang out with your friends there. It’s fun! (Jack) Yes, because they can learn about God and if they enjoy it they can come more often. (Brookie) Yes, because you can show them around to learn about Jesus. Also your friends from Route 56 can meet your new friend and maybe they’ll become friends too. (Ella) What have been some of your favorite Route 56 events this year?

What have you been learning about in your Sunday School time? How does this apply to your life? Going to the Launchpad Trampoline Park! (Jack, Drew, Noah, Brookie, Tori, Katia, Jakob, Carter, Simon) We’ve been learning about being salt and light, and The corn maze! (Claire) the story of when Jesus walked on water. We’ve been Gym night! (Ella) learning about how Jesus is here now. (Noah) It helps us make good choices in life, and it makes our connection stronger with God (Tori) We have been learning about wisdom, trust, mercy and love. It applies to my life as something to help me when I’m getting older. (Katia) What’s your favorite part of Sunday School? My favorite part of Sunday School is prayer time, because it gives me peace (Simon) I really like the awesome activities and learning about God and how He saves us (Carter) I like the treats and snacks we sometimes get if we answer the questions. (Claire)

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Route 56 that would be important for the rest of the Church to know? It’s the best place (Simon) It’s really fun and people should let their kids go to it. Overall it’s a great place to be and all the games are awesome like dodgeball and football, and capture the flag and soccer. And the snacks are good. It’s a great place to be and a great place to get to know people better. (Jakob) The food is very good, and the activities are lots of fun. (Tori)

It is awesome, cool, fun, and it is fun playing dodgeball, hide and seek, capture the flag, sardines, and football and soccer. The snacks are good and learning about God and playing with friends and getting to know people better and getting to I like learning more about God and singing the songs. I know your leaders better is good too. (Carter) think worshipping God as a big group is good. (Claire) I like it when we get to stay for the sermons once a month (Noah) I like the singing. It teaches you about Jesus. (Drew) What do you like about sitting in the adult service for worship time?

McKernan Baptist Church


r through you Easte h it w re a h ed the to s go, we ask is excited a y s tr k e is e in w M thoughts few Children’s hildren! A me of their c o r s u o re y a f h o s about it: es to the eyes had to say de 4 class y ra e G th – t n a e h Kindergart ut Easter. Here is w o with us ab

What makes Easter so special? We celebrate Easter because Jesus died on the cross for our sins, so our sins went away (Logan, age 6)

Why did Jesus have to die? So we could go to heaven and live eternally (Anna, age 10)

Jesus died on the cross, because when we believe in Him, it washes our sins away, and we can have eternal life! (Jacob, age 7 and Sarah, age 8) Jesus died on the cross and rose again (Cameron, age 5) What did Jesus do for us at Easter? Jesus died on the cross and took our sins away from us (Jeannette, age 5 ¾) He gave us eternal life and forgave our sins (Rebecca, age 9) What are some ways you celebrate Easter in your family? We do Easter egg hunts (Ayla, age 5) We go to church as a family (Clarissa, age 8) We have a special Easter dinner and family comes over (Rebecca, age 9) We read the Easter story together and try to find Easter eggs (Cohen, age 6) We boil and decorate eggs (Anna, age 10) We find eggs, we try and go to the Easter ceremony and read the Bible together (Caleb, age 8)

10 |

HEARTBEAT McKernan Baptist Church

He took away all our sins so we can go to heaven (Daphka, age 9) He died because of all our sins (Ethan, age 4) Jesus died so we could live (Nathan, age 7) Why do we celebrate Jesus coming back to life? Because he forgives our sins now (Rhett, age 5) So we could have new life! (Abi, age 7) Because Jesus went down and defeated the Devil (Cohen, age 6) Jesus is alive and always with us (Gabrielle, age 9) This means we can have eternal life if we believe in Him

McKernan Baptist Church


Opinion | College & Career

| HEARTBEAT McKernan Baptist Church 12 | 12 HEARTBEAT McKernan Baptist Church


t’s hard to look at the young adults at McKernan and not see that God’s hand is at work in an incredible way. On a Sunday morning, we see hundreds of young people gathering together, being equipped, seeking to grow as true followers of Jesus. On Saturday nights we see any number of students coming together to build relationships, have fun, and pray/ worship in community. During the week our missional communities gather to practically embody God’s presence in a neighbourhood, area of the city, or the U of A campus. In January, we had 80+ young adults at Camp Nakamun, exploring at what it really looks like to live a life on mission. Why have we seen this type of buy-in? What is happening at McKernan as opposed to what we hear in culture, where many young adults are leaving the church? As the C&C Pastor, I don’t take credit for this move of God, I simply see myself as one who is along for the ride, discerning the work of God and seeking to empower our young people to join Him in that work! So what is He up to? I believe that this is happening because our young people are embracing the reality that their salvation is an ongoing work of the Spirit in their lives, rather than a one time event. In other words they have all prayed ‘the prayer’ to ask Jesus to be Lord of their life, but rather than this being an end - this has been a beginning. I recently heard an analogy that helped make this a little clearer for me; that the cross and salvation are more of a ticket to an event rather than the event itself. Jesus’ sacrifice got us in the door, the Holy Spirit empowers and enables us to be a part of the great ‘event’ which is following Jesus and modelling our lives after His. As a staff, when we were discussing this particular edition of the Heartbeat, we talked about how we wanted to approach it with an Easter theme. Given where I am at in my life and ministry right now, I thought it would be appropriate to give you all a bit of a life update and then give you something to reflect on during this Easter season. I have recently started pursuing graduate studies at Rochester College in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

The program is called a Masters of Religious Education in Missional Leadership. Part of the reason I chose this program is because their philosophy is that learning happens more effectively in a congregational context than a classroom context. I will be studying online and a majority of my assignments will be in consultation with some of you! I have already seen great fruit and have lots of ideas from my coursework that I believe will strengthen Young Adult Ministry at McKernan! One of the courses that I am taking is Gospel and Cultures. This course has really helped shape how I view the gospel and the reality of what Christ really accomplished through His death and resurrection. I started this article by looking at the reality of how many of our young adults are seeing that the Christian life is about participating in Christ’s life rather than just praying a prayer and being saved (not that I question the prayer for salvation or the legitimacy of it). This Easter, I want to encourage you to be thankful for all that God has done for you on the cross, but I want you to think a little deeper than that. What are the implications of Christ’s death and resurrection? When Jesus died on the cross, not only did He purchase our salvation and make it possible for us to be in a personal relationship with the Father. He also ushered in a new kingdom and a new age where the power of sin and death is defeated and a community (the Church) is able to continue His work by the power of the Holy Spirit. Being a follower of Jesus is about aligning our lives to Christ’s life and living under this kingdom power. I hope that this year the cross can become much bigger for you than simply a theory of salvation. Yes, Christ died for your sins, but more than that, Christ died so that you can live a life that shows Christ’s power and life to a world desperately in need of the hope we have in the resurrection (and the coming of God’s kingdom in fullness). This is game-changing! I look forward to seeing these ideas take root in our hearts as we all commit to joining Christ in His death and resurrection.

College & Career

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An Unexpected Gift | Women’s Ministry


world map


Hall, Jim

House of Prayer

Hau, Jonathan & Sarah Power to Change

Dreger (Joy), Melanie Lee, Becki

Athletes in Action

Lee, Isaac & Sarah

Pikkert, Joost & Cheryl Wycliffe/NAB

TenClay, Kristi NAB Allen, Brad Water Ambassadors

Hiebert, Justin and Brittany

Power to Change

Lindenberg, Harry & Myrna Desert Streams Epp,Stephen Camp Caroline Ziegler, Melody Loveworks Alksne, Stephen House of Prayer

14 14 | HEARTBEAT | HEARTBEAT McKernan McKernan Baptist Baptist Church Church

home missions organizations

Power to Change

Sundara (Asher), John & Naomi

Power to Change

Youth For Christ

Athletes in Action Nikkel, Bonnie Navigators Tan, Paul Navigators

Power to Change

Hoogenboom, Joyce

Labrecque, Leigh Wycliffe Proudlove, Barry & Linda Wycliffe Crawford, Graham SIM Guenther, Josh & Nadine

Power to Change

Tibbo, Sheldon

World Mission Fellowship Feniak, John & Juanita Wycliffe Grunwald, Sheryl Kidzana

short term missions

International Student Ministries

Barcelona, Richard & Lori NAB Bayer, Ken & Jerilyn NAB Hung, Nick & Iris NAB Lewandowski, Elsie NAB Nakano, Yuri NAB Schmor, Randy NAB Faszer, David & Annette

Calmar Church Plant Alberta Baptist Association Alpha Canada Camp Caroline Canadian Bible Society Cornerstone Counselling Edmonton Do Likewise Society Gideons International Missionary Aviation Fellowship Missionfest Mustard Seed Pregnancy Care Centre Taylor College & Seminary Vantage Point Three Hockey Ministries International Edmonton Dream Centre Palm Ministries NAB Conference

foreign missions organizations

Gottlob, David & Kathy

long term missionaries

home missionaries

jan 2013 to may 2014

Nichols,Darren Barlott, Denae

Mexico Family Missions Team

Salerno,Bruna Harpe, Phylis Kim, Julie Choo, Grace Lee, Becki Lee, Issac Hukalo, Sandra Buyer, Katie Matejovsky, Lukas Ruff, Mike

Making Disciples in Russia Dalit Ministry India Chain Of Love

missions budget breakdown organizations in Canada that serve in missions. missionary in Canada directly supported by McKernan. organizations outside Canada that serve in missions. missionary outside Canada directly supported by McKernan.

Home Missions Organizations

Foreign Missionaries



21 Home Missionaries


5% Foreign Missions Organizations


long-term missionaries Other Missions Organizations



28 30

NAB Missionaries

short-term missionaries


Number of countries where we support missionaries.

Canada is the country where McKernan supports the most number of missionaries with 27. We also support 16 missions organizations

The number of missionaries that we support overseas.

Years we have supported Ken and Jerilyn Bayer in their ministry in Brazil. Number of people who went on a short term missions trip last year

54% 46% MCKERNAN MCKERNAN McKernan Baptist Church




McKernan Baptist Church Financials a snapshot up to March 31, 2014

2014 General Operating

McKernan Baptist Church Financial Update







general general operating operating income expenses

Missions Budget *As of April 6, 2014 **Needed by May 1







We want to start by saying THANK YOU! You are an amazingly gracious and generous church and it is a huge honour to serve you. In 2013 you graciously donated a total of $2,542,732.79 to the mission and ministry of McKernan Baptist Church. We are so grateful for your partnership in the life and ministry here at McKernan Baptist Church and can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us in 2014. As you can see, we have three different “funds” that we manage throughout the year. Our General Operating Fund includes the salaries of our church staff and the operating budgets for the different ministry areas. Our Missions Fund is dedicated to supporting over 50 missionaries and mission agencies and is a portion of what each missionary and/or agency is required to raise each year to be able to continue to fulfil their missionary calling. We divide our $183,690 missions budget into three payment periods (May, September,

December) and it is our desire that we are able to meet 100% of our commitment at each of these scheduled payment times ($61,230). And finally, we have our God’s Unfolding Story Capital Campaign Fund. Construction is underway on a new two-storey building with a developed basement on the east side of the sanctuary that will provide 23,050 square feet of ministry space. The basement of the current fellowship hall will be renovated to fit seamlessly with the ministry design of the new building. We are very excited to see progress being made on the building, but we are also encouraged to see the amazing generosity toward the cost of this project. We are sincerely grateful for all that you have given to McKernan over the years. For those who are wondering how you can give to McKernan, we offer several options.

missions missions received* budget**


anticipated faith pledges project cost

16 |

financing (maximum)

HEARTBEAT McKernan Baptist Church


total pledged

received to date expenses




total income














Projet Update

Capital Campaign Pledges


God’s Unfolding Story Project

total expenses

Ways to Donate to McKernan



The first way, and probably the most familiar, is through the offering plate on Sunday. We have an envelope system that we use that allows the donor to help direct where their tithe and offering goes. So for example, if you were to donate $150, you could direct $50 to General Operating, $50 to Missions & $50 to the Building Fund. You don’t need three envelopes or even three cheques to make this happen, you just need to write down how you would like the offering to be split on the envelope.

pRE-Authoriz ed


The second way you are able to give is through our Pre-Authorized Giving Plan. A Pre-Authorized Giving Plan (PAGP) is a convenient option for donors to make regular donations to a charity of their choice, if the charity is equipped to operate such a plan. Many charitable organizations have incorporated this method of receiving funds from donors as an integral part of their stewardship process. As a regular donor you will authorize McKernan Baptist Church (MBC) to charge your bank account for an amount pre-established by yourself, in the same way as if you had personally written a cheque to the church. This authorization will remain in effect until such time as you personally notify MBC that you wish to end this agreement. And just like the envelope system, you can designate where you would like your donation to go. If you would like more information on how to receive personalized offering envelopes or on how to set up the Pre-Authorized Giving Plan, please contact the church office and we would be happy to help you out.


p L ed ge

A third way, and this is specific to our God’s Unfolding Story Project, is to prayerfully consider starting a pledge commitment toward the cost of the project. As of the start of the project, we had received $4,075,175 in faith pledges toward the anticipated total project cost of $7,600,000. These original faith pledges were a three-year commitment to give over and above your regular giving (January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2015) but you can start a new pledge at any time. Please contact Pastor Terry if you’d like more information about beginning a pledge.


bo n d s

A final way you can help donate toward McKernan Baptist Church and specifically toward the God’s Unfolding Story Project is through our Bond Program. As you noticed, our pledges do not cover the total cost of the project and the remaining portion of the cost will be financed. But one of the ways we are financing this project is through internal bonds. If you would like more information on our bond program please contact Brian Frost or Cam Klapstein. The new start date for these bonds is June 1, 2014.

McKernan Baptist Church Financials a snapshot up to March 31, 2014

McKernan Baptist Church




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