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Gameplay There are 12 styles of Gameplays that you have to consider and they are.           

Asymmetric gameplay which is different play experiencing the game differently Cooperative gameplay is when you work with somebody to finish a game Death Match is PvP based game Emergent gameplay is when a video game changes due to individual player choices Hack and Slash is very combat orientated gameplay Levelled gameplay is a game that you do better in as you level up Micromanagement gameplay is a strategic game Nonlinear gameplay is similar to asymmetric and cooperative gameplay Active gameplay is gameplay that will allow you to die or get kick if you are AFK Twitch gameplay is an individual reaction to a game Tablet gameplay is a game that can be used on a portable device like a mobile

Minecraft Minecraft is a cooperative game were you have to work together to move forward in the game and to finish the game and defeat the ender dragon or the wither boss. Minecraft is an action-Adventure game as well as a massive multiplayer game that is online. Minecraft gameplay contains cooperative gameplay, Death match gameplay.

Pokémon Omega ruby Pokémon is an action-adventure game where you go through the pokeworld catching all types of Pokémon and defeat the team magma to capture all different legendary Pokémon and go on to defeat the elite four and the Champion to become the new champion of the region. Pokémon gameplay is an action adventure game also it is a Asymmetric gameplay, levelled gameplay.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Five Nights at Freddy’s is survival-horror game and it’s a game where you are trapped in a room with creature that come alive at the night time and tries to kill you, the only way to detour them Is by have lights and doors up and on. In this game you also have a limited supply of electric so you have to use it wisely. This game is a twitch gameplay, it is also a strategic game.

Fifa 16 Fifa 16 is a sports roleplaying game that is about play football, there are different game modes you can play like career mode which is when you can make a play of you choice and build him to become the best or you can be a manger and control any team and become the best. Fifa is a simulated/sports game it is also a massively multiply online game with the feature of ultimate team.

Call of Duty Call of duty is a large fancies that have a 16 games to their name that have been made by different companies, this game is a first person shooting game and it has all different game mode from campaign, multiplayer and zombies or survival/special ops depending on what game you are playing. In multiplayer you have on goal and it is to win the game with your team mates to gain exp and rank up to prestige if you chose to. This game cover may of the 12 game plays and they are, cooperative gameplay, active gameplay, Death match gameplay, Hack and slash gameplay and lastly levelled gameplay.

Ratchet and clank tools of destruction Ratchet and clank is a nonlinear game that is about traveling to different places and shooting robots and monster to clear levels. This game is also a first person shooter as well as a basic adventure game that include a lot of different surprises. This game contains asymmetric gameplay as well as hack and slash in certain aspects of the game.

Tomb raider underworld Tomb raider is an adventure/action games that contain certain scenes of violence. This game is about Lara trying to beat certain people to treasure. This game is a hack and slash game due to the gun use in this game the other object to this game is to get out of the underworld with this set treasure. This game contain certain aspects of game play like it is hack and slash.

Harry potter book of spells Harry potter book of spells is an interactive and role playing game that you use a PlayStation 3 motion controller to play the game and the game was about going through Hogwarts being a wizard, with this game you were able to link in you online pottermore account so you could carry on so you would not have to start again. This game contains game play such as asymmetric gameplay.

Chess Chess is a very strategic game that you have to capture the opponents king using you piece you have which are the king queen rook bishop knight and pawns. There are rules like castling and like promoting. Promoting is when you are able to promote your pawn for a pawn to another piece that has been captured by the enemy. This game contain gameplay like micromanagement, tablet, Asymmetric and Cooperative Game play.

Yugioh millennium duels Yuhiogh is a game that is based on the anime, the idea of the game is that you make your character and you battle to earn money to buy card pack and to make your deck stronger and better then the duel king which is yugi. This game is a micromanagement game as well as an Asymmetric Game and Tablet Game. This game is Asymmetric game because of how each individual used there coin and what monster they would use in there deck. This game is micromanagement game because you have to have a strategy to go into a duel and win.

Game play assignment  
Game play assignment