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JA Canada Canada’s largest youth business education organization.

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3 Annual Report 2014/15

Our Mission To inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

Message from the Chair I am very proud to be Chair of JA Canada, an organization that is dedicated to ensuring the future success of Canadian youth by teaching them the critical skills that they need to be financially literate, work ready and entrepreneurially minded. It is gratifying to see JA Canada staff, Charters, and stakeholders from across the country all working together with the common goal of improving the lives of young Canadians. In an economy where the job market is in constant flux, debt levels have reached record level highs, and many youth are unemployed or underemployed, JA continues to provide Canadian youth with the tools and confidence they need to overcome these challenges. I am especially encouraged by the findings of a recent third party study that revealed there is great support and recognition from our target audiences of the importance of the JA mission to the future of Canadian youth. The past year included significant milestones for JA Canada as they worked with

Charters across the country to dramatically increase the number of students that the organization reaches. Major initiatives included the development and validation of a comprehensive digital strategy, JA Excelerate; the rebranding of JA Canada to align with the JA Worldwide strategy of “one vision, one brand�; and the development of the project plan for the roll out of the new Royden Richardson Virtual School for Volunteers, an online platform for training and community building for volunteers. JA Canada was also delighted to represent Canada at the JA Worldwide Global Leadership Conference. This three-day event was attended by senior executives of JA member organizations from around the world and was an excellent opportunity to strengthen the network of member countries. In closing, I would like thank all of our donors, volunteers and educators for your continued support of JA and your commitment to developing Canada’s next generation of leaders. Sincerely,

Kevin Dane Chair, JA Canada Board

5 Annual Report 2014/15

A Year in Review

Organization Rebranded to align with JA Worldwide President & CEO, Keith Publicover participated in the JA Worldwide Global Leadership Conference Met with Financial Literacy leader, Jane Rooney to discuss tackling financial illiteracy in Canada $1,023,688 contributed in support of our Charters



248,404 students reached

9,713 programs delivered

$40,000 awarded in National Awards & Scholarships

Rolled out Phase 1 of digital strategy, JA Excelerate

Digitization of National Awards & Scholarships application process

Renewed 3 core programs: Economics for Success, Dollars with Sense, and Our Business World Updated the JA Canada Resource Portal

Philanthropy $1.4M dollars raised Volunteers

8 community partnerships

12,886 volunteers 171,146 volunteer hours Development of Royden Richardson Virtual School for Volunteers Recognized 3 exceptional volunteers with the National Leadership Award



Passionately committed to helping students understand their potential, set life goals, and achieve success.

8 Annual Report 2014/15

JA Canada JA Canada is Canada’s largest youth business education organization, with a national office and 17 Charters and ADMs serving students from coast to coast. We are proud to be part of JA Worldwide, one of the largest global NGOs with a network of over 120 countries. The JA global network is powered by over 400,000 volunteers and reaches 10 million youth annually. To achieve our mission in Canada we work in partnership with educators, volunteers and businesses to educate students about financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship.

YOU HELPED inspire and prepare


Canadian youth in this past year.

JA programs are delivered by dedicated volunteers from communities and businesses across Canada. They bring their professional experiences into the classroom to help students connect program concepts with real-life situations. As a registered charity we are funded by our generous donors, who provide us with the critical funding needed to develop and deliver our programs, train our volunteers and offer scholarships to Canada’s future leaders. With your continuing support, we will expand our programs to reach one million Canadian students per year by 2020. For more information, visit jacanada.org.

Our Executive Team Aliya Ansari

Stephen Lippa

Phil Berube

Paul Magallanes

National Director, Canadian Business Hall of Fame

Vice President, Philanthropy & Corporate Partnerships

Tina Kaichis

Vice President, Integrated Brand Marketing

Vice President, Education & Digital Strategy


Keith Publicover President & CEO


JA Excelerate This year work continued on the roll out of JA’s digital strategy, JA Excelerate. This major initiative will enable us to greatly expand our student reach and dramatically enhance our programs. The strategy will dramatically transform the JA organization in Canada, ensuring that we are able to effectively prepare youth to succeed in the fast changing business environment. A major component of the roll out this year included engaging the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) via a gift of services to conduct a thorough analysis of the strategy and to develop a high-level development road map for the four year phased roll out. JA Execelerate will integrate blended learning into all of our programs, ensuring that we continue to provide our students with the most relevant and engaging learning experiences. The strategy also includes: • Gamification to make learning fun and help students retain knowledge • A variety of self-directed e-learning modules that provide opportunities for students to learn on their own • Online career and personal assessment tools to help students identify career paths • An online learning management system to enable centralized management of all JA programs • The Royden Richardson Virtual School for Volunteers to recruit and retain the best volunteers: rrvs-jacanada.org

10 Annual Report 2014/15

Nurturing 21st Century Skills JA’s blended learning environment puts student and volunteer relationships at the front and center. Digital tools give volunteers additional ways to work with students to explore new ideas. These tools will also enable students to build upon their learning outside of the classroom. The design of our blended learning curriculum is based on three core principles: • Honouring a student-centered philosophy and mindset • Nurturing a dynamic, technologyenabled learning ecosystem • Helping students develop the 21st century skills that are needed for success in the workplace

Visual Identity Rebrand This year JA Canada was excited to roll out new visual identity brand standards to the 17 JA Charters and ADMs across the country. These standards were developed in alignment with an organization-wide rebrand of Junior Achievement to JA by JA Worldwide. The rebrand will enable all 120+ JA Worldwide member organizations to present a unified image and speak with “one voice” throughout the world. The rebrand ushers in a more contemporary visual identity for JA across the globe. The new brand standards include an updated palette, typefaces, and a refreshed logo.

Brand is the experience that our stakeholders have with us. It’s our students. It’s our volunteers. It’s our funders. SEAN RUSH CEO, JA WORLDWIDE replacement of existing print materials will occur in phases over the next fiscal year. For more information and to see a complete copy of the JA Canada Brand Standards, please visit jacanada.org/ja-canadabrand-standards.

The brand roll out included the development of a new JA Canada logo and Charter specific logos for each of our 17 Charters and ADMs. In addition, new templates were developed for all major digital and print materials. To be cost and eco-conscious, the

The Identity S Colour Pale ystem ttes

The Identity System Primar y Palette Our Brandmark GREEN


CMYK: 96. 2. 100. 12 RGB: 0. 132 . 61 HEX: #00954 D

PANTONE: 348 The JA brandmark is the basis of our visual identity and is a valuable asset that must be respected and protected. The elements that compose the ME DIUM GREEN brandmark and their relationship to each other is never to be altered. CMYK: 57. 0. 100. 0 RGB: 111. 183 . 43 HEX: #77BC4 3 Consists of the lockup of the: PANTONE: ar y 368 . 2015 sin Adobe dard Brand Stan Pa text ‘JA’te Garamond Pro. let CanadaWordmark—The


LIGHT BLU Region—Name of region in Adobe Garamond Pro. E

Icon—The pyramid symbol. The three sides of CMYK: 51. 0. 12. 0 the pyramid represent three brand elements: youth, RGB: 113. 205. 222 education programs and adult constituents. The HEX: #71CDD E upward steps represent the sequential nature of the core of JA programs. PANTONE: 636 Endorsement Line—The statement that highlights the relationship between JA Canada and JA Worldwide, and links the brands through a shared JA Can high-level promise. Forada JA Bra Canada Charters and nd Sta ndards . 201 ADMs, consistent wording is used to highlight the 5 relationship with JA Canada. (See page 13)


CMYK: 0. 53. 100. 0 RGB: 239. 121. 12 HEX: #FF500 0 PANTONE:


LIGHT GREEN CMYK: 24. 0. 100. 0 RGB: 206. 222. 0 HEX: #CEDE0 0




BLUE CMYK: 70. 15. 0. 0 RGB: 39. 170 . 225 HEX: #27AAE 1 PANTONE:



CMYK: 0. 0. 0. 60 RGB: 128. 130. 133 HEX: #80828 5

CMYK: 0. 0. 0. 30 RGB: 188. 190. 192 HEX: #BCBEC 0

Brandmark LIGHT


CMYK: 0. 0. 70. 0 RGB: 255. 243. 82 HEX: #F8E94 wordmark 6 PANTONE:






CMYK: 97. 73. 5. 0 RG



B: 5. 87. 161 A Member of JA Worldwide CMYK: 35. 100. 35. 10 HE X: #0557A1

PANendorsement TONE: 272 line 8

RGB: 158. 31. 99 HEX: #9E1F6 3



19 The Identity

JA Canada Brand Standards . 2015


CMYK: 0. 30. 95. 0 RGB: 249. 170. 7 HEX: #FFB71 8



System: Our


The Identity System: Our Brandmark

JA Canada A Member of JA Worldwid


11 Annual Report 2014/15

JA in Canada

JA CANADA Toronto, ON 1. 800. 265. 0699 www.jacanada.org

JA NORTHERN ALBERTA AND NORTHWEST TERRITORIES Edmonton, AB 1. 877. 626. 7666 jpanteluk@janorthalberta.org



Vancouver, BC 604. 688. 3887 info@jabc.org

Saskatoon, SK 306. 955. 5267 info@jasask.org JA SOUTHERN ALBERTA Calgary, AB 403. 237. 5252 info@jasouthalberta.org JA MANITOBA Winnipeg, MB 204. 956. 6088 sangers@jamanitoba.org

JA CENTRAL ONTARIO Toronto, ON 416. 360. 5252 info@jacentralontario.org JA GUELPH-WELLINGTON


Guelph, ON 519. 576. 6610 info@jaguelphwellington.org

St. John’s, NL 709. 753. 9533 info@janl.org



London, ON 1. 877. 229. 9925 info@jalondon.org

Charlottetown, PEI 902. 892. 6066 bferguson@japei.org



Ottawa, ON 613. 366. 3085 ext. 256 bthornington@onfe-rope.ca

Fredericton, NB 506. 455. 6552 jafrednb@nb.aibn.com



Peterborough, ON 705. 874. 6960 admin@ja-plm.ca

Halifax, NS 902. 454. 4564 info@janovascotia.ca

JA SOUTH WESTERN ONTARIO Chatham, ON 519. 352. 0151 info@jaswont.org JA WATERLOO REGION Kitchener, ON 519. 576. 6610 info@jawaterlooregion.org JA QUEBEC Montreal, QC 514. 285. 8944 info@jeq.org

Local Impact Journey of Discovery for an Aspiring Leader JA British Columbia The journey hasn’t always been smooth and easy for the 2015 Peter Mansbridge Youth Leadership Award winner Miguel Widjaja. It took Miguel a lot of hard work, a few mistakes and a level of risk-taking to get to where he is today.

Leading is hard. It’s completely different from being just a team member. It forces you to branch out and take more risks—risks that are more intuitive than calculated. MIGUEL WIDJAJA JA ALUMNI AND AWARD WINNER Growing up in Indonesia as a rambunctious, fun-loving and thrill-seeking kid, school was the least of Miguel’s concerns. As his grades dropped, his future became the greatest concern for his parents and so Miguel’s parents moved the family from Jakarta to Vancouver when Miguel was ten. “The first few years in Canada was rough and there was a lot of stress at home. I began to see the sacrifice my parents had made for me and my sister,” said Miguel. “My mindset shifted. I became quieter and more docile, and I started paying attention to my grades.” JA played a part in changing Miguel’s mindset. In grade 5, Miguel took the JA Our Business World program. The pen assembly activity sparked his interest in how things are put together. He realized that in order to make something happen, people need to come together as a team.

14 Annual Report 2014/15

Miguel gained his first taste of team leadership in grade 10 when he took a business course led by his teacher who used the JA Company Program in her curriculum.

As VP, Marketing of his student company, he looked forward to applying the marketing theories and skills he had learned. However, his biggest learning was in leadership. “Leading is hard. It’s completely different from being just a team member. It forces you to branch out and take more risks – risks that are more intuitive than calculated,” said Miguel. “It’s also about goal-setting. If you align your goals with your team members, they will be motivated to work towards the goals together with you.” Through his participation in JA programs and business conferences, Miguel became passionate about social entrepreneurship. Having seen the poverty in his homeland Indonesia, he wanted to give back to the community. In grade 11, Miguel joined Company Program for the second time, and his company sold colour-changing pencils. For each pencil sold, one pencil would be sent to schools in Guatemala. In the end, his company made a profit and sent over 2,000 pencils to Guatemala. Miguel also applied for awards and scholarships. In 2014, he received the JA B.C. Award for Excellence and Leadership. In 2015, he received a personal phone call from Peter Mansbridge, CBC Chief Correspondent, congratulating him on winning the national Peter Mansbridge Youth Leadership Award. Miguel was both elated and humbled. His hard-work had paid off. Looking back at his journey, he attributes much of his growth and self-discovery to JA. “JA has played a huge part in making me what I am today. They have shown me what the future could hold for me if I work hard and pursue my passion. I think every student should have the opportunity to learn and grow with Junior Achievement.”

Platform for Success JA Central Ontario When we first gathered in the Deloitte Toronto boardroom in October 2014, I don’t think any of us realized how much JA would influence our paths, perspective and interests. Over the course of the six month program, we laughed, we learned and we eventually built a Company Program like no other. As a company we agreed to develop a solution to a problem which affects our generation, which is youth unemployment. Experience is integral to success nowa-days, and so by connecting students with their first job, we were giving them an opportunity to gain this experience. Thus was born LadderUp! Led by our CTO, the first version of our High School Student-Focused Job Employment Platform was released in January 2015. Our Sales team proceeded to hit the phones hard, with a 99% rate of rejection.

Undeterred, the team persevered and found businesses willing to list their jobs on our fledgling student tech venture. By March, the third version was released and it was now a mobile-enabled web app able to list job and volunteer opportunities as well as accumulate and send applicant résumés to employers. We had real paying customers and a sampling of actual hired students. In April, a guest speaker to LadderUp!, former JA Company Program alumni, Derek Szeto—now CEO of Wirkn—became a valuable business partner and the acquirer of LadderUp!. He also hired two of our team members as summer interns. It was a six month adventure (rollercoaster) which proved to be an invaluable experience for the entire team. As told by Emma Juskovic, Chief People Officer, LadderUp!, a JA Company

15 Annual Report 2014/15

Local Impact Enriching Experience JA Manitoba I have been volunteering at the Minitonas Middle Years School since the early 1990s. I began volunteering with JA Manitoba after attending a presentation for branch staff at RBC. At that time, I was looking for an opportunity to give back to my community and I realized that delivering JA programs was an ideal way to use my professional expertise to help educate students. I have volunteered at Minitonas every year since, teaching one to three different sessions for students in Grade 5, 7 and 9. Even when spring rains washed out the highway between Swan River and Minitonas, I made it to the school by taking muddy, deeply rutted gravel back roads.

The time I have spent volunteering for JA has enriched my life and given me a better understanding of both young people and adults. CAROL TRIPP VOLUNTEER

16 Annual Report 2014/15

Over the past 25 years I have seen many changes in the classroom, in particular, students are less formal than they used to be. Also, with the ubiquity of technology, students today have a much broader interest and knowledge base regarding business and financial concepts than they did when I started. Through all of the changes, I have been continually impressed with the students’ willingness to learn and participate in activities. It has been a pleasure to see the interaction of the students and their growth and maturity as they move from Grade 5 to 7 to 9. Often when I am uptown and see students who have taken a program with me, they recognize and acknowledge their enjoyment of the time I spent with them in the classroom. As a Financial Planner, I spend a large portion of my time educating clients about money and investment management and JA has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to use these skills in the classroom. I feel that the time I have spent volunteering for JA has enriched my life and given me a better understanding of both young people and adults.

Coffee Break JA Prince Edward Island At age 24, Chris Francis has already embraced the experiences that have shaped a burgeoning business success story. He is an entrepreneur and co-owner of Receiver Coffee Company, a café on Victoria Row in downtown Charlottetown, PEI. Growing up in Stratford, just outside Charlottetown, Chris aspired to be a lawyer, architect or teacher. “Business wasn’t something I thought about,” he says. Then he got involved with JA. JA provided Chris with an opportunity to develop his confidence. He was shy back then, but was inspired by the enthusiasm of his fellow students and JA advisors. “They were very positive, and the creative energy was flowing,” he says. “I learned I was capable of coming up with ideas. It was eye-opening.” Chris gained valuable experience, abilities and confidence through JA allowing him to shed his nerves and play guitar in a JA singing telegram venture, and run for student council president. “I saw challenges as something to be excited about, not something to be afraid of,” he says. Although Chris started studies at the University of PEI, he left after a year to pursue his passion in music. For 18 months he played, wrote, toured and recorded with two rock bands and although they may not have achieved mass success, Chris became more comfortable with the idea of taking risks. He also developed a new interest which inspired his next venture. “You woke up in a place you didn’t know. The first thing I would do is get coffee. It didn’t matter what town, I always found something interesting about coffee shops. You have people from every walk of life, and it’s

where they all interact. It was an interesting dynamic, to see the community build up around coffee. I felt a strong connection.” After music, Chris found work helping to open a café. He ended up joining the team and eventually became the manager. It was there where he befriended regular Amer Abualsoud and eventually partnered with him, combining Chris’ interest in the coffee world and Amer’s business experience, to open their own coffee shop and roaster, Receiver Coffee Company. It was opening the cafe, when Chris found himself reaching back to lessons The Coffee Break he learned through JA. One lesson he credits to JA isChris reinforcing JA alumnus Francisthe shares his success importance of being flexible. “Somestory people have a business plan, but the second there’s deviation they panic. You need flexibility Recognizing Success when things change.” When the current space for Receiver came up, Chris was Honouring the 37th already operating Class in another location but of Companions scrambled to pull the necessary resources together to acquire the new space knowing it would be better for growth. Chris sees Receiver as more than just a retailer of coffee and beans: “I’m trying to create a hub in the community.” He envisions a place where people meet to plan their own opportunities. Receiver has been used for film shoots, and as a space for arts groups. He also wants to celebrate local PEI vendors, and has thought of starting a small market selling only local goods.


“He’s so passionate, you can see it in his eyes and hear it as he speaks,” says Betty Ferguson, President & CEO, JA Prince Edward Island. “I said to him, you know, the road to life is always under construction. Just stay between the lines, and use the skills that were put in front of you, like what we deliver with JA. All those pillars are life skills.”


17 Annual Report 2014/15

Local Impact Going International JA Quebec A group of girls from Montreal’s Villa SainteMarcelline high school never dreamed that their company would become international when they started Company Program in October 2014. Their company, OSO, produced stylish, useful and quality made boxers. With a total production of 363 units, OSO also created a “Québec-Bavière” collection which was exported to Germany. This amazing student company success started when OSO took advantage of a student exchange program. As our girls were hosting German students, they had the opportunity to sell their very popular boxers to their new friends. Back home, German girls were proud to show their OSO boxers; in a short period of time, orders began to come in from Europe. The OSO’s international branch was created! A special “Québec-Bavière” brand was quickly created to meet the international business demand.

18 Annual Report 2014/15

This huge experience was a first for JA Quebec’s Company Program. It shows our young students that the possibilities are unlimited, and that in our global economy, the whole world is at their fingertips! Moreover, the Vice-President of Production, Anne Sophie Levee, assured: “With the support of Jeunes Entreprises, each entrepreneur of our company had the opportunity to develop and improve his leadership abilities and was fortunate to live this unique experience. Certainly, I can tell you that this experience allowed me to discover the business world from a very practical point of view. I am proud of our personal and collective achievements.” Laura Cohendet, the OSO company president also weighed in, sharing in their company’s annual report: “Jeunes Entreprises program made a significant contribution to my life. Indeed, I enjoyed so much my experience that I have decided to pursue my studies in the commerce field at the college next year.”

OUR PROGRAMS Exciting, engaging, and practical programs to prepare youth to navigate a dynamic business landscape.

20 Annual Report 2014/15

During the 2014/15 fiscal year, 9,713 JA programs were delivered to students across Canada. JA Canada also continued its work on program development projects and local initiatives in order to ensure that we continue to offer relevant and engaging programming.

Program Renewal In the Fall of 2014, previously piloted programs Be Entrepreneurial, Success Skills, and More than Money, launched in full in both English and French. To ensure cutting-edge curriculum, digitally infused tools and modern looking kits, JA Canada’s three most popular day programs—Dollars with Sense, Economics

for Success, and Our Business World— began an extensive renewal process. As part of this process content was reviewed and updated to reflect the latest learning concepts and new assets were added. The new kits were also refreshed to align with the new JA Canada Brand Standards.

Our Programs For a complete list of programs offered by JA Canada please visit jacanada.org/programs.

Resource Portal 2.0 This fiscal year, JA Canada updated its existing JA Canada Resource portal to provide a better user experience and to provide additional tools to assist our volunteers with program delivery. Key updates to the portal include the addition of current digital assets associated with JA

Canada’s programs; improvements to ease discovery of materials, extended media materials for the classroom and increased functionality as an in-class platform. The new portal also offers JA Canada with enhanced tracking of asset usage.

To access the Resource Portal, please visit resources.jacanada.org.

21 Annual Report 2014/15


Giving them the skills and confidence they need to ensure their success in school, business and life.

Youth are at the core of what we do. They are the next generation of Canadian leaders and the most important investment for our future prosperity. In 2014/15, we reached 248,404 Canadian youth delivering on our mission to ensure their success by helping them gain the confidence, skills and competencies they need to thrive in today’s dynamic and evolving business landscape.

JA has played a huge part in making me what I am today. They have shown me what the future could hold for me if I work hard and pursue my passion. I think every student should have the opportunity to learn and grow with Junior Achievement. MIGUEL WIDJAJA JA ALUMNI AND 2015 AWARD WINNER

In addition to our programs we offer Canada’s top students development and recognition opportunities. These include: • Awards & Scholarships which recognize the incredible achievements of Achievers and support their continued education. jacanada.org/awards

• Public Speaking Opportunities which allow students to develop their presentation skills and build confidence by speaking in front of senior business leaders.

• Next Generation Leaders Forum (NGL), hosted by JA Canada—a oncein-a-lifetime opportunity for students to collaborate with business leaders, academics, and their global peers. jacanada.org/ngl

• Company of the Year (COY) Competition, run by JA Americas—an opportunity for students from top JA companies to hone their leadership skills, connect with business leaders, entrepreneurs and their international peers.

Achievers at Large During the 2014/15 year, JA Canada invited a number of Achievers and alumni to participate in various events and opportunities. We’d like to thank these Achievers and alumni for their participation.

Chris Francis—JA alumnus and entrepreneur who shared his experiences and story in ACHIEVE Magazine, the Canadian Business Hall of Fame Gala Dinner commemorative publication.

Rasham Najeeb—Designated JA Achiever at the Canadian Business Hall of Fame Announcement Luncheon in November 2014. Rasham spoke about the impact of JA on her life.

Gala Greeters and Openers—A group of Achievers supported the Canadian Business Hall of Fame Gala Dinner and Induction Ceremony by greeting and directing guests during the opening reception, opening the show by speaking about the inspiration and impact of the business role models, and sharing their JA experiences with guests during the dinner.

Amira Dhalla—JA alumna who wrote about her JA experience for one of our monthly eCommunications.

23 Annual Report 2014/15

National Awards & Scholarships They’re entrepreneurs, volunteers, active in their communities and they are still high school students. Before they’ve graduated, these exceptional Achievers have already built impressive résumés. Each year, JA recognizes their hard-work and effort through a variety of special awards and scholarships.

Congratulations to this year’s winners! For a complete listing of the awards and scholarships offered by JA Canada, please visit jacanada.org/awards.

I’ve also gained an ability to work better in a team. I’ve gained leadership skills. I’ve gained confidence and I’ve been given so many opportunities and I’ve made so many lasting friendships. CASSANDRA MCNEIL ACHIEVER AND 2015 AWARD WINNER

Al Beech Memorial Award Awarded in recognition of the outstanding individual achievements and personal development of a graduating Achiever.

Michael Lay | Manitoba Michael is a first generation Canadian and a Grade 12 French Immersion student living in Winnipeg. During his most recent school year, he earned French Honours and 38.5 credits—almost 9 credits above and beyond the required 30 to graduate. His hard-work will pay off this Fall when Michael begins studying economics and political science in the Scholar Elective’s program at Western University. He plans to attend the Richard Ivey School of Business in his third year.

24 Annual Report 2014/15

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce Company of the Year Award This award is given to the JA Company that is judged to be the most well-managed in Company Program across Canada.

Palletable Projects | Saskatchewan Palletable Projects is a group of young JA entrepreneurs committed to lessening their carbon footprint by recycling and producing unique pallet and barnwood products. A socially responsible company, they donate a portion of their profits back to the community.

Evelyn Ruskin JA Corporate Awareness Award

Seymour Schulich Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Awarded to an Achiever who has demonstrated their understanding of the benefits and relevance of JA and Company Program in the corporate community.

Awarded to an Achiever who has demonstrated their understanding of the critical entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Cassandra McNeil | Ontario

Bianca Vasu | Ontario

Cassandra is a Grade 12 student at Mother Teresa Secondary School in London, Ontario. She is passionate about business and her future and already has plans to put the money from the scholarship towards her post-secondary education endeavours. She will be attending Western University for a Bachelor of Management & Organizational Studies (BMOS) followed by the Ivey Business School where she will continue her business education.

Bianca, an Achiever in Company Program, is the Vice President of Finance of Belle Organic Body Products, her JA Company. She feels confident in her knowledge of the skills that are needed to succeed in the 21st century. This Fall, Bianca will be attending the University of Waterloo to pursue a degree in Accounting & Financial Management. She intends to pursue CPA and CFA designations in the future.

Richard Ivey Scholarship for Entrepreneurship Awarded to an Achiever who has demonstrated their understanding of the skills and teamwork needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Christopher Knight | Ontario Christopher is a passionate and driven student who has plans to be a future game developer. He is a believer that an entrepreneur must hold many skills to be successful and lives by this philosophy with interests that include technology, philosophy, psychology. Chris will be attending Niagara College in the Fall to pursue an education in Game Development.

TD Canada Trust Fund Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to the Achiever who has demonstrated the impact that the JA experience has in preparing youth for employment opportunities.

Gregory Powell | Newfoundland and Labrador Gregory is a 17 year old high school student at Holy Trinity High School in St. Johns, Newfoundland. He was inspired to join JA’s Company Program during a class presentation at school and later became the director of the company, Wick-ed. This Fall, Gregory will be attending Memorial University and working towards a degree in Political Science.

25 Annual Report 2014/15

National Awards & Scholarships Peter Mansbridge Awards As Chief Correspondent at CBC News, Peter Mansbridge has enjoyed a decorated career, receiving many awards for excellence in broadcast journalism. As a longtime supporter of JA, his ongoing support includes two prestigious national JA awards: The Peter Mansbridge Youth Leadership Award, and the Peter Mansbridge Positive Change Award.

I am amazed and inspired by the depth of commitment of the recipients to building businesses that make a positive impact on their communities. It gives me great confidence in Canada’s future to know that these individuals will be Canada’s next generation of leaders. PETER MANSBRIDGE CHIEF CORRESPONDENT, CBC NEWS

Positive Change Award This award is given to a student who has demonstrated achievement and commitment to use their voice to make a positive change for their community, world and future generations. Valeriya Belskikh | Quebec Valeriya understands you won’t go far if you’re not in rhythm. She’s an avid dancer and pianist. “I like everything that stimulates my creativity.” That includes more than the arts. As a JA student in Montreal, Valeriya discovered the excitement of entrepreneurship. She saw that creative energy and harmony are key ingredients in this realm. “I learned the importance of clear communication among colleagues, especially when problems arise, and planning and working as a team.”

26 Annual Report 2014/15

She says positive change starts with being conscious of your weaknesses and being willing to improve. Valeriya is drawn to organizations that support equality between genders and races, eco-friendliness and

multiculturalism. After finishing Collège Regina Assumpta, she’ll attend CEGEP to focus on science and music – and strive for her creativity to emerge in both.

Youth Leadership Award This award is given in recognition of the personal accomplishments and involvement of an Achiever. The recipient has exemplified the values and attributes of successful business and community leaders. Miguel Widjaja | British Columbia Miguel has twin passions. JA has given him the opportunity to nurture both. Growing up in Indonesia, he was exposed to the less fortunate living in poverty: “I understood the importance of giving back.” After he arrived in Canada at 10, a JA presentation piqued his curiosity about business. In high school, these interests came together. Miguel co-founded and was also responsible for marketing for Chameleon Pencils, a JA company



that raised awareness and supplies for Guatemalan schools. Following graduation from Gleneagle Secondary School in Coquitlam, B.C. this Fall, Miguel will study business and economics at Queen’s University. His dream job is working for an international social organization, one where he can see

a concrete impact. He defines leadership like this: “Inspiring others through your core values and decisions, towards one unified goal.”

27 Annual Report 2014/15

National Awards & Scholarships Deloitte Inspiration Awards’ Winners A long-time supporter of the JA Canada Awards and Scholarships, Deloitte recognizes talented Achievers through the Deloitte Inspiration Awards. These awards are given to students who have demonstrated thoughtful perspectives and the attributes required to succeed in the workforce.

Deloitte is honoured to recognize the achievements of these outstanding young Canadians. Individually and collectively, they exemplify the leadership qualities that will have a profound impact on the economic and social prosperity of our great country. FRANK VETTESE MANAGING PARTNER AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE, DELOITTE CANADA

Lori Anthony | Nova Scotia Lori planned to study radiology. Then the Nova Scotia student began JA’s Company Program, and was struck by the excitement of creating a business and taking calculated risks. She now plans to combine business and science through a degree in engineering. “Many engineers end up owning their businesses or becoming CEOs, and that’s where I eventually see myself,” says Lori. Lori is highly engaged at Liverpool Regional High School, serving on the yearbook, auction, graduation and REP (Respect, Empathy and Positivity) committees, plus student council and Teens Against Drunk Driving. She’s also a volunteer in the community. All of these experiences, along with JA, have shaped her desire to give back. “I am who I am because different organizations have given me opportunities to be successful. I want to help provide the same chances for other students.”

28 Annual Report 2014/15

Jenny Lu | Ontario To succeed in any endeavour, you need three things, says Jenny Lu: collaboration, adaptability and leadership. “The teaching

of these skills is essential in creating a thriving workforce, and Junior Achievement has been the best educator,” says Jenny, a grade 11 student at John Fraser Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario. For Jenny, who is also part of the school’s DECA chapter and Model UN, collaboration generates better ideas and efficiency. She feels that sense of teamwork is the essence of JA’s Company Program. It’s also by working with JA that Jenny has learned how to adjust to constantly changing situations and to act quickly. Lastly, JA has taught her about making key decisions, solving problems and communicating well. “I define leadership as the ability to positively motivate and inspire success in every individual,” she says.

Paris Morin | Alberta Success isn’t just awards and recognition, says Paris, it’s about connecting with other people. She’s experienced it all through JA. Her company, Twisted Paws, won the Canadian Company of the Year Award, and travelled to Ecuador for the JA America’s Company of the Year (COY) Competition. Just as important, says Paris, “The people I’ve met push each other to do better. Junior



Achievement allowed me to expand my thinking. I’m more open to new experiences.” The grade 12 student at Edmonton’s Archbishop Macdonald High School will study business at university. Paris, who serves on her student council and volunteers at Ronald McDonald House, has high hopes for her generation. “I’ve met so many incredible students who are passionate about making a difference. We’re coming into a generation of change, especially with the rise of entrepreneurship.”

Spencer Ray | Ontario Take satisfaction in your work, but don’t get complacent – two lessons that Spencer took to heart from her experience with JA.



She saw how excited students became after making their first sale and creating more products than expected. Along with feeling pride, she says students can be motivated by seeing new possibilities. “You need to be open. Junior Achievement showed the benefits one small change can have on the entire company,” says Spencer, of East Elgin Secondary School in Aylmer, Ontario. JA sparked Spencer’s interest in studying business administration and marketing. She is also an avid volunteer for an organization that plans free and low-cost family events in Belmont, her hometown. Spencer would love to apply entrepreneurial skills within a not-for-profit, and be part of a wave “that cares about creating a better, more inclusive world.”

29 Annual Report 2014/15

Next Generation Leaders Forum 2014 Each August, youth delegates from around the world gather in Canada for JA Canada’s weeklong leadership forum. The Next Generation Leaders Forum (NGL) aims to foster professional development and personal growth amongst youth and helps them build their leadership, creativity, team work and business skills as they solve a real business challenge.

Best experience of my life by far. I took so much out of the conference which will aid me as I become a leader of tomorrow. My confidence and belief in myself grew greatly and I am so happy to have met new friends from around the globe. Will be recommending NGL to everyone so they can apply to go. Thank you for everything! 2014 NGL DELEGATE

140 delegates. 10 countries. This August, over 140 delegates from around the world arrived at Trent University to participate in NGL 2014 hosted by the JA Peterborough, Lakeland, Muskoka office. This year featured keynote addresses from business leaders, including a representative from Toronto-based innovation centre MaRS Discovery District, and workshops led by faculty from Trent University’s Business Administration and Masters in Sustainability Studies programs. Highlights of this year’s event included:

workshops, canoe trips on the Otonabee River, and a visit to the local Lift Locks. • A “Trent Mudder” obstacle course around the Lady Eaton Drumlin. • Attending the Peterborough Musicfest concert at Del Crary Park. • The Ultimate Business Challenge presentations. Thank you to our 2014 sponsors who made the event an experience to remember for all of our international and national delegates.

• The trade fair where students had the opportunity to showcase their Company Program products. • Participation in a variety of Canadian experiences, such as traditional skills

Bahamas & Grand Bahamas Canada Cayman Islands

30 Annual Report 2014/15

Denmark Hong Kong India Jamaica Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland Norway USA

The Ultimate Business Challenge The 2014 Ultimate Business Challenge required delegates to reflect on talent drain in small communities where residents leave for bigger and more metropolitan centres. As a small Ontario city and host for NGL 2014, delegates focused on Peterborough, Ontario. The delegates were divided into teams and given the week to develop an innovative

solution and an action plan. At the end of the week, each team presented their solution to a panel gathered to select the winning team. The winners of the Ultimate Business Challenge were announced at the closing ceremonies on the last day of the Forum.

31 Annual Report 2014/15


Your gifts enable students to succeed in the evolving business landscape. Thank you for your generous and ongoing support.

Community Partners In 2014/15, JA Canada continued to receive tremendous funding support from the corporate community and generous foundations. These investments have allowed us to continue our work on the development of new and relevant education programs as well as prepare existing content for release onto digital platforms. Special acknowledgment goes to the following partners for their generosity and ongoing support of JA in Canada.

Barclay’s Capital Canada


JA Canada is thankful for the generous support we receive from Barclay’s Capital Canada. Their annual contributions go towards the ongoing support of JA’s mission to inspire and prepare students to succeed in a global economy.

As one of JA’s longest standing global partners, GE’s national operation continued to support JA in Canada with 137 employees taking time out of their schedules to volunteer in the classroom delivering Our Business World, Economics for Success, Dollars with Sense and Stronger Together. As a result, 1,975 students received the benefit of these programs. With the continued support that GE provides through program delivery and JA Innovation Camps, we can continue to reach more youth and inspire them through mentorship and education that will prepare them for the global economy.

Deluxe Corporation In 2014/15 the JA offices in Midland, Peterborough, Guelph, Mississauga and Moncton were the beneficiaries of a generous foundation grant from the Deluxe Corporation. This grant supported the delivery of 84 programs and reached 2,352 students in those areas.

Economical Insurance Group We are very grateful for the Economical Insurance Group’s ongoing support of the delivery of JA’s Economics for Success program across Canada. Economics for Success inspires youth to explore their career possibilities, and learn how to manage their finances. This year, 54 Economical Insurance employees volunteered 350 hours of their time across the country to deliver over 60 programs to almost 2,000 students. In addition to the volunteer support for program deliveries, an additional 50 employee volunteers donated their time to support JA events including a golf tournament hosted by JA Waterloo Region.

HSBC Across Canada, 155 HSBC volunteers donated their time in 2014/15 to deliver 281 programs to almost 8,000 students. The continued support from HSBC of Our Business World will enable more students across Canada to learn about business and develop financial literacy skills guided by knowledgeable HSBC volunteers. These volunteers provide students with a real world insight into business as they relate their work and personal experiences to the programs that they are teaching.

33 Annual Report 2014/15

Community Partners The Richardson Foundation

TD Bank Group

The Richardson Foundation has been paramount in supporting JA Canada in the development of the Royden Richardson Virtual School for Volunteers. Royden Richardson was a long-time volunteer of JA Manitoba and this transformative legacy gift in his honour will provide an online learning platform and community of engagement enabling all of our volunteers to be successful.

The TD Bank Group continues to be an instrumental partner for JA Canada in reaching Canadian students. In 2014/2015, a dedicated group of almost 1,000 TD volunteers delivered our Dollars with Sense, Economics for Success, and Company Program programs to youth across the country. With this support, 21,480 middle and high school students received the benefit of participation in over 800 JA programs. The TD Bank Group has also committed additional support towards the development of JA Canada’s digital strategy, JA Excelerate.

Standard Life In 2014/15, Standard Life’s financial support for JA enabled us to deliver 57 Dollars with Sense and Economics for Success programs to 1,472 middle and secondary students. These programs provide students with personal money management skills that will help them prepare to financially manage changes in their school, career and life directions. The programs also help students reflect on the advantages of remaining in school to acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed for long-term career success.

34 Annual Report 2014/15

JA Canada apologizes for any errors or omissions. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our information. If you find a correction, please contact us at 1-800-265-0699 or lbarnes-roberts@jacanada.org.

A Year of Research At JA Canada, we regularly conduct strategic research to determine how we can continue to have the most meaningful effect on the future success of Canadian youth. This ensures that we continue to deliver cutting-edge programs that incorporate the latest educational concepts, content and technology. Over the past year we are extremely grateful for the support of The Boston Consulting Group, Accenture Consulting, Kaiser Lachance Communications and Dine Discoveries. All of these organizations provided significant gifts of services that have allowed us to explore and validate critical elements of our strategy to reach one million students annually by 2020.

JA Excelerate Validation

JA Brand Perception Research

The Boston Consulting Group

As part of developing our plans to reach one million students, and to increase our volunteer base to 50,000 in support of this, we required a baseline understanding of JA Canada’s current brand awareness and perception of our mission and offerings among our target audiences.

Over a period of 4 months, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) donated services valued at $1 million to conduct a comprehensive analysis and publish a detailed report validating JA Canada’s digital strategy, JA Excelerate. This effort included engaging external and internal stakeholders via surveys, interviews and workshops. The results were then assessed by an expert review panel that included leading educational consultants. The research confirmed the rationale for the strategy and significant support for moving forward in designing blended learning JA programs. The gift also included the creation of a high level development scope and roadmap.

Accenture Inspired by the vision of JA Excelerate, Accenture Consulting conducted the second phase of the digital strategy research. Accenture assessed the hundreds of learning objectives and instructional strategies in JA Canada programs, conducted a survey of best practices for e-learning and drafted a detailed development plan to realize a selfdirected learning experience for JA students.

We were fortunate to have the support of Kaiser Lachance Communications, a leading communications firm that provided advisory services throughout and who engaged Catherine Dine of Dine Discoveries to lead the overall effort. Catherine, a former Achiever, donated her expertise and engaged Element 54 to assist with leading the research at no charge. They were supported in the field execution of the research via gifts of services from Research Now, Yconic and Alexa Translations. Additional support for the telephone survey component of the research was provided by MBA Recherche who provided their services at cost. Findings from the research revealed that there is strong support among all of our audiences for the JA mission and offerings. However, in order to expand our reach further work is needed to improve the awareness of our brand.

35 Annual Report 2014/15

Giving Our Thanks Recognizing every gift is important to us; we are committed to providing the appropriate level of recognition in keeping with individual donor wishes. Thank you to our 2014/15 fiscal donors for their generous support:

Corporations AIG

Enbridge Consumers Gas

ACXSYS Corporation

Ensign Energy Services Inc


Fairfax Financial



Barometer Capital Management Inc.

General Electric

Bata Limited

Power Corp RBC S&E Services Limited Partnership Saputo Inc.

Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster



Shannex Inc.

The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.

Hillsdale Investment Management Inc.

Shaw Communications


Home Hardware

The Boston Consulting Group

HSBC Bank Canada

Burgundy Asset

Hugessen Consulting

Business Advisory Centre

Hull & Hull LLP

Calgary Flames Hockey Club

Indigo Books & Music Inc.

State Street Global Giving Campaign

Canada Helps Donations

Irving Oil Limited

Stewart McKelvey

Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Jolina Capital

TD Waterhouse

Kinross Gold Corporation

TD Bank Financial Group

Knightsbridge Human Capital

Teck Resources Limited


Teranet Inc.


TransAlta Corporation

Magellan Aerospace Limited

Transforce Inc.

Manulife Financial

Triovest Realty Advisors Inc.

Metro Richelieu

United Way

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

University of Toronto

National Bank of Canada

Wildeboer Dellelce LLP

Oilers Entertainment Group Ltd.

Wilfrid Laurier University

Onex Corp

Xerox Canada Ltd.

CGI CIBC Clairvest Compass Canada Coril Holdings DeGroote School of Business Deloitte & Touche LLP Deluxe Dollarama Economical Insurance Group Edco Financial

Annual Report 2014/15

The Printing House (TPH)

Bell Canada Enterprises

Canam Groupe


Great West Life

Peterborough Region Angel Network (PRAN)

Penguin Random House Canada

Scotia Bank

Simon & Schuster Canada Standard Life Staples Starbucks Canada

Foundations Brookfield Partners Foundation

The Kololian Foundation

Pepsico Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation

The Mariano Elia Foundation

Private Giving Foundation

The David & Faye Sobey Foundation

Million Dollar Round Table Foundation

Richardson Foundation Inc.

Deloitte Foundation

The Murphy Foundation

Ed Mirvish Foundation

NHL Foundation

State Street Foundation The Wilson Foundation

Individuals Farmer, Beric

Langlois, Martin

Surma, Kinga

Graham, Geoffrey

Marlowe, Leslie D.

Taylor, Larry D.

Harrison, Neil

McCloskey, Beverly

Wallace, Blake

Hewat, Tim

Nelson, Patrick

Watters, Kimberly

Hoffer, Patricia

Publicover, Keith D.

Weber, Chris

Hull, David I

Ritchie, Cedric

Williams, Jason

Jackson, Jamieson

Saltys, Patricia

Wilson, L.R.

Kalaci, Gerjon

Sisley, Hugh

Wintermans, Jos

Knight, Daniel

Soare, Georges

Kolodziejski, Lisa

Sparacio, Rachel

In-Kind Supporters Accenture Consulting

Element 54

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Alexa Translations

Kaiser Lachance Communications Inc.

The Printing House (TPH)

The Boston Consulting Group Chateau des Charmes Dine Discoveries

Knightsbridge McDonalds

Research Now Yconic

37 JA Canada apologizes for any errors or omissions in these lists. We make every effort to recognize all supporters and ensure the accuracy of our information. If you find a correction, please contact us at 1-800-265-0699 or lbarnes-roberts@jacanada.org.

Annual Report 2014/15


They are dedicated, passionate, and generously share their life experiences and time to help inspire youth.

Dedicated volunteers are at the core of JA’s impact on Canadian youth. Our volunteers are generous, talented and inspiring. They come from a variety of backgrounds and share a common passion—educating and inspiring youth to succeed. Our volunteers include professionals who sign up through their organizations’ JA volunteer programs as well as individuals from the community. Volunteers from organizations such as HSBC, TD, RBC, Economical Insurance, and GE generously donate their time to help us reach Canada’s youth and ensure they are equipped to succeed. JA Canada would like to thank the 12,886 dedicated volunteers who helped us reach 248,404 students across Canada during the 2014/15 year. These hard-working

Part of inspiration in education is engaging students. Junior Achievement volunteers can speak from experience. They have the credibility of working in the field, and can talk about real-life applications of what students are learning. That’s powerful. NICOLE DE FRANCESCO FORMER BOARD MEMBER FOR JA GUELPH-WELLINGTON

volunteers donated 171,146 hours of their time. Thanks to their dedication and passion, youth across the country received the benefit of JA programs and learned from the professional experiences our volunteers bring to each delivery.

Royden Richardson Virtual School for Volunteers The recruitment, retention, and preparedness of volunteers is paramount in increasing the impact of JA programs across Canada. This year, exciting progress has been made towards the January 2016 launch of the Royden Richardson Virtual School for Volunteers. This progress includes the design and development of the platform; the coordination, creation, and development of online learning content; and the introduction of new features aimed at engaging volunteers in new and exciting ways. The virtual school was first imagined in 2013 with the vision of transforming the JA volunteer experience and is named in

memory of the late Royden Richardson, a long-time JA volunteer. The overall purpose of this initiative is to enhance the volunteer experience, increase engagement, and improve the quality of learning through the use of technology while expanding JA’s reach across Canada. Our goal is for every volunteer to be successful in a dynamic digital environment that provides convenient remote access for all.

39 Annual Report 2014/15

H.E. Miskiman National Leadership Award Each year, JA Canada awards the H.E. Miskiman National Leadership Award to recognize the hard-work and dedication of the remarkable individuals who volunteer their time with JA across the country. The award was inspired and named after H.E. Miskiman, a former president of JA Canada and active JA volunteer. It is awarded to recognize and honour the volunteers who advance the goals of the organization, both locally and nationally. JA Canada, JA British Columbia, JA Prince Edward Island and their board representatives were privileged to honour this year’s recipients at events across the country. All three recipients were recognized for their leadership in the areas of governance, community engagement and financial stability and for their support for the delivery of JA programs.

Brian, Louise & Steve truly exemplify the values of Junior Achievement and are an inspiration to others. We are deeply grateful to them for their invaluable contributions towards the betterment of the JA organization and the development of Canada’s youth into the leaders of tomorrow. KEVIN DANE CHAIR, JA CANADA BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Dr. Brian McMillan Dr. Brian McMillan, President of Holland College, was recognized for over 14 years of service to JA. His years of service have included his role as Chair for JA Prince Edward Island, his ability to foster an entrepreneurial culture, his commitment to continuous development and learning, and the instrumental role he played in the development of the Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Initiative and Learning Program for National Directors. Brian’s exceptional mentorship; volunteerism; and leadership in the areas of brand awareness, community engagement, staff development, and financial stability; in addition to delivery of programs to students were also noted.

40 Annual Report 2014/15


Louise Mitchell

Steve Wilson

Louise Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Life & Health at TD Insurance, was recognized for her over 20 years of service to JA which included her role as Chair for JA Canada, her leadership in the development of longterm strategic plans and guiding policies for JA Canada, and her contributions in securing significant corporate gifts to fund JA program development and delivery.

Steve Wilson, Principal at Duchess Consulting, was recognized for over 14 years of service to JA. His years of service have included his role as Chair of JA British Columbia, leadership in the areas of government relations and development of new funding partnerships, and for establishing the market-leading JA program, Dollars with Sense.

Her exceptional leadership, guidance and commitment which have helped guide JA Canada’s success and her leadership in the areas of governance, corporate partnerships, community engagement, and financial stability were also acknowledged.

Steve’s contributed remarkable leadership, mentorship, and volunteerism over the past fourteen years. His leadership in a variety of areas and contribution to JA’s suite of programs were also noted.



41 Annual Report 2014/15


“You don’t donate to Junior Achievement—you invest in Canada’s future.” JAMES TUCKER, PRINCIPAL AT THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP

Board of Directors


Kevin Dane


Chief Operating Officer, Wildeboer Dellelce LLP

Brenda Brown

Senior Vice President Human Resources, Compass Group Canada


David Dalziel

Partner, Financial Services Industry, Assurance & Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Tim Hewat

Partner, Amrop Knightsbridge Executive Search

Martin Langlois

Partner, Stikeman Elliott LLP

Bruce Howatt

Vice President - PEI, Regional Director NB, Bell Aliant


Neil Harrison

Partner, Financial Services Industry, Assurance & Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Gary Kalaci CEO, Alexa Translations

Anne Lachance

Managing Partner & President, Kaiser Lachance Communications Inc.

Dave Macdonald Vice-President Lending & BPI, East Coast Credit Union


Linda MacKay

SVP, Retail Savings & Investing, TD Canada Trust

Gilles Prefontaine

Chief Community Development Officer, Planning & Engineering Division, City of St. Albert

Trish Saltys CFO, Kraus Flooring

Kim Ulmer

Regional President Manitoba, Saskatchewan, & NW Ontario, RBC

John Wray

Director, National Accounts, Unisync Group Limited

Keith Publicover President & CEO, JA Canada

43 Annual Report 2014/15

Our Funding Model As the national office for JA in Canada, JA Canada’s primary responsibilities are: 1) the generation of national fundraising, 2) maintenance of national branding for JA Canada and the JA Canada Foundation, which manages the Order of the Business Hall of Fame; and 3) the research and development of national education programs. JA Charters are responsible for national program delivery and local fundraising activities to support their regional operations. Each Charter is governed by its local board of directors and ensures the maintenance of its own federal charitable status. All Charters comply with terms and conditions of their local licensing agreement signed with JA Canada. Funds raised are used to support national program development and renewal, volunteer support and outreach, marketing

JA Canada Foundation

Annual Report 2014/15

Financial statements of JA Canada, the JA Canada Foundation and the Charters and ADMs are audited annually by an independent third party. JA Canada audited financial statements can be found online at jacanada.org/annual-reports. We thank all of our supporters across Canada who donate their time, money and expertise to help us educate and support our youth. Your commitment to our mission is what allows us to reach students all across the country.

JA Worldwide


$3.7 million


JA Canada



and communications, and Charter offices. During the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015, JA Canada transferred $1,023,688 to its Charters and Alternate Delivery Model (ADM) offices.

Charters and ADMs

Financials* Revenue Contributions and Special Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,037,355 Development Grants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,008,706 Charter and ADM License Fees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .454,934 Youth Development Conference . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117,825 Investment Return . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54,398 Other . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24,965

Total $3,698,183

Expenses (inclusive of staff resources)

Program Delivery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,023,688 Management and General . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,333,842 Special Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .958,233 Research and Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 204,355 IT and Related Infrastructure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .135,836 Marketing and Communications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 244,206 License Fee to JA Worldwide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132,924 Other . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6,384

Total $4,039,468

Full audited financials can be found online at jacanada.org/annual-reports

*These figures do not include the activities of any of the JA Canada Charters and ADMs.

45 Annual Report 2014/15


Celebrating the lifetime achievements of Canada’s foremost business leaders.

Founded by JA Canada in 1979, The Canadian Business Hall of Fame recognizes and celebrates the lifetime accomplishments of Canada’s most esteemed business leaders by inducting them into the prestigious Order of the Business Hall of Fame. The Order was created in order to honour inspiring Canadian business leaders and provide role models to youth across the country. Throughout the year, The Canadian Business Hall of Fame holds a variety of events in support of JA Canada, the largest being the annual Gala Dinner and Induction Ceremony. Each is an important fundraising opportunity for our organization and we would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of the Companions, guests and sponsors for supporting the development of Canada’s youth into the leaders of tomorrow. For more information, visit www.cbhf.ca.

The Circle of Inspiration In addition to the annual Canadian Business Hall of Fame events, the Circle of Inspiration is an important initiative further supporting JA Canada and our mission. In 2013, Tony Fell, former Chairman of RBC Capital Markets and Companion of the Order of the Business Hall of Fame, partnered with JA Canada to launch the Circle of Inspiration. The Circle is a network of business and community leaders

including Companions and representatives of the Canadian Business Hall of Fame. Members of the Circle are committed to supporting JA as we renews our programs, incorporate digital learning, and work to increase our reach across Canada. Thank you to the members of the Circle of Inspiration for your investment in the future generation of Canadian leaders:

Sonja Bata

Anthony S. Fell

Isadore Sharp

Aldo Bensadoun

Gerald R. Heffernan

David F. Sobey

John E. Cleghorn

Arthur Irving

W. Galen Weston

Jack L. Cockwell

Brandt C. Louie

L.R. Wilson

A. Jean de Grandpré

Joseph L. Rotman

Jos Wintermans

For more information about the Circle of Inspiration and how to join, please contact Aliya Ansari at aansari@cbhf.ca.

47 Annual Report 2014/15

2015 Class of Companions On May 4, 2015, the Canadian Business Hall of Fame welcomed four inspiring individuals into the Order of the Business Hall of Fame: • André Bérard, Corporate Director, National Bank of Canada • N. Murray Edwards, Chairman, Canadian Natural Resources Limited • Walter Hachborn, Founder, Home Hardware • Heather Reisman, Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.

48 Annual Report 2014/15

These individuals comprise the 2015 and 37th Class of Companions and they have distinguished themselves in different areas; all share a talent for seeing potential and

seizing the moment. They have opened up possibilities for themselves, their organizations, employees, industries and communities and are paving the way for generations to come. Congratulations to the 2015 Class of Companions! Your world-class accomplishments and contributions to the Canadian economy are truly an inspiration.

André Bérard André Bérard was a career banker, eventually ascending to the top of the National Bank of Canada. What drew him to banking? “Simple – it was the only job available,” says Mr. Bérard. When his father died, Mr. Bérard was forced to leave school in Montreal and take responsibility for the family. His first job was a collection clerk, which he says was a step above doorman. Yet he rose steadily through the ranks. Mr. Bérard gives credit to his attitude, beyond his aptitude. “There’s no miracle in life. If you work harder than anybody else, you increase your chances. I was always prepared to take a new job,” he says. Another key was being a risk-taker: “I wasn’t a balance sheet lender. I was a people lender. If you want to succeed, you had to bet on entrepreneurs.”

He defines leadership as teaching by example: “Never ask anybody to do what you’re not prepared to do yourself.”

If you work harder than anybody else, you increase your chances. I was always prepared to take a new job. ANDRÉ BÉRARD CORPORATE DIRECTOR, NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA

Mr. Bérard remembers once talking to his people about making cold calls. He wasn’t getting the message across, until he asked a commercial banking unit to list their five biggest non-customers. Mr. Bérard said he would personally go along to visit every single one. “You cannot order your employers to shape the culture. You have to convince them. It’s the only way.”

From 1958-1986, Mr. Bérard held positions of increasing responsibilities at National Bank. He was named President and COO in 1986, CEO in 1989, and Chairman in 2002. Mr. Bérard has served on the boards of, among others, Arbec Forest Products, Bombardier, Tembec Industries, BCE, Telesat Canada, Saputo, Glencore Canada, Canam Group, Vasogen, Maclos Capital and Videotron. He was named an Officer of the Order of Canada and an Officer of the Ordre national du Québec.

49 Annual Report 2014/15

2015 Class of Companions N. Murray Edwards N. Murray Edwards was forging a successful legal career as a young partner at a Calgary law firm. He liked practicing law, but didn’t love it. Instead, this Regina native was drawn to business. “Basically, I walked away,” he says.

Mr. Edwards is also President of Edco Financial Holdings Ltd., Chairman of Ensign Energy Services, and Chairman and coowner of the NHL’s Calgary Flames. Thanks to his generous contribution, the University of Saskatchewan renamed his alma mater the N. Murray Edwards School of Business.

In life, you drill dry holes. Quickly, I learned you have to be nimble and be able to change your strategy.

Reflecting on his early business experience, Mr. Edwards is grateful. “In life, you drill dry holes. Quickly, I learned you have to be nimble and be able to change your strategy.”

N. MURRAY EDWARDS CHAIRMAN, CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LIMITED It was a sound decision. Mr. Edwards had an entrepreneurial itch, and with a friend who was in oil and gas he began exploring business opportunities. He invested everything into a company called Canadian Natural Resources, hired a geologist and drilled his first well. It turned up water instead of natural gas, and now half his money was gone. “We were going to drill another well. I said, ‘Wait a second. If it’s dry, we’ll be broke.’ So we changed our approach,” says Mr. Edwards. The resource man became resourceful. He turned to acquisitions, and grew from there. Today, Canadian Natural Resources is among the world’s largest independent crude oil and natural gas producers. It produces over 800,000 barrels a day, and has an enterprise value of approximately $50 billion.

50 Annual Report 2014/15

He appreciates what George Bernard Shaw wrote in Pygmalion: “Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby.” He says, “I’m involved in so many ventures. It provides a great deal of breadth and opportunities for problem-solving. So every day I come to our office and do my hobby as my job.”

Walter Hachborn When he landed an $8/week job as a stock boy at a hardware store in 1938, Walter Hachborn was just shy of his 17th birthday. He couldn’t have foreseen that he would spend his career in hardware. Or that his impact on the industry, and the very survival of Canada’s independent home improvement retailers, would be unmatched. Mr. Hachborn was born in Conestogo, Ontario in 1921. After serving in World War II, he returned to work at the hardware store and bought it in 1950. He dreamed of a network of dealer-owned stores, with centralized distribution and buying power. In 1964, Mr. Hachborn realized that vision when he formed Home Hardware Stores with two partners. At first, there were 122 stores. Today, the 100% Canadian-owned and operated cooperative includes nearly 1,100 stores. Paul Straus, current President of Home Hardware, says Mr. Hachborn had a keen instinct for both how the company’s model could work and for the ultimate foundation of success.

Walter set us up with a good culture from day one, with a real caring attitude. PAUL STRAUSS PRESIDENT, HOME HARDWARE

Among his many other honours, Mr. Hachborn has earned Distinguished Retailer of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Retail Council of Canada. He is a member of the Canadian Hardware & Housewares Industry Hall of Fame, and in 1999 Hardware Merchandising named him Retailer of the Century. Upon learning he was selected for the Canadian Business Hall of Fame, the 93-year-old Mr. Hachborn said, “I cannot imagine a greater honour. I am truly humbled and enormously grateful to have my name listed among Canada’s most distinguished business leaders.”

“Walter set us up with a good culture from day one, with a real caring attitude,” says Mr. Straus. “He used to tell us that we’re not in the hardware business, we’re in the people business. It was important back then and is still important today.”

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2015 Class of Companions Heather Reisman Some entrepreneurs start a business; others transform a market. Consider Heather Reisman who founded Canada’s leading bookstore, Indigo, in 1996.

“She created the most dynamic retail book industry in the world, not just in Canada. LOUISE DENNYS PUBLISHER “Heather had a sense of the retail trade, and an absolute passion for books,” says publisher Louise Dennys. “Her legacy is that she created the most dynamic retail book industry in the world, not just in Canada.” Indigo is Canada’s largest book, gift and specialty toy retailer. Ms. Reisman is also cofounder of Kobo, an e-reading company. Her unofficial title, “chief book lover”, hints at a reason for her triumphs and is sound advice for any entrepreneur: “Find an industry you’re passionate about, then give it everything you’ve got,” she says.

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Her exposure to retail came early. When Ms. Reisman was in grade 7, her father was walking in downtown Montreal and noticed a going out of business sign in a women’s fashion store. With no retail experience, he decided to buy the store. His wife, until then a stay-at-home mom, joined in and played a key role in building the store’s cachet. The experience – witnessing the courage to take a chance, her mother making her mark, and the store’s success – had a profound effect. “That was pretty much formative,” says Ms. Reisman.

At Indigo, she has made an impact on the cultural landscape through everything from championing Canadian books to the company’s Love of Reading Foundation (promoting childhood literacy skills). Before Indigo, Ms. Reisman was Managing Director of Paradigm Consulting, a strategy and change management firm. She also had a leadership role at the Cott beverage company. Ms. Reisman is on the boards of Onex Corporation and Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, and on the Bilderberg Steering Committee (geo-political conference). What’s next for Ms. Reisman? “I say I’m just starting.” It seems the next chapter in her success story is yet to be written.

Selection Committee CHANCELLOR L.R. Wilson, O.C., C.B.H.F. MEMBERS Thomas C. O’Neill (Chancellor Emeritus) Chair of the Board, BCE Inc. & Bell Canada

L. Yves Fortier, C.C., O.Q., Q.C. Lawyer & International Arbitrator, Cabinet Yves Fortier

Brian M. Levitt Chairman of the Board, TD Bank Group Co-Chair, Osler

Jack Cockwell, C.B.H.F. Group Chairman, Brookfield

Janice Fukakusa CAO & CFO, RBC

David Denison Past President & CEO, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Serge Godin, C.M., O.Q., C.B.H.F. Founder & Executive Chairman of the Board, CGI Group Inc.

William A. Dimma, C.M., O.Ont. Chair Emeritus, Home Capital Group Inc.

Donna Soble Kaufman Chair, Institute of Corporate Directors

Anthony S. Fell, O.C., C.B.H.F. Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets

Jim Leech Chancellor, Queen’s University

Courtney Pratt, C.M. Chairman, Toronto Region Research Alliance

Keith Publicover President & CEO, JA Canada

David R. Shaw Founder & CEO, Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions

The Hon. John Manley, P.C., O.C. President & CEO, Canadian Council of Chief Executives Ronald N. Mannix, A.O.E., O.C. Chairman, Coril Holdings Ltd. Peter Mansbridge, O.C. Chief Correspondent, CBC News

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Aliya Ansari National Director, Canadian Business Hall of Fame

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JA Canada Foundation The JA Canada Foundation and its Board members are responsible for the governance of the Order of the Business Hall of Fame. They serve to create a legacy of excellence and leadership. The Foundation arranges for the bestowal of designations and conferment of insignia,

maintain the records for the Order of the Business Hall of Fame, advise the Chancellor and provide generous financial support to advance the mission of JA. JA Canada Foundation Charitable Registration: 88750 1211 RR001

JA Canada Foundation Board of Directors


Jos Wintermans

Chairman, Acxsys Corporation and Chairman, Avensys Inc.

Kevin Dane

Chief Operating Officer, Wildeboer Dellelce LLP

David R. Shaw


Founder & CEO, Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions

Lynne Clark

Senior Partner Financial Services, Deloitte & Touche LLP

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Keith Publicover President & CEO, JA Canada

Cyrus Madon

John Rogers, Q.C.

James Tucker

Thomas A. Tutsch

Senior Managing Partner, Brookfield Asset Management

Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group of Canada Ltd.

CEO, Stewart McKelvey

Former CEO, BMO Nesbitt Burns Equity Partners and Former Deputy Chair BMO Nesbitt Burns

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Total $1,319,795

Full audited financials can be found online at jacanada.org/annual-reports

55 Annual Report 2014/15

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Annual Report 2014/15 | JA Canada  

Annual Report 2014/15 | JA Canada  


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