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Pumping Up Juniata: College Fitness Center Becomes Campus Hub By Jason Greenberg ’12 Photography: J.D. Cavrich (unless noted)


nderneath the Kennedy Sports and Recreation Center lies a fluorescently lit hallway illuminating images of standout athletes from eras past. This memorial passageway—Juniata’s own Monument Park at Yankee Stadium or Ring of Honor adorning Dallas’ Cowboys Stadium—does not lead to a particular playing arena, but rather a meeting place of sorts. It’s a place much like the marketplaces of history—the Greek agora, London’s Covent Garden—where people of all backgrounds can come together in a shared purpose. In this case, the shared purpose is sweat, or rather the production of it through intense exercise.

2012 Fall-Winter


Fall/Winter 2012  
Fall/Winter 2012  

Fall/Winter edition of the Juniata Magazine