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Caitlyn: I try not to worry about it. My roommate and I have a motto: “One way or another, it always gets done on time.” I usually try to complete my assignments the night before they’re due, but I often end up falling asleep at my desk, despite my roommate’s advice to just go to bed and finish my work the next morning.





Where We Were When We Chose Juniata



By Genna Welsh Kasun ’06

Amy Rubin ’14 first heard about Juniata College from her grandmother, who’d clipped a newspaper article about Juniata’s inclusion in Loren Pope’s Colleges That Change Lives. Although Amy had her mind set on a college close to her hometown, Hillsborough, N.J., Amy visited Juniata and a host of other schools, including the college where her parents fell in love. But, despite the miles on her parents’ odometer, she was still undecided on which college to attend. One night, while researching online at, Amy had a revelation: ‘Juniata is the place for me.’


GK: What’s your advice to incoming students who seek to do it all? Ethan: Never limit yourself. If you love to do something then you should be able to continue to do it and not feel like you have to quit. Caitlyn: Yes, go for it! One of the main reasons I chose Juniata was to stay active. My involvement has provided opportunities to go places I never could have imagined, and the connections I’ve made with other students will last a lifetime. At the same time, don’t let yourself get stretched too thin. I’ve come to recognize the limits of what I can do in the time that I have, and I’ve learned to say “No” when necessary. Ethan: That’s true. Be sure not to “bite off more than you can chew.” Melissa: Chances are, if you’re the type of student who seeks to do it all, you’ll probably be able to. The only thing to be careful of is what combination you chose. I’ve had semesters where I had rehearsals, tour guide duty at open houses, track meets, and service days all on the same weekends, with no one willing to budge on letting me miss something. It pays off to plan ahead of time and not choose things that overlap so heavily. Silas: And, when times get tough, don’t give up. It seems like its nearly impossible at times, but you will be fine.

“This is kind of weird since I’m not a physics major, but I knew I wanted to come to Juniata when I walked past the physics 2 lounge. Just the feel of the place told me that people like me were at Juniata; it seemed like a place where nerds get excited about learning are not only welcome, but celebrated.” —Meg Hourigan ’13 “I did an overnight with a girl on the soccer team. My overnight host took me everywhere and it was then that I began to realize that all of the students that I met were people that I would enjoy spending time with. I chose Juniata on the car ride home, just as we were pulling away from a freshman dorm.” —Mackenzie Coulter-Kern ’13 “I was taking a bubble bath and was thinking about my future pertaining to my two remaining schools and how they would impact my life. I just thought Juniata was the better fit for me and everyone was much more friendly when I came to visit. The next day I called basketball coach Greg Curley and told him I was ready to be an Eagle.” —Jeremy Hays ’14 “I had narrowed down my choices to Juniata and two state schools, and I decided to come to Juniata after I received my financial aid letter in the mail. The surprising scholarship put me at ease. I knew a liberal arts school would be better, but I needed financial aid, too. Best decision I ever made!” —Stephanie Metz ’12

“I was working at Hershey Medical Center in a malaria research lab and the head of the lab took the time to teach me advanced lab techniques. It was his individual attention that made me realize how I want to learn biology. Therefore, I chose Juniata because the small classes and faculty to student ratio is very important to me and my success.” —Nick Deebel ’14


“I decided to come to Juniata just hours after my tour. I was walking through Juniata’s organic garden, reflecting on my visit. Everyone we met on campus was incredibly friendly, and the faculty were really enthusiastic about my educational goals. I just decided I needed to be here.” —Ally Lush ’13

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Admission Magazine Fall 2012  
Admission Magazine Fall 2012  

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