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ired of boring to-do lists telling you what to do next in your college search? Go into the beyond and take an astrological approach to postsecondary shopping. Just be sure to read each entry (not just your own sign!) as you experience the mysterious process.


April 18–May 13 All signs point to campus visits, but choices abound. Take a first, definitive step in your college search by taking a group or personalized tour or visiting an open house. Should you find the choice truly overwhelming, begin with the virtual tour on Juniata’s website.


May 13–June 21 You may be as stubborn as a Taurus, but your destiny simply will not be fulfilled if you do not take the SATs or ACTs during this, the time of the bull (also known as the Spring of your junior year in high school). Applying “test optional” is an option, too, but test the waters before deciding to go for it on an essay and application form alone. Fear not! Sage admissions counselors—like those at Juniata—take the total person into consideration.


June 21–July 20 Communicative Gemini are prudent to request letters of recommendation from their high school teachers and counselors early. Requesting these important pieces of your application while the vernal equinox is upon you will heighten your chances of college success.

By Genna Welsh Kasun ’06


July 20–Aug. 10 Summer can be a time of warm lethargy. But don’t forget to write your application essays while the sun still shines, lest the coming fall of your senior year be too chaotic.


Aug. 10–Sept. 16 ­Juniata has a fellows program that can bring your post-college destiny into your hands almost as soon as you enter our hallowed halls. Have you fully examined the financial aid and scholarship options at the colleges you are researching? Whether or not you are a Leo, be the center of your own universe by trying the personal cost estimator now on all college financial aid websites.


Sept. 16–Oct. 30 Touch the hearts of those around you to learn about yourself. Talk to teachers, friends, and family to find your proper fit for college, but take caution: make the decision yourself. And, impress the people who can put you where you long to be. Interview with college admissions counselors before the leaves fall this autumn.


Oct. 30–Nov. 23 Focus all your intellectual powers on one task: finalize the list of schools that will have the privilege of receiving your wellprepared application. And apply early!


Nov. 23–Nov. 29 Apply. Apply! Now is the time. And the common application and universal application are fee-free for Juniata applicants.


Nov. 29–Dec. 17 Your application process is at a crossroads. With your application complete, ponder your options—but don’t have an identity crisis. Your aura must remain intact for impending application decisions.


Dec. 17–Jan. 20 In love with all of the schools on your list? Visit again. Your options are plentiful. Try the accepted students open house or an overnight visit. Look at the career and graduate school success of those who have gone before you. Your crystal ball is


Jan. 20–Feb. 16 Answers from schools are overwhelming. Your only hope is the research and soulsearching you’ve undertaken these last few months. Peers, national college guide rankings and, of course, the Facebook pages of your schools are all nagging you. But, like a true Capricorn (even if you aren’t), you must remain emotionally cool and decide for yourself.


Feb. 16–March 11 Send in your matriculation deposit to reserve your spot where you will begin your own unique postsecondary journey.


March 11–April 18 Plan your impending college career so that, like Pisces, you too are ready. Try an Inbound program. Juniata has 27 varieties. Order your books. Your future is upon you, but you are one with the universe, you are prepared.

juniata / Fall ’11


Admission Magazine - Fall 2011  

Juniata College Admission Magazine - Fall 2011

Admission Magazine - Fall 2011  

Juniata College Admission Magazine - Fall 2011