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Freshman Transitions

Photos: J.D. Cavrich

Nikki Hankinson ’12 Women’s Soccer

What kind of cool things do you do as a team off the field? We do all kinds of awesome bonding activities. This past Valentine’s Day we made Valentine’s Day cards to pass out at a veteran’s hospital. One of the veterans started to tear up because he was so happy and pretty soon we had 15 teary-eyed soccer players too. How do you incorporate freshmen right away and make them feel at home? We eat meals together, hang out together, play together and help them in ways beyond the soccer field. I remember as a freshman some of the girls showed me how to get a tutor, access my student drive, and where offices were. It was like getting the inside scoop immediately.

Photo: Jeff Bruzee ’14

The Freshman Perspective:

Nathan Alter ’14 Track and Cross Country

What was the transition like? And do you have any advice for freshmen coming in? I went from being the oldest to being the youngest and leadership wise that’s a different role. In high school our team wasn’t that serious. We had a good top seven but most people were out there just to play a sport. I always tried to do extra stuff. I always went running on Sundays for example. Basically just work your hardest. Whatever coach tells you to do that day you do. No shortcuts.

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