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OUT THE END OF THE WEEK AT THE Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes at Jungleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s party on June 4th, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Baby Bitchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, with Marina Gasolina, Leo Cavalcanti (UK debut), JoĂŁo Brasil & DJ Glittah UGGOQTGQPRCIG



as she returns to London for her second ever UK gig on May 18th, with DJ D. Vyzor setting the mood on the decks at Camdenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Koko! ÂżPFQWVJQYVQ IGVVKEMGVUCVLWPINGFTWOUQPNKPGEQO


as our special Dance Issue, guest edited by noneother than Brasilian ballet dancer Thiago Soares, delves deep into the worlds of salsa, samba, lambada, zouk and forrĂł! YCNV\QXGTVQRCIGQPVJGFQWDNG


THE AWESOME PRESENCE OF MAJOR LAZER at Village Undergound on May 26th, as DJ/producers Diplo and Switch lay down their contagious rehashing of Jamaican dancehall, disco, hip-hop and heavy African influences. YKPVKEMGVUVQVJGIKICVLWPINGFTWOUQPNKPGEQO


â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Rioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Daft Punkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, Brasilian duo The Twelves - see what their massive 2007 remix of M.I.A.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Boyzâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; brought them, and win tickets to their Cargo gig on May 22nd! JKVLWPINGFTWOUQPNKPGEQO

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Jungle’s special issue brings you a full hands-on guide for finding the best dance spots in the city

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INTERVIEW Jungle catches up with Deborah Colker, Brasil’s main contemporary choreographer, on tour in the UK




Jungle’s new party, art from the Americas and online, and reams of live shows to kickstart your summer

Afterclass dance with a twist: teenagers get ahead with fitness, fun and perhaps a potential career

Environmental awareness and preservation of turtles and humpback whales in Praia do Forte





The bible to what’s going on in town

For your every eating and drinking need

Your rants and raves

Letters, jumbled up




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iV`^c\XZcigZhiV\Z Being a Latin American living in London I seek to keep in tune with what happens in my community and kill off any homesickness by going to shows of Brasilian artists, Latin bars and parties, to remind me of my culture and where I’m from. There are various means of keeping in the know about Latin American events and news. I must confess that when I picked up JungleDrums for the first time, WOW! Everything you could want from a Latin publication in Europe, and the smartest thing is the style of the magazine - cool, but not pretentious; the biggest trump card, without a doubt, is its being in English and Portuguese. And now, a little about myself: from Rio, I’ve lived here for eight years [incidentally, the same amount of time Jungle’s been in print]; I’m the principal dancer of the Royal Ballet, the first Brasilian to enter the company. It’s great to share my achievements, but in truth I suffered like all dancers: in the beginning the integration in another country is really tough. As a dancer, I’d like to express my thanks for this edition, which talks about and promotes Brasilian dance around here. I think it’s important that people know we have names like Deborah Colker, who’ll be performing in June at the Barbican (see Interview, p38), founder of her own company and winner of important prizes. Like her, there are other groups, perhaps not with the same international success, but in the same way promoting Brasilian dance abroad. I’m here to express my thanks to Jungle for this space given to dance. And to all my compatriots who live in London and work in dance of all styles, I wish them the best of luck and every success!

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Heathrow Underground WHERE CAN I FIND MY JD?

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Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got 2 pairs of tickets for the festival, taking place on the Adriatic coast of Croatia from Sept 3rd-5th with the likes of The Very Best, Carl Craig, Radioclit and Fran & Josh!





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HOW TO ENTER IdeVgi^X^eViZ^cVcnd[i]Zegdbdi^dchVcYXdbeZiZ[dgi^X`Zihh^bean k^h^i?jc\aZĂ&#x2030;hlZWh^iZlll#_jc\aZYgjbhdca^cZ#Xdb\didi]Z XdbeZi^i^dchZXi^dcVcYgZ\^hiZgndjgYZiV^ah#HZZh^iZ[dgiZgbhVcY XdcY^i^dchd[Zcign#L^ccZghl^aaWZhZaZXiZYVigVcYdb#<ddYajX`


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Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes is one of Jungle’s favourite nights out, we’ve always wanted to host an event there. And so, Baby Bitch was born, our new party, the answer to all our prayers. Tell a lie. We then had the little dilemma which was, amid so much musical talent, who to pick to launch the project. Singer Marina Gasolina and DJ João Brasil you already know. They’ve already been performing here and there around London (and once together on the same night), João firing out his ridiculously irresistible mashups of baile funk, axé and pop. Marina’s already launched her solo project back in April – real rock'n'roll – none of the funk carioca of before, but with the same helpings of on stage insanity and intensity. But it will be the first time the delicate voice of Leo Cavalcanti sounds out live in Europe. Son of composer Péricles Cavalcanti, he considers his music to be music therapy. “It’s not intentional, but it turned out that my compositions have a strong therapeutic function for me. It ends up being heavily existential and following movements of absolute necessity for transformation and of the search for truth”, Leo explains. His influences only reinforce this idea: “I take a lot of influence from Spanish flamenco, from Arabic and Hindi music (beyond popular Brasilian and world music from my generation), and this shows through in my work. As there exists a mystical realm, a certain ‘spiritual romanticism’, which is the tonic of my composition”. Onstage, he captivates not only with his music, but also with his theatrical performance in perfect harmony. DJ Glittah will keep the beat between acts, there’ll be short films curated by Braziliality, and of course, three lanes reserved for JD for you to book and bowl. ,&


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hjbbZghiVgih]ZgZ### The month of May's truly โ€˜kicking offโ€™, and the shows over the coming weeks promise to get even the laziest of bones out and about. Gotan Project are due back in town with their electro Tango, to their as good as London headquarters, whilst Clara Moreno promises some cosy samba at Guanabara. The smooth samba jazz of Vinicius Cantuรกria returns to his last London stage, the Barbican, and rounding it all off, Casuarina and their old school samba, hailing Rioโ€™s Lapa, will be livening up Guanabara later in the month. Incidentally, they share in common the fact theyโ€™re coming to London with new albums to promote. And fortunately for us, their latest works are real masterpieces. 10 out of 10. ,&

:hiZbย„hYZbV^dZhi{!ZbWdb edgij\jย„h!WdbWVcYd#Dhh]dlhYVh egย‹m^bVhhZbVcVhegdbZiZbi^gVgViย‚dh bV^hXg^iZg^dhdhYZXVhV#<diVcEgd_ZXikZb XdbhZjiVc\dZaZigยc^XdeVgVhjVfjVhZ hZYZadcYg^cV!V7g^midc6XVYZbn!ZcfjVcid 8aVgVBdgZcdย‚egdbZhhVYZbj^idhVbWV V\VggVY^c]dcd<jVcVWVgV#DhVbWV_Voo YZK^c^X^jh8Vcij{g^VkdaiVVdhZjยai^bd eVaXdadcYg^cd!cd7VgW^XVc#:eVgV[ZX]Vg! d8VhjVg^cV!XdbhjVhZkdXVยยZhYZhVbWV YVAVeVXVg^dXV!YZkZV\^iVgd<jVcVWVgV cdร’bYdbย„h#:bXdbjb!idYdhkย„b egdbdkZghZjhbV^hcdkdh{aWjchcVXVe^iVa Wg^i}c^XV#HdgiZcdhhV!dhยai^bdhigVWVa]dh hdidYdhY^\cdhYZcdiV#CdiV&%# ,&D['TKMC6CODMG(CDKCPC4GKU

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V^gWdgcZVgi[gdbV[Vg THE LARGEST FAIR OF LATIN AMERICAN ART ARRIVES FROM NEW YORK Come June, the colours, lines and movement of Latin American art will burst out in West London. In its third edition â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and its very first in Europe â&#x20AC;&#x201C; PINTA, the Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show, will arrive. Usually only in New York, this year the event gains a London leg, promising to bring together works by the most influential of artists from over 50 galleries from the USA, the Americas and Europe. According to Mauro Herlitzka, one of the directors of the fair, right from the first edition it was always evident that one day a European PINTA would be in order: â&#x20AC;&#x153;London's the perfect place, for its interest in art from different parts of the world, its curious audience and a central market for the arts. We now have the maturity after NY to do it [here]â&#x20AC;?. There are two Brasilian galleries on the list of those selected to participate in the event, being BarĂł and Nara Roesler, both from SĂŁo Paulo. Other galleries are also getting a lot of attention (see left), and among the artists expected to steal the show are Regina Silveira, Artur Lescher, LeĂłn Ferrari, Cao GuimarĂŁes, SebastiĂŁo Salgado, Ligia Pape, Ligia Clark, HĂŠlio Oiticica, Vik Muniz and Mira Schendel. Beyond the stands, PINTA will also hold two exhibitions: a tribute to the Venezuelan painter Carlos Cruz-Diez, and a show by the Cuban artist Carmen Herrera, known for reinterpreting geometric abstraction. A rare opportunity to see up close the sheer richness of Latin art all in one space, and on European soil. ,&D[,}NKC$QNNKIGT

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PERUVIAN FILMMAKER UNEARTHS HER NATION'S PAINFUL PAST Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a stark statistic, but during Peru's civil war, between 1970 and 1990, over 90% of girls aged between 12-16 were raped. If these numbers make one feel uneasy, put yourself in the position of a nation trying to forget the traumas of this era. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I felt all this fear, the ghosts that haunted the air. So I decided to depict the change the country's experiencing today, portraying the feeling of hopeâ&#x20AC;?, says the Peruvian filmmaker Claudia Llosa, winner of the Golden Bear for her second feature film The Milk of Sorrow, nominee for Best Foreign Language Film for this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 82nd Academy Awards. Inspired by research by anthropologist Kimberly Theidon, the film tells the story of young Fausta, who suffers from the illness â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;the milk of sorrowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, absorbed from her mother who was raped whilst pregnant. Fausta attempts to defend her body, but this only leads to deeper problems. Rather than depicting violence, the film bears sensitive cinematography and chanting in Quechua (an Inca dialect), portraying this courageous journey from fear to freedom. ,&

wjbYVYdZcig^hiZXZYdg/bV^hYZ.% YVhbja]ZgZhYZ&'V&+Vcdh[dgVb ZhijegVYVhcV\jZggVX^k^aYdEZgj&.,%".%# HZdhcÂ?bZgdhY^kja\VYdheZaVDCJVhhjhiVb! ^bV\^cZiZciVghZa^kgVgYdhigVjbVhYVZgVYZ iZggdg#Ă&#x2020;:jhZci^idYdZhhZbZYd!d[VciVhbVfjZ VhhdbWgVkVcdhhdhVgZh#:cid!gZhdak^gZigViVg VbjYVc VfjZdeVÂ&#x2020;hZhiVk^kZcYd!VhZchV d YZZheZgVc VĂ&#x2021;!Y^oVX^cZVhiVeZgjVcV8aVjY^V AadhVfjZkZcXZjdJghdYZDjgdZXdcXdggZj VdDhXVgYZbZa]dgĂ&#x2019;abZZhigVc\Z^gdXdbhZj hZ\jcYdigVWVa]d!I]ZB^a`d[Hdggdl# >che^gVYdcVeZhfj^hVYVVcigdeÂ&#x2039;ad\V@^bWZgan I]Z^Ydc!dĂ&#x2019;abZcVggVdYgVbVYV_dkZb;VjhiV! fjZhd[gZYdbVaYVĂ&#x2020;iZiVVhhjhiVYVĂ&#x2021;!igVchb^i^Yd eZadaZ^iZYZhjVbZ!ZhijegVYV\g{k^YV#9Z VXdgYdXdbVXgZc V!dhVbVbZciVYdheZad aZ^iZYdZhijegdcdiÂ&#x201E;bVabVZYZkZbeVhhVg edgg^ijV^hYZgZXjeZgV dYVY^\c^YVYZ#8db ZmigZbVhZch^W^a^YVYZcV[did\gVĂ&#x2019;VZX}ci^Xdh ZcidVYdhZbY^VaZidVcY^cd!dĂ&#x2019;abZbdhigVV igV_ZiÂ&#x2039;g^VYdbZYd|a^WZgYVYZ#,&D[#KTVQP4QNKO I=:B>A@D;HDGGDL >cX^cZbVh[gdb6eg^a(%i] 9D<LDD;#8DB

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- Ahh... the potion of beauty!


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The basement of Londonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Troubadour CafĂŠ has been graced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Jimmy Page, but upstairs this May itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll showcase the first physical exhibition of rising Brasilian artists from a new online gallery, Having studied Art History and worked at the Royal Academy and Tryon Gallery, the website is passion and project of young English art dealer Nicola Elphinstone. But it was

her partner's international career which took them to Zimbabwe, Kenya and finally Brasil, immersing her in the vibrant art scenes abroad. Now representing and selling artistsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; work from these countries, Nicola aims to â&#x20AC;&#x153;bring within reach original and affordable artâ&#x20AC;?. Launching the website in February, where she provides insight into each artistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life with journal accounts, she recently returned from two years in Brasil. This month sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll hold a

one-day show presenting the work of three Brasilians: Menelaw Sete, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;the Picasso of Brasilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, a Salvadorbased eccentric who once held an underwater exhibition; TĂşlio Pinto, with vast acrylic compositions bursting with colour; and FĂĄbio Merker, fascinated by degrees of dis/ organisation, adapting the Brasil flag moto as â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Order and Chaosâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, mixing ridgid motifs with (uncontrollable) dripping paint. Catch their work before itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s back to hyperreality. ,&

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ONLINE BRASILIAN AND AFRICAN ART GALLERY SPRINGS TO LIFE FOR A DAY DedgdYd8V[Â&#x201A;IgdbWVYdjg!ZbAdcYgZh!_{gZXZWZj Vgi^hiVhXdbd?^b^=ZcYg^m!7dW9naVcZ?^bbnEV\Z!Zb bV^d!edgÂ&#x201A;b!dVcYVgYZX^bVZm^W^g{Veg^bZ^gVbdhigV[Â&#x2020;h^XV YZVgi^hiVhWgVh^aZ^gdhYZjbV\VaZg^Vdca^cZ!Vc^XdaV]Vaa#Xdb# 6eÂ&#x2039;hZhijYVg]^hiÂ&#x2039;g^VYVVgiZZigVWVa]VgcVGdnVa6XVYZbn ZcVIngdc<VaaZgn!ZhiVcdkVVkZcijgVÂ&#x201A;[gjidYVeV^md YV_dkZbBZgX]Vci^c\aZhVC^XdaV:ae]^chidcZ#6XVggZ^gV ^ciZgcVX^dcVaYdbVg^YdYZC^XdaVdhaZkdjVdO^bWVWlZ! @ZcnVZ7gVh^a!eZgb^i^cYdV^bZghdYZaVcVk^WgVciZXZcV YVVgiZXdciZbedg}cZV#6\dgVXdbgZegZhZciVÂ dZkZcYV cZhhZheVÂ&#x2020;hZh!C^XdaVWjhXVĂ&#x2020;idgcVgVgiZhdg^\^cV^hVjb VaXVcXZbV^hVXZhhÂ&#x2020;kZaĂ&#x2021;#

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THE BRASILIAN PERCUSSIONIST IN SEARCH OF AFRICA, RHYTHMS, AND A ROUTE HOME Although not hugely well-known, Adriano Adewale is a name well worth keeping an eye on â&#x20AC;&#x201C; youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re likely to see it around. This Brasilian musician, half African, almost Londoner yet completely global, arrived here ten years ago, and these days wins audiences over all around. Full of energy and agility, Adewale fell for music as a child, through is grandfather. As many Brasilians do, he came to London to learn English and discover another culture, but his main motive was to be a touch closer to his roots, in Africa. Before too long he was finally able to visit the continent, gleaning rhythms and studying new instruments. After his return to do a Masters at SOAS (the School of Oriental and African Studies), performing here and there, he set about on numerous projects. Sementes (2008), his first CD (meaning â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;seedsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;), â&#x20AC;&#x153;was a slow creative process, but ever such a special oneâ&#x20AC;?, he reflects. The mixture of jazz, drums, Brasil, Africa and Europe was inspired by diversity he found in his daily life. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In Europe you meet people from all over the world, different cultures and tastes, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s very rich in that senseâ&#x20AC;?. For almost a year, Adewale's been artist in residence at the University of Essex, where, together with the company Segue, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll lead Festival Brasileiro. Beyond this project heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s got various London shows and in September is due to launch his new CD, RaĂ­zes (Roots), a natural growth from Sementes. He says that for the audience itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy for them to conjure imagery through his music, and has his fingers crossed the new album continues to invoke this: â&#x20AC;&#x153;I hope this feeling is strong with the song â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Family Albumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, bearing that certain saudade (a fond longing) for Brasil and familyâ&#x20AC;?. And speaking of Brasil, his journey back is already on his mind, after all a true Brasilian never loses that love for home. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I want to return but to take with me what Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve learnt. I dream of creating a cultural centre and working with the community. To me, this is music, a social instrumentâ&#x20AC;?. ,& '',WPING&TWOUB6N'%&%

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cdk^hVcZXZhhVgn Who'd ever imagine that one day a London-based collective would build a cultural bridge between Cuba and Bangladesh? The Lokkhi Terra project, and the album they’ve just released, is just as incredible as this idea. The musical imagination and global vision of Bengali pianist Kishon Khan led him to put together a multicultural combo with worldclass musicians like jazz artist Finn Peters, Brasil’s Kassin Alexandre (Moreno/Domenico/ Kassin +2), Stephane San Juan (Amadou & Mariam), Hilaire Penda (Trilok Gurtu), recording in Rio, Dhaka, La Havana & London. A sensual jazzy feeling embraces No Visa Required, featuring soulful Bengali voices of Sohini Alam and Aneire Khan, Afro-Latin rhythms and refined Indian classical music. This musical 'OVNI' has taken off from cosmopolitan London city and can be seen at night from the Caribbean Sea to the Far-East mountains... ,&

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“I got married at forró”, says Aruna de Oliveira Costa. Her statement might sound weird at first, but it represents how something first tried as a matter of curiosity can evolve into a hobby and become an important part of someone’s life – or even to mark the consecration of a relationship, as happened with Aruna. ‘’I went to Brasil on holiday in 2003 and started practicing capoeira. Then I was introduced to forró. I now come here ever since it opened’’. By ‘here’, Aruna’s referring to Forró do Galpão, the weekly party which goes down at Corbet Place on Brick Lane. And that’s where she met her husband. ‘’The place is now part of my life, so when Juca and I decided to get married we chose to celebrate here after the ceremony in Brasil, and the organisers threw us a party’’, she says, in an almost perfect Portuguese, with a little Minas Gerais twang. Another English woman in love with forró, Bella

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maria rita

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Dodds, 25, comes to Forró do Galpão whenever she can. “People here are a family. Many are frequent punters and everybody is up for dancing and having fun. The atmosphere conquered me’’, she tells, and not only the atmosphere, as Bella also met her other half, Jonata, at Corbet Place. Her love for Latin rhythms began in her teenage years and she’s mastered salsa, samba, axé and lambada. She even happily gives hints and pointers to those willing to have a go. ‘’Samba is much harder to learn than forró, where the pace is more obvious. Samba can be very quick and tricky to follow, while I didn’t have any trouble learning forró’’. Aruna agrees: “if the man knows how to dance, the women learns faster; it gets easier for us’’. Sizzling and packed, Forró do Galpão has been such a hit that some punters have teamed up to organise a second event on Mondays, but they make it clear that it’s not a replacement event. “Galpão remains strong’’, says DJ James Lawrence, whose own forró story is rather curious. He first experienced

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london school of samba

east london dance



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gandaia arts



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cover feature

forró two years ago, at Guanabara, and even though he doesn’t speak a word of Portuguese, Lawrence took eight months of dancing classes. “I didn’t know what the songs were about, but I could get their feel. It was also rather pleasant to dance so close to a woman, something not so common in England, as it’s not part of our tradition’’, he explains. For James, practice is the only the way towards perfection for a male dancer. “It’s quite hard to get to grips with leading the steps, something essential for a forró dancer. You have to practice all the time’’. Forró, however, is by no means the only Brasilian rhythm enjoying popularity in London. Samba, albeit more traditional and known worldwide now for a long time, still attracts its followers in the capital. Rosa Nazira, who’s been teaching samba classes for more than 10 years, says that British men and women have never given up on the famous rhythm from the streets of Rio de Janeiro. She feels touched by the amount of elderly students in her classes. “It’s so surprising.


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hampstead school of latin dance

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Love Lambada

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brazilian Social dance

zouk lambada

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move your body

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They dance non-stop, with no fear, just so willing to seize the moment’’, Rosa explains. Latin rhythms such as salsa are also a guarantee for fun in London. First, however, learners have to overcome the most basic difficulty of the process – getting the tempo right. In the specific case of salsa, Rosa prescribes persistence as the only medicine. “If you work your socks off you’ll get there. Dedication, persistence and perseverance form a well-known trio, but they are still the best way to reach any goals in life. Learning to dance is no different. The more you practice, the more you perfect it, regardless of which rhythm you have a go at’’. A new fever that’s been conquering revellers is lambada zouk. Kleber Saude, who teaches the rhythm, explains what it’s all about: “it’s hard to describe. It’s a fusion style, so there are adaptations. Some people even call it the Brasilian Zouk to differentiate from the Caribbean variation’’. For those who don’t know, the main difference is the tempo. The original version is slower and allows more body and head movements, while the Brasilian variation is a bit faster and closer to the original lambada. Which one is more successful? ‘’Both. Dance is always in demand for every kind of style’’, answers Kleber. More than merely a way to learn some new steps, the dance nights spread across London offer mental and physical benefits. Dance can also be a form of escaping a sedentary life with an activity so enjoyable that it disguises the effort made. Besides, it’s a great way to socialise, meet new people and shake off stress when dancing the night away. ,&

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forró do galpão

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forró family - bar 3one7 IjZhYVnh-".eb—*


casa do forró

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apt bar

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bar salsa

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the factory dance & fitness IjZhYVnh[gdb,#)*eb )%,=dgchZnGdVYC&.)9 ;68IDGNADC9DC#8DB

power dance system

LZYcZhYVnh-#(%eb".#(%eb"—-eZgXaVhh II9VcXZHijY^d!EdiiZgh7Vg!=Zgi[dgYh]^gZ!:C+&66 EDL:G96C8:HNHI:B#8DB

ÆHVbWV^hbjX]]VgYZgid aZVgci]Vc[dgg‹!l]ZgZi]ZeVXZ ^hbdgZdWk^djh#HVbWVXVcWZ kZgnfj^X`VcYig^X`nid[daadl! l]^aZ>Y^YcÉi]VkZVcnigdjWaZ aZVgc^c\[dgg‹Ç



richmond dance ;g^YVnh-/(%"./(%eb

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6Yb^hh^dc—*—(hijYZcil^i]>9 kVg^djhi^bZhVcYkZcjZh H6AH68AJ7#8D#J@


cover feature seção


dance GUIDE 5 days in may *I=".I=B6N

EZg[dgbVcXZh!ldg`h]deh!edhi"h]dliVa`h VcYYZWViZhl^aad[[Zgi]ZVjY^ZcXZi]Z X]VcXZidZmeZg^ZcXZYVcXZVcYZbWgVXZ k^hjVaVgih!iZmiVcYhed`ZcldgY!Vahd bdk^c\idlVgYheZg[dgbVcXZ!a^kZ Vgi!^chiVaaVi^dcVcYZkZcXdbZYn# KVg^djhi^bZhVcYeg^XZh Hdji]WVc`8ZcigZ

a triple celebration '*I=6EG>A"&.I=B6N

I]ZGVbWZgi9VcXZ8dbeVcn]dcdjgh i]Za^[ZVcYldg`d[6bZg^XVcYVcXZ ^XdcBZgXZ8jcc^c\]Vb!l^i]i]ZJ@ gZk^kVaegZb^Zgd[]^h^aajhig^djhe^ZXZ! GV^c;dgZhi#L^i]^ihhXdgZWn9Vk^YIjYdg! gZĂ&#x201C;ZXi^kZh^akZge^aadlhWn6cYnLVg]da! ^iĂ&#x2030;hVldcYZg[jaVgiZ[VXi[gdbi]Z+%h#


afro-cuban cultural weekend -I=".I=B6N

I]Z8jWVcHX]ddad[6gih^hegdbdiZh gV^hZh[jcYh[dgi]Z9:8=V^i^:Vgi]fjV`Z 6eeZVai]ZJC>8:;=V^i^:Vgi]fjV`Z 8]^aYgZcĂ&#x2030;h6eeZVa!l^i]VlZZ`ZcYĂ&#x2019;aaZY l^i]ldg`h]deh^cXajY^c\Vc^ciZch^kZ 6[gd"8jWVcVcY=V^i^VcYVcXZegd\gVb# Â&#x2014;&*"Â&#x2014;*-!.#(%Vb".eb (8dgcZgh!Cdgi]VbeidcGdVY":8&G%=J 8J76CH8=DDA#8D#J@


&- "&. B6N I=


8dbeg^h^c\d[Ă&#x2019;kZ\^VciWdmZh[dg&, YVcXZghVcYbjh^X^Vchidldg`^cVcY VgdjcY!Zmeadg^c\i]Za^c`hWZilZZc Zi]c^X^inVcY^YZci^in!VcYi]Zbni]h i]Vih]VeZdjgWZa^Z[hnhiZbh# Â&#x2014;&%"Â&#x2014;'* HVYaZgĂ&#x2030;hLZaah!GdhZWjgn6kZcjZ H69A:GHL:AAH#8DB

big dance bubble: portavilion '%I="')I=B6N

I]^hbdW^aZ!WjWWaZ"h]VeZYeVk^a^dcl^aa idjgi]ZXVe^iVa[gdbBVni]gdj\]djii]Z hjbbZg!igVch[dgb^c\eVg`hVcYeaVn^c\ ]dhiidVYncVb^Xegd\gVbbZd[ZkZcih! l^i]YVcXZeZg[dgbVcXZh!ldg`h]dehVcY deZchiV\ZYVcXZ_Vbh#

Â&#x2014;-"Â&#x2014;(HVYaZgĂ&#x2030;hLZaah!GdhZWjgn6kZcjZ H69A:GHL:AAH#8DB

sun bailante

brazil! brazil!

dance atlas

8VedZ^gVl^i]h^c\Zgh!YVcXZghVcY hVbWVbjh^X^VchiV`^c\eaVXZVii]Z jeijgcZYejgeaZJcYZgWZaanXdl!l^i] g]ni]bVcY^cYZhXg^WVWaZ[ZVihd[ VXgdWVi^Xh!ideeZYd[[l^i]VWgZVi]aZhh Y^heaVnd[[ddiWVaa^c\bV\^X#

9VcXZ6iaVh^hVjc^fjZXVgid\gVe]^X lZWh^iZV^b^c\idWj^aYVldgaYbVed[ YVcXZ#8gZViZndjgdlcYVcXZbdkZ! Ă&#x2019;ab^i!jeadVY^iVcYe^ced^cil]ZgZndj VgZdci]ZbVe#8]dgZd\gVe]ZgAjXV H^akZhig^c^l^aahZaZXii]ZWZhidcZhVcY XgZViZĂ&#x2019;kZgdji^cZhidWZeZg[dgbZYVi i]Z7^\LdgaY9VcXZZkZci^cAdcYdc#


-#(%eb!;G:: EVg`hiZVY=djhZ8djginVgY!GdZ]Vbeidc E6G@HI:69=DJH:#8D#J@


inside â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the workshop



I]ZZkZcil^i]dcan'%eaVXZh^ciZcYh idegdk^YZ`cdlaZY\ZVcY^ch^\]i ^cid?ZVchX]dgZd\gVe]^XegdXZhh VcYbdkZbZciiZX]c^fjZh[gdb]^h gZeZgid^gZ!gZhjai^c\^cVh]dgie^ZXZVi i]ZZcYd[i]ZlZZ`# Bdc";g^!'eb"+eb!Â&#x2014;&)% 8]^hZc]VaZ9VcXZHeVXZ 8=>H:C=6A:96C8:HE68:#8D#J@

paco peĂąa â&#x20AC;&#x201C; flamenco sin fronteras '.I=?JC:Ă&#x201E;(G9?JAN

EVXdEZÂ&#x160;VXZaZWgViZhi]Z[jh^dcd[ ;aVbZcXdĂ&#x2030;hbjh^XVaigVY^i^dchWZilZZc AVi^c6bZg^XVVcY6cYVajXÂ&#x2020;V#=Z jc[jgahVhZchVi^dcVaWVcYd[bjh^X^Vch! k^gijdjhh^c\ZghVcYi]ZkZgnWZhi Ă&#x201C;VbZcXdYVcXZgh#



6igde^XVaeVginXZaZWgVi^c\AVi^c! 8Vg^WWZVcVcY6[g^XVcg]ni]bhVcY YVcXZ!d[[Zg^c\i]ZX]VcXZid]VkZWVh^X igde^XVaYVcXZaZhhdch!l^i]eZg[dgbVcXZh VcYa^kZWVcYh#

global dance contest

I^bZVcYeg^XZhI78 I]Z>ha^c\idcBZiVaLdg`h!,IdggZchHi"8&K&CF HJC76>A6CI:#8DB

displaced 'C9?JC:

BVg^V;ZgcVcYVIdaZYdeVgid[i]Z ?ZVc6WgZj8dbeVcn!egZhZcihV eZg[dgbVcXZl^i]Ă&#x2019;kZYVcXZgh!WZ^c\ VgZhedchZid]ZgZmeZg^ZcXZd[ b^\gVi^c\[gdb7gVh^aidAdcYdc# -#(%eb!;G:: =danWdjgcZ6k#HL&*)?9 E6G@HI:69=DJH:#8D#J@

maracatudo mafua *I=?JC:

BVgVXVijYdBV[jVZbWdY^Zhi]Z g]ni]bhVcYbdkZbZcihd[7gVh^aĂ&#x2030;h Cdgi]ZVhiZgchiViZd[EZgcVbWjXd! VcYl^i]dcZd[i]ZbdhiigVY^i^dcVa BVgVXVij\gdjeh!i]ZnĂ&#x2030;aaWg^c\higdc\ XdadjgVcYg]ni]bidi]Z[Zhi^kVa#



'- B6N I=

HVYaZgĂ&#x2030;hLZaahegdbdiZhVYVcXZXdciZhi [dgi]dhZl]dlVciidh]dlndjg iVaZciidi]ZldgaY#6aandjcZZYidYd ^hX]dgZd\gVe]!eZg[dgbVcYĂ&#x2019;abVc dg^\^cVae^ZXZd[YVcXZVcYhjWb^ijci^a (%i]?jcZ#I]Zl^ccZgd[i]ZXdciZhi l^aaWZ^ck^iZYideZg[dgba^kZViHVYaZgĂ&#x2030;h LZaah^c?VcjVgn'%&&# ;G:: HVYaZgĂ&#x2030;hLZaah<adWVa9VcXZ8dciZhi <AD76A96C8:8DCI:HI#8DB

big dance (G9"&&I=?JAN

=jcYgZYhd[ZkZcihbV`Zi]^hVYVg^c\ [Zhi^kVai]Vil^aaiV`ZdkZgAdcYdc higZZihVcYejWa^XheVXZh"Xjab^cVi^c\ ^cIgV[Va\VgHfjVgZ7^\9VcXZ!Vh]dl" hidee^c\YVcXZ[dg&%!%%%eZdeaZ# :hiVWa^h]ZYVhVW^Zcc^Va[Zhi^kVa^c '%%+!^i]Vh\gdlcidWZXdbZi]ZJ@Ă&#x2030;h bdhi^bedgiVciYVcXZegd\gVbbZ!l^i] deedgijc^i^Zh[dgb^aa^dchd[eZdeaZid ZmeZg^ZcXZVcYiV`ZeVgi^cYVcXZ#BdgZ i]VcVbV_dgYVcXZ[Zhi^kVa!7^\9VcXZ^h VXVbeV^\c[dgdcZVcYVaaid_d^c^c#


JcZVgi]ZY^hV_djgcZn[gdbi]ZYVg` VcYhidgbnidi]ZgVY^Vci!iV`^c\ndjid i]ZkZgn]ZVgiVcYhdjad[Ă&#x201C;VbZcXdl^i] Vgi^hihY^gZXian[gdb^ihW^gi]eaVXZ# Â&#x2014;-"Â&#x2014;&' AVWVcI]ZVigZ A676C#DG<

carlos acosta '-I=?JANĂ&#x201E;,I=6J<JHI

;daadl^c\]^hhdaY"djiAdcYdc8da^hZjb gjcaVhihjbbZg!8Vgadh6XdhiVgZijgch l^i]VbjX]"Vci^X^eViZYcZlh]dl# IgjanVheZXiVXaZcdiidWZb^hhZY# Â&#x2014;&%"Â&#x2014;+* AdcYdc8da^hZjb :CD#DG<

river tango 2010 &+I="&.I=H:EI:B7:G

6c^ciZgcVi^dcVaIVc\d;Zhi^kVa^c AdcYdcidXZaZWgViZ'%%nZVghd[ ]^hidgnVcYXjaijgZd[i]ZbdhiedejaVg 6g\Zci^cVĂ&#x2030;hYVcXZ# ;G:: CVi^dcVaI]ZVigZ G>K:GI6C<D#8D#J@

companhia de dança deborah colker ',I=6EG>A"(G9?JAN

I]ZXdbeVcn^hVXi^kZi]gdj\]dji i]ZnZVgl^i]eZg[dgbVcXZh^ci]Z^g ]dbZidlcd[G^dYZ?VcZ^gd!7gVh^aVcY idjg^c\^ciZgcVi^dcVaan#I]Z^gaViZhildg`! 8gjZal^aaWZidjg^c\i]ZJ@^c'%&%#;dg YViZhVcYi^X`Zih/YVcXZXdchdgi^jb#Xdb KVg^djhi^bZhVcYeg^XZh KVg^djhadXVi^dch 96C8:8DCHDGI>JB#8DB

the big event dance4life ',I=CDK:B7:G

6]j\ZXZaZWgVi^dc[dgndjc\eZdeaZ]ZaY ViVideAdcYdckZcjZnZiidWZcVbZY# I]^hbVhh^kZYVcXZZkZcil^aahZZ9?h VcYXZaZWg^inVbWVhhVYdghXdbZid\Zi]Zg l^i]djgndjc\eZdeaZideZg[dgbi]Z YVcXZ)a^[Zk^VhViZaa^iZl^i]'+di]Zg]dhi Xdjcig^ZhXdccZXi^c\bdgZi]Vc**!%%% ndjc\eZdeaZldgaYl^YZ

&#(%"-#(%eb!;G:: EdiiZgh;^ZaYhEVg`!IddaZnHigZZi

I^bZI78!;G:: =^aan;^ZaYh"7gdX`aZnBVm;Zhi^kVa

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;G:: I]Z7><:kZci





?JA=D B6>D '%%, '%&%,WPING&TWOU(&

move your body



THIAGO ON DANCE Æ9VcXZXdcfjZgZYbZ l]Zc>Òghi[Zaii]ZXdcigda ^iÉhedhh^WaZid]VkZdkZg ndjgdlcWdYn#>gZhdakZY idYZY^XViZbnhZa[VcY hijYn]VgY!VcYi]VilVh l]n>WZ\VcidegVXi^hZ kVg^djhineZhd[YVcXZÇ#

Æ>]VkZVYZh^gZidWZVc VbWVhhVYdg[dgYVcXZ ^c7gVh^a#>i]VhVadid[ ediZci^VaVcYXVeVX^in!Wji i]ZaVX`d[\ddYY^gZXi^dc! hdbZdcZigjaneVhh^dcViZ VWdjiYVcXZl]dXVc ldg`[dgi]ZhV`Zd[YVcXZ ^ihZa[VcYYZkZadehZg^djh egd_ZXih#:kZgni^bZ>\d id7gVh^a>ignidiV`ZVc ^ciZgZhi^c\eZg[dgbVcXZ0 >ignid^ckdakZbnhZa[bdgZ VcYbdgZZkZgni^bZÇ# Æ7gVh^a]VhVadid[iVaZci hegZVYdjiVgdjcYi]Z ldgaY0^[Vaai]ZhiVghd[ 7gVh^a^VcXaVhh^XVaWVaaZi lZgZidWZejiid\Zi]Zg^c dcZYVcXZXdbeVcn^iÉY WZV[VciVhi^XdcZÇ#


UNDOUBTEDLY ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS CASES OF SUCCESS FOR BRASILIAN DANCERS internationally, Thiago Soares is Jungle’s guest editor for this month. Based in London since 2002, he’s one of the first dancers at the Royal Opera Ballet, one of the world’s most prestigious classical companies in the world. But although he arrived in the city with the most impressive CV of any Brasilian dancer in terms of international awards (a Gold medal at the annual jamboree organised by the Russian outfit Bolshoi, and a Silver at the Paris International Dance Festival), Thiago had to start from scratch in London – his first shows were as an extra. ‘’I had to learn a lot about the tradition and the style of the Royal Ballet, which I didn’t know very well. I accepted the challenge and don’t regret it. I’m still grateful that Royal Ballet made me take a step backwards in order to take several forwards’’, he says. It didn’t take long for Thiago to have his talent recognised in London, though; in 2006 he had already climbed up the ladder and reached the position of first dancer. ‘’It had a special taste - there’s nothing better than a triumph conquered with difficulties, he states, proudly. Curiously enough, Thiago started his moves with capoeira and used to dance hip hop. Then, by suggestion of the coordinator of the group he was part of, he decided to invest in classical training. ‘’The guy said I had potential to be a classical dancer, but I thought it had nothing to do with me. I liked hip-hop, spinning on the foot. But he persisted, saying that the technique would help me with street dance. Then, when I was 15, I took jazz classes. I was starting to think seriously of becoming a dancer and I choose Centro de Dança Rio. They insisted that I took ballet, and after trying it I didn’t stop’’, he recalls. ,&

8:GI6B:CI:JB9DH:M:BEADHB6>HCDIâG>DH 9:76>A6G>CDH7G6H>A:>GDH7:BHJ8:9>9DH:B ZbAdcYgZh!I]^V\dHdVgZh‚dcdhhdZY^idgXdck^YVYdYZhiV ZY^d# CV X^YVYZ YZhYZ '%%'! ZaZ [Vo eVgiZ Yd \gjed YZ eg^bZ^gdhWV^aVg^cdhYdXdgedYZWV^aZYdGdnVaDeZgV7VaaZi! jbVYVhXdbeVc]^VhYZWVa‚Xa{hh^XdbV^hegZhi^\^VYVhYd bjcYd#BVhVeZhVgYZX]Z\VgVfj^aVjgZVYdXdbdhbV^dgZh eg„b^dhcVYVcV_{Xdcfj^hiVYdhedgjbWgVh^aZ^gdVi‚Zcid bZYVa]VYZegViVcd8dcXjghd>ciZgcVX^dcVaYZ9VcVYZ EVg^hZbZYVa]VYZdjgdcd8dcXjghd>ciZgcVX^dcVaYdIZVigd 7dah]d^!ZbBdhXdj!Ghh^V!I]^V\diZkZfjZXdbZVgYZWV^md XdbeVe‚^hegVi^XVbZciZYZÒ\jgVd#ÆI^c]VfjZVegZcYZg VigVY^dZdZhi^adYVXdbeVc]^V!fjZcdXdc]ZX^Vbj^id# 6XZ^iZ^ZcdbZVggZeZcYd!eZadXdcig{g^d!]d_ZV\gVYZdVd GdnVa7VaaZiedgbZ[VoZgYVgjbeVhhdeVgVig{heVgVYZed^h XdchZ\j^gYVgk{g^dheVhhdheVgV[gZciZÇ!ZaZY^oigVcfj^ad#BVh cdYZbdgdjeVgVfjZI]^V\di^kZhhZhZjiVaZcidgZXdc]ZX^Yd iVbW‚b Zb AdcYgZh/ Xdb egdbdZh VcjV^h YZcigd YV XdbeVc]^V!X]Z\djVeg^bZ^gdWV^aVg^cdZb'%%+#ÆIZkZjb\dhid ZheZX^Va0cd]{cVYVbZa]dgYdVk^i‹g^VXdchZ\j^YVbZhbd XdbY^ÒXjaYVYZhÇ![VaVdg\ja]dhd# Cd^c†X^dYVVYdaZhX„cX^V!I]^V\digZ^cVkVXVedZ^gVZX^gXd! Z XdbZdj V YVcVg ]^e ]de# 6i‚ fjZ! ^cXZci^kVYd eZad XdgZ‹\gV[dYdhZj\gjed!gZhdakZjVedhiVgcVhbdYVa^YVYZh bV^hXa{hh^XVhYZYVcV#Æ:aZY^hhZfjZZji^c]VediZcX^VaeVgV hZgWV^aVg^cdXa{hh^Xd!bVhcV‚edXVZjVX]VkVfjZcdi^c]VV kZgXdb^\d#:j\dhiVkVYd]^e]de!VYdgVkVgdYVgcdX]d# BVhZaZ^ch^hi^j!Y^oZcYdfjZVi‚Xc^XV^g^VbZV_jYVgcdhigZZi YVcXZiVbW‚b#6i‚fjZ!Vdh&*VcdhZj[j^[VoZg_VooeVgVkZg XdbdZgV#I^c]VXdbZVYdVaZkVgVYVcVVh‚g^dZZhXda]^ d 8Zcigd YZ 9VcV G^d ZhXdaV cV OdcV CdgiZ Yd G^d YZ ?VcZ^gd#:aZh^ch^hi^gVbeVgVfjZZjÒoZhhZWVa‚iVbW‚bZYV† cdeVgZ^bV^hÇ!XdciV#,&










:.F until 30th 6CC6B6G>6B6>DA>CD/8DCI>CJDJH L^i]Wdi]Ă&#x2019;abVcYhXjaeijgZ!BV^da^cdĂ&#x2030;h^chiVaaVi^dc jhZhhZkZgVa]jcYgZY`^ad\gVbhd[XaVn!Zmeadg^c\ i]ZbZhd[ZkZgnYVniVh`h!hdX^ZinVcYaVc\jV\Z# IjZh"Hjc&%Vb"+eb!LZYhi^aa.eb!;G:: 8VbYZc6gih8ZcigZ!6g`lg^\]iGdVYĂ&#x201E;CL(+9< 86B9:C6GIH8:CIG:#DG<Â&#x2122;%'%,),'**%%

until 20th CDLĂ&#x2030;HI=:I>B: 6XZaZWgVi^dcd[i]ZaZ\VXnVcY[jijgZd[XdciZbedgVgn higZZiVgi![ZVijg^c\Dh<ZbZdhVadc\h^YZi]Za^`Zhd[ ?ZVc"B^X]Za7Vhfj^Vi!H]ZeVgY;V^gZn!7Vc`hnVcY;V^aZ# &%VbĂ&#x201E;+ebIjZĂ&#x201E;;g^0&&VbĂ&#x201E;)ebHVi!;G:: I]Z7aVX`GVi<VaaZgn!-(G^k^c\idcHi":8'6(6N 7A68@G6I#8DBÂ&#x2122;%'%,+&(,'%%

5th may - 5th june CJCDG6BDH/;D96H:;D>8: =^hĂ&#x2019;ghihdadJ@h]dl!GVbdh]VhYZkZadeZYi]Z hZg^ZhdkZgV\gZVicjbWZgd[nZVgh!egZhZci^c\aVg\Z" hXVaZhXjaeijgZh!k^YZd!YgVl^c\hVcYeZg[dgbVcXZ#

15th | saturday

21st | friday



I]Zeg^oZ"l^ccZg7gVh^a^VcĂ&#x2019;abbV`ZgĂ&#x2030;h6=jc\Vg^Vc EVhhedgiJbEVhhVedgiZ=Â?c\VgdVcYBjijbl^aa WZ[daadlZYWnVF6l^i]@d\jiZmVb^c^c\]Zg lZVk^c\d[YdXjbZciVgnVcYĂ&#x2019;Xi^dc#

AdcYdcĂ&#x2030;hegZb^ZgY^hXd$[jc`WVcYiV`ZhdkZg7VgBjh^X =Vaadc;g^YVnBVn'&hiidXZaZWgViZi]ZgZaZVhZd[ Vci^X^eViZYYZWjiVaWjb8]^XVcd9^hXd;jc`#

'#(%eb!;G:: 7^g`WZX`8^cZbV!)(<dgYdcHfjVgZĂ&#x201E;L8&=%E9 77@#68#J@$8>A6KH$:K:CIHÂ&#x2122;%'%,+(&+&)*

16th | sunday 6C<:A>FJ:@>9?D I]Zh^c\Zg6c\Za^fjZ@^Y_d!dcZd[6[g^XVĂ&#x2030;hbdhi gZcdlcZYhiVgh!gZijgchidi]Z7VgW^XVcĂ&#x2030;hb^m^c\ Yg^k^c\YVcXZg]ni]bhVcYeda^i^XVaang^Xhl^i]]Zg dlcZmigVdgY^cVgnhiV\ZegZhZcXZ# ,#(%ebÂ&#x2014;&%"Â&#x2014;',#*% 7VgW^XVc8ZcigZ!H^a`HigZZi":8'N-9H 76G7>86C#DG<#J@Â&#x2122;%'%,+(-)&)&

18 | tuesday th

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6th - 9th

19th | wednesday



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19 | wednesday th

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14th - 16th

20th | thursday



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30th | sunday

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3 -6 rd

every monday


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The UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most frequent flyer to 57 flights weekly to 8 destinations With more destinations, flights and superior baggage allowances, TAP Portugal is your first choice airline to Brazil. We have very attractive Business and Economy Class fares to all destinations. Our through check-in at Heathrow and Gatwick takes care of baggage and seat selection for your entire journey - allowing you to enjoy our seamless award winning service. #&3&(!/&%* ()1#! &(*#/ *# ! !&33%!(& #,&( 0&3+#&

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Executive class Choice of 3 entrĂŠes 180Âş Seat recline Video on demand Laptop powerpoint

Economy class Choice of entrĂŠes Video and audio Extendable footrests Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160;Ă?Ă&#x160;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x17D;kg baggage allowance


deborah colker

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THE INSATIABLE MIND BEHIND BRASIL’S LARGEST CONTEMPORARY DANCE COMPANY, DEBORAH COLKER SPEAKS TO JUNGLE ABOUT THE BUILDING OF HER CAREER AND HER NEW SHOW, CRUEL Perseverance and a lot of energy. These are, without a doubt, two of the most defining traits in the personality of Deborah Colker. The Rio-born dancer of Jewish Russian descent started out with ballet, learnt piano and went on to play volleyball, turning professional in the latter, before deciding to return to dance. After realising it was the right path for her, and from the very start in the early 80s, Deborah has choreographed shows, taught lessons, worked in fashion, theatre and carnival; she created special sequences for the World Cup and became the first woman to develop a dance for Cirque du Soleil, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Canadian company. To the passerby, Deborah, short and with a certain way about her - girlish, yet with a touch of tomboy – could go unnoticed in relation to her vast experience with dance. But one merely has to see her on the stage for any doubt to disappear; the vigour and precision with which she executes movements choreographed right down to the millimetre together with her company simply transform her into a giant. Even when she can’t be identified, whether amid the dancers or not even on stage, she has the ability to captivate the audience with her extremely fertile imagination, through the routines which she develops. Creating a singular and unprecedented style in Brasil, the trademark of the

company today, Deborah strives for more. And the mixture of contemporary dance with circus acrobatics enveloped broader influences, the necessity for which was determined by the very shows themselves. After Rota, in 1997, she realised the importance of staying close to the classical.

I’M VERY DEMANDING AND DON’T WANT TO REPEAT MYSELF. WITH TIME WE BECOME MORE SOPHISTICATED AND MATURE, THE RESTRICTIONS ARE BECOMING EVER TOUGHER. “Rota was greatly responsible for my returning to a love of classical ballet. Its technique benefits the existence of a contemporary dance company every day, and this can be seen in every sense: in the discipline, the aesthetic, the technique, breathing, and synchronicity”, she says. Then after Nó, in 2005, she took the gamble of applying more drama to the

shows. And her doing so was not in vain, as her latest work, Cruel, which Deborah is actually presenting around the UK, arriving in London in June, is inspired by the cruelty of youth and of old age, and by emotions such as love, passion, lust and rejection. Beyond winning innumerous awards in Brasil, the Deborah Colker Dance Company also received in 2001, in London, the Laurence Olivier Award for best choreography for Mix, a fusion of their first two productions, Vulcão (Volcano) and Velox. Talking to Jungle, the choreographer, now 50, reflects on her long journey since starting her own company, right through to her modern day recognition amongst audiences and critics alike. How and when did you start dancing? I started when young, studying ballet between the age of five and eight, and then I stopped so as to study piano and volleyball, and focus on my other studies. When I was 15 I began dancing once again, taking classes in ballet, jazz and tap dance. When I was 17 I started contemporary dance, and it was then that I chose to devote myself to dance, though I went on to study Psychology. In 2000, I returned to study piano again. I still dance classical ballet, even today, but it was in contemporary dance that I found a means in which to express my ideas, feelings and concerns. Where did the idea for the Deborah Colker Dance Company come from?

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deborah colker From 1984 until 1993 (the year the company began), I was working as a choreographer and movement director for several theatrical productions, in showbiz, cinema, advertising, TV, and dance too. Over all these years I was also giving contemporary dance classes, and I choreographed lots of shows and during that time I began to develop my own style as an artist, then in 1993 I had this absurd necessity to tackle a far more complete piece of work, something which reflected me more. The first show, in 1994, was called Vulcão. As soon as it premiered, I knew I wasn’t simply putting on a show, but that

I was essentially creating a dance company. What was the experience like, of creating a dance company in Brasil? What is the hardest or most challenging part? When I began in the 90s, it was still difficult to get slots in the theatres, coverage in the press or any kind of sponsorship. Starting a dance company in Rio de Janeiro in the 90s was like planting a seed in the desert; it felt like trying to climb up walls or scale a mountain. And that, incidentally, is how Velox, my second show, was born in 1995. At that time there were very few municipal or provincial dance companies throughout Brasil that were managing to

survive. But those times changed for the better and I believe that my company played an important role in that change. We weren’t asking for any favours in our merely existing, but what we were doing was developing a creative and professional work that’s important for culture, education and art. Where do you get inspiration from for your shows? From daily life, from contemporary life, from my experiences and perceptions of the world. We also carry out research and experimentation that creates a dialogue with these inspirations. Which show was most difficult

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to choreograph? They get more difficult to choreograph and conceive each time. I’m very demanding and I don’t want to repeat myself.I believe that with time we become more sophisticated and mature. In this sense the restrictions are becoming ever tougher. And which of your shows got the most positive audience response? All of them have had a brilliant response from the audience, but I have to admit that Velox was a high point. Rota was a worldwide success… well, it’s hard to say. 4POR4 went down brilliantly in New

York; Cruel was wonderfully received in Germany and also Brasil too. All of the shows have communicated well with the audiences. You’ve performed in London before, haven’t you? What are you expecting from this return? Yes I’ve brought all the company’s shows to London. I’m feeling good about this tour of Cruel in the UK. ‘Cruel bears my trademark style, yet takes things in new directions. I think the shows will be emotional and will have a great rapport with the public. Do you think Brasilian dance has a

good reputation outside of Brasil? I think so. We have good dancers working in companies abroad and we have different types and genres of Brasilian companies performing abroad too. What do you consider to be the most important part of your work? I believe in the force of movement as beauty, wonder and thought. My work is a fascination with experimenting with new spaces and discovering new movements, and building a creative body. It is charged with emotion, intention, ideas and principally the certainty that dance has an intrinsic capacity for expression and emotion. ,&


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youth movement

DANCE SCHEME PROVIDES SCHOOLCHILDREN WITH A HEALTHY OUTLOOK AND CAREER PROSPECTS Promoting extra-curricular activities to get young people involved in dance seems a simple idea, but in London there’s something extra special happening. Aimed at the classroom, the Step Into Dance scheme seeks to get more than 400 young people aged 11-16, from 100 different schools across the city, participating in weekly dance lessons, with a range of styles from classical jazz and tap-dance, through to break-dance and hip hop. Recently the project also incorporated Latin styles and even fusions of contemporary dance and capoeira, taught by Norwegian dancer Annette Brandanger, who began practising the latter four years ago. Outlining her inspiration, she said “my background’s in contemporary dance; I heard about capoeira while working in a bar with some Brasilians. The physical strength gained from its practice, especially in the upper body, the intensive vascular workout and combination of dance and acrobatic movements to create strong, steady shapes really captivated me”.

Becoming a part of Step Into Dance over two years ago, Annette said that young people benefit not just on a physical level, but also because it demystifies various aspects of dance, which before they perhaps didn’t have access to. “When you’re 11 or 12 your impression of dance comes almost exclusively through big productions like musicals, most likely without taking part. During the lessons of the scheme they begin by learning that dance isn’t just about letting go to the music and doing what you want, but that there’s a lot of work behind the choreography”, she added. They also learn to deal not only with the responsibility of having to help each other in a group, but also to demonstrate dedication required to develop their abilities. Besides regular local shows throughout the year for friends and family, groups are selected between April and May for participation in Step LIVE!, the project’s annual celebration, which brings together pupils from different schools in a show held at a large London

the right

theatre, this year being Sadler’s Wells. The other side to the project is the discovery of a potential career, something perhaps not previously considered by the children. “Many of them are incredibly talented. Recently, I even had a pupil accepted onto a programme at The Place,” said Annette. Another instructor, David Lyons, explained how his own career started early, given that he began dancing at 11. “My aunt used to do Latin ballroom dancing and one day I went with her. I haven’t stopped dancing since; I had real flair and started to train and win competitions. Dance became my profession: I also studied ballet, jazz and tap-dancing, and even appeared in musicals”, says David, who besides the regular school projects is involved in Latin rhythms workshops provided in Step LIVE! (see box). The programme also has teachers specifically trained to work with children with special needs. Those interested in offering Step Into Dance’s scheme to their pupils can sign up at ,&



4 thinking minds

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HISTORY, NATURAL BEAUTY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PRESERVATION COME TOGETHER IN PRAIA DO FORTE Picture perfect. This is the initial impression projected by the town of Praia do Forte, a district in the city of Mata do São João on Bahia's northern coast, about 35 miles from Salvador. The centre is made up of sweet multi-coloured houses found in mostly traffic-free lanes and clean and tidy courtyards. Where cars are allowed, they traverse the passageways' paved streets no faster than 18mph. In order to project this village feel, everything has been planned down to the smallest detail, from the flowers

to the signposts. Crossing the centre of town to get to the beach, the feeling of being on a set design is reinforced by the emerald-blue sea and the natural swimming pools lined with coconut trees. This rustic feel, however, ends with the landscape, because Praia do Forte’s infrastructure is tailored for visiting tourists, starting with the huge array of accommodation to suit any budget; from the well-known hotel chains and largescale resorts offering total luxury and

numerous leisure activities, to the cosy guest houses and hostels for those who want to enjoy the area without breaking the bank. There are also many culinary options on offer: as well as the typical Bahian fare there are also Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese restaurants to name just a few cuisines catered for. The town also provides currency exchange facilities, internet cafés, and even a medium-sized airport. If you can't get there by aeroplane you

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can easily reach the area via the BA-099 highway, known as the Linha Verde (Green Line) or Estrada do Coco (Coconut Highway), linking Salvador to Mangue Seco, on the border of Bahia with the neighbouring state of Sergipe. For those who prefer to take in the scenery you can catch a bus with Expresso Linha Verde, offering a regular service which takes around two hours from Salvador bus station or Luis Eduardo Magalhães airport, which serves the Bahian capital. It couldn't be easier!

The Castle | The Castelo Garcia D’Ávila, one of the town's key touristism attractions, is emblematic and a narrative for the local history. A site of historic heritage and Brasilian cultural importance, it’s considered the first Portuguese structure in Brasil and the only one in the Americas to display medieval characteristics. Construction commenced in 1551 by <VgX^V 9ÉÛk^aV!i]ZcigZVhjgZg[dgTomé de Souza, Bahia's first Governor, but it was only completed in 1624 by his grandson,

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Francisco Dias D’Ávila. The castle was a military barracks as well as a fort, protecting the country against foreign coastal invasions, thus giving Praia do Forte its name, which translates literally as 'the beach of the fort'. It was part of the Morgado da Torre farm, the largest estate in the world at the time, covering 10% of Brasil and owned by the D’Ávila family. Among the farm's main activities was the raising of cattle and growing of coconuts. Upon reaching the castle, just under two

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praia do forte miles from the town centre – but well worth every inch – it’s easy to see the strategic thinking behind building the stone fort in that spot, not just because of its military function but because of the spectacular 360° panoramic views right across the whole of Praia do Forte, given its being 70m above sea level. Sure enough, the area in which the farm was located was subdivided into lots and turned into a fishing town; in 1900, the St. Francis chapel was built there and still stands today, and treating Praia do Porto as its boundary, it’s one of the town's main chapels, closest to the commercial district.

Bountiful nature | The region's natural beauty is the main reason that this sleepy fishing village has been transformed into a tourist destination which welcomes more than 1 million visitors a year from all corners of the world. Praia do Forte's 9 miles of coastline is divided into four beaches; a car is handy to get between them, but isn't essential, only a little more will power is required to make the journey on foot, and the resulting weariness and heat can always be refreshed with a quick dip in the sea. The natural swimming pools with their crystal-clear waters can be taken advantage of just a short distance from the town. At

both Praia do Papa-gente and Praia do Lord, plenty of sunscreen and snorkelling gear will afford you hours of enjoyment in the warm waters, teeming with colourful fish, the fine, white sand and lots of sunshine. And of course, like everywhere in northeast Brasil, you’ll find coconut trees in abundance. Between the months of May and June be prepared to share the waters with giant sea turtles, whilst from July to October you might just find yourself in the company of humpback whales. The sea turtles however can also be found all year round in Praia do Forte, since the town is host to the country's primary project for the protection of sea

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praia do forte turtles, the Tamar, which opens its doors to visitors (see box), as well as the Humpback Whale Institute, an NGO established in 1987 which holds activities to promote the conservation and study of this great mammal.

Enjoyment from day to night | For those who don't just want to stop and admire the diversity of the local flora and fauna, Praia do Forte also offers plenty of water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, diving, deep-sea fishing and canoeing, as well as cycling, horse riding or quad-biking, and even parasailing, which is the ultimate thrill. For those not familar, this involves being towed by a boat, gliding

high behind it suspended from a parasail, a specially designed parachute. The nightlife might not match that of the big cities, but a number of bars offer the chance to liven up the evening, such as the Bahian-Brasilian repertoire which can be caught at the Bar do Souza, also famous for its traditional fishcakes. During the high season, Praia do Forte also hosts a number of summer festivals, from food to music, like the popular Trivela festival. To relax the morning after, pick one of the beautiful local beaches, keep hydrated with iced coconut water and make the most of the sea and sand. With all the natural beauty that Praia do Forte has to offer, this certainly won't be a challenge. ,&

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Taught elements: Pre-Production, Production and Post Production • Exclusive access to film in the ‘City of God’ • Full Technical and logistical support • International teachers from Brazil and the UK • Documentary film-making certificate upon course completion • Accommodation, local transport and daytime meals included ALL DOCUMENTARIES MADE WILL BE SCREENED AT THE FMI IN NOVEMBER 2010 PREVIOUSLY A ATTENDED BY KEN LOACH / ALFONSO CUARON AND VANESSA VANESSA REDGRAVE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: THIS COURSE HELPS TO DIRECTLY FUND LOCAL NGO AND FILM SCHOOL CINEMA INEMA NOSSO WWW.CINEMANOSSO.ORG.BR • APPLICATIONS MUST BE MADE BY WEDNESDAY 31ST MAY 2010 • FOR APPLICATIONS AND INFORMATION VISIT OUR WEBSITE



praia do forte explorer



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jungle guide bars & restaurants


SANTA MARIA DEL SUR A new Barrio comes to town, and we sample the best of the Southern plains

latin fiesta in cruz del rey

camino's cumpleaños



The lively tapas restaurant-bar marks its 3rd anniversary Both in its name and reality, with Camino being a rendez vous ‘on the way’, the Kings Cross hub of Latin music and fine Tapas has proved that it's no mere passing trend, as on 19th May the restaurant is set to mark its 3rd anniversary. The venue's thrived hugely with a diverse array of live music, DJs and parties, but those aren’t Camino’s only virtues, as founder Richard Bigg explains its intrinsic connection with Spain: “every 6 months I take about 15 staff to visit great cities and wineries and try the local food. This helps the staff learn more, bond and feel appreciated”. For the party Richard’s anticipating “a crazy atmosphere that will seep up everyone, even those not aware of what they've stumbled upon”. And Jungle’s been helping plan the event, with the ubiquitous DJ Lime followed by the lively old Molotov Jukebox. Also, much as we did last year, starting on June 20th we’ll be throwing four months of Summer Sunday Sessions on every 3rd Sunday of the month, with live bands and DJs playing. For the 19th, hop to Camino’s website for a drinks voucher while they last! JD KEY:




Apesar de seu nome significar 'caminho' e representar, de fato, uma forma de passar o tempo, o bar de Kings Cross que reune música latina e bons petiscos espanhóis provou que não é uma moda passageira com a comemoração de seu terceiro aniversário no dia 19 de maio. O local se desenvolveu imensamente com a grande variedade de DJs e festas com música ao vivo, mas estes não são as únicas virtudes do Camino; o fundador da casa Richard Bigg explica a ligação intrínseca com a Espanha: "a cada seis meses eu levo cerca de 15 membros da equipe à cidades espanholas, visitamos vinhedos e provamos a comida local. Isso ajuda o staff a aprender mais e se sentir valorizado". Para a festa, Richard prevê "uma louca atmosfera que vai contagiar a todos". A Jungle também está ajudando a planejar o evento, que terá DJ Limão e a banda Molotov Jukebox. E novamente este ano levamos à casa o Summer Sunday Sessions, a cada terceiro domingo do mês começando em 20 de junho, com bandas e DJs. Para a celebração do dia 19, veja os vouchers de drinks disponíveis no site do Camino. JD Camino’s 3rd Birthday! 19th May, 6pm–late, FREE • 020 7841 7331


up to £10* £10 - £20* £20+* *Price based on a meal with drink per person

Fishfinger Food

Dry and ever so carefully seasoned, the bolinhos de bacalhau (codfish cake) at Guanabara – quintessentially luso-Brasilian finger food – are irresistible with an ice-cold late afternoon beer. Guanabara, Parker Street, WC2B

A Sweet Pitstop

Fogo Vivo’s heavenly truffle will distract your commute via Manor House every day. Why? Strawberry, wrapped in ‘doce de leite’, covered with chocolate. That’s why. Fogo Vivo, Haringey Train Station, N4 07877 074062

Lunchtime Delight

Got a craving for a succulent picanha sandwich in the heart of EC1? Loosen your tie and enjoy a Brasilian bite at this stall amid the buzzing weekday market on Whitecross Street. Brazil Flavour, Whitecross St, EC1 (10am-4pm)

MAIO 2010 JungleDrums 53

bars & restaurants CAMINO L Effervescent tapas bar in the heart of King’s Cross

Covent Garden 020 7240 9742

CENTRAL LONDON A LA CRUZ Argentinean steak house serving varied grilled meats. Main meal and a drink - £20 42 Northampton Rd, EC1R 0HU Angel

Barrio Central A cocktail lounge and basement club with Latin flavour.


barrio’s sista Soho just got a brand new Latino neighbour: inaugurated in April, Barrio Central is the younger sister bar of buzzing Barrio North in Islington. It's the same friendly concept, with a novel twist or two - vision of founder Ferdie Ahmed, the bar, menu and ambient blends influences from innumerous countries and Latin corners of the world. Adorned with fabrics and reused objects, Barrio Central’s décor is something special, and revellers are invited to play their part: “under the glass tables we have drawers and people can help us decorate by bringing objects that go well with the place. The idea is that everybody can leave their mark in here”, explains Ferdie. You can enjoy your drinks at the scenic porch at the back downstairs, with artificial grass, deckchairs and a rubix cube table, or have a cosy chat in the cabana. On the drink’s menu (a work of art in itself), exotic cocktails don’t make for an easy choice. If you like it sweet, go for the 'Brazilian Lady': a soft and tasty mix of cachaça, lemon and passion fruit. 'Breakfast at Barrio' is a great citrus choice: rum sour with added spice, and it literally comes aflame! The 'No Brainer', a mix of tequilas, guava, grapefruit and pineapple, is served in a lucha libre mask. The bar snacks are rather attractive as well. The tender Creole Marinated Shrimps are definitely our favourite, but the soft Carne Asada and delicious Calamari rings are also top. With friendly staff, great decoration and drinks filled with character, Barrio Central’s definitely a top choice for a cool night out. barrio central 6 Poland street, Soho - W1F 8PS Oxford Street 020 3230 1002

54 JungleDrums MAY 2010

020 7287 9506 FREGGO.CO.Uk

Gaucho Serves steaks, chicken and fish dishes. Argentinean Beef Bbq £20

020 7837 1999 ALACRUZ.COM

6 Poland Street, W1F 8PS Oxford Circus

FREGGO L Argentine ice cream bar offering a mouth watering range of flavours. Two-flavour cone £3.95 27-29 Swallow St., W1B 4QR Piccadilly

125 Chancery Lane, WC2A 1PU Chancery Lane 0207 242 7727 GAUCHORESTAURANTS.CO.UK

SEE p.54

BRAZILIAN GOURMET Cafe/Restaurant serving Brasilian and Portuguese specialities. Rump Steak (Picanha no prato) £6.50 Whitfield St 112, W1T 5EE Warren Street 07983 633 440

BENITO’S HAT Mexican Burritos, tacos, salads, beer and cocktails. Main meal and drink £7.00 L

Guanabara Food, live music and even dance classes. Fish Moqueca Stew £12.50

0207 242 8600 GUANABARA.CO.UK

SEE p.04

BEM BRASIL Typical food in buffet style, pay by weight. Snacks and frozen açaí. Open everyday. Buffet £1,20/100gr 35 Oxford Street, W1D2DT Oxford Circus 020 7437 0400

0207 637 3722 BENITOS-HAT.COM

Las Iguanas Fresh, tasty and authentic Latin American cuisine. Pescado con Coco £11.50

55–57 Charing Cross Road Leicester Square

36 -38 Dean Street, W1D 4PS Leicester Square 0207 494 4716 IGUANAS.CO.UK


Café Rio Feijoada and steaks prepared the Brasilian way. Prato Rio £9.80 6 Grafton Way, W1T 5DS Warren Street 0207 387 2285

WAHACA Freshly made, authentic Mexican dishes. Fish a la Veracruzana £9.95 66 Chandos Place, WC2N 4HG Covent Garden 0207 240 1883 WAHACA.CO.UK

Canela Brasilian and Portuguese dishes. Feijoada £9.50 33 Earlham Street, WC2H 9LS Convent Garden 0207 240 6926 CANELACAFE.COM

Comida South American rodízio with music, dancing and late bar. Lunch £16.90 Dinner £19.90 46 South Molton St, W1K 5RX Bond Street 020 7495 1177

DOUBLE SHOT COFFEE Homemade sandwiches and cakes. English cream teas and nata cakes. Excellent coffees and teas. Two-flavour cone £3.95 38 Tavistock Street, WC2E 7PB

020 7841 7331 CAMINO.UK.COM

SEE p.25

CASA BRASIL TimeOut - recommended. Authentic home-made food. Fish Moqueca £8.90 289 Regents Park Rd, N3 3JY Finchley Central 020 8371 1999

COCO BAMBOO Recently opened Brasilian restaurant with a dance floor starting from 10pm. Char-Grilled “Picanha” £8.90 48 Chalk farm Road, NW1 8AJ Camden Town 020 7627 6613

Parker Street, WC2B 5PW Holborn

56 Goodge Street, W1T 4NB Goodge Street

BELLO CAFE B Brasilian and Italian specialties.

3 Varnishers Yard, N1 9DF Kings Cross

PASTEL BRAZIL Typical Brasilian crispy pastry with assorted fillings. The perfect snack 22 Seven Sisters Road, N7 6AG Holloway Road 07943 633699

SEE p.08

bar PEPITO L London’s only Spanish Sherry bar.

CUBA LIBRE & HAVANA Original restaurant with tapas, meals and cocktails. El Plato Cubano £12.95

3 Varnishers Yard, N1 9DF King’s Cross

72 Upper St, N1 ONY Angel 020 7354 9998 CUBALIBRELONDON.CO.UK

Rodízio Rico Eat-till-you-drop buffet, grilled meats brought to your table Buffet £22.50, veg £15.50

Desperados Mexican Mexican food, cocktails and a great atmosphere. Beef Chimichangas £10.95

020 7354 1076

127 Upper Street, N1 1QP Angel 0207 226 3222 DESPERADOS-ISLINGTON.CO.UK

El-Vaquero Argentinean Meats served off the skewer. The London Equestrian, N12 7BP Mill Hill East 0208 343 4161 ELVAQUERO .CO.UK

FOGO VIVO REST Home-cooked food with family atmosphere

020 7841 7331 CAMINO.UK.COM/PEPITO

77-78 Upper Street, N1 Angel

SABOR Latin American Food and cocktails with a fusion touch. Brasilian Moqueca £13.50 108 Essex Rd London, N1 8LX Angel 020 7226 5551

SPIRITUAL CAIPIRINHA BAR Brasilian cocktail bar serving traditional and fusion dishes. Caipirinha & caipiroska £3 during happy hour 4 Ferdinand St, NW1 8ER Chalk Farm SPIRITUALBAR.CO.UK

Haringey Train Station, Green Lanes N4 1BS Manor House

north LONDON Barrio North Latino-style ‘street food’ served, DJs and events. Brasilian Wax Cocktail £6.75 45 Essex Road, N1 2SF Angel 0207 485 4738 BARRIONORTH.COM

Canecão Pool tables and Brasilian football on TV. Fish Moqueca £7.90

07877 074062

GARUFA Premium selection of meat and wines carefully sourced from Argentina.

SEE p.09

SEE p.55

Tortilla Fresh, affordable CalifornianMexican cuisine. Burritos £4.50 - £5.50 13 Islington High St, N1 9LQ Angel 020 7833 3103

104 Highbury Park, N5 2XE Arsenal 020 7226 0070 GARUFA.CO.UK

MERCADO BAR & CANT Exciting cocktails and a great mix of Mexican home cooking and traditional favourites. Fish Taco £6.00

17 York Way, N7 9QG Caledonian Road

26 - 30 Stoke N Church St, N16 Stoke Newington rail

0207 485 4738


east LONDON Bankete Brasilian cuisine dishes, picanha and feijoada. Chicken Stroganoff £6.50 3 Bell Lane, E1 Liverpool Street/ Aldgate 020 7247 5479

picture by júlia f. bolliger

latin bites


bars & restaurants Buen Ayre Argentinean steak house Main meal and a drink £20 50 Broadway Market, E8 4QJ Cambridge Heath 020 7275 9900

SEE p.59

Horner Square, E1 6AA Liverpool Street PINCHITO TAPAS L Vintage Chic restaurant with an authentic and Tapas menu.

CARIBBeaN SCENE Award winning Caribbean restaurant offering an impressive range of traditional dishes and cocktails. Ackee & Saltfish £14.95

Raízes Grilled steaks and torresmo on the menu. Grilled rib £7

17 Western Gateway, E16 1AQ DLR – Royal Victoria

460 Hackney Road, E2 9EG Bethnal Green

020 7511 2023

020 7739 2009

south east LONDON Bandidos Mexican cuisine at affordable prices.

020 7353 6761

21-23 Norwood Road, SE24 9AA Herne Hill

Coffee Café Serves snacks and lunch Feijoada + Guaraná drink £5 68 Compton Street, EC1V Farringdon

020 8671 3772

Buenos Aires Café Argentinean beef, fresh pasta and Argentinean style pizzas. Grilled Bbq £14.50 – £24

020 7253 1249

17 Royal Parade, SE3 0TL Blackheath

El Paso Cocktail bar and restaurant serving Mexican, Tex-Mex and vegetarian dishes.


350-354 Old St, EC1V 9NQ Old St. SEE 0207 739 4202


Favela Chic Seductive Latin flavours with French touches. Hand of God £15 91-93 Great Eastern St, EC2A Old Street 0207 613 5228 FAVELACHIC.COM

GAUCHO Argentinean Beef Bbq £20 5 Finsbury Avenue, EC2M 2PG 020 7256 6877

29 Westferry Circus, E14 8RR

CASTELO Bar & restaurant with a substantial Brasilian and Italian menu. Live music 171 Coldharbour Lane, SE5 0207 5019504

CONSTANCIA – ARGENTINE GRILL Argentine Steak House recently inaugurated. Ojo de Bife Argentino (310gr) 11oz.Prime Argentine Rib-Eye £17.00 52 Tanner Street, SE1 3PH Borough 020 7234 0676 CONSTANCIA.CO.UK

SEE p.59

020 7987 9494

1 Bell Inn Yard, EC3V 0BL 020 7626 5180 GUACHORESTAURANTS.CO.UK

Green and Red, Bar and Cantina Authentic Jaliscan food and the biggest selection of tequila in the UK. Late-night DJ bar. 51 Bethnal Green Rd, E1 6LA 020 7749 9670

CUBANA – BAR & RESTAURANT Home-cooked Cuban and Latin food prepared from quality ingredients at a reasonable price. Happy Hour Mojitos - 2 for £6.95 48 Lower Marsh SE1 7RG Waterloo 0207 928 8778 CUBANA.CO.UK

Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, SE1 6TE Elephant & Castle 0207 701 9166 LABODEGUITA.CO.UK

sins of the flesh Although it has been around since 2006, it was last year's featuring on Gordon Ramsay's 'The F-Word' that made Santa Maria del Sur famous. However, the place remains committed much more to food than fame - especially the carefully selected meat from the best sources in the Argentinean Pampas, hung for 28 days. Best of all, the TV fame had no impact on the price list the average meal costing £35 per head. Despite being a place which is always busy, Santa Maria's atmosphere remains relaxed and unpretentious, and the staff are friendly, attentive and dynamic. Manager Gerardo (a forty-something year old) represents it really well with his cool and laid back attitude, and he'll personally dim the lights and move tables around to accommodate the guests. The steaks are the stars of the show, but Santa Maria offers a full range of starters, such as the empanadas - £5 will get you two pasties with assorted fillings - beef, chicken, sweetcorn, spinach and cheese. And for those real cheese-lovers out there there's the grilled provolone slabs. For the main course, we recommend a PARRILLADA DELUXE, a mixed grill to share containing the finest cuts the restaurant has to offer, at £25. Although Santa Maria has an extensive selection of South American wines, it's handy to note that they also allow you to bring your own bottle, with a corkage fee of £5.

8 Lant St. SE1 1QR Borough

Old Spitalfields Market - 1

020 7357 0057

santa maria del sur 129 Queenstown Road - SW8 3RH 020 7622 2088

0871 3328774

Fiesta Havana Cocktail lounge bar with tapas, live music and dance. 490 Fulham Road SW6 5NH Fulham Broadway 020 7381 5891

Las Iguanas Fresh, tasty and authentic Latin American cuisine

GAUCHO Argentinean Beef Bbq £20

Royal Festival Hall - SE1 8XX The O2 - SE10 0DS

020 8948 4030

89 Sloane Avenue, SW3 3DX

0207 494 4716 I GUANAS.CO.UK

Towpath, Richmond TW10 6UJ

LITTLE BRAZIL Bossa with a hint of jazz. Home made meals.


020 7584 9901

Goya Authentic Spanish tapas and friendly staff make a visit to this hidden gem in Pimlico a must.

30-A Catford Hill, SE6 4PX Catford Rail Station 0208 690 2770

Rodízio Rico Eat-til-you-drop buffet, grilled meats brought to your table. Buffet £22.50, Veg £15.50 Tito's Peruvian Seafood, soups and risottos. Ceviche £7.50 4-6 London Bridge St, SE1 9SG London Bridge

34 Lupus Street, SW1V 3EB Pimlico 020 7976 5309

Loco Mexicano Huge portions at decent prices. With a variety of cocktails on offer and sombreros to make the experience more authentic. 65 Wilton Road, SW1V 1 Victoria


020 7931 7325

Margarita Loca Latin Music, Mexican food and Cuban cocktails.

south west LONDON Azteca Latin Lounge Mexican cuisine, mouth watering cocktails and beers. Latin bands and top DJs.

527 Battersea Park Rd, SW11 Clapham Junction Rail 0207 924 2772

Preto Traditional Brasilian “rodízio”. Live music on the weekends.

356 Kings Road, SW3 5ES South Kensington

72 Wilton Road, SW1V 1DE Victoria


020 7233 8668

BRAZAS Restaurant and delicatessen serving home-made food with Portuguese, Brasilian and English influences. Sticky date pudding £3.45 45 Tulse Hill SW2 2TJ 020 8678 0697 BRAZASRESTAURANTE.COM

30 Brixton Water Lane, SW2 Brixton CRAVOECANELA.CO.UK

Tacuba Cocktail bar and Mexican street food. 10 Bedford Hill SW12 9RG Balham 0208 6735394

CRAVO & CANELA A choice of Brasilian cakes and pastries that are to die for! Try also the feijoada

El Vergel Uniting aromatic and spicy Latin America with delicate Mediterranean flavours.

Las Iguanas Fresh, tasty and authentic Latin American cuisine.

56 JungleDrums MAY 2010

Chelsea Farmers Market, 125 Sydney Street SW3 6NR South Kensington

La Bodeguita Tapas, fish and home-made Colombian food. £8 - 13


020 704 2123

142 Fleet Street, EC4A 2BP City Thameslink

2 More London Riverside, SE1 Tower Bridge 020 7407 5222 GAUCHORESTAURANTS.CO.UK

0207 4900121 PINCHITO.CO.UK

27 Upper Street, N1 OPN Angel

El Gaucho Grill Steak House £13.90


32 Featherstone Street, EC1Y Old Street

Chilango A burst of Mexican flavour. Chicken Burrito £5.40

GAUCHO Argentinean Beef Bbq £20

SEE p.59

TU CHICAS Tasty food and flamboyant cocktails. Mexican dish £20 12 –14 Leopold Road, Wimbledon, SW19 7BD Wimbledon 0208 946 4300 TUCHICAS.CO.UK

picture by PAULO PUCCI

RODIZIO BRAZIL Brasilian style barbeque with unlimited portions of meat. 505 Garratt Lane, SW18 4SW Earlsfield Rail St. 020 8871 3875 RODIZIOBRAZIL.COM


wines, frozen + fresh food. Portuguese Nata Tart 70p 40 Delancey Street, NW1 Camden Town

020 7636 8650

020 7485 2351

Café Estrela do Norte Portuguese cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Spicy Francesinha £9.50 294 Kingshill Av, UB4 8BX 0208 841 3488 GO.TO/ESTRELA

SEE p.56

Sushinho Brasilian chic with Japanese efficiency. Sushinho roll £9 312-314 King's Rd, SW3 5UH South Kensington

Floridita Restaurant Cosmopolitan Cuban and Latin American cuisine and authentic Daiquiris. Expect swanky decor and a vibrant atmosphere

GAUCHO Argentinean Beef Bbq £20

IPANEMA CAFÉ Special dishes everyday, feijoada, puddings and cakes. Buffet £1.20/100g

64, Heath Street, NW3 1DN 0702 431 8222 GAUCHORESTAURANTS.CO.UK

7-9 Queensway, W2 Queensway 020 7792 9050 IPANEMACAFE.CO.UK

RODÍZIO RICO Eat-til-you-drop buffet, grilled Meats brought to your table. Buffet £22.50, veg $15.50 Royal Oak - 111 Westbourne Grove, W2

Amber Grill Rodizio Cuts of meat from skewers. Prime Rodízio £19.50

Guanabana Famous Jerk chicken served with mango+papaya chutney. £7.85 - £12.75.

7, Station Road, NW10 4UP Willesden Junction

85 Kentish Town Rd, NW1 Camden Town

020 89631588

SEE p.58

0207 4851166

100 Wardour Street, W1F 0TN Tottenham Court Road

020 7792 4035 RODIZIORICO.COM

Barraco The atmosphere of a Brasilian bar with live music Friday to Sunday. Chicken Hearts £6

Made in Brasil Classic Brasilian fare, from seafood to meat and feijoada. Picanha Na Chapa £13.50

020 7314 4000

TAQUERIA Mexican cafe serving a great variety of Tacos, Mexican dishes and cocktails.

10 Kingsgate Place, NW6 Kilburn

12 Inverness Street, NW1 Camden Town

SEE p.57

Tia Maria Restaurant & Tapioca House Tia Maria offers delicious tapioca stuffed chicken drumsticks w / catupiry, in addition to traditional dishes of Brazilian cuisine and feijoada on Saturdays and Sundays.

FOGO Exciting new churrasco in London.

0203 195 3777

202 High Street Harlesden, NW 10 4SY Wilesden Juction

10 - 12 Kentish Town Rd, NW1 Camden Town

9a, Victoria House South Lambeth Road, SW8 1QT Vauixhall

iberica food & cult. Traditional Spanish restaurant with a innovative twist.

0208 965 4723

020 74825065 MANGOROOM.CO.UK

Ferreira Delicatessen Sandwiches, meats, cheeses,

MERCEARIA BRASIL Brasilian traditional snacks

020 7793 9700

and products in-store. Coxinha £1.50 773 Harrow Road, NW10 5PA Kensal Green 02089620252

SEE p.60

Santa Maria del Sur Argentinean grill house with live music on Mondays. Argentinean Steak £12 129 Queenstown Road, SW8 Battersea


195 Great Portland Street, W1W Great Portland Street

bars & restaurants

45 The Mall, W5 3TJ Ealing Broadway

139-143 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RS Notting Hill 0207 229 4734 TAQUERIA.CO.UK

North west LONDON

020 7604 4664

Corcovado Typical Brazilian food with live music at weekends.

020 7482 0777

MANGO ROOM Fish, Meat and vegetarian Food: a taste of the Caribbean. Goat Curry £12

Mestizo Restaurant-bar offering a fine and authentic Mexican cuisine Enchiladas £12 103 Hampstead Rd, NW1 3EL Warren Street 020 7387 4064

SABOR BRASILEIRO Brasilian fish and beef, game room, internet, bar/lounge. Buffet £7.50 10% weekend discount 639 Harrow Road, NW10 5NU Kensal Green 02089691149

SABOR MINEIRO Typical dishes from Minas Gerais (but no alcoholic drinks). Buffet £6.50 63 Station Road, NW10 4UX Willesden Junction 020 8965 2050

THE CUBAN L Long bar upstairs or dinner in the fiesta Room. Lamb Cubano £10.95 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd Camden Town 0870 850 8975 THECUBAN.CO.UK


latin bites


latin bites


jungle guide


jungle guide

Is your English good

but still not fluent and natural? Do you still have problems in understanding everyday English conversation, even though your grammar is good and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been learning English for years? Study twenty minutes a day with the

Practical Everyday English book and audio CD and take your spoken English to a higher level. Popular with intermediate/advanced level Brazilians for over twelve years. Available in the UK at all branches of Waterstones, Foyles and Blackwell, and online at 61

jungle guide


jungle guide


Cidadania Italiana Residência completa e segura ‘Permesso di Soggiorno’ l Acompanhamento do processo do início ao fim até a obtençao do passaporte. l l

00 39 3394097658

Vera Guizzardi

HERBALIFE Lose weight, stay healthy and feel good! HOM


Attentive service / English-Português

Maria 07875074015


jungle guide


KPDQZ +,WPING WPING at our party 'Baby Bitch' at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes on June 4th - Spread the word and invite your friends! JD

Don't hesitate to send us your raves and rants! JungleDrums p.o. box 49713 london wc1x 8ww PRAISE FROM OVERSEAS Hi JD. I'm reading the magazine and really enjoying it. Your logo is just beautiful, very professional. I'm glad a Brasilian publication like yours exists - it's an incentive for us to continue and improve every day. It's a mirror for all of us. Congratulations! Josivaldo, Nos Por Exemplo Blog, via email

DREAMS DO COME TRUE Hi JD. You got in contact with me in October regarding a competition I won and I quizzed you about some film stuff in Brasil. Anyway, just want to say thanks, due to the info you sent me I am now moving to Rio to work with Cinema Nosso and I’ll be independently running film workshops with young people in both Rio and Salvador. Obrigada! Olivia, via email That’s fantastic news! We wish you every success with the project. JD A WORD OF ADVICE JD. I realise the magazine keeps the Brasilian community in London informed, but there's one thing they might not know: every Brasilian residing abroad can apply for credit to buy a property in Brasil without having to prove income. I thought It would be important to spread the word. Maria Emilia, via email

Hi Josivaldo. Thank you for your kind words. We're very flattered by your comments and happy we're able to inspire others out there. It just makes all the hard work worthwhile. JD LONGING FOR FUNK Hi JD.. I was just wondering, and possibly even suggesting, I think it would be a good idea to throw a Baile funk party in London. A lot of my friends here are from Brasil and we all think it'd be a great idea if someone could organise that. Even my nonBrasilian friends love Baile funk! Denise, via mail


9:C>H6 9:A>8

A SERBIAN-DANISH STUDENT WITH SAUDADES FOR ‘JAGUAR MILK’ AND AN EYE FOR LONDON'S AUTHENTIC BRASILIAN EDGES What do you do? A Masters in Global Politics and I intern at the UK Parliament. How did you find out about Jungle? I often go to Brasilian bars so inevitably I found Jungle. What's your favourite part of the magazine and why? The agenda and events ads, for Brasilian and other Latin events, the interview articles, food and travel! Do you have a connection to Brasil? I went to São Paulo & Rio for the first time last year and I fell in love – the people, culture, music, landscapes, language! It’s magical. What's your favourite Brasilian food/drink/ product?

I’d say the street stall coconut juice, caipirinhas and “Jaguar Milk” (Leite de Onça - cold milk and cachaça)! As for food, the classic Feijoada dish with grilled fish (amazing), Pão de Queijo and of course the Churrascarias... a must if you love meat! What's the best Brasilian place in London? I always try to look for the most ‘authentic’ places, or relatively unknown music acts for the more Brasilian crowd and atmosphere – the latest one I came across was a cosy bar called Canecão, between Camden and Islington – chilled out vibes and delicious Caipibeer – beer with lemon and salt! You can’t go wrong with a place like that. ,&

B@23B9 @6A2@ .;1 ;B:/2?@ :B76HHND;7G6O>A WgVo^a#dg\#j` ('<gZZcHi"L&@,6I &(&-)///&&&

We adore postcards and new contacts, like this quirky one from Marcelo - we got in touch straight away and he designed the Arnaldo illustration on the next page! JD

A JD FORMAL APOLOGY We would to bring our readers' Hey Denise, it’s good to hear from attention to an error in our list of you. Whilst we don’t yet have a airlines which fly to Brasilia in the Baile funk party in our plans for this Insider feature of our Destination year, we do have Marina Gasolina article in JD #79, and point out + DJ João Brasil and others mashing that one can also journey to the up a little storm of Brasilian beats Brasilian capital with TAP Portugal.

7G6O>A>6C8DCHJA6I: XdchWgVhadcYgZh#Xdb (!KZgZHigZZi"L&< &(&-/)&/&++ &-/+.*&*&'( djid[]djghcjbWZg!id WZjhZYdcan^cXVhZhd[ VggZhih!YZVi]dgdi]Zg ZbZg\ZcX^Zh  =DB:D;;>8: &.-&,&,--,, ^cY#]dbZd[ÒXZ#\dk#j` 76C8D9D7G6H>A &(&-,&,-'&'

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