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JUNGLE FOLK “La Mina de Oro” ss 2013


Jungle Folk presents to you its second collection called “lA MINA DE ORO� We are a young independent label, a small community of people from Colombia and Switzerland that love to merge creativity with skills. spring/summer womenswear & accessories collection is inspired by a dreamful summer, discovering lonely, natural places. The unique pieces are made of comfortable organic cotton, silk and linen fabrics. Each design is manufactured in small quantities and has exceptional handmade details. Come and travel with us to La mina de Oro...

“la Mina de Oro” Santa Elena / Colombia

THE TRIP After voyaging through the mountainous forest of Santa Elena we finally reached our destination. The beauty of this place was overwhelming. A small lagoon with green-yellow waters looked like an abandoned and flooded mine surrounded by wet moss and colored-knotted rocks. This deep water must be full of secrets... An intensive carpet of vegetation covered the surroundings. We came to rest near a red bush with green thorns which seemed to protect us from the unknown. Never mind what comes, our journey must go on. walking around, floating in time.

(left side) Sweater-dress with meshwork detail 100% Organic cotton

“Malla Turca� Silver necklaces and bracelets handmade of delicate wire-netting technique (artisan: Juan)

EL ARTE DEL MACRAMÉ The technique of macramé dates back to the thirteenth century. It's thought that Arabian weavers began the skill by knotting the additional fiber at the edges of loomed fabrics. With sailors this beautiful technique started to spread all over the world, and over hundreds of years it would pass trough several cultures and manners of elaboration developing an amazing way of creating unique handmade Items. Enamoured by this knotting method, we started to use macramé In our first collection in summer 2012 which attracted big attention. We had the privilege to work with Willy, a young colombian artisan. Jungle Folk dedicated an intensive working period to design new patterns and forms of macramé, in order to introduce to you a 100% handmade and fashionable clothing piece.

(left side) long sleeve jacket out of 100% organic cotton with abstract macramé appliqué. All handmade. available in beige and black.

THE LOOKBOOK For order please refer to the reference number. note that this is only a selection of the ss13 collection. Some pieces may vary in color and details. For further information visit us on

O911 organic linen dress

O111 organic linen dress with macramĂŠ appliqĂŠ

O12.23 organic linen Shirt O122 organic cotton tube skirt

O611 organic cotton sweater dress

O712 organic cotton sweater

O611 organic cotton sweater dress

O712 organic cotton sweater O122 organic cotton tube skirt

O11.23 organic linen top O122 organic cotton tube skirts

O11.12 organic silk jacket

O12.13 organic cotton jacket O722 organic cotton shorts

O911 organic linen top O422 organic silk trousers SS13AC03arg handmade silver necklace

O812 organic silk top with handmade meshwork detail

O812 organic cotton dress with handmade macramĂŠ details SS13AC03arg handmade silver necklace

O812 organic cotton dress with handmade macramĂŠ details

O412 organic silk/cotton shirt O122 organic cotton tube skirt

Hearty thanks to Felipe Cuartas

(photographer campaign)

Mauricio Mejia

(photographer lookbook)

Ana atehortua (model campaign)

Karen Flores

(model Lookbook)

Laura Restrepo (Make Up)

all our sewers and artisans in medellin for this beautiful cowork

graphics by j u n g l e f o l k for any kind of request contact us at



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Z端rich - Medellin

'La Mina de Oro'  
'La Mina de Oro'  

Our spring summer womenswear & accessories collection for 2013 is inspired by a dreamful summer, discovering lonely, natural places.The uniq...