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Could you tell us about yourself ? In my point of view, it's kind of complicated to talk about yourself... I don't have much to say, except I am in my early thirties, I live in Paris but I dream of moving to London, and that my bike is my favourite conveyance, I organise my books by colours.. Well, it's not a lot, I assume, but what can I start with? What could you tell us about your blog and what inspired you the most in order to launch it ? Everything started when I bought a small camera and this is what inspired me and to launch my own blog. I had a profile on 'My Space' and I already posted photos about my styles, my trips and I really liked it. Then, I deleted my account as I felt restricted by everything. In June 2009, as I was inspired by already existing blogs, I launched 'Hello it's Valentine' in order to share my pictures about everything, without having a precise goal. Could you tell us about your career path ? After I graduated with A-level in Literature, I enrolled at Uni where I studied English for one year, but I was bored to tears. This is why I headed for a visual communication HND, I had and one year in Multimedia and I am now a graphic and web designer, it helped me a lot when I started my blog. What gave you the motivation to start blogging ? I had the desire to share my photos I found cool at that time and they just make me tenderly smile.... The quality wasn’t the best, but I already had a nice approach about framing. How would you describe your style ? I wouldn’t describe it as it’s a difficult question. And you, how would you describe it ? Parisian style ? Haha, I have no idea. Where do you take your inspiration from in terms of clothes ? Colours, printed mix and match, original cuts, and comfortable clothes.... I never wear low-cut jeans, heals (I can’t walk with them), and fur, I never wear fur. I like to feel pretty in my outfits. It’s essential. Do you have a fashion icon ? I read a lot women’s magazines and it overflown with ‘it girls’ and ‘fashionistas’ to whom we give a good or a bad marks. It’s boring, in my opinion. I don’t have an icon, but lovely persons who are physically lovely but also emotionally lovely like Audrey Hepburn, Frida Kahlo, Reha Hutin, Brigitte Bardot..My mother is my unique and reliable reference for everything : fashion, decoration, beauty : she has good taste and I always refer to her if I have a doubt. What are you the most proud of ? This is an excellent question ! I think I am not proud of anything except bringing a bit of relaxation, joy and inspiration to my readers. My readers’ support always give me a boost. In your opinion, what is the most exiting thing in the fact of living in Paris ? The fact that everybody sees Paris as ‘THE’ city you must visit,

‘the place to be’. I know I am really lucky. I can see the top of the Eiffel Tower from our place, I am never fed up with it. It’s so beautiful. What is your favourite location ? London, definitely. I am not going to start explaining why, it will take me ages. When you are not blogging, what do you like to do ? Our flat interior decoration, writing the list for the grocery and then doing the grocery...Haha. I read a lot. I try to be a good friend who people are happy to hang out with me. A few projects, only daily basic little things I enjoy doing. How is your life now you’re a full time blogger ? My life is a kind of a dream : I don’t have chief who criticises my work, no fixed schedule, no tube to take every morning and every evening.... I can work at the park just downstairs or have a coffee, if I want. It’s really nice but also difficult because I need to be a hard-worker and do my best to make a living without accepting everything only because it’s an easy solution. Brands or stores you would recommend ? ‘Tara Jarmon’, ‘Les Petites’, ‘Les Mailles de Paris’, ‘Danielle Nicole’ for her vegan bags, ‘Une Beauty’ and ‘Boho Green’ for their natural and environmentally friendly make up.

Jungle Magazine - ISSUE 06 - Nov/Dec 2014