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We l co m e t o t h e fi rs t “Soulistry” Newsletter What an exc iting jo urney I’ve been on wi th “Soulistry: Ar tistry of the Soul!” Barely six months o ld, there’s an almost-full slate of Fall workshop/retreat locations already booked incl uding: Painter’s Lodge, S eptemb er 8-11; Coast Collective, September 26; Sha wnigan Lake Community Cent re October 24; Island Blue October 31st. How about co ming to one or more of these... or inviting a friend to join you? Each workshop/ retreat will be a spiritually -enri ching and play-filled experience where you’ ll discover joy, bl essing and deligh t i n b ecomi ng a Creative Spirituality Ar tist! For more information, send me an emai l or h ave a look at the “Soulistry: Ar tistry of th e Soul” w ebsite. continued on page 2

MYSTERY … What is there about sunsets that appeal to the soul? Could it be the wonder of the intermingling light and dark night’s promise for a new day? Mystery.

Nam aste. Shalom. Blessings to you this day. June

HOPE … A white rose, gently opening to the first rays of morning light invites attention to the soul. Hope. (all photos: June Maffin)

LIFE … As the mist slowly dissipates, a boat is revealed, waiting for passengers to embark on a journey to new places and experiences just as dawn signals the unfolding of the gift of a new day. Life.


Experience the connection between your creativity and spirituality!


“Soulistry” is going to many venueseach with its own dis tinctive and unique setting.

And now, a new group of CSA’s (Creative Spirituality “Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul”

Artists) are consciously

seeks to nurture people in their

connecting their art & soul, integrating their creative

spiritual journey through

gifts and spirituality into

workshops & retreats connecting their daily lives. creativity and spirituality.

Participants have returned home wondering “Where can I make space for my art

Thank you for sharing this

supplies?” “How can I

Newsletter with others …

create each day?”

and passing on information

Creative Spirituality Journal

about upcoming Soulistry

remember to play and

Vancouver Island and

each day as precious, to be

2010. For more information or to book a Soulistry Workshop/Retreat for your conference/group contact

Come and join us for a “Soulistry” week in Mexico, Dec. 7 -12, 2009 filled with

less intense about life” … “follow my passion” …

and the Czech Republic in

Each will be a unique experience and whether you are a fir st-time “Soulistry” participan t (or have been at more than one So ulistry workshop/retreat), Cr eative Spirituality Journalin g, easy, handson-no-experience-need ed artistic expressions will be ex perienced and the creative spirit tha t encouraged and nurtured.

entries of “remember to be

Retreats/Workshops on Mexico in 2009 and to Italy

Consider a “Soulistry” art break this Fall at Painter’s Lodg e in Campbell River, Coast Collective at Esquimalt; Island Blue in Victor ia, BC; or how about a holiday week in Mexico in December 2009 ... or in Italy or Prague in September 2010!

“experience each moment of lived and celebrated” …

* creative exploration

“make time to play” are

* artistic expression

becoming lifestyle choices for

* spiritual renewal

the new CSA’s.

* scuba diving, sunbathing, shopping

Truly it was a special time of creating artistic soul-space within each of us.


experiencing Mexican culture in unique ways and more!

http:// www.maslaf inear CasaWebsite/ar twork shops/ Soulistr yJuneMackMaf f inW S.html

Soulistry Newsletter Issue 1  

Welcome to the first issue of the "Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul" newsletter.

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