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THROUGH THE STORM. With the inclement weather brought by typhoons Gener and Helen in the country, Saint Louis University suspended a number of classes for photo by Julian Carlo Barbadillo the safety of all Louisians.



Will K+12 work?

Being the only country in Asia and one of the only three in the world that still adopts a 10year basic education cycle, the government found it necessary to match up with international standards. see more on page 2



Beyond Humanity

In the not-so-far future, man would seek forth the aid of robots to accomplish myriad tasks of everyday life with absolute efficiency. see more on page 14







Non-SABM students allowed in Maryheights – Bautista by

Gelliane Benlingan


Banoar Abratique

School of Accountancy and Business Management Dean Dr. Reynaldo Bautista belied claims that non-SABM students are not allowed to enter the Saint Louis University-Maryheights Campus after several Louisians expressed concern over being banned from entering the Bakakeng-based campus. “No one is prevented from entering campus,” he said, adding that students, parents and even the press are very much welcome to see the Maryheights campus. However,an advisory about the regulated entry of non-SABM students was issued by Bautista because of certain observations, one of which is the loitering of the nonSABM students and an unpleasant incident regarding vandalism within Maryheights. It was found out that the vandalism was made by a non-SABM Louisian. Luna, the head for security for Maryheights campus, admitted that their judgment in allowing students to enter the campus will depend upon the student’s attitudes since respect begets respect and an appropriate attitude is their pass for entry. “Our security officers do not prevent

the entry of non-SABM Louisians yet it is their duty and responsibility to assure that the people they allow to enter have official business and that they comply with inspection requirements since our security guards are also our partners in making our school a home,” he said. Valid Reason, Protocol Required Student Affairs Dean Gil Espiritu said that these checking procedures were implemented as soon as the Maryheights operations started and that their primary concern is everyone’s safety and security. Students interested to enter the Maryheights campus should clarify their purpose and properly coordinate with the campus guards. Loitering, fetching of girlfriend / boyfriend, failure of having an official business and academic purposes are not valid reasons for admission. Some valid reasons are for crossenrolled students who have classes in Maryheights. They are obliged to present their schedule to the guards on duty before they enter. For researches, surveys and interviews conducted by students from other schools and for other academic purposes, non-SABM Louisians are required


From Lockout to Break-out

Although having a five-month lockout, the shortened 66-game season did not cease to pump up fans all over the world as NBA players displayed their undying love for the game. see more on page 18

to show the necessary documents as proof of these activities. For other reasons intended for admission wherein the security guards are unsure of allowing the students or visitors to enter, the Dean or the Student Affairs office can be easily reached through a direct telephone line so the students and guests will not wait long before they could enter the university grounds. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

SLU braces for K+12

by Juvy

Claire Danigos

With the implementation of Aquino’s flagship educational reform program, K+12, colleges and universities will be financially challenged to maintain their operation and compensate their teaching staff as enrollees are expected to decrease during the transition period. In fact, a change in the number of instructors is definitely expected according to the Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. Gil S. Espiritu. “Everybody is concerned not only the teachers. We hope that the program initiated by the government will be looked into by the government itself to address these concerns regarding the consequences of K+12,” he said. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4


Volume 16 issue 1


Enrolment rises amid hike in school fees by

Al Ibarra Espinosa

More freshmen continue to enroll in spite of increased tuition and miscellaneous fees, leading to continued record highs for the university’s student population. As of the first semester of the school year 2012-’13, the student population of Saint Louis University currently stands at 29,503 students, surpassing the population of the university during the first semester of the previous year. The present number of students now represents the largest enrolment statistics at SLU since its founding. It also remains to be the largest university in terms of population in Baguio City, which is recognized as the educational center of the North. While the rate of change for the population growth has been decreasing over the past few years, new students remain eager to study at SLU, and the recent increase of tuition for incoming freshmen has not deterred these newcomers from pursuing their education at the university. The freshman population of 8,942 students across all schools and campuses presently embodies over 30.309 per cent of the total number of enrolled students. In reviewing the most recent statistics provided by the Registrar’s Office as of July 12, the data shows that many schools have grown in size in comparison to the first semesters of previous school years. Most notably, the School of Engineering and Architecture, which now boasts a population of 8,087 students with 680 newcomers, now surpasses the 8,000 student mark for the first time, closing in on the School of Accountancy and Business Management’s 8,271 students. The School of Natural Sciences now maintains a population of 4,332 students, an increase of 639 newcomers. Throughout the previous school years, the population of SLU has been increasing gradually, although the rate of this increase has been dropping since the school year 2009-’10. This tuition increase recorded an addition of 5 per cent added to the tuition costs of all incoming freshmen, plus an increase of 3.75 per cent of miscellaneous fees for all students except for some particularly indicated in the schedule of fees. This increase was established by the SLU administration near the close of the last school year, after much deliberation with the KASAMA/SCC which advocated a reduction of these increased costs.


Will K+12 work? by

Banoar Abratique

How would you like to spend another two years in high school? In its implementation starting this schools, that is, four years from now. school year, the Aquino administration’s In pursuing this transition, the crowning glory in educational reform, K+12, government wishes to achieve the least disruption in the academic life of the has been both hit and praised. Being the only country in Asia and students. one of the only three in the world that still The reform also extends to the medium adopts a 10-year basic education cycle, the of teaching. The Department of Education government found it necessary to match developed a “mother tongue-based multiup with international standards. However, lingual education (MTB-MLE)” which will the preparedness of the country in terms of be used for instruction in Kinder to Grade school infrastructure and teaching capacity 3 classes is still under fire. DepEd argues that past studies showed that students learn more when their Future of the educational landscape Simply put, two years will be added to language at home is used in discussing the the basic education program, specifically lessons in school. in high school. Instead of graduating from Reduced contact time is also one of high school at 16, the students will have to the important features of this new program enrol in a senior high school program for as Grade 1 pupils will only have to attend two more years before qualifying for college. half-day classes instead of the full 6 hours. According to DepEd Secretary Bro. Hence, these students will graduate from high school at 18. Armin Luistro, this will “develop that natural Additionally, kindergarten will be made love for learning and not feel that it is standardized curriculum for all 5-year olds, something imposed on them.” thus the term, K+12. Why’s of K+12 According to the DepEd, the additional The program will be implemented strategically in phases. The incoming Grade two years will be focused on giving the 1 and high school freshmen students for students ample time to master “core the SY 2012-2013 will be the ones directly competencies and academic skills.” This affected by the program. need arose from several dismal results Meanwhile, the incoming freshmen will of achievement tests nationally and be the first batch of beneficiaries to the free internationally. CONTINUED ON PAGE 9 Senior High School program in public high




White&Blue Volume 16 issue 1 august 2012

DON’T PANIC. Mr. Gil Espiritu, Dean of Student Affairs, facilitates one of a series of earthquake drills conducted during the start of the academic year to orient Louisians and prepare them for any photo by Julian Carlo Barbadillo untoward incidents.

DENR-CAR honors Ecolodians by John

Louisian among top CAR students by

Grellyn Paoad

Two Louisians were chosen as finalists in a regional search for outstanding students, with one of them emerging in the top 10 and eventually gaining a spot in the top 30 nominees of the nationwide leg of the awards. Cesar Higoy Jr., a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Civil Engineering, and Francis Abad, a Cum Laude graduate of Accountancy, were among the 15 students from different colleges and universities in the region who passed the preliminary screening for the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines – Cordillera Administrative Region. After a one week formation program which culminated with the awarding ceremonies at Hotel Veniz on April 27, Higoy was named one of the 10 students who will represent the region in the nationwide search of the TOSP. A consistent academic achiever, Higoy was co-founder of the Innovative Development vThrough Engineering and Architecture Students (Ideas), an organization in the School of Engineering and Architecture. He also won the 2nd place in the 2011 University of the Philippines Association of Civil Engineering Students National Engineering Quiz. The criteria for the TOSP awards include academic excellence, leadership, and social responsibility. “It is a blessing and it is life-changing. I discovered a lot about life,” Higoy said after the awarding. When asked how his being a Louisian contributed to this achievement, he answered “Innate na sa atin mula noong 1st year yung mga core values [Christian spirit, creativity, competence, social responsibility]. The formation program intensified what was already taught to us.” On the other hand, Abad said that though he was not part of the Top 10, he

was still happy. “It was really a formation process. In the end, it is really more of what you can do as a service to others.” Held annually in partnership with the Commission on Higher Education, the TOSP awards hope to inspire Filipino youth students in every part of the country with the expectation that the awardees go back to their respective communities and make a positive contribution wherever they are. The formation program, which is the heart of the awards, immerses the students in activities that enhance their leadership skills, moral values, and determination to serve God and country. Aside from Saint Louis University, this year’s TOSP - Cordillera finalists came from Apayao State College, Benguet State University, Ifugao State University, Kalinga Apayao State College, Mountain Province State Polytechnic College, Systems Technology Institute, University of Baguio, and University of the Cordilleras.

Ray Pucay

and Juvy

Claire Danigos

Gawad San Luis big winner Saint Louis University Ecolodians received another accolade as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources named them as Partner Awardee on the department’s 25th anniversary celebration last July 10 at the Baguio Country Club. Themed “Green Economy: Does it include you?” the event featured the annually celebrated Environmental Month acknowledgement ceremonies where the club was recognized for its eco-friendly activities, the only student organization in the Cordillera to be so. Now one of the only five partners of the DENR-CAR, Ecolodians said it would be increasing its span of opportunities in acquainting with probable sponsors to acquire financial aid for its projects. “We want to be an inspiration to other organizations also, especially youth organizations,” says Ecolodians’ President Valerie Mae Buaquen. Earlier in June, Ecolodians submitted an executive summary report of accomplished activities and documentations containing actual videos and images of the club’s eco – friendly activities to DENR – CAR after reading the department’s invitation in the Baguio Midland Courier newspaper. “It was overwhelming for us students,” said Ecolodians Executive Secretary Ann Charissa Q. Regalado, adviser Ronaldo S. Felizco, and Vice President for external affairs Yves Brian Astudillo attended the ceremony.

FAST PACED. In time for the preparation of the start of the first semester and for the rainy season, the summer road reconstruction near the SLU Main Gate was completed through the efforts of the city government. photo by Orange Happee Omengan




White&Blue Volume 16 issue 1 august 2012

Louisian among top PH studes on SUSI tour by

MOBILE BOOKSTORE. A Louisian student browses through the books displayed for sale during the 15th SLU Book Fair last August 6 to 11. photo by Raiza Veridiano

Non-SABM students... DENR honors... from page 1

from page 1

Students who wish to bring snacks for their friends will still be allowed to enter the campus as long as their intentions are in good faith and that they log in. However, as said, accompanying and fetching friends is not a valid reason for admission. They will just have to follow the proper protocol – First is to inform the guards of their purpose, present the permits, letters and other necessary documents as proof of their intentions and sign in the log book provided in the guard house for the determination of everyone’s safety. They will be allowed to roam to a certain extent and are given proper instructions and guidelines as they enter the campus. Memo not needed Main campus Louisians were shocked because they were not informed through any communication or through any memo of the advisory. Many were surprised that they were requested to submit themselves for inspection. They were also inquired by the security guards of their purpose before they enter the campus. They argue that it is unfair since SABM students are free to enter the main campus without question. However, Espiritu clarified that a memo is no longer needed since the advisory is in accordance with the principle of maintaining peace and order. He also said that the students and all concerned should not wait for untoward incident to happen before they come up with these protection measures decisions.

According to Regalado, they intend to pursue creating impact on Louisians and the society as a whole through improving what has been started and creating unique projects in line with their objectives. “May we serve as an instrument to encourage the participation of the students in this pursuit towards environmental protection: may it be through the organization, through their ecology subject, through other environmental activities they could involve themselves [in],” she said. “They should not think that their little contribution is immaterial. Little is much if done by many,” she added.

SLU braces for K+12... from page 1

Espiritu said that the intention of K+12 is agreeable and that its ill-effects are unavoidable but there could be ways to reduce them by means of understanding the program and by giving and doing what we can. The K-12 program will help address the rising number of unemployed graduates since students will be equipped with basic skills that can already help them earn a living or go into business without necessarily obtaining a college degree. “Hopefully, they (students affected by K-12 program) will be better prepared for college,” Espiritu added.

Shiela Marie Sandoval

Gabrielle Paul Pascual, BMLS 3, went on a 5-week study tour in the United States to participate in the 2012 Study of the U.S. Institute for Student Leaders on Global Environmental Issues (SUSI) hosted by the East-West Center and funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Pascual is one of the five Filipino undergraduate students chosen to represent the Philippines, and 15 more delegates from Burma, Thailand, and Malaysia. Aside from Pascual, the Filipino delegates were from University of the Philippines (UP) – Diliman, UP-Manila, De La Salle University, and Mindanao State University. The students underwent a highly competitive screening process by the EastWest Center. The selection criteria included identification as an emerging environmental leader and background on the culture and present economic and political conditions in the U.S. SUSI is a program from May 6-June 10 which consisted of seminars, lectures, and presentations distributed over three weeks in Hawaii, one week in Colorado, and 1 week in Washington. The program also discussed topics on natural resource management, sustainable development, food security, ecotourism, energy generation, and water management and treatment, and the relationship between environmental security and national security. The participants were required to conduct environmental projects with a partner organization upon their return to their respective countries. Pascual said he will be working with the Cordillera Ecological Center (PINE TREE), an environmental organization led by Dr. Michael Bengwayan, a Cordilleran known for his discovery of Petroleum nut as a sustainable biofuel. To cushion the ill-effects of K+12, the SLU admin will look ahead during the transition period (2016-2018). Implementation of new policies to adapt to the new education system would be left to the administration. “We must be prepared,” he said. “We hope that all of us are prepared,” Espiritu added.



White&Blue Volume 16 issue 1 august 2012

Summer loading burdens eased by Ivan Jermaund Junio

Through the initiatives of some department heads and proper coordination with their respective school deans, the annual problem on summer loading for general education instructors has been gradually resolved. In the previous years, general education teachers were given less than the regular nine teaching units during the summer term because general education subjects were usually offered during regular semesters. As a response to this problem, the deans of School of Computing and Information Sciences, School of Teacher Education, School of Natural Sciences, and other schools in coordination with the School of Humanities rescheduled some of the subjects offered during regular semesters on the summer term. These schools offer bulk of the available general education subjects in the university. In the concerted efforts, general education instructors were prioritized in the subject offerings for the summer term. The increase in the student population of SLU was also pointed out as a reason for the adjustment of subject offerings during the summer term. According to STE Dean Felina P. Espique, the National Service Training Program under the School of Teacher Education also serves as a buffer for faculty who have little or no teaching load. Since there are no resident teachers in NSTP, supervising instructors are commissioned from the different schools, especially the STE faculty. The influx of enrollees last academic year gave enough teaching loads to instructors. The increase in the student population even prompted the School of Computer and Information Sciences and the School of Teacher Education to hire part-time general education faculty. Gaudelia A. Reyes, dean of the School of Natural Sciences, said that clinical instructors and some faculty were only given six units because they also have hospital and laboratory duties. To compensate for this, they are given full load during the regular semesters.

NO TO FEE-NOY. Various youth groups gather to express in different ways protesting on subsidy reduction to state universities and colleges as well as other woes related on PNoy’s 3rd State of the Nation Address at the Malcolm photo by Julian Carlo Barbadillo Square, Baguio City last July 23.

One point for embracing technology Neverland Banoar Abratique


am on my fourth year in the university. Like most other fourth years, thesis is the word of the mouth, the talk of the town. In complying with this requirement, we cannot deny that technology is of prime importance. In an age where technology grows a million times more than the salary of our parents (and a billion more times than our allowance), there is an increasing trend in embracing technology to maintain competitiveness in different levels. In Jinan University and in China where I stayed for five months, I experienced how technology was not only embraced. It was romanced. I know that laptops are not banned in the university, they are only regulated. One has to acquire a permit in advance to be allowed to bring in a laptop. The process is really simple and justified. I also understand why the university has this policy. The problem is to comply with this process, one has to pre-empt when he/she will use the laptop. However, this is not always possible. Contingencies and emergencies exist and they will always will. We cannot forecast when our academic emergencies will come to life. Technology was made to supposedly address these contingencies but then, technology is not always available to us

students. The data we need may be in our personal laptops or perhaps units are not always available in the internet library which hosts a few computers for some 29,000 students. It is also good to make available to students the wireless fidelity that the school offers. Internet is already a part of our existence as students. Many of our academic, communication and information functions are done through the internet. It may not be the only way but it would surely help students become very competitive as individuals. It is, anyways, the superhighway of information in modern times. The advent of technology is upon us. Many people around the world are getting ahead of us in many aspects through technology. This is because technology holds a lot of power. It can bury us six feet under history before we know it or bring us to the highest level before we could even blink an eye. Its power is always there, we just have to embrace it. Maybe in the future, we can be able to romance it and make the fruits we can out of its potential. These are just my suggestions, based on my observations. All I want is for my university to embrace technology or else we let history get the best of us. *** To the lady in Gate 1, here’s my point about technology. To my family (ZMA,BCRA,LMRA,SRA), to my friends (PBF, JPIA, SA) and my foes and everyone in between, to White & Blue, to the Guy who is always in the middle of it all, thank you for embracing me.


Volume 16 issue 1



Saint Louis University Student Handbook Chapter 3 provides that security services shall be employed to maintain maximum safety and security of the academic community. However, it seems that SLU’s outsourced security service is not living up to this duty, even if its mother agency, Enriquez Security Services, Inc., was once labeled the most outstanding security agency by the Philippine Association of Detective and Protective Agency Operators, Inc. Ignoring the possible consequences or dangers by simply poking their sticks into Louisians’ bags, calling it “inspection,” sleeping when they’re supposed to be proactive enough for any unexpected feat, or meddling with other students or co-security staff when they’re supposed to keep their attention open are some of the instances that portray their inefficiency. Recently, there were no incidents of threats and no dangerous paraphernalia have been discovered nor used in-campus. But shall we wait for some untoward incidents before we implement stricter measures? We don’t think so. Security and safety are critical matters. Objectivity must prevail over preferences. We do not know things that will happen, nor how and what people think. The consistent instances of ignorance seem to be alarming. We are 29,503 Louisians. We pay our tuition fees. We think we need assured security.

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Full Value Contract Double Rule Henri Lomeus Ching

Magkasundo muna tayo. Nagsusulat ako ngayon bilang manunulat ng White & Blue na patuloy na naniniwala sa SLU. Hindi muna ako magsusulat ng mga papuri at puna ngayon, tutal simula pa lang naman ng bagong taong pang-akademika at may susunod pa namang kolum. Nais ko muna sanang ibahagi sa inyo na sa aking opinyon, hindi naman talaga masyadong kapuna-puna ang ating SLU. Iyon lang, may igaganda pa. Madami pa, sa totoo lang. Ngunitalamkonghindimaisasakatuparan ang lahat ng ninanais nating pagbabago kung hindi lahat magkakasundo, kung mayroon pa ring nang-aabuso sa kanilang mga kapangyarihan, kung may nakikipagpataasan pa rin ng pride, at kung mayroon pa ring nagbibingi-bingihan. Magkaintindihan sana tayong lahat. Hindi sana laging kami ang mag-aangkop ng aming mga sarili sa mga polisiyang sa tingin namin ay nakahahadlang na sa paghubog ng isang Louisian na estudyante. Hindi pa naman namin pinababayaang masanay na lang kami at sabihing ‘wala naman tayong magagawa’.

Handa naman kaming sundin ang mga utos basta makita naming na para ito sa ikabubuti ng lahat. At sa atin namang mga estuyante, sa kabila ng pagtitiis, umasa pa rin tayo at gawin ang tama. Kung may abusado na siyang kumikitil sa patuloy na progreso, iparating lang sa kinauukulan. May bago nang SSC. Umaksyon tayo. Magsalita. Makinig. Magkarinigan. Maging bukas sa anumang ideya. Maging masaya. Ang ikli ng buhay upang igugol sa awayan. At higit sa lahat, isakatuparan natin, kung mayroon, ang ating FCV o Full Value Contract, ang kontratang naglalaman ng mga katangian na dapat isabuhay ng nagkakaisang Louisian Community. Sa totoo lang, may nagawa na akong kolum bago nito. At puno ‘yun ng mga puna. Pero naisipan kong baguhin pagkatapos ng makabuluhan at nakapagpapabagong Louisian Convergence 8. Bago ko ituro ang iba, tignan ko muna sarili ko. *** Salamat Infin8, sa lahat ng nasa Male Quarters 1, SQC, at LC 8, sa life-changing at mind-opening experience; sa China experience ko, salamat mga Ching at Nerona, Gng. Marzo, Dean Rey, DepHead Sir Oli, Gng. Ong, Atty. Padilla, teachers ko, at mga kasama ko doon! S. Korea’s Running Man (Song Ji Hyo, Kang Gary), MyLoujArdsJoJoJimTin, Lin, White & Blue, salamat! Maging bukas. Ipadala ang nais sabihin sa


White&Blue Volume 16 issue 1 august 2012

True colors


sang taon ang lumipas nang DILAW ang pumainlanlang kulay ng Pilipinas. Isang administrasyong naghahangad ng pagbabago ngunit, gaya ng nakasanayan, wala raw naramdamang pagbabago ang tao. DILAW ang kulay na mas sumikat. DILAW na araw ang nagbago sa ASUL na kalangitan. Ngunit malapit nang matapos ang termino, lumulubog na ang ARAW at unti-unti nanamang dumidilim ang kalangitan. Kinabukasan, DILAW pa rin ba ang langit na nais mong datnan? Puro mababangong salita ang narinig ng libo-libong tenga. Habang pinapakinggan, parang musikang nakakatawag pansin. Pagbabago ang sigaw ng grupo. Baguhin ang alyansa ng tao. Tanggalan ng korona ang matagaltagal nang naghahari. Madaming proyekto ang naipangako, mga salitang humakot ng simpatya ng nakararami. Sinumpaang salitang nawalang parang bula at hindi napatunayan. Isang tawag lang daw o isang mensahe sa kanila tungkol sa mga hinaing n’yo, agad nilang aaksyunan. Ngunit wala yatang sumisinag na araw sa tuwing may hinaing ka. Walang kaliwanagan sa


Karen Joy Bangibang

nais mong matupad. Walang nangyari. Hanggang plano nalang. Sabi ng nasasakupan, tila mahirap na raw humingi ng tulong pinansyal mula sa dilaw na administrasyon. Wala na raw ang suportang dati-rati’y nararamdaman pa. Kaya naman pala, may nabakanteng puwesto. Nagbitiw na kasi ang isang opisyal ng gobyerno. Unang sabak sa giyera sumuko na. Sayang ang boto ng tao, sayang ang tiwalang naibigay sayo. Sige sabihin na nating walang perpektong nilalang sa mundo. Ngunit ang hindi katanggap-tanggap ay kung paano kayo kumuha ng bago. Kahit sinong tanungin n’yo, mas tatanggaping ibigay ang nabakanteng puwesto sa taong may pangalawang pinakamaraming boto o kaya’y sa taong sumusunod sa posisyon. Ngunit ang nangyari, nagtalaga lamang kayo ng taong kaalyansa n’yo. Sino po bang niloloko n’yo?

W&B DAHOY! Kailan pa naging P150 ang presyo ng may 58 pages lang na photocopied handouts?

Eleksyon na pala ng SSC?

Ano na naman kaya ang ipapangako ng bagong administrasyon ng SSC? Matutupad naman kaya, maaantala, o nganganga na lang ulit tayo?

Kailan pa tinawag na pagkakawanggawa ang isang inutos lang na proyekto?

Nahabaan ka ba sa exam mo? Sapat ba ang dalawang oras? Sige nga, ang tanong, kaya bang matapos ng gumawa kung sabay kayong mag-exam?

Bawal na palang sunduin ang girlfriend mong taga-SABM. Basta, bawal na.

At kung hindi dilaw ang kulay sa ID mo, huwag mong balaking maggala at magpakalat-kalat lang sa Maryheights. Bawal nga raw. Kuha mo?

Deadly weapon ba ang laptop at nauuna itong sinisiyasat kaysa kung merong bomba at kutsilyo sa loob ng bag?

7 Kumalat na yata ang balita. Marami na ang nakahalata. Mag-ingat kami sa sinusulat namin? Mag-ingat kami sa katotohanang hinahatid sa madla? KAYO ANG MAG-INGAT. Hindi bulag ang taongbayan, lalo nang hindi sila manhid. Lumulubog na nga ba ang araw? Sisikat pa rin ba ito kinabukasan? Malapit na ang BUKANG LIWAYWAY. Ikaw, anak ni Juan, ni Louis o sino pa man, kahit sino pa ang piliin mo, pag-isipan mo. Baka bukas, pagsisihan mo nanaman ang boto mo. *** Pasensya na kung masyadong maikli ang sinulat ko. Ngunit sa tingin ko, sapat na ‘yan para maintindihan ang simpleng pahiwatig. Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan eh ‘di magalit. *** “The Campus Press is expected to uphold the interest of the students.” (House Bill no. 4287) Anong kulay mo? Magkomento, at magbigay ng reaction sa karenjoybangibang@ Salamat kung binasa mo ang munti kong opinyon. “Thank you for holding my hand when I started to hear angels calling me.”

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8 “Grades are in no way an accurate reflection of actual intelligence. They are just numbers.” – Jed Junio, staffwriter *** I have been thinking lately about what to write. I gave up hope that I will find something sensible, or suitable, to deserve this space in this newspaper… until the grades appeared. It’s the last term of the semester and all I hear (around and inside my head) is the loud echoes of conversations regarding grades in all or in a particular subject. Actually, it’s a bit tiring to hear the endless chatter of my classmates regarding grades and if they are “sure pass” or not. Especially when they pester you to say what your grades are. *** The SLU website’s Online Student Services has now gotten better and more improved. This semester proved advancement of the site through its new look and added features like E-services, News, and Campus Life which cater to Louisians being informed of the current events in the University, announcements and our very own online records. The time allotted for waiting for the grades to appear on the iSLU Student Records Portal has


ng hirap simulan ng isang kolum katulad nito dahil alam kong hindi niyo ito babasahin at ililipat na lang sa kabilang pahina. Mahirap magpatawa sa isang kolum dahil dapat seryoso, pero ewan ko kung bakit maraming natawa sa kolum kong ‘Sure Pass’ sa nakaraang isyu. Hindi ako magaling magsulat, pero andito pa rin ako – nagsusulat. Tungkulin kong makapaghatid ng impormasyong kailangan ng mga mag-aaral sa unibersidad na ito. Isa lamang akong instrumentong minsa’y binabale-wala ng karamihan dahil ang una nilang tinitignan sa mga pahayagan katulad nito ay ang komiks. Oo, ‘di ba? Nakakatamad tamarin, at alam kong alam niyong katamaran ang pinakakalaban ng bawat estudyante sa kanyang pag-aaral. Ngunit may mga bagay din na bukod sa pag-aaral na hindi gaanong napapansin ng nakararami o ‘di kaya’y hinahayaan na lamang para hindi makagawa ng isyu. Nakakatamad kasing pansinin. Oo, ‘di ba? Ilan lamang sa mga ito ang sumusunod: ano ang silbi ng mga kulang-kulang na gamit sa isang laboratory class ng binabayaran ng bonggang bongga kung hindi din naman nagagamit lahat ng kailangang gamitin? Oo, ‘di ba? Sayang naman ang tuition, lubuslubusin na sana natin ito.


White&Blue Volume 16 issue 1 august 2012

Grade-conscious Sounds Greek To Me Joshua Ganay

dropped significantly. And with an added bonus: Prelim, Midterm, and Final Term grades can now be accessed through your account. There were mixed reviews regarding this added feature in the website. Some found it a relief, since some instructors opt to suspend giving the students their grades after the preliminary and midterm examinations and to shock everyone after the semester. It also allows students to monitor their progress in a certain subject; sometimes, corrections on their marks can immediately be settled. However, for some, it is a bit of a disappointment. Having low grades, for one; or having their computed grade deviate from the mark in the online record. However good a program is, there will still be problems that will arise. As mentioned, having expected grades not the grades that will reflect on the online

Oo, ‘di ba?

Homogenous Chikinensis Aldrick Agpaoa

‘Lahat ng problema ay may solusyon, kung sa tingin mo wala itong solusyon, hindi ito problema, at ‘wag mo nang problemahin.’ – HJDCFajardo, BSN 3-D2 Mahirap takasan ang isang problema lalo na kung talagang wala itong solusyon. Lahat naman ng problema ay may solusyon, kailangan lang natin itong hanapin, kaso nakakatamad. Oo, ‘di ba? At kung sino pa ‘yung salat sa kaalaman, siya pa ‘yung mas masipag sa paghanap ng solusyon, siya pa ‘yung mas magaling sa pagharap sa totoong buhay. Huwag sana nating maliitin ang ating mga sarili, lahat ng problema, sinusukat lang ang ating kakayahan sa pagharap sa mga hamon ng buhay, lahat ng problema easy-come-easygo lamang ngunit ito rin ay isang mahalagang bahagi na huhulma sa ating pagkatao, at higit sa lahat, lahat ng problema, problema. Kahit ano ang gawin natin, problema pa rin ito at kailangan nating harapin. Huwag muna tayong tamarin. Nakakatamad. Problema.

records. This can be solved through proper coordination with your instructors. By experience, talking to your instructors about these proves to be the best way to correct these errors. They may be due to boo-boos in encoding, for instance. Though conversing with your instructors is healthy, you must approach them in such a way that you do not come across as rude or arrogant. *** Whether your grade is a skyrocketing 99 or a submerging 65, you are still a student who gets what you deserve. You are the one who is making your own decisions and choices, your grades. Whether you view your grades as an insignificant number or you treat them as your only hope, surviving in college means the same thing: to pass. *** To my classmates Kevin, Shayne, and Gerald, for the food and the ‘apartment ng bayan’. To my classmates, do not post anything about your disappointment in quizzes and academic stuff in Facebook. It’s jinxed! Comments about your grades, talk to your instructors (or send them to

Hindi tayo uunlad kung tayo ay susuko na lang basta basta sa mga problemang ito. Oo, ‘di ba? Hindi rin nasusukat ang tunay na kagalingan ng isang tao (ng isang estudyante) sa mga ‘bonus’ na naibibigay sa kanila. Pa’no na lang ang mga tamad (na katulad ko at ng marami pang iba diyan) at mga feeling matalino na mga tao? May maipagmamayabang na naman. Nakakatamad pansinin. Problema. Hayaan na lang natin. That’s how life works – it is perfectly imperfect. Alisin na natin ang katamaran sa ating mga sistema at tayo’y magbagong-buhay na (2012 na po!) harapin natin ang bawat laban at bawat problema ng patas at walang takot. Lahat ito ay bahagi lamang ng pagbuo natin sa ating sariling mga pagkatao. Tayong lahat ay hindi pa kumpleto. Hanapin natin ang bubuo sa atin. Huwag tatamad-tamad. Ito ang pinakamalaking problemang kailanma’y hindi natin matatakasan. At sa bandang huli, ‘wag tayong matakot humarap sa mga labang ito at kung tanungin ka kung kaya mo, ‘wag mag-alinlangan at sabihing, Oo, hindi ba? ***** Oo ‘di ba? Non-Sequitur ba? Next time na lang muna ang mga pasasalamat! Magkumernto ka na sa chikiness_32892_



White&Blue Volume 16 issue 1 august 2012


Will K+12 work... from page 2

In the National Achievement Test for Grade 6 pupils in S.Y. 2009-2010, the nation’s elementary graduates showed only a 69.21 per cent passing rate. The NAT results for high school is no better at a low 46.38 per cent. The world arena for education revealed how far behind the Philippines is in basic education. In the 2003 Trends in International Mathematics and Science study, the Philippines ranked 34th out of 38 countries in High School Math and 43rd out of 46 countries in High School Science. In a seemingly decreasing trend, the Philippines fell to the last place in both categories in the year 2008 even with only the Science High Schools taking the exam. DepEd explained that it is not simply an addition of years. In the K-6-4-2 format, the curriculum for senior high school will be injected with specializations in different fields like science and technology, music and arts, agriculture and fisheries, sports, business and entrepreneurship, and others. Why not’s of K+12 The usual problems of the Philippine educational setting are being raised to oppose the implementation of K+12. With the lack of textbooks and learning technologies like audio visual materials and computers being a rarity in Philippine schools, critics have raised the issue of how prepared the public schools are in taking up K+12. Overcrowded classes with over 60 students, inadequate training and overloaded tasks of teachers, poor school management, and an insufficient budgetary allocation to education are some of the other factors that student, parents, and teachers organizations raise regarding the government’s “halfcooked” educational reform agenda. In Mindanao, the Net Participation rate in Elementary was at 78.5 per cent in SY 20062007 below the national rate of 83.2 per cent. Additionally, less than 50 per cent of students in the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao who start Grade 1 reach Grade 6. Six out of 10 provinces with the lowest high school completion rate is in Mindanao. In the government’s efforts to catch up with international educational standards, critics think that the above factors have been left out. The 1987 Philippine Constitution states that, “The State shall establish, maintain, and support a complete, adequate, and integrated system of education relevant to the needs of the people and the society.“ Whether K+12 can address this mandate or not is still too soon to tell.

LOOK AT ME NOW. To tell the story of how the Igorots were blessed and guided by a supreme god, the Department of Tourism, together with SLU’s Center for Culture and the Arts, presents the tale photo by Yna Darla Olarte of Cordillera’s Lumawig, the Great Spirit.

Luneta Hill controversy tackled in SSC forum by

Aldrick Agpaoa

The Kataas-taasang Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral / Supreme Student Council, in partnership with The Buttress and Ecolodians, organized the forum “Illuminatio in Eventu: Tree-Balling at Luneta Hill Trade-Off and the City of Pines” Ecological situation’ last May 8 at the SLU Covered Courts. The forum aims to tackle environmental issues particularly that of the earthballing of the 182 trees in SM City Baguio’s lot. “This forum is [also] aimed to get first-hand information from the persons [panelists] directly involved in the issue and also for Louisians to have a mere knowledge about it and be socially involved,” Dianalyn Santos, KASAMA/SSC President, said.

The panel consisted of environmental activists Dr. Michael Bengwayan, Karlo Altomonte of the Save 182 Project, and Lord Byron Gonzales of the Architecture Department of SLU. The panelists were divided into three. On the opposition side were Bengwayan and Altomonte, while on the neutral side was Arch. Gonzales. Supporting the development plans of SM was City Councilor Lourdes Tabanda. Unfortunately, Councilor Tabanda did not make it to the forum but sent a text message stating her support for SM’s expansion project. The panelists were given two minutes each to state their different stands on the earthballing issue and on the ecological situation of Baguio City, as a whole then questions were welcomed.

White & B


LIGHT$, CAME by Daniel Reyes and Hazel Luy illustration by Juno Abreu


s Eden took a step closer to the tree, the slithering snake rattled with glee. “Come closer, come closer, my dear. A bite of this apple will give you a life filled with power and bliss,” the clever snake hissed. Eden, naked of ornaments, enveloped with innocence, raised her hands to partake the apple from which doom will awake. Marketing Rundown In 1943, NutraLite, a food supplement corporation, developed a marketing strategy and compensation program that allows independent distributors to build its own sales organization. They will sell the products of a company directly to end consumers by means of relationship referrals and word-ofmouth marketing. In truth, it is not an industry but simply a marketing method for moving products. This business concept would later be called Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). These leaders will receive commission based on the volume of sales produced by the group. Today in the Philippines, more than 60 MLMs are out in the market. It has transformed into a pool of companies, product ranges, and reward plans. It is a free enterprise that continues to grow, catching the attention of more and more people. And, just like in any other field, illegal companies are proliferating ready to exploit anyone. These unscrupulous companies have been the subject of frequent criticism and the target of lawsuits. They are illegal pyramid schemes where the recruitment of lower-tiered salespeople or downlines is more emphasized over the actual sales of the company’s products. This orders us, the Louisians, to stand vigilant. White & Blue Wants It Clean We here promote that a good look is taken on any deal we choose to close.


1. Are there legitimate sources of income for the redemption of my investment? Are they really offering something of real value? Real plantations that make real products to be sold is a good indication. The fine line between legal MLM and illegal pyramid scheme according to US’ Federal Trade Commission is the exchange of a real product. That is why it is ludicrous to earn folds of thick money in a short span of time: you start to wonder how that earning went beyond the limitations of your invested resources. 2. Do they present products that seem questionable? They may front a product so that it will look like a real business. These products are bought cheaper, but are presented to you with a higher price. 3. How logical do they conduct the business? When the emphasis is entirely

New student recruits are manipulated by the happily-ever-after portrait that network marketers are ever so eager to achieve. on recruiting people instead of a mix of getting customers and getting new recruits, it is probably a scam. They would usually say that you can earn a lot of money with little or almost no work. 4. Is this company here for the long haul? A good scenario would be Juan earning well in his first eight months in an MLM. Everything was great, his investment was redeemed. Then the unthinkable happened: the company closed. Some MLMs close because: (a) The result of testing their product’s marketability is a failure. When the product proves to attract customers near nil, they close. (b) They have no intention to last long. They just

want to liquidate their remaining stocks. Once the products have been sold, the producer would stop making the products. (c) Owners split-up because they want their company’s earnings for their own. In the end, you should choose a stable company with credible and solid leaders. Checking their background is a good head start. 5. Do they have the legalities to conduct business? The Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP) is the body that is responsible for recognizing the legality of a certain MLM company. It must be SEC, DOH, FDA, HALAL, PEZA, or DTI registered—depending on the nature of the business. Spellbound It’s luring to impregnate in the mind of financial independence— like a cub proving to the king of the jungle that he can hunt his own meat. The nobility of our vigor and fearlessness and the acceptability of failures are summed up in one period—youth.



ERA, PAY-IN$! But the nobility is in the conduct to which we can achieve this financial success. Almost all of us derive our money from our parents, giving us a bigger burden of accountability to whether our money spent is something that our parents’ efforts would be worthy of. When the time comes that our money springs out of our own hard work, spending it gives us full accountability on the success or failure of it. It is awe-inspiring to find the youth motivated to be dreamers and visionaries. The sad truth is, most of them are short of actions and superfluous of words and dreams. The glittering offer of MLMs is so enamoring that an ordinary teenager would fall so easily. The Ruse Revealed Network marketers use the get-rich-quick dream as their primary bait. They are willing to lay down ambiguous and hazy details, unethical as they may be, to


attract recruits. Complex and sometimes exaggerated compensation schemes and cult-like techniques are used by some groups to enhance their members’ enthusiasm and devotion. Potential exploitation of personal relationships is at stake. Psychological mind mazes and structured speeches are created so deftly beforehand, rehearsed as conscientiously

and boons of the deal, but they cut down the dubious and fear-invoking picture. The sad truth about fraudulent companies is that the downlines are being used for the uplines’ advantage. More downlines equate to bigger commissions for the uplines. And this is how the MLM get its sensational feel. People who joined are pressed to find more and more ways to broaden their downlines and earn their invested money back. To earn in an exponential pace in this business is to manipulate and to blatantly assure hopes to potential recruits. It is to put down one’s integrity for the sweet “yes” of the innocent dreamer. Their Own End of the Road* They articulate inspirational messages, they may meet new friends and they may make a few bucks. But more than likely, they will end up alienating some family and friends. And they will learn a lot about deceiving themselves and others. They won’t be allowed to tell anyone how they are really doing, for example. They will always have to think positive, even if that means lying. They will have to tell anybody who asks if they are doing great that business is wonderful, that they’ve never seen anything go so fast and bring them income so quickly, even if it isn’t true. But the simple equation of it all, which they dare not to say, is that augmenting your money translates to a number of responsibilities. To win in this arena, your time, a striking charisma, knowledge on your field, good communication skills, and a huge network of people you know, coupled with immense effort are needed. The fresh power of redemption consumed Eve after the apple she has bitten. As Adam saw her Eve with steps so stealthily weaved, a bolt of terror cut the skies. It shook his core to see Eve dawn the snakes’ eyes.

The glittering offer of MLMs is so enamoring that an ordinary teenager would fall so easily. as a theatre act, carefully computed and analyzed fiber by fiber by deception geniuses. In the corner where the game begins, huddle of applauses are at the back, blaring preaches are at the front. Words are played with a master craft of simple logic and humour, but in reality is a mere sympathetic appeal to the humanistic weaknesses of the listeners. The story tellers share their common experience on how janitors, clerks, vendors, drivers, and all sorts of work had their lives changed after joining the networking company. Several appeals are obvious: a treat to a restaurant, fast food, or café as long as you hear them out; the nopressure agenda at the time of the invitation; a treasure bag of expensive iPads, cars, and glossy magazines to assemble an elite setup; a number of websites and proofs to inculcate their legitimacy; and a motley of other visual treats that are all so perfect, all so beautiful, all so inviting. New student recruits are manipulated by the happily-ever-after portrait that network marketers are ever so eager to achieve. The rule they’ve laid out is simple: You want money, recruit more people. They not only commit the act of commission by circling around a person’s mind, but also, most importantly, the act of omission. They simply tell the perks

*We are referring to MLM scams, not to MLMs as a whole.

White&Blue FEATURES 13


Volume 16 issue 1 AUGUST 2012


Maryrose Castillo, Diane Kaye Migallon, and Cedric Pascua


e’s not moving. Not now, not any time soon. We’ve all looked at him, but at times, we just don’t realize we’re seeing him. He’s always in the same place, the same area. This is the story of the man who braves all weather conditions, with high hopes that passers-by would spare him some loose change. For this man, it’s a 24/7 job. No holidays, no night shift differentials. Not even rest days. No nothing. All he does is patiently sit out there on the cold, hard concrete with eyes closed, waiting for the sound of coins as they fall into his cup. Alms, alms, alms. Spare him a piece of bread. For some, it’s nothing but to him, it’s music to the ears. Going back to the corner A day, a month, a year, how long has it been? When have you not seen him? There, at the corner of F. Calderon Street and Session, that’s where you’ll find him. With an extended arm, we all know what to give, but do we know what he wants? If we talk about location, he is the most constant beggar; he is the man who can’t be moved. It’s 2:58 in the afternoon. The sun is behind the gloomy clouds as the rain pours upon the people of Baguio. And as they stroll, walk, and run up and down Session Road, they carry with them an umbrella; they wear with them a thick sweater. For these people, it’s just one of those days where you can either enjoy the weather or hide from it. But for one man, he doesn’t have much of an option. As the cold wind blows from one side to that, this man is peered upon. Kids stare at him with a hint of curious wonder. They stare with their innocent eyes, thinking about who this man is, and what he’s doing there with eyes closed, and one palm open. As people walk past him, there are a few good samaritans, giving him some coins. The rest merely avoid colliding with him. Fortunate are those of us who have a decent place to stay. When it gets cold, we


stay indoors, warming up with a nifty jacket, and blanket. The man, on the other hand, stays on the streets, cuddling with himself, trying to feel warmth. When it rains, we’ve got a roof over ourselves to shield us from the elements of wind and water. For him, it’s just one of those ‘wet’ days where all he can do is cover himself up with a worn out raincoat that seems to come together using only a big safety pin. When the sun comes radiating, do you think he eats ice cream like the rest of us? Or at the very least drinks as much water one needs? Moving on Is he broke or is he broken? With a cane in hand to help him walk and stand, he gives an impression of a blind man: another piece of the puzzle. Do you really think he doesn’t move because he lacks material wealth? Or maybe because he’s waiting for someone, for people from his past to pick him up where they

The World’s view Do you feel sorry for this man? Many are moved, they feel pity for the man. “Subukan mong ilagay siya [sa lilim] magagalit yan. Pag sobrang init o kaya umuulan, minsan nilalagay namin [sa lilim] pero ayaw talaga, ‘pag ginalaw mo siya, papaluin ka niya ng tungkod (Try to transfer him in the shade—he’ll get angry. When it’s too hot or when it’s raining, we sometimes put him under the shade. But he doesn’t really want to. If you move him, he’ll hit you with his cane).” This was what a police officer told about the man. Even stall owners are moved by this man. “Nakakaawa nga yang matanda e. Dapat sana, kinukupkop (I pity the old man. He should be cared for)”, as stated by Chris Dorillo, a stall owner in Skyworld. This stall owner also claims to have seen the man somewhere in the highways of Campo Sioco as if flagging a jeepney but the owner never really knows if jeepney drivers let him in. Just how long do you believe this man has been here, [Session Road] begging? “Naabutan ko pa yan maitim pa ang buhok niya, tapos naging brown, ngayon puti na. Di ko alam kung gano siya katagal pero sa buhok niya, parang matagal na siya diyan (I already saw this man when his hair was black, then it turned brown, and now—it’s already gray. I don’t know how long he’s been here, but if you take a look at his hair, he seems to have been here for a long time now)”, was what a woman police officer said. And with this, one can only imagine how long this man has been in the same spot. He said, he said And they asked him, “’Nong, anya ti nagan mo ngay (Manong, what’s your name)?” “Suwan,” was the man’s reply. Just a first name to go by, no more last names, he can’t remember it. It’s been

Thinking maybe you’d come back here to the place that we’d meet, and you’ll see me waiting for you on the corner of the street. I’m not moving. left him? There are no definite answers but it’s been a long time that he’s been there. He could be staying there because he’s broken from within. There may be reasons to why he does not move, to why he chooses to stay. Then again, it’s all still a matter of might. Is he broken-hearted? Yet another side to the story. Everyone has had their share of love. Could the man who can’t be moved be a Romeo waiting for the perfect time? Could a past lover be the reason for him to be staying from day one up until now in the streets? There are a lot of questions, and only one could answer.

It Begins in the Bus Valium Meal Hazel Luy

I too long, no more birthdays because even the date of his birth, he can’t remember. No more age, he’s lost count. Every day is just the same as yesterday. It’s not only him who has forgotten certain details of his identity, even his own nephew, Julius Badiwan, has let the name, age and birth date slip from his memory. Julius, 36 years old and his cousin aged 1315, are the only left relatives of the man who can’t be moved and they are the ones who take care of Suwan the only way they know how. “Gusto talaga niya yan (He really wants that),” Julius pointed out. They can’t force him to stop, he only goes back every time. And rather they watch him leave on his own, they accompany him. Taking turns, they make sure that the man, or Suwan, is safe enough. Any families? The answer, is no as Julius revealed. Never had a wife, and never had children. They send him off at 7-7:30 in the morning and pick him up at the same time in the evening where they go back home to Campo Sioco. Puzzle Breakers Intrigued? Do you want to know more about the mysterious man who can’t be moved? If so, then go back to the corner, to the place where you first saw him. Sit with him. Introduce yourself. He might be shy at first to speak up, as do a lot of people when strangers talk to them. But be patient. Ask his name. He might give you more than just a first name. But go on and talk to him. Ask him how he is. Ask him of his spouse and relatives, or his friend. He might have the most wonderful story of all, or the most tragic. Talk about anything: about experiences, or how he feels about being alone. You might be surprised of the things he answers. But most of all, listen to him because we all need to be heard. Go on and talk to him. He’ll be waiting, be it rain or shine. He’s not going anywhere. Not now, not any time soon.

photo by

Levin Ace Danganan

was traveling on a bus on a gloomy morning. Shadows and mist. The foggy skies. I looked at the mountains that passed by; the trees and mossy rocks adorning it gave me a homey feel. I thought of the time I passed by my mother’s door. And said goodnight in a low voice, and went straight to my room. The lamp will always be there beside my bed, my bed will always be warm and cozy, and my match box will always sit by the table. I looked at the man sitting by my side, it was seat number twelve. He wears a black hoody—his head was hooded and he has a gray NY cap underneath it. I can tell he had his earphones on; I can hear the drop of heavy bass. I looked at the other direction: on the cemented road, gray and lined with white and yellow paint. They ran through a long stretch, beyond the horizon, beyond the lengths of the earth. I remembered the stitches in my jeans that ran straight and the day I passed by my mother’s door and kept quiet because she was tight asleep. I carried a glass of water on my hand, my cellphone on the other. I crept pass her door because the night was still, the chirping of the crickets were loud, and it was past 2 a.m. I felt the bus’ engine revving through the uneven road; I was being lifted up and then I was being dragged down. I remembered lying on my bed. I had Fade Into You playing on the background. I wished for rainy nights and long drives. I felt asleep with Fade Into You playing in my ears. I heard the bus’ door open, and a woman who looks old and tired from years of work had a baby tight against her with a lampin. She carried a brown box of Phillips cigars that had a red sleeve peeping between the gaps. I remembered my sister who lived far away from us now. And the night I passed by my mother’s door. I swept past her room without even looking, because I was feeling all blue and lonely. I entered my room where the lamp’s light always comforted me on pitch black nights, and where my bed was the only thing that kept me warm, and where the match box was there when I needed to burn things and memories up. *** Without music, life would be a mistake. --Nietzsche



Volume 16 issue 1


Renante Andres Jr. and Diane Kaye Migallon

n the not-so-far future, man would seek forth the aid of robots to accomplish myriad tasks of everyday life with absolute efficiency. A new era of robots, having genetically-engineered protoplasm, making them almost human-like, is programmed to serve humankind. Knowing that they are programmed for “fixed” purpose, man regarded robots as harmless machines controlled by man’s own will – or so he thought. What if these robots find their “inner soul” and experience the Pinocchio effect? If so, would this scenario spell the end of the human race? This is the story of Rossum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R.), a 1920 play written by Czechoslovakian Karel Capek. The play is translated to Tagalog by Rogelio Sicat. Robot-thrived Theater It all starts with a chill. Inside the twilight-lit theater of the Center for Culture and the Arts, an inanimate array of phantoms lurk in the shadows. They are donned with lustrous garb and cyber body parts. Suddenly, these images came to life. Here they come. Robopocalypse! All Systems Go And so it begins. Marked by the arrival of Helena Glory to the robot factory, the stage is set and the story advances. Helena is on a mission: to liberate the robots from forced labor. However, instead of proposing her devoted intention, she received a compressed history of the factory from the company’s Director General Harry Domin. He talked about some of the secrets of

the factory’s creations in minute and vivid details. Meanwhile, throughout their conversation, Harry instantly fell in love with the young lady. He offered the girl a startling proposal—marriage. Helena refused the peculiar offer. However, the persistent Harry pulled her closer into his arms and an unforgettable kiss was shared

no longer “open up” a robot for nothing. Helena and Primus, two playful robots who had human-like emotions, enter, waking Alquist. Alquist then insists on operating on either one of them but neither complies. Upon witnessing the genuine love and power of robots Helena and Primus, Alquist eventually sets them free, renaming them Adam and Eve, the hope of the new race. The play reminds us that overtly disturbing the balance of order would jeopardize the physical world right before our eyes. However, as the story progresses, it tells us even the faintest light shines in the dark. “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good.” The After Math Robot Award-winning Tanghalang SLU, the resident theater company of the university under the supervision of Director Dan Riopay, opens with the 14th theater season. The audience comes literally close to the theater like no other when spectators and actors share the same stage, showing how TSLU proved that it is all systems go for their 14th theater season. The following were the cast of the two-day show: Benjan Rusby Natividad, Ana Isabel Javier, Blytton Fernandez, Kenneth Aglubo, Luther Calunnag, Marga Manansala, Handiong Rafael Kapuno, Kimberly Cai, England Castro, Anthony Gonzales, and Kevin Carandang.

The inanimate images have lustrous garb and cyber body parts. Suddenly, these images came to life. Here they come. Robopocalypse!

photo by Julian

Carlo Barbadillo

by the two. A Mind of their Own Revolution strikes. Robots have cried for supremacy. Not a single human was spared from the nefarious robots. Helena, Harry, and the other managers huddled together with pistons in hand except for Helena and one humble carpenter, Alquist. Genesis Relived The robots needed more of them. Their only hope was in the hands of the last man whom they decided to keep alive. But even he has no knowledge of such creation. The knowledge everyone seeks has been destroyed, burned, and forever lost. Pressure and frustration is dawned on Alquist by the robot leader, Radius. He can

White&Blue Volume 16 issue 1 august 2012





t was 8:34 in the evening. The whole country felt numb and cold. No one ever thought that the fresh news about the king’s healing will be turned into the contrary. Dolphy stood out as he characterized the authentic Filipino, on and off screen.The Comedy King who never failed to put smiles and laughter in every Filipino’s heart was brought into the Kingdom of the Lord to bring humor to the heavens. He was 83. As the nation mourns the passing of a legend, he wishes to be remembered still with a smile. Born Rodolfo Vera Quizon, ‘Dolphy’ delighted our grandparents by being Facifica Falayfay. Our parents’ childhood afternoons were tickled by John Puruntong. We grew up along the riles with Kevin Kosme. His numerous films will never fail to give you a laugh. We are All a Part of the Kevin Kosme Generation “Home along da riles, home along da riles, Ito ang aming home sweet home, umuuga-lumilindolkumapit ka, kumapit ka, kung ayaw mong magka-bukol!” says the lyrics of the theme song of Home Along The Riles. As long as you read and re-read the words and perhaps even sing the song, you will feel like you are in your childhood days again. Dolphy has been a part of our growing years by being Kevin Kosme. It was then when we would still play jack stones, ten-twenty, lego, paper dolls, teks, kisses, and water guns. Who would not know this father figure that lives in a shaking house near the railroad?

Maryrose Castillo and Patricia Denise Magisa illustration by Flora Mae Santos

What made us hooked to the Thursday night sit-com of the Kevin Kosme generation was the way his character related with the average Filipino’s everyday living. In one way or the other, we would identify themselves with what the household encounters. Sumasalamin sa totoong buhay, as one would put it. It was this sit-com, in addition to John en Marsha, that reinforced the values of kindness, sympathy, responsibility, optimism, and, of course, family. It will always be a reminder of the happier and simpler times. Kosme represented a typical poor Filipino father. A happy-go-lucky father who works as a janitor to provide a decent living for his family, he never failed to dream of being hired by a better agency

within us whenever we hear those games we played as well as the name of the funny man, Kevin Kosme, that we all grew up with. When the Credit Roll Started to Fade It has been eight years since Dolphy was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. He also had recurring pneumonia that resulted into complications and into multiple organ failure that had caused his death. Despite this, he talked freely of death: “Lahat naman tayo, doon ang punta eh,” he mused. There were times when his vital signs were very low but he still held on to his faith so he can live longer. His family said that he was still the happy man they knew even when he was on his sick bed to ensure that all the people who are around him will seldom feel sadness in their hearts. Dolphy, indeed, was loved by many and seemingly despised by nobody. “In his honor, please smile at the person standing next to you” – Eric Quizon We do not know Dolphy personally but we cannot help but be sad when someone who has been like a father or a friend on the culture that we grew up with has passed away. Dolphy has been a part of us in many ways. He has made us laugh countless laughs. And our generation has been one of the luckiest for we have witnessed the greatness of the one and only Comedy King. If old soldiers never die and just fade away, what about old comedians? Well, one thing’s for sure: Dolphy may die, but his comedy will never fade away.

Home along da riles, home along da riles, ito ang aming home sweet home, umuuga-lumilindol-kumapit ka, kumapit ka, kung ayaw mong magka-bukol! someday. The show is so close to heart as it teaches us to hold on to our hopes and that while we are waiting for our big break, we must not forget to give ourselves a laugh. He showed us a light and positive disposition in life amid adversity. It’s the laughing during the worst times that keeps our spirit fighting. He has taught us not to be too hard on ourselves. Home Along The Riles is one of the longest situational comedies in the Philippines. It aired from 1992 to 2003. Through the passing of years, there is still this nostalgic phenomenon that occurs



White&Blue Volume 16 issue 1 august 2012





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Volume 16 issue 1


DAWN OF VICTORY. After sweeping the CICM schools meet, SLU Navs photo by Raiza Veridiano are gearing up for the incoming 26th BBEAL.

26th BBEAL closing in; Navs burn up to win


Sherwin Emiliano

In its 26th season, Baguio-Benguet Educational Athletic League (BBEAL) pumped up the Saint Louis University Navigators’ sporting adrenaline as they face another series of games on August 25 with the last year’s Champion University of Baguio as this year’s host. Prepared to Win SLU Athletic Director Henry Fuentes said that the players, who missed seizing the overall championship last year, will be more capable of winning the gold this season. “Ngayon mas matured na ang mga players natin, kaya malaki ang tsansa ngayon na makuha ang championship [today the players are more matured, so there is a greater chance of taking the championship title],” Fuentes said. Through their own training programs, SLU’s coaches started to train their athletes who will be clashing against the University of the Cordilleras (UC) Jaguars, UB Cardinals, Cordillera Career Development College (CCDC) Admirals, Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Cavaliers, University of the Philippines- Baguio (UPB) Fighting Maroons, Baguio Central University (BCU) Eagles, Pines City Colleges (PCC) Warriors, Benguet State University (BSU) Musangs,

and the 10th member Baguio College of Technology (BCT). Fuentes said that the players, who missed seizing the overall championship last year, will be more capable of winning the gold this season. “Mas matured na ang mga players natin, kaya malaki ang tsansa ngayon na makuha ang championship [our players are more matured, so there is a greater chance of taking the championship title],” Fuentes said. Also, the Navs have increased sports manpower for acquiring fresh athletes who participated competitively in the national meet: four each for volleyball and men’s table tennis; one for women’s table tennis, women’s lawn tennis and men’s basketball; and several regional players for taekwondo. “They [other universities] should prepare for our table tennis team”, Fuentes mentioned. Setbacks Although some instances impede the Nav’s training, Fuentes still believes that the players can still keep up the pace. Due to the repairs of the court and the use of the School of Nursing (SON) and School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA), the Prince Bernhard Hall was made

unavailable for athletes’ practice last July 23-August 4. Navigator’s Basketball League, one of the strongest BBEAL competitors, also faced another setback when their coach was still on leave and has not been replaced yet. Despite the problems, SLU will be capable of training the athletes. “I think kaya natin, kasi masisipag ang coaches [I think we are capable, since the coaches are hardworking],” he commended. He added that the intense training does not compromise the athletes’ academics since the coaches are tasked to check their grades every after the term exams. Phases BBEAL’s first phase will include sports in both men’s and women’s division, namely: basketball, volleyball, chess, table tennis, archery, taekwondo, arnis, badminton and swimming, while sepak takraw –men. From January until the first week of February, athletics, baseball, boxing, football, judo, lawn tennis, softball and wushu will be closing the season. “Okay naman ang preparations ng mga coaches, gumagawa sila ng mga paraan. [The coaches’ preparations are okay, they make ways] I think we are not fully ready, but during the actual games, we will,” Fuentes concluded.



The NBA: From Lockout to Break-out by

Ace Navarro


image from the internet

White&Blue Volume 16 issue 1 august 2012

he 2012 NBA Season was nothing short of spectacular, with New York’s overnight sensation, Jeremy Lin, the comeback season of the L.A. Clippers behind Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, the phenomenal young guns of the Timberwolves, Ricky Rubio, Derek Williams and Kevin Love, and after beating Kevin Durant and the young and quick Oklahoma City Thunder, the Miami Heat finally winning gold. Although having a five-month lockout, the shortened 66-game season did not cease to pump up fans all over the world as NBA players displayed their undying love for the game. Stopped Start players off late. He wowed many fans in As the Dallas Mavericks won the his first 6- starter games, even scoring game Championship in 2011, there were talks winners. and arguments of team owners and the New Yorkers were going from hopeful players on the division of revenue, salary to Lin-sane in a week. Jeremy Lin averaged cap, and luxury tax. What were these? To 27.2 points, with 8.8 assists in his first five put it in layman’s terms, these are issues games beating Kobe’s Lakers in the process. concerning the money in the NBA. The Lin was a hero everyone wished for. NBA was having a huge amount of revenue Even the internet went wild for the Asian and the players and owners could not agree American. He had 9 million Facebook likes on what to do with it. Should the minimum in a week. He has inspired many to pursue salary of player be increase or should their dreams teaching them it could never administration take more of the money? be too late. That was the argument that caused almost However, as the Knicks fell to the half the season. It’s almost as if greed has Heat in the first round of the playoffs, Lin taken topmost control over the richest considered moving to another team as his people fighting over the money they don’t playing time was reduced since some of even need. the all-stars had taken back their spot at But after 149-day lockout, on December the starting five. Ending his stay with New 8, the two sides ultimately worked out a York, Jeremy Lin is now a rocket-man being deal - one that reportedly features a 49-51 coached by NBA legend, Kevin McHale. split of basketball related income in favor His stay with the Houston Rockets is one of the owners. Neither side deserves to be of the most anticipated happenings in the portrayed in a positive light. They were 2013 NBA Season. Could he continue his both greedy and both put their own well- winning ways or would the famous Jeremy being ahead of that of their product, and Lin only be an overnight sensation? more importantly, the fans. However, the Falling Stars NBA season opening on Christmas Day was After finally entering the NBA and a gift to the fans from the NBA. It was the being the favorite in Minnesota, Ricky Rubio beginning of a shortened season destined suffered a torn ACL in a game against the LA to become an unforgetful one. Lakers and would be out for the Olympics The Knicks’ Zero to Hero and would be questionable for the start of No high school scholarship offer, the 2013 season. It broke the hearts of the undrafted after college, cut by two teams Minnesota fans as they saw their supposedly (Golden State and Houston), no apartment breakout season shatter to pieces. to live in, Jeremy Lin was a few days away But one of the biggest injuries that from losing his spot in the New York disappointed not only Chicago but the whole Knicks. With Carmelo Anthony and Amare world was Derrick Rose’s fall in the first Stoudemire injured, and Davis suffering a round of the playoffs against Philadelphia setback that postponed his Knicks debut, 76ers. Fans were disappointed by the fact Jeremy Lin had a chance to play, and that Chicago’s big start on the season would emerged as one of the most inspirational come to a halt. It was as if they gave up

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eadership. It seems like this word became an everyday term. During my high school days, leadership was a boring word that you meet in seminars, in awards, in lectures, etc. It became as though the word itself has lost its essence through the years. But what does this word really mean? Is it just a word connected to mere personalities like Abraham Lincoln, Barrack Obama, the President PNoy, Nelson Mandela, and George Washington? Do we recognize the difficult task hiding behind these letters? When one has been given the task of becoming a leader, he had been given an easy but difficult responsibility. Confusing? Easy, as what we normally perceive of a leader is that he gives orders to his members, holds the authority, etc. Difficult, as what we normally fail to see, he holds the authority over his members, and therefore, when something fails, he is always the one to blame. The members of the team count on the leader. In the field of Sports, leadership plays a vital role in team games. Of course

there would always be sportsmanship and cooperation in the game, but the leader, namely the captain, has a role to play in the games. He’s not called a captain for nothing. The same is true with coaches. They act as the leaders of the team, and their task is to lead their team to victory. In this generation, where stars are given more attention, the role of the leaders is taken back in the dim lights. With the skills of the players being more or less individualistic, the games are taken from the team plays to individual play styles. Stars like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight Howard take the games on their backs that they become the identity of their teams. This may be the reason why Dirk and his team captured the NBA crown from the crowd favorite Heat in the 2011 season.

It takes more than a crew of stars to win a trophy. I once witnessed this at the latest season of UAAP women’s volleyball. DLSU, known to be a crowd-favorite, almost lost to UE in an elimination match. During the most crucial point of the game, the captain Cha Cruz, brought down two service aces and lead her team to victory. It wasn’t just me, because the commentators were also praising the way that play had the whole team fired up in the 5th set. She had clearly managed to bring out the best of the team, and motivated them to win. It’s a play you’ll rarely see now in the team plays. That makes me admire more those team-players, like the assistleaders, those who contribute to the team rather than contribute to their own personal statistics. Players you’ll see out of the spotlight, but shines when they are needed the most. ********** Praises and thanks to our ever wonderful and ever-loving God above, to my loving parents who support me in everything that I do, and to the W&B admin.

the Eastern Conference Crown to the Heat, who were the eventual champions. The Crowning of a King After having a bitter ending last season, losing to the Dallas Mavericks in six games, the Miami Heat was back with a vengeance. This was almost an ultimatum they had to do, to be Champion and quiet all the critics about the way they played and how they were incompetent as players. Of the big three, Lebron James was criticized the most after making his decision to move from the Cavs to the Heat. He was looked down upon by many, even having his Cavaliers jersey burned in television. The Miami team was not settling for anything less than the championship. They played almost as if they heard the criticism as they were in court. The Heat was tested by the Celtics after losing game 5 and being down 3-2. This meant they were a game away from being another disappointment in the basketball world. But Lebron couldn’t afford another short season. His 40-point game 6 was enough for them to emerge as the better team.

Waiting as their western counterparts, the young Oklahoma City Thunder behind Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook had continued to stun the spectators. The Thunder defeated former champions Dallas Mavericks, LA Lakers, and the Spurs. When we count it, that’s 8 out of the 10 last champions, and beating the Heat would make that 9. However, Lebron and the Heat would not fall right through the pattern. The Thunder fell to the Heat after being outplayed in four close games. James had 26 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists, and got the kind of help that was worth leaving home for, leading the Heat in a 121-106 rout of the Oklahoma City Thunder to win the NBA Finals in the fifth game. Arguably the best player in the game, Lebron holds his first ring up to silence the critics-temporarily. Tomorrow’s NBA With major changes and shuffling in roster, and New Jersey Nets moving to Brooklyn, the NBA fans would expect another great season in front of their eyes. Steve Nash, wanting to win a championship,

joins Kobe in almost an unstoppable lineup in Los Angeles. Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis have decided to join the Heat in another attempt to win gold. Joe Johnson gave up Atlanta and moved to Brooklyn to join Deron Williams is another thing to be excited about in the next season. The comeback of all injured players is something to watch out for as teams will be in their full potential next season. And the super rookie Anthony Davis is expected to revive the franchise of the Hornets. All these are flawless ingredients to make a perfect season. The last season must have given what all fans had hoped for, but they never get contented. With all these ingredients getting mixed up in the off-season, the fans have been left with a craving much more intense than last year. Could Miami repeat with their big three turning to a four, or could the Lakers have another run for the championship with Nash alongside Kobe? These all await the fans in the next season and having 82 games, it might as well double last season’s incredible outcome.

Crunch Box Ivan Ferrer

photo by Orange Happee Omengan words by Diana Ann Bisares

White&Blue Newsletter 2012  

Volume XV Issue 1

White&Blue Newsletter 2012  

Volume XV Issue 1