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INTRODUCTION My name is June Aguado and I am a 22 years old Spanish entrepreneur. 4 years ago I took the decision of being the owner of my life, learning by my own throw practices and working in a team. This is the time when I started the degree of LEINN (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) in Mondragon University. Thanks to my team and the degree I had the opportunity to create my first company called Oreka. With this company I developed several projects, in which I have obtained the knowledge and the skills I have today. Even more, thanks to my projects and the company I travelled to places like China, India, the US and Finland to learn from other cultures and working mind-set. Last and most important, it has given me the opportunity to learn to work in a team. If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am a curious, creative, imaginative, brave and transparent person. Since I was little I have been passionate about entertainment, design, music and in general what is different and new. After all the experiences I have clear that in the future I want to continue working in TEAM, since I think that victories can be only enjoyed when they are shared.




LENGUAGES Advanced English (Business language) Spanish Mother Language Basque 2nd mother language Chinese Beginner

COURSES AND TRAININGS Team learning development program In Finland 2015 Specialization in User Experience (UX) In Spain 2016 Start-up process In Spain 2017 Workshop of Service Design and Design Thinking In San Francisco 2016 HTML and CSS programming workshop In Spain 2015

WORKING EXPERIENCE Monitor in English-speaking camp In The Red House (Navarra) AuPair in Oxford With an Australian family Co-founder Of Oreka Student Association

STUDIES Bachelor of Science Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation


DESIGN OF THE USER EXPERIENCE 1 year developing breakthrough experiences for our users every week.

ABILITY FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND NEW RELATIONS 4 stay abroad (the last one of 4 months in China).

TEAM MANAGEMENT AND DYNAMICS 4 years developing projects in teams.

LAYOUT, BRANDING AND BUSINESS DESIGN (Illustrator, Premiere Pro) 1 brand creation for a project and 2 brand updates.

CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION IN IDEATION PROCESSES More than 800 hours of dialogue in ideation sessions.




ONLINE / OFFLINE MARKETING INNOVATION AND LATERAL THINKING 2 years in communication and marketing roles.

STRATEGY CREATION FOR CUSTOMER GAINING AND LOYALTY 4 years in constant relation with customers in the sale of products and services.

CLARITY AND FOCUS ON DECISION MAKING 4 years in constant spinning with the need of speed up the decision making process to grow as a company.



LAST STEPS MTA is a global community of entrepreneurs, within the Mondragรณn cooperative, of which I am a part. This community is created by a network of collaborators in Shanghai, Pune, San Francisco and countries such as the United Kingdom, Finland, Hungary or Mexico.

LEINN (the career I have taken) is based on the Timmiiakate-

mia methodology, a Finnish degree that is based on "learning by doing". In the degree we created our own company from the beginning in order to develop and learn through our projects. This career focuses on the development of the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, business and teamwork. The latter has been a big part of my learning process during these 4 years.


OREKA is the company that I created in 2014 together with 8 colleagues in the career of LEINN. This was created with the aim of learning to lead, innovate and learn as a team. Thanks to the company we have been able to take our first steps in the world of business as entrepreneurs, learning through practice. We have worked in a national as well as an international market, with trips made to China, India, the United States and Finland.

During these 4 years we have had sessions of dialogue of 4h, twice a week; where we shared the acquired knowledge, we devised new projects, we created business strategies, we developed the work culture and we learned through team dynamics. Each year the team was lead by 4 leaders (financial, communication, clients and team) that helped to reach the annual objectives established by the group. In my case, I was the communication leader in the 2016-2017 year.


Invoicing of

230.000â‚Ź +11.100 +1100

Hours in sessions of dialogue

Hours worked


Projects developed

Books read

+1300 Customer visits


Some of the entities,

business, and establishments we worked with.






One month working as an AuPair and living with an Australian family.

2 months learning about the education and teamwork.

CHINA 5 months living in China and developing an educational project with a emerging community of 150 parents.

USA 3 months learning from different companies, developing our projects and adquiring knowledge about design thinking.

INDIA SPAIN Working in an English Camp as a monitor.

Working as a volunteer in the organization Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and developing projects for one month and a half.








Project description: Kimikarin is a project that two colleagues and I created two years ago. It was born from the illusion of promoting science and igniting the most curious part of children in relation to it, proving that heavy matters can also be fun. We introduce scientific bases in a fun and exciting way through visual experiments. From Kimikarin we believe that the best way to learn is through play and fun. That is why all children perform the experiments on their own, having the opportunity to be scientists for a day. Although Kimikarin was created in the Basque Country, we have had the opportunity to transfer this methodology to countries such as China and India under the name of "Little Einsteins". After the development of the project in China, with a community of more than 150 people, courses implemented in kindergartens, and academies, we have developed new long-term programs in collaboration with the University of Navarra. Having this time a broader vision, Kimikarin is gaining weight in public institutions, schools and social networks like Instagram and Facebook. Today we are 5 people in the team, one of them being a chemistry professor at the University.

Role in the team: Communication, financial, project leader. Skills acquired: * Creation of communication strategies. * Brand creation. * Strategy of the financial and management plan. * Knowledge user experience. * Relationship with clients and collaborators. * Sales strategies. * Pivoting in the established strategy. * Managed and managed. * Creation of events. * Creation of new companies. Important aspects: This project has been the one that I have chosen to highlight because it is a project of its own creation which has improved and grown over time. It's not just a project that feels mine, but Kimikarin / Little Einteins has been a project that has challenged me, helped me develop different skills, has given me the freedom to choose what skills I would like to continue developing, I felt part of each movement made, I have had the freedom to take Kimikarin to new lines of business. But above all he has shown me the world of business and the creation of new companies, learning about tools to manage a business and grow. I think it is the project that has taught me the most in different business aspects.


NUMBERS 4 camps 1600 parents in WeChat Community of 150 people 9 events 86 workshops (20 in kindergardens) More than 20 events with +100 kids 3 long term programs





5 Months living in


During the year of 2016-2017 I lived for 5 months in Shanghai.

China has been a big part of my year of 2017.

In a first stay, implement the Kimikarin project previously developed in Basque Country, this time in China. To do this, we created a new business model by modifying the share of customers, communication channels, collaborators, resources and revenues. With this new business model and the international name of "Little Einsteins", we grew very fast. By changing our customers and communication channels, Little Einsteins grew as the foam.

It has helped me to see a very competitive business world and a constant change. Giving me the opportunity to develop skills such as the capacity for suffering; coming to the point of understanding how to manage it and learning that the difficult thing in a business is not to start, but to continue advancing and growing every day. That's why motivation and vision are essential when faced with this type of experience, because thanks to them we keep moving forward.

After this growth, our company decided to send us back to another partner and me, to be able to develop the project for another 4 months in China. During this period my role in Little Einteins changed from being communication and brand creation to finance, management and project management. China is a very competitive market that grows very fast, undoubtedly a place full of new business opportunities. The situation of the Chinese market meant that the work was not divided only by roles, but that we both had to take at least a small part of the main roles of the company; like that of communication, customers or finances. Also creating new tasks and roles such as coordination, project management, user experience or strategic vision...

I cannot say that China was a pleasant experience, since it has been the hardest entrepreneur experience I have ever lived; working 80 hours a week to be able to survive in a new and unknown market. But I must say that China has taught me and made me grow much faster than I imagined; coming to live every week with the intensity with which we live a whole month. After the return I have seen more clearly the slowness of the Spanish market (at least in the area of education) and how it affects my development. I have realized the importance of working in the dynamic market and surround yourself with the right people as entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors that can help you improve every day.







Project description: Pausoka was an international commercialization project with the aim of selling TV programs or series produced in the United States by Pausoka, a San Sebastian production company. To achieve this, we visited different companies in San Francisco and Los Angeles such as KQED's (public television), KGO, Univisiรณn or GansMedia. After meeting several times with the head of KQED we got them to show an interest in Pausoka's television programs. Not only that, but GansMedia gave us the contact with an important distributor to distribute one of our programs. On our return from our stay in the United States, the relationship with customers continued at the hands of Pausoka. Role in the team Relationship with the client and search for new clients

Skills acquired: * Development of legal documents. * Follow up and relationship with the client. * Search for new opportunities (networking) *Product sale * Market research. Important aspects: : Pausoka was the first project I developed in relation to one of my hobbies. I allow myself to enter the world of TV in the United States. He taught me the importance of networking for sale in this country and gave me the opportunity to sell products and services at a much higher cost than I was used to. After the experience I discovered that the world of entertainment and sales in the United States is a world in which I want to continue taking part.


OPPORTUNITIES opened with companies


Fuck Up Nights

Spanish Lessons Finland

Project description: Spanish Lessons was a project created in 2015 for the Finnish school of Hakastaron Koulu, in Salo, with the intention of sharing cultures and promoting development, creating a fun and open space. After the success of the first year, we transferred the project to the next generation of LEINN students. Thus, the project has continued for years to improve the dynamics and proposals established Role in the team: relationship with the client Skills acquired: sale, creation of new services, speed and modification of strategies. Important aspects: Spanish Lessons is a special project for me, not because of the weight it has, but because of what it means. This project was created through a visit made without any previous plan. It was a moment of team blocking where we needed to create and develop new projects. After realizing that the process we were taking was not the right one, I decided to go out and visit companies, schools, establishments ... without any previous plan, in search of opportunities. A classmate signed up and we ended up in a school for children with disabilities where the director was a lover of Spanish culture and he loved our proposal. This project has taught me the importance of action and that there are times when perfection only blocks action. We never know what we can find outside.

Project description: Fuckup Nights is a global movement that began in Mexico in 2012 to share stories of business failures. Together with 4 other colleagues and an event designer, we organize F.U.N. Donostia attended by hundreds of people to hear the stories of failure of three important entrepreneurs, including Carlos Polo. It was an inspiring event where we managed to create an environment of knowledge and networking. Role in the team: search for sponsors Skills acquired: This event helped me to develop basic skills when it comes to event organization, contact with media and communication strategy of social networks.

2Lagun Project description For two years, together with another partner, I have organized and managed a Christmas and summer camp at the Amara Berri School. These camps were designed to boost the Basque language and help reinforce this language in foreign students. In addition they were taught some English so that they could take fluency in this internationally recognized primordial language. Through team games and daily routines we got the children to feel comfortable, have fun and improve their Basque every day. Role in the team: Coordination, relationship with the client, organization of camp activities. Skills acquired: Management, financial skills, dynamic creation.



Blue BBVA Challenge

I worked for 3 months with an international team as communication leader and ambassador of Spain with people from the United Kingdom, Germany, Finland.... to create an event in Budapest. Although it was not possible for me to finish the project as I was traveling in China and India, it was an experience that helped me when working with international teams. If you want to know more about the event I leave the link below.

BBVA blue challenge is an event in which I take part as a facilitator. It was an incredible experience in which I could realize that the dynamization and facilitation of entrepreneurial teams is an area that I like and I am good at. In the contest I helped and guided 10 participants divided into 3 teams to create a new project from 0, with their first business model and a Pitch they made to sell to the jury.




7 Nights away from home Tickets sold out

600 19




Money invested


Members of the team lost in the way





Music and video edition

Traveling and adventures


WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR INTERNATIONAL COMPANY I am looking for a company that gives me the opportunity to develop and learn from people. A place where I will continue developing my skills, and I will acquired new ones. A company where I will be able create a visible and quick change. I'm looking for a team to work with and not just a group of

AREAS OF THE PROJECT 1. New technologies 2. Companies and digital marketing 3. Brand development 4. Neuro-marketing or alternative marketing 5. Production of video or digital content 6. Finance 7. Marketing 8. Business model and strategies 9. Virtual coins or block chain

THE CHALLENGE IS SO IMPORTANT Even though these are some of the topics that interest me, the proposed challenge, the definition of my role and responsibilities are the ones that make the difference. In this case, what I am looking for is to have a role with which I could contribute (based on my profile) and to be able to develop new skills and knowledge


Get in touch! +34 697 54 31 13 June Aguado


June aguado portfolio english  
June aguado portfolio english