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Dream Beyond Language -maximize

your imagination

TN forms are waiting for you            

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Before the project …….

Hey AIESEC !!!! We are SCU in AIESEC Taiwan. This is our facebook

Where is Taiwan?

Country name Taiwan (Republic Of China)(台灣)


Capital Taipei(台北) Area 36,000 square kilometers Population 23 million Language Mandarin / Taiwanese / Hakka / Indigenous Languages Religion Buddhism / Taoism / Christianity / Islam

Nice to meet you and …….

We want to invite

to join our projects


It is about how to use your imagination to create your impact no matter sessions or activities for Taiwanese children. This is the link for filling session you design. NH60r79q3dHEwS2RDbXVuS011aXRFa2VBa3dLTkE

25Feb. ~ 10Mar. ď‚—

JOB DESCRIPTION : Participating in AIESEC Taiwan National Video Recording Program and travel in Taiwan with local students for 10 days during 25Feb~10Mar. Food & accommodations are provided except from 25Feb. till10Mar.

11Mar. ~ 22Mar. ď‚—

JOB DESCRIPTION : Prepare 4-5 cultural topics like festivals, foods, lifestyle, dance, song etc., and design sessions or games in forms you want to show. Though the interaction, you can let children know more about your countries, also, broaden their horizon from their age.

25Mar.~5April ď‚—

JOB DESCRIPTION : We cultivate Taiwanese students to make them dare to dream their dream and also to introduce their culture to the world.

8 April~ 19 April ď‚—

JOB DESCRIPTION: Use commonlyseen world issue "Environmental protection" to arouse students the importance of taking action to the place they live.

22 April ~ 26April ď‚—

JOB DESCRIPTION: Lead children to prepare the final presentation which is about the sessions during these week.

Check this out!! 

Preparation required from the intern before arrival:

Bring traditional toys, clothes, handicrafts, snacks, photos, songs etc.  Read the booklet of Taiwanese culture and design forms about how to let children to introduce Taiwan.  Prepare the environment issue.  Prepare yourself and your culture introduction 

Check this out!! Measurable results expected from the intern:  Record the lesson and the activities  6 films(3 is about the first impression of Taiwanese culture for you and children, and other 3 is about children changing)  5 essays blog  the session forms for 3 topic. 

If you are interested 

Please fill this link orm?fromEmail=true&formkey=dC1QNzg 3YU13Y25jbEE1cVUyRWFpYUE6MQ

Contact person TN Manager of GCDP Maggie Yu Tel: +886-922-313-025 Skype: maggiebighead Email: Vice President of GCDP Chia-Yu, Hsu (June) Tel: +886-911-263-720 Skype: chia-yu,hsu Email:

Thanks for your listeningď Š & See you in Taiwan

Dream Beyond Language--maiximize your imagination-- Introduction  

This is not the usual education project. It is about how to use your imagination to create your impact no matter sessions or activities for...

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