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2019 Branding Style Guide June Gerteisen

Co-founder & Creative Director, Arkose Brewery

Purpose & Goals The purpose of these style guidelines is to support

distributors, sales staff and retailers in the consistent presentation of Arkose Brewery products.

Goals include:

• Increase brand recognition of the brewery name • Place more emphasis on style of beer (printing on neck of bottles)

• Provide a modern minimalist design making it easier to find Arkose products when scanning shelves • Increase sales



The Arkose logo combines modern and cursive fonts along with a stylized icon which represents ingredients used in brewing. The logo appears primarily on bottle labels, tap handles, growlers, glassware, staff uniforms, website and stationary.

It may be used for signage and various marketing materials where we want to emphasize the name “Arkose� or when viewed from a distance.


Minimum Width

To maintain readability of the logo, a minimum print width of 1.5� is recommended.



There are times when a horizontal verision of the logo works best with or without the icon. Examples include: Reverse


The Arkose emblem is a less formal and a fun alternative when a round format is desirable.


Uses include clothing, hats, bottle openers, stickers, banners and social media. The round format does not work well on curved surfaces such as glassware and should be avoided.

Minimum Width

To maintain readability emblem, a minimum print width of 1� is recommended.





The logo and emblem follow the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for the three distinct colors in addition to black and white.

PMS 376 CMYK / RGB / HEX C 50

R 141

Y 100

B 63

M0 K0

G 198




R 255

Y 100


M 18 K0

G 207




R 248

Y 100

B 29

M 48 K0

G 151


Typefaces Following are the official Arkose typefaces.

FF Transit

FF Transit is designed to blend aesthetic quality with legibility. It was originally designed for use by the Berlin Public Transportation Services (BVG) and Düsseldorf Airport.

This highly legible typeface lends itself well for quick scanning of shelves at retail locations while lending a modern minimalist feel.

FF Tartine Script


FF Tartine Script is an informal face specially developed for food packaging, but it is also good for logos.

Mizke was selected for its hand-drawn quality and is the best complement to the handdrawn imagery used on the beer labels.

This script typeface was found to be the prefect compliment to the boldness of the FF Transit Font.

This is the font used for “Palmer, Alaska” on both the logo and emblem.

This typeface may also be used whenever mentioning the beer name on tap handles and posters.

Tap Handles

It is important for increased consumer awareness that tap handles be presented in a consistent manner.

The handles use stickers for the beer style. Please contact us if you are in need of more stickers.

2017 Wood Tap Handle with Sticker

22oz Bottle Labels Core beer labels are screen printed in 2-colors (white plus beer style color). All labels are TTB and CRV approved.

The imagery is not approved for tap handle stickers or any other use without prior approval from us.

PMS 151

PMS 1795

PMS 2925

PMS 7416

PMS 7548

PMS 376

Banners & Posters

Sell Sheets & Product Flyers

Drink Local

650 E. Steel Loop · Palmer, Alaska 99645

(907) 746-BEER · · © 2019 Arkose Brewery, LLC · 021319

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Arkose Brewery Logo Style Guideines  

Arkose Brewery Logo Style Guideines