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Customized solutions for industrial dedusting systems f

As a specialist for dedusting processes, we manufac-ture and install dedusting systems for exhaust volu-me flows from 2,000 mÂł/h to over 2,000,000 mÂł/h. Filter bags up to 10 m lengths are used for higher flow rates. Depending on the industry many different dedusting problems have to be solved. This applies to very complex processes flue gas cleaning. Beside the dedusting process, toxic gas components as well as heavy metals and polychlorinated hydrocarbon compounds have to be separated.

Most severe hygienic and safety regulations must be met in the food processing industry. In other industries, e. g. cement production or power plant technology, the emission sources are very numerous so that high exhaust volume flows have to be dedusted. The variety of processes generates most different types of dusts. They differ amongst others in partic-le size, chemical properties, moisture content and mechanical properties. In addition to dust properties, the gas composition is of major importance. Furthermore, explosion protection must be taken into account in many pro-cesses due to combustible dusts and gas composi-tions.

More than 90 years now

Our products and system solutions are as individual as our customers‘ demands. We provide solutions for your new system or retrofit according to your specifications. In doing so, we look outside the box and develop a concept which is tailored to your needs. As technology leader our strengths lie particularly in • •

ensuring low emission values, efficient product recovery,

economic operating of the filter plant because of energy efficient filtering technology.

Proficiency for successful projects Successful project handling requires careful basic planning and technically substantiated detail planning. These are the components of our success.

Worldwide our customers value us as a competent and reliable partner for filter technology and process engineering. This applies to the entire process chain, from development over design and manufacturing to installation and commissioning of our filter systems. Our products represent high quality and low life cycle costs.

Our excellent project charac-terized by: •

• • •



project handling in compliance with defined processes and certification according to ISO 9001 standards computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for optimal construction and system design continuous product developments and innovative technology a trained and experienced team with extensive project experience

Service and maintenance We master the idea of service: from assembly to maintenance and commissioning. We train your technical staff for proper operating of your filtering installation. Our understanding includes a thoughtful planning, coordination and provision of professional staff and spare parts. In doing so, downtimes of your plant as well as undesired costs are reduced to a minimum. We make sure that you are equipped with current and correct spare part packages. Our maintenance contracts guarantee high reliability, life-time and availability of the facilities.

Casual care of your filter systems is important to us as well and done with great accuracy and according to high quality standards. The commissioning of the filter system by our experts ensures a trouble-free start due to optimally adjusted processes. All relevant process flows are tested on their functionality and interworking of all interdependent components in order to ensure plant operation according to its regulations. Your staff can be trained extendedly by our operator during commissioning.

Make use of our expertise when it comes to achieve or maintain state-of-the-art technology. Energy consumption and associated operating costs are re-duced by using most modern components. We develop long-term and customized solution packages based on our procedural knowledge and experience while taking into account your records.

Competence partner for your application Dairy and Food industry

When processing milk and other fluid foods to powder products by spray drying plants, our filtration plants are often part of the production process.

Here, we ensure the highest hygienic and statutory requirements. Highly efficient product recovery and out-signed security concepts are further strengths which distinguish us. By using the gained products and the possibility of recirculation into the production process, short payback periods are achieved for the filter system. As a result, it provides fast additional income for the operators.

Worldwide, a multitude of filter systems are successfully in operation. Of course, we also offer dedusting solutions for all other processes in the food industry. We assist you from production to conveying and packaging of disperse substances such as sugar, grain and other powdery food. We provide safe equipment for your demanding tasks due to explosion-proof filter systems.

The CIP process

In order to avoid product loss, the processing air is passed through dust collectors. This can be cyclones but also filtering separators. In both cases, the system components are washable, this means they are “cleaned in place” (CIP). Filter with CIP technology are hygienically cleaned from product residues by special patented washing facilities without removing the filter media.

The „CIP filters“ are used for applications where frequent product changes, product aging or product contamination by germs and bacteria formation make a cleaning of the filter necessary. The process is characterized in particular by dry filtration with jet pulse cleaning and subsequent washing cycles. The dry filtration process is restarted after dehumidifying of the filter plant. The product-laden volume flows, which are directed to the filter plants, amount up to 300.000 m³/h in operating condition. Filter bags with a lengths up to 7 m can be provided.

ProSorp: Dry Scrubbing for simultaneous dust and corrosive gas separation in power plants and thermal waste recycling facilities The power generation from fossil and other solid fuels will continue to play a major role. However thermal reaction of fossil fuels such as coal and lignite in power plants generate solid and gaseous harmful substances. The use of alternative fuels such as municipal waste and sewage sludge involve these problems as well. Accordingly, flue gas cleaning plants are necessary to meet federal emission requirements. These systems consist of separating units for dedusting of fly ash and acid gases in form of sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride. Further harmful substances to be separated are heavy metal types as well as dioxins and furans.

Besides, wet flue gas cleaning processes, well advanced filters, the so-called dry scrubbing plants are used. In addition to dedusting, the reduction of gaseous pollutant emissions is ensured. For this purpose, alkaline working additives are dispersed into the raw gas in combination with sorbents with high internal surfaces. Partly reacted additives are recirculated with high recirculation rates after a so-called conditioning phase, in order to achieve a better additive utilization. Semi-dry processes are used besides dry flue gas cleaning. Here, the additives are added as fluids through spray drying into the process. All legal requirements, such as the 17th BlmSchV, are reliably observed, when operating our facilities in accordance to our operating guidelines.

Pit and quarry industry

Until the use of efficient bag filter plants, the dust emissions of e. g. rotary kilns amounted to about 3 5 percent of the production volume. Nowadays, the dust emission level in the exhaust gas of rotary kilns is approx. 20 mg/mÂł in daily average due to installa-tion of bag filters. Also the input of alternative fuels is restricted by strict statuary dust emission limits. The operation of process filters and flue gas cleaning systems enables this input. From raw material conditioning to packaging, every dust source in cement and limestone production can be handled by process filters. Clean gas dust contents of < 10 mg/mÂł can be achie-ved with filter systems of Intensiv-Filter Himenviro; both when operating with high raw gas dust loads during mill operation and in the field of clinker cooler dedusting. We offer compact filter units for relatively low flow rates, too.

Steel, iron, non-ferrous metals

In almost every process in steel/metal industry process filters are required. Wherever metals are melted, moulded and refined, polished or milled, emissions are produced in terms of dust, smoke, soot or fumes. Depending on the end product, the deposition of dioxins and furans, heavy metals or corrosive gases, as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride, is necessary. High operating temperatures and critical gas components put high requirements on the filter system.

Intensiv-Filter Himenviro systems are prece-dentsetting for these applications. These inclu-de dedusting applications in sinter plants, steel production, aluminium factories, production and processing of raw material, but also in the recycling of metallurgical materials.

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Technology leader for industrial de-dusting  
Technology leader for industrial de-dusting  

Reliable dust removal was a task for specialists even at the beginning of the last century. Bag filters of Intensiv-Filter contribute to an...