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A Much-Needed e-Shop, Kaymu Is More Than Food And Fashion

To launch in 28 countries across Asia, is another venture for Rocket Internet adding cherry on top of e-commerce Last year, businessman and entrepreneur Ahmed Khan spoke to Daily Times, exclusively about the online fashion store, the convenience of it and Pakistan’s emergence as a harbour of quick and educated shoppers. Daraz, which has in the recent past, gone from strength to strength in mustering a colossal number of shoppers all throughout the country, now experiences tough competition from its sister company, where the availability of commodities has reached out to more than fashion. With electronics, apparel, novelty items and soon to indulge in the sale of toys, canned food and books, has in a little over a year’s time, established itself as a one-stop shop solution to various buyers, too cool to drive. Germany-based Rocket Internet’s brainchild, lands on our laps as an angel in disguise. “ is an online market place, different from, which had its own logistics, warehouse functions and operating technicalities. is a market where the buyer meets sellers, based on the eBay model. Here we approach sellers ourselves to stock with us. Even those who want to sell

something just need to make an account on the website, where the operating techniques are very different from what you normally see on OLX. There’s always a chance of fraud there as the transaction is personal between the buyer and the seller. On, we verify our sellers, the transaction is on our website and once the buyer hits the BUY button, our CSR contacts him/her. There’s no personal transaction between as the entire thing is monitored,” Managing Director Ahmed Khan says while talking to Daily Times. “We offer logistics services. is another German investment through Rocket Internet. It’s been launched in Pakistan and is very successful. We would like to call it Asia’s hub for a marketplace as its regional headquarters are with us here. We will by God’s grace be launching all over Asia in 28 countries. We’ve already launched in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar with amazing success.” Speaking of some of the challenges, the online business might face, Khan said, “Delivery operations are always tricky. The common glitches need to be avoided and we aim to be very careful while processing deliveries. The trust level should be acquired between the customer and the provider. Starting out in January last year, it took us nine months to reach a satisfying position in terms of customers feedback. Since October the growth has been stable. is the fastest growing platform in Pakistan now and we are experiencing the largest number of orders; 30,000 visitors a day!” Speaking of hot-selling products at the e-shop, Khan said, “Tablets, novelty items and the not-so-costly things sell the most. Techcity and Symbios are some of our most hit client. With, we are making available both local and international brands and now we’re thinking of providing canned food, toys and books as well.” “The core issue that e-commerce businesses suffer from has to do with the lack of trust and awareness. Pakistanis are still sceptical of embracing e-commerce portals, the entire e-commerce industry with the help from media must come together and tackle this issue so that we may be able to heat up the market not only for our businesses but for all further Pakistani entrepreneurs who want to venture into this billion dollar untapped market,” Communications Manager Fatin Gondal said, also while talking to Daily Times.

A Much Needed e-Shop, kaymu Is More Than Food And Fashion  
A Much Needed e-Shop, kaymu Is More Than Food And Fashion