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A Glimpse at the Rise of Mobile Commerce in Pakistan E-commerce is on its popularity curve in Pakistan and will be at its peak soon. People find online shopping without having to travel long distances very convenient and with the continuous advancement in technology, the path to so many avenues has been paved that people consider these a major boon. Easy access, widespread variety, flexible timings; all these factors have led to the ever increasing popularity of online shopping in Pakistan. With the surge in the general awareness of people and the increased number of users of Smartphone throughout the country, Wireless Application Protocol has been introduced by the telecom sector in Pakistan. At first only the people who were aware of the technology beforehand were ready to use it in the country and as this standard is not usable in every other cellular phone, the mass production of Smartphone with this feature was made. Introduction of smart phones is the country has been a big hit as people are keen towards adopting devices that make their lives more fun and convenient.

With e-commerce in its bloom, m-commerce is readily following in the wake. More and more websites and applications are being designed specifically to be run on the smart phones. Online retail stores are now making sure that they write their websites so that they can be run on the smart phones as people now use their GPRS services while travelling long distances, waiting for meeting, to kill time and in nearly every other situation. This makes m-commerce a very viable option to be used for trading purposes. Similarly some recently launched mobile apps such as

Easy Taxi have enjoyed great success in Pakistan and Pakistani masses are fast paced to accept such technological revolutions in the country. Keeping in view the major market that is making use of the online retail stores, this sector consists of educated and well knowledgeable population, who lead a busy routine and have little or no time to indulge into leisurely shopping sprees. For this purpose, m-commerce provides them a very practical and convenient solution to their bustling schedules. All they need is to use their Smartphone like a regular laptop or tablet PC and they will be on their way to the virtual marketplace, having a wider selection of products with different brands and manufacturers and all the more benefits than conventional shopping; leisure, home delivery and variety. This has made many e-commerce ventures such as Kaymu and olx to introduce mobile friendly websites so that people can buy online with the comfort of using their Smart phones with many other reasons for people in Pakistan to choose mobile shopping with their ever demanding lives.

A Glimpse At The Rise Of Mobile Commerce In Pakistan