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experience for its value to be maximized. In other words, say goodbye to 16:9 high-definition and say hello to vertical clips, which are great for social channels. In today’s social media landscape, 10 seconds is still too long. Think about YouTube ads that allow the viewer to skip after five seconds or Instagram Story ads. These are all changes that brands need to adapt to, and fast.

Be well-rounded


frustrated by customer service hotlines that put you on hold for 45 minutes to solve a question that should only take 45 seconds? What about the times you were unsure about sizing or color when shopping online, so you put your basket aside and then never bothered to check out? Such instances of friction can be eliminated if the company is willing and able to communicate with customers on their terms. Facebook messaging or a website chatbot can personalize customers’ experiences to keep them engaged and solve immediate concerns, all the while building the brand and establishing trust. Best of all,

they eliminate the need to have customer service representatives available every hour of the day.

Video and mobile go hand-in-hand


ideos boast higher engagement than any other form of content and can increase conversion rates. Such content is popular on mobile devices, especially when shared on social media platforms. With smartphones getting more powerful by the day, users will only spend more and more time on their devices, so video content must be tailored to the mobile

ll in all, if you want your 2019 digital marketing strategy to work, you must be well-rounded in your approach. Empowering your brand to have the ability to communicate through different channels and to different people is vital. Since digital marketing is rooted in technological advancements, different techniques and tactics are always waiting to be discovered as new technology comes into its own. For example, with the growing importance of voice recognition technology popularized by Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, voice search optimization and advertising will become a major digital marketing trend going forward. Advancements in artificial intelligence will make chatbot and facial recognition marketing more relevant in the coming years as well. To maintain an edge in digital marketing, it’s critical for marketers to stay on top of the latest advancements while finding ways to use them to connect their products with potential customers.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jason is the Asia Managing Director of MWI, an integrated digital marketing agency founded in the U.S. in 1999. In 2018, MWI was awarded Mediazone’s ‘Most Valuable Companies Award 2019 - Winner of Digital Marketing Service.’ Some of their digital clients include SmarTone, TransUnion, Manulife,, and Wanda Group. Before MWI, Jason worked as a digital tech recruiter and consultant.

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